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See below for contents list
See below for contents list
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You can access the reports below in the table above. The information is provided as contents.

July 29th 2005: When You Lose A Loved One; Are Japan & China Ahead Of The West In Scientific ‘Teleportation’? Question Of The Week: Who Are The Terrorists?: Materialists, Closed Minded Skeptics, Debunkers; Dr Stephen Phillips, A Brilliant Scientist Who Accept The Paranormal; China Making Huge Progress In Scientific Psychic Phenomena; Psychic Life Of Jesus; Do You Have The Moral Courage To Read ‘Facts’?; Espionage Remote Viewing; Spanish Translation Of The Book; Translators Wanted

July 22nd 2005: Question Of The Week President John F Kennedy ; Just Brilliant Mediumship!; Spirit Communication A Book By Roy Stemman; New Terrorism In London To-Day; China’s 70 Million Killed During Mao’s Regime?; A New Reformation Is Necessary; Spanish Translation Of The Book; Translators Wanted

July 15th 2005:
Bill Stoney contact me re your address; U.S., UK, Spain, Bali (Indonesia) - terrorism 'is brutal'; Psychics and terrorism; Psychic’s warning before the London bombings; Chinese ahead of the US?; Gifted psychics are pure gold to catch terrorists; Another brilliant 'psychic detectives' show. Orthodox scientists wake up! Is he a fraud? Trickster? Cheat? Conman? Swindler? Charlatan? ; Could theologians please explain this inconsistency on the issue of divorce?; How do you know that the creationists are wrong? Confirmation of the warning of the US soldier in Iraq; Spanish translation of the book; Translators wanted.

July 8th 2005: Terrorism in London; Brilliant psychic police work by Robert Petro; Afterlife physics & einsten's e=mc2; The vortex by David Ash and Peter Hewitt; Voices in the head; Negative influence by afterlife negative entities; Healing and drug use; Watch out for psychic quacks; World poverty and your responsibility; Sponsor a child!; Stubbornness pushed to its extreme. Question of the week: information that shook the world help! We must not forget Iraq; Justice will be done; Scientist (biologist) rebuts deliberately hostile report on medical intuitive; A Catholic priest attacks Spiritism; Scientist sees the light;
Allan Kardek's The Spirits’ Book; Spiritual advice for cancer patients; More questions about the afterlife?

July 1st 2005:
Science losing critical support in the U.S., UK., in the west; Scientist (biologist) rebuts deliberately hostile report on medical intuitive; Question of the week; A Catholic priest attacks Spiritism; Mohamed Atta; Scientist sees the light with Aferlife 101; Allan Kardek's The Spirits’ Book; Spiritual advice for cancer patients; More questions about the afterlife?

June 2005

24th June 2005: Australian medium Amanda de Warren; Psychic laws; Joan of Arc; Psychic phenomena and British royalty; Important insight on origin of religion; Warning about fake psychics! UK’s first live psychic channel; From US. soldier in Iraq; Nun crucified; Justice in Mississippi?; Psychic museum; Do animals have a soul?

17th June 2005: Science and religion; Nobel Prize winner scientist John C Eccles; Question of the week; Survey shocking results; England has a powerful support for afterlife evidence; France electronic voice phenomena (evp); India accepts the existence of the afterlife; Ugandan follows questionable spirit guidance; Lutheran pastor’s dogmatism; Transpersonal psychology; Scientist Dr William A Tiller’s new book; Near death experiences; Danish closed minded skeptics; Bill Stoney - contact victor a.s.a.p victor@victorzammit.com re your postal address.

10th June 2005: What happens to you when you die? (updated version); Danish skeptics; Spanish translation of the book in progress; Question of the week; Spirit possession is real; Medium; Scott Russell-Hill world class medium; The USA accepts the paranormal; Canada Dr Glen Hamilton; Australia – the television series sensing murder; Holland PSI research; Denmark Peter Stein’s paraphysics and evp; South Korea - accepts near death experiences; Arthur Findlay’s challenge; Findlay’s research; Anne Frank reincarnated?;
The brilliant legacy of Drs JB and Louisa Rhine.

June 3rd 2005: Christianity confirms afterlife communication; Arthur Findlay; The authority of the Bible; Science or empiricism (measuring phenomena using scientific method) does not crusade; Revolution in science; Spiritual healing works; The brilliant legacy of Drs JB and Louisa Rhine; precognition proved scientifically; It could happen to you! Corby; Confession by a catholic priest; Video on near death experiences- The Day I died- review.

May 2005

May 27th 2005:
Acupuncture; Beliefs & assumptions; Question of the week;
Prof Albert Einstein; Does racism exist in the afterlife? The native American; Arthur Findlay; Radio Nexus; Russian scientists’‘the physics of beliefs’.

May 20th 2005: Brazil Accepts The Paranormal And The Afterlife; Argentina Accepts The Paranormal And The Afterlife; Australian Billionaire Kerry Packer;Torture Never Justified; Television Series ‘Medium’ -Allison Dubois And Her Attackers; Natasha Demikina Case: Microbiologist Julio Siqueira Has Been Examining The Conduct Of The Closed Minded Skeptics; Florida Conference On After-Death Communication; Forgiveness Of Sins? ; Afterlife Physics; Hitler - Question Of The Week; Suicide And The Soul; Judge For Yourselves; Death Of Bishop Who Accepted Paranormal; Afterlife Humor.

13th May 2005: Italian Scientists Contact Afterlife Intelligences; Spain Makes Contact With Afterlife Intelligences; The Most Important Discovery In Human History; Question Of The Week; Electronic Voice Phenomenon (Evp); Blatant Injustice! The Schapelle Corby Case; The Seventh Law Of Psychic Energy; Afterlife Humor.

6th May 2005:
Book of the week: Is There An Afterlife?;'Sensing Murder' psychics beat orthodox science! ; Question of the week; On admissible evidence; Just brilliant! ‘Medium’; Psychic phenomena in Japan!; Wholistic Healing Research Website; Beliefs v good works; Encyclopaedia Of Psychic Science By Fodor; Save your cash! be careful, be discriminating; Terrorism in Iraq; Terrorists to execute Douglas Wood in Iraq on tv?

April 2005

April 29th, 2005:
Russian scientists make contact with afterlife intelligences; China accepts the paranormal; Chinese children with x-ray vision; Judaism and the afterlife; A judge from India writes book on the evidence for the Afterlife: Islamic doubletalk? A great veteran British actor, Sir John Mills dies; Warning to all psychics contracting with television companies; Critical thinking; Professor John Poyton; Allison Dubois Medium; Message from an afterlife intelligence; Question of the week; what aspect of afterlife evidence do you find most convincing?; Akbar sentenced to death; How to choose a psychic.

April 22nd, 2005:
An American martyr in Iraq; Question of the week; 9/11 terrorist on trial; new pope; modern logical fallacies; the politicization and commericalization of religion in America; Russian Natasha Demkina wows them in Japan; the Scientific and Medical Network; The Mystics and Scientists Conference; Professor Archie Roy validates mediumship; Edgar Cayce film wins Sedona Film Festival award; International Association for Near Death Experiences Annual Conference September 8 - 10, 2005.

April 15th, 2005:
Report FRIDAY April 15th 2005: German physicist validates the paranormal; Dr Amit Goswami quantum physicist; US. physicist Dr Chester Carlson; Medium; Pope John Paul II back in the Vatican? ; The Nicene Creed is out of date; More suicide deaths in Iraq; Mothering from the afterlife; Question of the week; Voices from the dark.

April 8th, 2005
:Afterlife quantum physics; a billion more supporters for psychics and spiritualists?; 65 million Americans have personally experienced ESP; “The Gift-200 real-life ESP stories”; Physicist builds scientific support; Seeking reports of excellent mediums; Goodbye Pope John Paul II; Psychic night in Sydney; ‘Rationalization through cognitive dissonance’; Electronic voice phenomena (evp) in Sydney, Sustralia.

April 1st, 2005: Goodbye Terri Schiavo!; Pope John Paul is dead!; A lawyer’s way;Laughed all the way to the floor! ; Pat Boone; Nobel prize winner Prof Brian Josephson on radio; Psychic night in Sydney; Question of the week; Halle Berry.

March, 2005

25th March, 2005: Terry Schiavo: does she have the right to die?; Jeff Weise massacre, Minnesota; Psychiatrist ‘s warning; Nuclear terrorism in New York?; Michael Jackson: Princess Diana; Brilliant Australian medium Scott Russell-Hill; TV show Medium; Afterlife belief independent of the church; Closed minded skeptics; Sally Morgan convinces skeptic; Natasha Demkina answers her critics.

18th March, 2005: Human justice: re Robert Blake- Hollywood actor; Psychiatrist accepts evidence for the afterlife; Surveys about the afterlife; UK. compares well with the USA. about afterlife belief; Life in the unseen world; Universal belief in the afterlife; Research subjects needed; Aftereffects of NDEs; “What the Bleep” study guide.

11th March, 2005: Sir Isaac Newton accepted the afterlife; Truth v faith ; On admissibility of evidence; Allison Dubois’ brilliant television show ‘Medium’; Quacks, cheats, frauds, liars; Mel Gibson; What do you say? Man becomes healer after near death experience in Russia; Sally Morgan superb medium; Medium David Thompson gives demonstration in Sydney.

4th March, 2005: Truth goes through three stages; Colin Fry the UK medium; David Thompson; The Native American tragedy; Death – when does it happen? Iraq terrorists blast 115 to the afterlife; Michael Jackson – the circus goes on; Computers/robots; An afterlife intelligence replies; Question of the week.

February 2005

25th February, 2005: Daily Mail (UK news) descends to the gutter;
‘Medium’ doing great; Linking afterdeath with sub atomic physics; afterlife physics; Anglicans don’t believe in God; Spiritual existentialism; Will Prince Charles go to hell?; Question of the week; Afterlife intelligence – a message; Question about my own experiences: Ignore the losers and defeatists!; Soul travel magazine; How much research has been done in parapsychology in the west the last 100 years?; When will medical science accept the reality of near death experiences?

18th February, 2005: U.S. soldier (k.k.) from Iraq part 2; The western ‘mind’ – and continuous refinement; police enforcement agencies; suggestion to police; gifted mediums; Professor Stephen Braud Thursday 7th April 2005; The academy of religion and psychical research (u.s.) not to be missed!; ‘Galileo test’; Prince Charles and Camilla marriage.

11th February, 2005: Allison Dubois does not take any nonsense from the materialists; Allison's book; University of Virginia investigates mediumship; Terrorism: an American soldier writes from Iraq part 1; Sensing murder – third show- absolutely brilliant!; The genius of Ray Charles; Pope John-Paul II; Prince Charles/Camilla marriage; Allan Kardec; Have you had a NDE?; Join IANDS.

4th Feburary, 2005: Back from the Dead- Confirmed. Dr Larry Montz; Psychic Predicts Tsunami Disaster?What Happens When we die?; The genius of Shakespeare; Fundamentalists; Question of the Week; Why science does not support the Materialists' Beliefs; Funding Going down the drain; Author seeks ghost stories; What the Bleep do we know?

January 2005

28th January, 2005: The ‘King’ Is Dead!; Terrorists; Teleportation/ Materialization;What The Bleep Do We Know? Discovery Science Channel; Question Of The Week;Warning To All; Remote Viewing.

21st January, 2005: Exciting new net radio! 'Out there'; Entities make contact from the afterlife; Brilliant results from medium Allison Dubois; 'White Noise' - the movie - tremendous success; Sample EVP voice featured in White Noise trailer; Tsunami tragedy/Pol Pot comparison; Ufo’s/afterlife connection! Do they exist?; Should mediums charge for their services? ; How do you find a good medium?; Jenny Smedley.

14th January, 2005: The Evidence for the Sixth Sense by Hazel Courteney;
Rev Michael Beckworth; Anthony Robbins; Remote viewing;
Warning to psychics; A Witness Through the Centuries;
Why do materialists deny the existence of the afterlife?; For those who lost a loved one; Science and apparitions; Second chance by Suzanne Northrop; After you die what then?

7th January, 2005: National security; Note to psychic critics; Remedy for the above? The Others; Materialists are some 5% of the population;Australian aborigines;The Danish connection; Susy Smith; Alison Dubois;"Don't kiss them good-bye" a must-read; Irish readers.

December 2004

31st December, 2004: Happy New Year to all! ; 31st Decemebr 04: time to assess;The most important contribution for 2004?;World conference: May 14-15 2005;‘Religion’ of ‘materialism’exposed; Richard Milton’s superb website Alternative Science; Tsunami disaster; A loved one crossed over?

24th December, 2004: Merry Christmas to all!; Are you against Christianity?;Victor does not have the luxury of ‘belief’ in the afterlife; Most impressive near death experience (NDE); New cutting-edge research project NDEs; More shock discovery- medical fraud in the US; Mary Rose Barrington; In preparation by a leading scientist; Question of the week: what is the human ‘aura’?; Seven laws of energy

17th December, 2004: Is capital punishment ever justified? Scott Peterson; Jurors and book deals; Harvard scientist proves afterlife exists; What do you tell an open minded skeptic who experiences an apparition?; Sir Winston Churchill; Funding for research on proven afterlife communication urgently needed; Japanese translation completed;The existence of psi phenomena; Extreme prejudice.

10th December, 2004: Medical quackery: crisis in America!;The birth called death; Never give cash to debukers!; Use discrimination; PMH Atwater’s new book: the new children and the fifth world, prophecy and evolution; EVP (electronic voice phenomena)ghost voices on tape- voices from another Dimension; visit Greg Brammer’s site; The ‘experimenter effect’; More dramatic information on how Natasha Demkina was ambushed;Critical thinking; Grow up professor!

3rd December, 2004: Adam ‘the healing wonder’;Death by medicine, huge medical crisis in the US; C.G Jung;Former US president, Jimmy Carter;Colin Wilson; Galvani; The ‘boggle theshold’; Argentina; Believers v accepters of psi evidence; Professor William James; Psychic vs spiritual; Afterlife physics;Pedophiles begging for money?

November 2004

26th November, 2004:Elizabeth Taylor; Another two gifted psychics beat orthodox science!; Csicop’s A. ‘skuknick’; By popular demand: Why Natasha Demkina can sue the debunkers who ambused her ; Debunking CSICOP skeptic – trying to cheat and lie against the american people

19th November, 2004:Scientists confirm the validity of teleportation - see report; Chinese psychic studies;Documented studies of telekinesis; Attack of the media skeptics;Debunkers a national security problem;Traitors?; Sensing Murder- Episode 2;Terrorists’ disgusting execution of a humanitarian; More scandals being unearthed in the botched Natasha Demkina experiment; Psychics advisory council;Gifted remote viewer finds missing people in Japan; Creating afterlife contact;Quantum physics and the afterlife what the bleep do we know? CSICOP.

12th November, 2004: Apologies; Volume of evidence; Internationally respected scientists who investigated; Psychic espionage and psychics in the military; Remote viewing goes commercial;Debunking skeptics make fools of themselves; The 'rape' of scientific method; Scandalous conduct;
Too much funding; Leading theologian
Returns; Yasser Arafat- terrorist or savior?; Update on Natasha

5th November, 2004: 'The Conscious Universe; Skeptic Professor; Helen Duncan Tragedy; Objectivity;Bill Clinton Tells Of Death Visions; Fantastic Nde; Out Of Body Exploring: A Beginner's Approach ; Mastering Astral Projection; Trailing Clouds Of Glory; Kevin Williams Near Death Newsletter.

October 2004

29th October 2004: Thank You; 'Scientism' : On Radio With Barry Eaton; $100,000! Challenge; Wiseman's Experiments Now Deemed Invalid;Warning To All Psychics! ;Keep Away From Debunkers! ;Warning! Quacks, Cheats And Liars! ;Revolution In Science;New Phd (Doctorate) Study; Great Evp Samples; Free Reincarnation Documentary ;Tranceformers

22nd October 2004:This Week's Special; Natasha Can Sue; Nobel Laureate Professor Brian Josephson; Debunkers Betray Science; Gifted, Pre-Cognitive Psychic Detective Chris Robinson; Nobel Laureate Professor Abdus Salam; Brilliant Scientist Shows Validity In The Paranromal; Skeptical Scientist Admits The Validity Of Mediumship; University Of Cambridge Doctor Dr Nick Baylis Supports Empirical Psi; Olivia Newton-John

15th October 2004: Superman; Special Feature: The Revolultionary Non-Physical Energy; Some Brilliant Scientists Hide Their Support For Evidentiary Psi; Anti-Psychic Bias Historical
Religion And Science Must Adapt; Changes Are Coming; Can Natasha Sue?; Gordon Smith;Who Was Pablo Escabar?; Natasha Demkina - Ku Klux Clan Bias

8th October 2004: A Most Disgusting Psychic Experiment;Csicop To-Day ; Full Dutch Translation ;Warning: 'Anti-Psychic Terrorists';Professor John Poynton Resigns; Gordon Smith;Closed Minded Debunkers Empirically Incorrect; Afterlife Evidence;Question Of The Week;Law Of Progress;Elvis Presley

Report 1st October 2004: Psychics' Brilliant Triumph Over Othodox Science,
Australian Psychics Beat 'Orthodox' Science, Elvis Presley, Anticipated Hatchet Job, Critical Distinction, Police Murders,Is The Time Of Birth And Time Of Death Planned? Peter Sellers, Igor Monichev.

September 2004

24th September 2004: James Bond 007 Roger Moore; More Psychic Experiences: Telly Savalas; Again: Terrorists Behead American In Iraq; Jewish People Do Believe In The Afterlife ;Tomas De Torquemada; Remote Viewing- New Information; Elisabeth Kubler Ross Graduates; More Idiocy From Cynics

17th September 2004: 'White Noise' - the movie; American association for EVP; UK Science and Spirituality conference; USA Parapsyhcology conference; Important Reminder; Message to the world; Dr Bruce Greyson;

10th September 2004: Dr Melvin Morse; The afterlife - science: quantum physics; This week's critical theme- your beliefs; Apparitions; Deathbed Conversions?; Terrorists; Beheading victims; The lower, dark realm does exist!; Ghost Voices.

3rd September 2004: Archives; Richard Gere; Intelligence and spirituality; 'Authority' of religion; Conscious crossing-over; A priest confesses!; The human aura.

August 2004

27th August 2004: Elizabeth Kubler-Ross; Poltergeist in Victoria; Tired of violent movies? Amazingly wonderful spirit library; A great website; Reiki affirmations; The British Society for Psychical Research; Communicating with afterlife intelligences; Critical results.

20th August 2004: Quacks, tricksters and charlatans! Closed minded quack at it again; The Conscious Universe; Experiential evidence; The rules of the game of life; A most fascinating book- 'A Mere Grain of Sand'.

13th August 2004: Orthodoxy; Dr John Holt; Who said you can't take it with you?; Closed minded debunker; Victor's response; Regarding Dr Susan Blackmore; A personal message from PMH Atwater; A must-have book;

6th August 2004: All motion is relative; The French Revelations; Afterlife physics ; Why go into denial? ; Former cynic, debunker Dr Susan Blackmore ; Grief! ; Spiritual couples less likely to split; karma.

July 2004

30th July 2004: Kylie Minogue; Arnold Schwarzenegger; Sylvester Stallone; When a loved one dies; Critical thinking; Near death experiences; Ouija board; Wise words;

23rd July 2004: Montague Keen sensation; AA-EVP conference a success; They Walk Among Us- Michael Roll's review; A Great American Lawyer, Edward C Randall; On admissible evidence; Things you must not do!; Huge afterlife problems to avoid!

16th July 2004: Science re-confirms the validity of psychic phenomena; New Book by PMH Atwater: We live Forever: the Real Truth about Death; Deathbed conversions; The authority of the church; The experimenter effect; Debunking skeptics can't duplicate experiments; Brilliant scientist Professor John Taylor.

9th July 2004: Who is going to assess people with different beliefs? ii) Where will they go and iii) How do we know if they are going to be safe on passing on? What is karma? Montague Keen.

2nd July 2004: Meditation Group Sydney; Sensational scenes and psychic experiences in London - Montague Keen; Professor Gary Schwartz; Dr Susan Blackmore; John Edward; Caution; Remote Viewing; Out of body experiences.

June 2004

25th June 2004: Sensational news: Prof Gary Schwartz; Arthur Findlay; Mons. Hugh Benson; No credibility; Point of order.

18th June 2004: Questions from academic Dr T H from de Montfort University, Leicester, UK; Goodbye Ray Charles.

11th June 2004: Zwinge James Hamilton Randi; Quacks, cheats and charlatans: The Vatican receives open letter to the Pope; Interesting Biblical quotes: Empirical Christianity? Special feature! Montague Keen meeting; Truth will out - age of darkness; Goodbye ex- US. President Ronald Reagan

4th June 2004: Seventh year!! Debunkers fail to rebut the evidence for the afterlife- the one million dollars offer still on: Psychic phenomena (psi) ; Bible crusaders: are they exemplary?; What constitutes 'objective' authority?; Truth will out - age of darkness.

May 2004

28th May 2004: The empirical afterlife evidence- Chapter headings from Book; A lawyer's open letter to the Rev Dr Billy Graham; remote viewing: Electronic Voice Phenomena (evp): Psychic Warrior; China's super psychics; Crossing over.

21st May 2004: Why can't the Rev Billy Graham be right on reincarnation? World Bible specialists kindly explain; Why are churches hostile to psychics?; Warning on gurus!; Gurus and Pope John Paul II; Danish medium Marion Dampier-Jeans.

14th May 2004: An open letter to Pope John-Paul; Challenging top world's theologians, catholic professors and scholars; Warning to those following gurus; Conditions in the after-life; correct terminology; about the 'inevitable' paradigm shift; The Church of England accepts the empirical evidence for the afterlife; Don't have rigid beliefs.

7th May 2004: General George S Patton; Catholic Church and reincarnation; New Christian Reformation needed; Do not fall off your chair laughing!; Lies, lies, lies!!!; Torture in Iraq; A question of evidence;
Environmental conditioning.

April 2004

30th April 2004: Top world scientists; Helen Duncan; Defamation- big victory against the closed minded debunking skeptics! ; Are NDE's all in the brain?; the 'god spot'; Lancet study laboratory experiments; experiential evidence

23rd April 04: criminal irresponsibility? the real x-files; electronic voice phenomena; remote viewing; the blind can see;the proof is in the after-effects; the omega project; the future can be changed; atheist professor sees the light; critical variables identified; strange phenomena investigations ;

16th April 04: What must you know before you die; reincarnation experiment; psychology is not scientific; The Rock of Truth; After we die, what then?; Why reformation needed; the Council of Nicea; More on why we should have a reformation; eternal damnation?

9th April 2004: Easter problem?; 'walk-in' from Russia; Dr Michael Sabom's admissible evidence; medical ignorance; an outdated scientific paradigm?; intellectual prostitutes; mystery solved!

2nd April 2004:Direct experience of the divine; Grof on 'materialistic science'; the 'new science' is taking over the explanation of death; a new reformation; By popular demand - can an atheist be 'spiritual'? ; medical ignorance.

March 2004

26th March 2004: Evil, injustice, unfairness!; Man-made perception is man-made restriction; Man-made theology; physics and the afterlife; Terrorists; Acceptance of the paranormal on the increase; role of evil.

19th March 2004: A lawyer responds to the 'new scientist'; 'New science'; Spiritual movies: are you intuitive?; Research projects; Reconciliation of psychic phenomena and religion?:

12th March 2004: The greatest stuff up!; And this has been stated by Zwing Randi immediately before the tests have started!; Terrorist attacks in Spain; John Edward tour; The Passion of the Christ; Service , service, service; Wise words directly from the afterlife:

5th March 2004: Northern Beaches meditation group; Television presenter attacks John Edward; John Edward's show; Modern miracle- Gwen Byrne and Pat Jeffries; skeptic idiocy; Hollywood Oscars;
Robin Williams; Helen Duncan.

February 2004

27th February 2004: John Edward to be criminally prosecuted?; Keep John Edward show alive!; The Russian psychic wonder a sensation!; Which test of evidence?; Scientific study of mediums; Nothing better than death.

20th February 2004: Girl with x-ray vision; Conservative scientists and doctors admit paranormal to be valid; Skeptic meets materialization medium; spirits converse in languages unknown to medium; skeptic magician convinced; George Cranley a living witness; Nothing better than death.

13th February 2004: World afterlife legend; Sonia Rinaldi; 'Scientific investigation' by the skeptics?; Inequality at birth; No-one will get away with it!; Intelligence Agencies; Texas police arrest psychic; Dr Brian Cocksey; The Ground of Faith - Exploring Science & Mysticism.

6th February 2004: Saddam Hussein; Ex-US President Nixon; Insights into skepticism; Solved!; Debunkers - asserters; The Stanford University psi tests; Is all mediumship genuine? Wonderful news; Who is a debunker?; Meditation; Nothing is more important;

January 2004

30th Jan 2004: Question of the Week; President Abe Lincoln;Question for All times;Russian psychic beats them all; Psychic Warfare;Brilliant Swedish scientist; French psychic Joan of Arc; Scientists' adage; Aore Jews are accepting the evidence for the afterlife; Biblical references to the afterlife; Russian girl with x-ray vision.

23rd January 2004: Victor responds to the King of the US Closed-Minded Skeptics; The Afterlife Experiments; Experiential evidence; Around Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica; Skepticism; Notice to All; Psychics in the Whitehouse; DO Not Fool with Powerful Psychics; Presidential curse & pre-cognition?; Tim Ryan 'pure gold' afterlife research.

16th January 2004: Catholics; Hell Exists; Farewell Montague Keen; Abraham Lincoln; NASA & PSI; Falling off the Chair Laughing; Reminder Victor is NOT a crusader; The dialectics of Argument; Professor Jessica Utts; John Edward Show to be cancelled.

9th January 2004: My Travels; AAEVP; Stages of accepting the Afterlife Evidence; Any Questions; AA-ITC; Nobody escapes karma; Barbara Ann Brennan a great scientist; Funds to Invest; Be a spiritual warrior; 'Galileo Effect'; Dr Stephen Braude; Send genuine psychic experiences; Hilary Clinton US Senator; Oprah Winfrey; Nancy Regan; Shirley MacLean; Dr Amit Goswami; Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism; Catholics; Pre-cognition.

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