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New Book: A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife

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A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife


An introduction to the evidence for the afterlife - with links to just a few of the fascinating videos and audios available.


There is scientific evidence for the afterlife
Why don't more people know about it?
Scientists who investigated
Doctors who discovered the afterlife

Science and Psychic phenomena

1. Modern physics and the afterlife
2. Psychics
3. Remote viewing

4. Psychic detectives
5. Exceptional human functioning

Direct contact with the afterlife

6. Near death experiences
7. Out of body experiences
8. End of life experiences (Deathbed visions)
9. After death contacts

Other ways to contact your loved ones

10. Induced After Death contacts

11. Guided after-death connections
12. Psychomanteums
13. EVP- Voices on Tape
14. Instrumental transcommunication

Using a medium

15. Mental mediums
16. Writing mediums
17. Painting mediums
18. Trance mediums
19. Book and newspaper tests
20. The Cross Correspondences

Physical Mediumship- The ultimate proof

21. Physical mediums
22. Scole experiments
23. Transfiguration mediumship
24. Direct voice mediums
24. Materialization mediums

25. Spirit doctors

Ghosts, poltergeists and drop ins

25. Poltergeists
26. Ouija Board and drop ins
27. Possession/obsession/spirit influence
28. Ghosts


29. Children who remember past lives
30. Dreams of past lives
31. Past life regressions
32. Inter-life regressions
33. Pre-birth memories

The Science of Oneness
34. Discoveries in Quantum physics
35.Quantum physics and the paranormal
36. Experiences of oneness
37. Cosmology

Scientists who investigated the afterlife

38. Top cases

Updated 10th August 2015



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