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3rd February 2012

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CRITICAL: THE DIFFERENT AREAS OF THE AFTERLIFE EVIDENCE MUST BE SEEN 'COLLECTIVELY': I sometimes hear about people rejecting the afterlife on the grounds that mental mediums are 'too general' or just doing 'cold reading'. These people are doing huge injustice to themselves because they don't realize that there are more than twenty other areas of evidence for the afterlife beside mental mediumship. This afterlife evidence has to be seen collectively, not just as one area of evidence on its own.

I have collected some of the very best afterlife evidence but it takes determination, motivation and patience to work through it. The reader - searching for the evidence for the afterlife has to understand what constitutes admissible afterlife evidence. Also, to fully understand the afterlife evidence is the most important information you will ever come across in this lifetime. While going to a recommended medium is one way of getting a personal experience of survival, a surer way is for a person is to be systematic about it.

Read each chapter of the book A Lawyer Presents the case for the Afterlife and then work through the videos in my section on the evidence. Over the last 20 years, the evidence I presented has been accepted by hundreds of thousands of people searching for the afterlife. Guaranteed, if a searcher has the capacity to perceive the evidence with true equanimity – in a balanced way – the evidence will be accepted.


SCIENTISTS TALK ABOUT THEIR EXPERIENCES OF EXPANDED CONSCIOUSNESS AT ESALEN : "... it is reasonable to be scientific and be interested in the spiritual."-
In this short clip you will hear from Prof Russell Targ, physicist, Nick Herbert physicist, Ed Kelly neuroscientist, Stanislov Grof psychiatrist, Prof Charles Tart psychologist - and others

  (thanks to Kevin Jones for the link)

QUESTION - ON EVIDENCE: Hello Victor, could you help us with this question? We were having a debate as to which aspect of the paranormal is likely to become the most important in the future - important enough that no one would be able to reject the evidence? F. Williams. Ph.D. et al.

Victor: Yes, that is a very interesting question. First, I am sure we all accept the old saying that those who accept the paranormal do not need evidence to be convinced - that's about 80% of the general population. More and more people are having their own DIRECT experiences of the afterlife through after death communications and mental mediumship. But you seem interested in the other 20%. I would say that that there are three kinds of evidence that have the potential to stun the world.

- after attending materializations for seven years conversing with those who crossed over, I can say with confidence that when some form of light is brought in to actually see and video the materialized spirits it will create a worldwide afterlife revolution. I am informed this is being researched by those from the other side. The picture shows a materialized spirit. Read more about materializations.

this is where a clear image of a crossed-over appears on a television screen in response to a request by the experimenter. Three of the leading experts in ITC in the world we know are Professor Ernst Senkowski in Germany (pictured left); Mark Macy in the USA (below Prof Senksowski)and Sonia Rinaldi in Brazil (right picture). Images of people and landscapes in the spirit world have already been received but when the process is refined - when we reach a stage where we can converse with those who crossed-over directly - it has the potential to revolutionize how the world thinks about the afterlife. Read more about Instrumental TransCommunication.

People who have 'died' can be heard talking in their own voices in the presence of a direct voice medium. Direct voice mediumship is part of what is called physical mediumship. The Spirit team is able to create an artificial voice box outside the medium's body made with ectoplasm- a substance taken from the medium's body. Leslie Flint excelled in this independent direct voice mediumship. Read more about direct voice mediumship.
Once good, clear, resonant voices are produced, these voices can be matched with the same voices of the persons from the afterlife when they used to live on earth. This process would be 'scientific' when electronic instruments are able to match the voices and obtain a correlation of '1'. It also will be objective and repeatable.

WONDERFUL DANISH MEDIUM AND AUTHOR MARION DAMPIER JEANS SHARES MEMORIES OF SITTING WITH LESLIE FLINT Marion Dampier Jeans is a well known Danish medium and author who has lived for many years in England. In this article she writes of a very evidential sitting she had with Leslie Flint in which her father spoke to her in Danish. She also talks about a reunion with Leslie Flint and Gordon Higginson through another physical medium and the evidence they gave her. Finally she speaks about a sitting she had recently with Kai Mügge in which she received a hand written message in old fashioned Danish language, written by a Danish physical medium Einer Nielsen. This note can be seen on her home page www.mariondampier-jeans.com under the English language section. Read full article

‘THE NOBLE-SAVAGE PROJECT’ - a new e-book by Mark Macy.
Like an archaeologist who assembles a few bone fragments to get a clear picture of the complete person who died long ago, Mark Macy gathers together pieces of the human puzzle from science, ancient texts, metaphysics and other, more surprising sources to sketch a new and captivating picture of our ancient heritage, our civilizations, our world, and our nature as human beings—our spiritual as well as physical nature. It’s all assembled into a credible but mind-stretching human story… who we are… where we came from… what we’re supposed to be doing here… where we’re heading… and, most striking for some readers, what really happens to us after we die.
" The Noble-Savage Project [Kindle Edition]

"I have just published a book THE MEANING AND PURPOSE OF LIFE - The BIG Jigsaw Puzzle. It is based on forty years of research and personal experiences regarding life after death, reincarnation, spiritual healing, cosmic consciousness, NDEs, OBEs, multidimensional universe, George Meek's and Mark Macy's electronic links with the astral planes, etc. I have listed more than 100 scientists, and other learned researchers that, over the last 150 years, investigated and declared the afterlife to be scientifically proven. Victor's name is amongst them."
Read more.



- How three institutions- religious fundamentalists, new age opportunists and fundamental materialists regularly distort public understanding of NDEs.


Rev Michael Cocks writes: "Christian sects often talk about a Second Coming, and they think of a separated Jesus somehow appearing the sky. But I think there is a case for suggesting that we look in quite another direction: that the Second Coming is the beginning of the fulfillment of Jesus’ prayer that we may all be one. It could be argued that the contributions to this journal play their small part in the whole process." http://thegroundoffaith.net/issues/2012-02/

ARE CHILD PRODIGIES EVIDENCE OF REINCARNATION? British child Kieron Williamson started painting watercolors at the age of six that experts agree are far too advanced and sophisticated to have been done by a child. Evidence of a past life experience as a professional water colorists or mere chance?

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE? INTERESTING QUOTE FROM THE GENIUS SIR ARUTHR CONAN DOYLE - afterlife researcher and author of the brilliant writing of Sherlock Holmes: "Mankind must learn once and for all that religion has nothing whatever to do with theological beliefs, or forms, or ceremonies, or priesthoods, or vestments, or sacraments, or any of the other trappings and adornments which have so covered it that we can no longer see it. It depends upon two things only, and those are 'Conduct' and 'Character'. If you are unselfish and kind then you are of the elect, call yourself what you will. If you are dry and hard and bitter and narrow, no church and no faith can save you from the judgment to come."

OUR KIND OF PROFESSOR As a professor of religious studies at California State University, Bakersfield, Dr. (Lewis) Stafford Betty takes a somewhat unorthodox, bold, and refreshing approach in teaching his classes, including one titled The Meaning of Death. He discusses mediumship, near-death experiences, past-life studies, death-bed visions, and other psychic phenomena. Read more...

AFTERLIFE EVIDENCE: 'XENOGLOSSY' - Occasionally I receive emails from people who say they heard their close friend speak in a foreign language that the person did no know. What's happening they ask?

This speaking in foreign languages not previously heard of is not uncommon. This is called 'xenoglossy' - I have a chapter on it in my book - chapter 22. Here in this chapter you will get to know about this most interesting phenomenon. As I conclude in my chapter - there could be at least two reasons for this: either an afterlife entity influencing the person speaking in an unknown foreign language or it also could be a memory from some past life. I can't see anything else to explain this most interesting psychic phenomenon. Either explanation - shows evidence of the afterlife.

THANK YOU C.P. LOWSON OF NEW ZEALAND - for sending a donation towards spreading the 'Light' on a global level. The first way of using the donated money is to offer a free book and postage to subscribers who have not yet purchased a copy of the book A LAWYER PRESENTS THE CASE FOR THE AFTERLIFE because they cannot really afford it. So, if you are truly low in your finances and want to acquire the hard copy of the book, just email me and a book will be posted to you immediately.


1) MARCH 9-11, 2012 - Virginia Beach, VA.
the Second Annual Afterlife Awareness Conference!

2) APRIL 13-15th 2012 in PHOENIX ARIZONA
The International Conference On After Death Communication - Affirming the continuity of life, love and communication after death


FEEDBACK (3 responses selected)

1. Hello Victor, Your book has made all the difference. I don't know where or what I would be, had I not found it. I lost my lovely daughter in a traffic accident, she was only just 16. By chance I stumbled on your homepage a month after. I ordered your book and I have read it several times. It has helped me with my journey, more than I can explain, as I was completely ignorant of anything spiritual. I will never miss the weekly afterlife report, it has taught me so much, with references to other homepages, books, films and so forth. What I appreciate most is the straight, scientific approach to the afterlife, this is what makes it so credible. I thank you with all my heart for the hope you give so many. Ann-Charlotte T. P., currently Singapore

2. Hello Victor and Wendy, I just want to say that your website and book are great! While I have always thought the afterlife was real your website has confirmed it with irrefutable scientific evidence and I found your website by typing in scientific evidence for the afterlife! Every week you have more and more scientific proof of the afterlife! It makes me look forward to Fridays! Jeff

3. Hi Victor & Wendy My name is Alison from Ireland, just a few lines to let you know how much I appreciate and look forward to your Friday Afterlife Report. Having just come across you recently on the Internet and signed up for the newsletter, I really look forward to Fridays now. I think its great that you have also included previous reports which I am diligently reading at present. I was always a beliver in the afterlife but never religious and its great to hear about like minded people, so keep up the good work! I have forwarded your newsletter to a lot of my close friends who also find it fascinating. Love & peace Alison xxx


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SOMETHING REALLY INSPIRATIONAL: A nostalgic walk down memory lane: one of ABBA's greatest international hits 'Dancing Queen'. - one of my favorites too! The clean cut Swedish group ABBA made a real contribution to the world of music - they sang wonderfully, they entertained and left us with brilliant, unforgettable music - fabulous innocent music without drugs and without alcohol- watch for yourself:

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