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COMMENTARY: "EXTRAORDINARY CLAIMS REQUIRE EXTRAORDINARY EVIDENCE." This is what some skeptics keep saying. But why is it that no skeptic will discuss the 'extra-ordinary' consistency in the evidence for the afterlife that has been accumulated over millennia?

People in all cultures have experienced near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, deathbed visions and after-death contacts. Every culture in history, including our own, has had its shamans and mediums who could bring forward accurate and verifiable information from those who have died.

Most convincing of all is the spectacular experience of physical mediumship, especially direct voice mediumship and materialisation which most people today have never heard of.
How can evidence be any more extraordinary than when a child who has died speaks in his own voice through a direct voice medium, or materialises and climbs onto the lap of her grieving parents? Some of the greatest scientists in the world have had the privilege of investigating this kind of mediumship over the last 170 years. To claim that it's all fraud or that all the witnesses are deluded is simply putting your head in the sand.

Wendy and I have been fortunate enough to experience this kind of personal evidence while sitting on a weekly basis over seven years with physical medium David Thompson. We witnessed more than 100 reunions when people who had died came to connect with their loved ones. They spoke in their own voices, shared intimate messages that no-one in the room could have known, and had identifying physical features such as a missing finger. That is extra-ordinary evidence in any language.

BRILLIANT ARGUMENT ABOUT EVIDENCE BY PROFESSOR REBERT ALMEDER Kudos to Stephen Sakellarios for this interview with Philosophy professor Dr. Robert Almeder of Georgia State University. In the context of discussing the work of the late Dr. Ian Stevenson on reincarnation, Dr. Almeder makes some excellent points about those who refuse to accept the evidence for the afterlife when it is the best fit for the data.

LESLIE KEAN'S WORK ON UFOS Leslie Kean is an American independent journalist, producer and author of a best selling book about UFOs. Michio Kaku, Ph.D. said of the book "At last, a serious and thoughtful book about this controversial subject. Skeptics and true believers will find a treasure trove of insightful and eye opening information. This book is bound to set the gold standard for UFO research."


Having a journalist of this caliber going public with the evidence for the afterlife is a huge step forward for afterlife research. Her 2017 book Surviving Death: A Journalist Investigates Evidence for an Afterlife which includes several chapters on physical mediumship
based on personal experiences won the Parapsychological Association Book Award in 2017. Leslie is now working on a six-part documentary series, which also features physical mediumship, to be produced and released by a major Broadcast Network. Listen to Leslie's interview with Alex Tsakiris on Skeptico.

Nicole de Haas, a physical medium based in The Netherlands, features in Leslie Kean's book and the documentary and has recently returned home from filming in the USA. Last weekend she hosted a gathering of members of physical mediumship circles from around the world. She writes: "Over the past days, 11 circles joined together in unity, love, and harmony at the Zwanenhof on my 'Circle and Seance weekend'. A new and unique weekend. Circles from Australia, Belgium, Germany, and Holland participated. What a privilege it was for me to be a part of their home circles and their development. To feel and see with my own eyes the love, power, and presence of the Spirit World and to feel that power even within the walls of our sacred place, the seance room." Listen as Nicole talks about her development.

Jurgen Ziewe writes: "Off to Munich again in a couple of weeks to record two more episodes for Gaia TV, presently only in German though (unfortunately). The most fascinating aspect is meeting interesting contributors, like Benedict Maurer who demonstrated his powers of telekinesis right in front of my eyes and Irena Lang, who has managed to teach blind people to see using their inner vision. Last time we met she gave me her book, ['Three Eyes See More than Two] when I became aware that she was also a talented clairvoyant. It feels great being in her presence."

Click the picture below to link to an extract from the Gaia Program Timeless - episode 6 of Series 1 (in German) which Jurgen is describing.

is a link to the complete program which should be valid for each viewer for 24 hours only.

A SURVEY OF SECULAR AMERICAN MEDIUMS - NEW RESEARCH BY DR. JULIE BEISCHEL Dr. Julie Beischel discusses the results from a research project which surveyed 316 mediums and 1,068 non-mediums living in the Midwest of the USA. Some interesting differences between the two groups emerged.

The summer solstice marks the longest day of the year, during which the axial tilt of the Earth puts the western hemisphere closest to the Sun. From time immemorial, it has been marked as a day of celebration by various cultures. But if you’re unsure of how to celebrate summer solstice 2018, here are some of the ancient rituals and celebrations practiced by our ancestors on the midsummer’s night. Read more about celebrating the summer solstice.

Since prehistory, the winter solstice has also been seen as a significant time of year in many cultures and has been marked by festivals and rituals. It marked the symbolic death and rebirth of the Sun. The seasonal significance of the winter solstice is in the reversal of the gradual lengthening of nights and shortening of days. Read more about celebrating the winter solstice.

BARRY EATON ON PAST LIVES Our speaker on last Sunday's Afterlife Zoom Group Global Gathering was Barry Eaton, an astrologer, medium, and psychic intuitive based in Sydney Australia. Barry is also the host of internet radio station, Radio Out There (RadioOutThere.com). Barry recently published his 4th book, 'Past Lives Unveiled' which was written with the invaluable assistance of Peter Smith, the International President of the Michael Newton Institute.

Full details at www.victorzammit.com/zoom

Sunday 23rd June 2019

Mediumship Development susanbbarnes@gmail.com
2:00 p.m. New York time
Online in Zoom https://zoom.us/j/8738817733

Global Gathering email books@victorzammit.com
2 p.m. Los Angeles and Phoenix; 4 p.m. Chicago; 5 p.m. New York.; 10 p.m. London; 11 p.m. Spain; 7 a.m. Monday Sydney Topic: 'Reflections from Spirit' - seeing objective evidence of spirit in most unusual ways with Annette Tollis

Tuesday 25th June 2019

Development Group with Norma Turner njturner@earthlink.net
5 p.m. Phoenix Note moved from Monday

Spirit Art susanbbarnes@gmail.com
We are meeting for the purpose of creating spirit art with messages. No art experience required.
9 p.m. New York time,

Thursday 27th June 2019

Professional Group Jane Bissler janebissler@gmail.com
Times: Los Angeles 2 p.m.; Phoenix 2.p.m.; Chicago 4 p.m.; New York 5 p.m.; London 10 p.m.

Saturday 29th June 2019

Love After Life
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Does a person plan to murder or take their own life?

A QUESTION TO HELP GUIDE YOUR DECISIONS There have been those - including mediums - who asked me what to do when they have a difficult problem to solve. Ironically, the answer is not difficult:- whenever you are stuck with a real challenge, unable to solve some complex - or less complex problem, the question you must ask yourself: what is the more spiritual thing to do in this matter? You will be amazed at how easy it is to cope with simple or complex problems. Because of the inevitable law of cause and effect, we must always choose that is which is most spiritual to do. The less spiritually advanced may opt out to go with the money, but energy is a boomerang - we will always get what we deserve.

ASK DR. WEISS Afterlife expert Dr. Brian Weiss answers Facebook fans' questions about dreams, and he discusses how and why our past lives and other mystical experiences can appear to us in our dreams. This video is captioned and can be translated into the language of your choice.

If you want to learn more about your spirit guides and how you can communicate with them, join Susanne Wilson Saturday June 22nd. Susanne is the real deal and will answer life issue questions from participants at random, to provide clarity from guides and loved ones. Exchange: $29

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In 2001, Josh Groban guest-starred on two episodes of the Fox television drama Ally McBeal. In his second appearance he performed "To Where You Are" written by Richard Marx and Linda Thompson, at a church service. He released the song on his 2001 debut album. Chloe Agnew relased a version in her 2004 album Walking on Air.

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