Different Areas of Evidence for the Afterlife


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Transfiguration Mediumship

This is another type of physical mediumship. The spirit helpers take ectoplasm from the body of the medium and lay it a few centimeters in front on the medium's face like a mask.

Spirits who wish to be seen press their faces into the ectoplasm. Usually this takes place with a low red light shining under the medium's chin, or in candle light however some transfiguration mediums can demonstrate in daylight.

Often many different faces will come one after another- sometimes only seconds apart. Many people recognise the face of a loved one during the display.

Below on the left is transfiguration medium Jean Skinner as she normally is. On the right is a spirit face transfigured over hers.

Tom and Lisa Butler give this account of a sitting with Jean Skinner in their book There is No Death and There are no Dead pp.176-178

Usually the faces just show themselves and do not speak however sometimes the medium goes into deep trance and the spirits are able to create a voicebox out of ectoplasm and speak.

Here is how one witness descibed a transfiguration session with the famous tranfiguration medium Queenie Nixon:

"Whilst in deep trance, one could watch her face altering in shape, age and sex...In every case the new face appearing upon Queenie Nixon was recognized by someone in the audience, at which stage the spirit person would then commence talking to that relative and some of these two way conversations went on for 10-12 minutes...One of the most amazing of the above described was the appearance of the "dead" mother of a French born woman who lived in Perth...not only did the dead mother speak to Monique in French, she used a dialect peculiar to a district 30 miles south of Paris."

A lot of her seances and some demonstrations reportedly went on for up to three hours at a time with many loved ones in the Spirit World coming through one after another.

Here is a testimonial from Barbara-Ann Winter.

"In the month of October 1974 I very reluctantly with friends went to Swindon Spiritualist church and Healing Sanctuary to see a medium by the name of Queenie Nixon.

Not being told what to expect I was absolutely bored out of my mind, I looked at my husband who was ‘snoozing’ and then looked and realised that Queenie Nixon was no longer there. In her place was a very large obese man with ginger hair who was chuckling and laughing out so loud. .

Many different spirits came through but, I didn’t see them all and accepted what the people was saying afterwards as I had my evidence too.

I wasn’t to know that Queenie Nixon was so well known up and down this country (England) also, abroad too. Such a little petite woman who transfigured into a Zulu warrior and transfigured many times, her transfigurations was simply amazing."

Dianne Elliott is a tranfiguration medium who demonstrates in England at
Middleton. On the left (below) is Dianne Elliot as she normally is. On the right with the face of a spirit over hers.

Sometimes the whole body of a tranfiguration medium in deep trance appears to change, becoming measurably taller or shorter.

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