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April 16th 2010

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Last week's report

COMMENTARY: DOES ‘SUPER PSI’ EXPLAIN ANYTHING? ‘Super PSI’ refers to a theory that mediums are not getting information from deceased entities but from all information which is stored in space – similar to Edgar Cayce's concept of the Akashic records. Imagine for one moment there is a huge gigantic video/tape recorder in the cosmos recording everything that happens on Earth. Super PSI is supposed to show that all kinds of psychic activity, all kinds of mediumship, all contact with the afterlife is nothing but the mind of the medium contacting this huge cosmic video/tape recorder.

But those lawyers who are professional experts and specialists in the admissibility of evidence and who investigated the paranormal/afterlife evidence - as I have done - definitely do NOT agree – with those raising the THEORY that PSI explains everything.

The evidence in materializations for example, tells us that the materialized spirits actually communicate with some of the familiar sitters in the séance room. Reunions are common – and those who materialize with the loved ones discuss familiar incidents with those who crossed over. I shook hands with an entity called 'Sir Arthur Conan Doyle' and with 'William' – one of materialization medium David Thompson’s guides. We touch them physically and we hold intelligent conversations as if they were alive talking to us. No, those who claim that 'Super- PSI' can explain everything have not given us any empirical evidence for their philosophical beliefs. We are hands-on empiricists using scientific method into 'cause-effect relationship' to investigate all afterlife experiments and we work with ‘objectivity and repeatability’. Absolutely, PSI does NOT come into the equation whatsoever.

As Montague Keen, who was an afterlife investigator for the Society for Psychical Research, stated in relation to super-psi, “I do not say the super-psi hypothesis is impossible, but that it stretches improbability beyond my credulity when a simpler, more obvious and more consistent alternative presents itself, one which has a great deal of supporting buttresses in the literature of psychical research.” Read Montague's article...


Medically trained Doctors who have studied the "near death experience" phenomenon in depth, explain why it cannot simply be the result of brain chemicals, lack of oxygen,"DMT" or hallucination. Studies reveal there are significant differences between the detailed, lucid, structured, life-changing and verifiable experiences of those who have near death experiences and out of body experiences compared with chemically induced hallucinations.

" Dr. Ken Ring published a paper in the Journal of Near-Death Studies (Summer, 1993) concerning near-death experiencers who, while out of their bodies, witness real events that occur far away from their dead body. The important aspect to this phenomenon is that these events seen far away are later verified to be true. Experiencers not only witness events from great distances, but they have been documented to hear conversations between people at the same events. Conversations such as these have also verified to be true. An even more fascinating phenomenon occurs when the experiencer actually appears in spirit to someone, usually a loved one, during their NDE and it is verified to be true by the experiencer and the loved one." Read more.....


"In the first sphere of light we find trees and flowers like those that grow in earthly gardens; but more beautiful, immune from decay and death, and endowed with qualities that make them more completely a part of our lives. Around us are birds and animals, still the friends of man, but nearer, more intelligent, and freed from the fears and the cruelties they suffer here. We find houses and gardens, but of substance, colour and atmosphere more responsive to our presence; water whose playing is music; wide ranging harmonies of colour. We find everything more radiant, more joyous, more exquisitely complex, and while our activities are multiplied, our life is more restful.

Differences in age disappear. There are no “old” in the spheres of light; there are only the graceful and strong." The above description comes from messages given to a Chruch of England clergyman, Rev G. Vale Owen, by his mother and published in The Life Beyond the Veil. Download a free copy here.

U.S. LAWYER TALKS ABOUT HIS NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE: Researcher Kenneth Ring found that watching first hand accounts by people who had near death experiences significantly reduced fear of death. The following is an interesting one....


This year on Good Friday, April 2, Brazil is celebrating what would have been the 100th birthday of Chico Xavier revered by millions of Brazilians. Although poorly educated and almost blind he was the author of more than 400 spirit-dictated best selling books on a variety of highly specialized and technical subjects. However he renounced the wealth and influence that he was offered and dedicated his life and his mediumship to proving survival and to providing food, clothing and medical assistance for the poor. He was considered by many to be a radical Christian saint—a 'one man welfare system'—a man of 'almost pathological modesty and humility' (Playfair 1975:27). The anniversary of his birth is also being marked by the release of a film biography. Below is a trailer (in Portuguese). The film (available online) looks brilliant.., please let us know if you find a version with subtitles. Here is a review...




Kevin and Tom in Toulouse will be holding fabulous physical mediumship sessions open to our readers from May until the end of September this year. But you must book now. If conditions are suitable – as usually they are - you will be allowed to make contact – to ask one or two questions to an afterlife intelligence. Wendy and I, Victor - vouch for the authenticity of what is going on in Toulouse with Kev and Tom. They have spectacular spirit contact, especially when John Sloan who was the medium for that great psychic historian and afterlife researcher Arthur Findlay comes through. So don't miss this great opportunity to have a wonderful holiday, experience very special spiritual healing AND be convinced beyond doubt of the continuation of life. The Center is also wonderful for groups and meditation retreats. For details as to how to get there, expenses, accommodation email Tomkev3@aol.com.

SCIENCE AND THE AFTERLIFE’: Talk by Michael Roll - pictured below - "Ever since the dawn of history there have been stories of people being seen again after their physical bodies had been buried or cremated. Our ancestors who had no knowledge of subatomic physics - that reality also exists beyond our five physical senses - understandably thought that they were witnessing something that was supernatural, outside the laws of nature. Thankfully, scientists now know that nothing is outside of nature’s laws. If something happens, there must be a rational explanation to account for it. The trick is though, to find the explanation; this is the task of scientists and philosophers. The subject of life after death is subatomic physics - natural philosophy - not supernatural religion and parapsychology. We have had the experimental proof that we all survive death ever since Sir William Crookes submitted his reports to the Quarterly Journal of Science in 1874." Read more …

Chris Hood writes: "I just looked at Johnathan Beecher's new website whitecrowbooks.com. He has republished many of the great books on Spiritualism and the Afterlife. You can order them in hardback, softback and an e-version for iPad, Kindle, etc.
It looks a great venture."

Yes indeed Chris, it looks like a great site and there are lots of treasures there. Michael Tymn has moved his fortnightly blog there since his bloghost gaia.com has closed. You can read his first post at http://whitecrowbooks.com/michaeltymn. I also was intrigued by the re-publication of some books by my old friend Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (see next item).


After publication of his first book on the afterlife, The New Revelation, Doyle followed it up in 1919 with The Vital Message, where he shares his thoughts on skepticism, religion, psychic phenomena, and Jesus. Doyle, who by that time had been communicating with afterlife entities for more than thirty years, saw Jesus as highest of spiritual beings and writes in the book:

‘In regard to the Old Testament I have never seen the matter treated in a spiritual communication. The nature of Christ, however, and His teaching, have been expounded a score of times with some variation of detail, but in the main as reproduced here. Spirits have their individuality of view, and some carry over strong earthly prepossessions which they do not easily shed; but reading many authentic spirit communications one finds that the idea of redemption is hardly ever spoken of, while that of example and influence is forever insisted upon. In them Christ is the highest spirit known, the Son of God, as we all are, but nearer to God, and therefore in a more particular sense His Son.’
Conversations with Arthur Conan Doyle is an imagined conversation with this remarkable figure. But while the conversation is imagined, Doyle’s words are not; they are all authentically his...." I want people to meet the man, hear him speak – and then make up their own minds. He’s often passionate; but never dull." says author Simon Parke.

Integral Enlightenment founder Craig Hamilton has been creating a huge impact in spiritual circles with his work of spiritual evolution. In his recent free teleseminar he spoke in detail about four important shifts we can make in our approach to the spiritual path that can propel us beyond the limitations of the separate ego into a life of freedom and co-creative participation in the great work of conscious evolution. Over 35,000 people have downloaded the recording in the past 4 days and the people at Integral Enlightenment been receiving a lot of requests to post a direct link to the audio so here it is..... http://integralenlightenment.com/freetcdownload

Bob Olson is an author, magazine editor and former private investigator who has researched psychic mediums for over eight years. Once a cynical skeptic, Olson met his first genuine and legitimate psychic medium in January of 1999. However Bob Olson was ripped-off by phony psychics during a time in his life when he was desperate and vulnerable. Now he provides a Web resource so that people will know where to find gifted and reputable psychic mediums and not get burned by fakes, charlatans, and even inexperienced psychic mediums who do not know how to use their gift responsibly. Read more..

No one would believe that Islamic ‘priests’ would execute someone because he does something like astrology on television. Ali Sabat lives in Lebanon – but has dual citizenship with Saudi Arabia. He went to pray in Saudi Arabia where the religious police arrested him. Apparently he was ‘set up’ to get him by the Moslem conservatives. Hopefully reasonableness and some intelligence will prevail. Read more...


MICHELLE WHITEDOVE, VOTED THE BEST PSYCHIC IN AMERICA: Michelle's final victory test before being crowned the best psychic in America was to find a buried stuntman in a 12 acre area in less than 29 minutes (here's the video in case you missed it) I challenged skeptics from around the world to duplicate that - for $500,000 - two years have passed and I'm still waiting.
In this video Michelle talks about being a medium.

COULD THE POPE GO TO PRISON? Technically it is possible says leading lawyer!
: Leading human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robinson has caused a stir with his legal opinion that "the anomalous claim of the Vatican to be a state – and of the pope to be a head of state and hence immune from legal action – cannot stand up to scrutiny." He writes that " The truly shocking finding of Judge Murphy's commission in Ireland was not merely that sexual abuse was "endemic" in boys' institutions but that the church hierarchy protected the perpetrators and, despite knowledge of their propensity to reoffend, allowed them to take up new positions teaching other children after their victims had been sworn to secrecy" and that "This conduct, of course, amounted to the criminal offence of aiding and abetting sex with minors."

n international law there is what is called the law of ‘strict liability’. To give a simple example, if you went to a shoe shop and the salesperson assaulted you in the shop, you not only have a case against the salesperson, but on the summons you also include the name of the salesperson’s employer- both would be liable if the criminal charge is proved. Similarly, the Pope would be vicariously liable for the actions and omissions of his ‘employees’ – as priests do get paid for their services. Read more

FEEDBACK: QUESTION: ARE WE BORN SPIRITUALLY EQUAL? You mentioned last week that we come to this world not spiritually equal. That would raise very serious problems because it would show that those with low spirituality are those who are likely to be bad, to do the wrong things and to do ‘evil’ - which means on crossing over they are likely to have serious problems. That does not seem to be fair. What do you think about that?

Victor: Good question. Yes, we observe those who are exemplary, spiritually advanced and those who are less and very much less spiritually advanced. Naturally, the less spiritually advanced- those who have not waken to spirituality are likely to indulge in bad behavior- in evil. The authority for that comes from highly credible afterlife spirit teachers. That information was transmitted within the last fifty years or so – NOT taken from religious writings of thousands of years ago. First, it is critically important to understand WHY WE ARE ON EARTH: NOTE VERY CAREFULLY: directly from the afterlife dimension:

”Your world has its part to play in the greatest scheme of life. This (here in this world) is the nursery, the training ground, as you call it, the school where the scholars learn lessons. This is where you obtain the equipment (to become spiritually advanced). This is where the talents that you have in latent form first find their expression, and they are tried and tested, because it is only in the heat of that battle that the true character of the individual can be formed. Were there no struggle, were there no opposition, were there no difficulty, were there no problems, then the spirit could not grow, it could not evolve (i.e., those with no or very little spirituality are likely to cause problems). The struggle brings out the highest, the best, the greatest and the deeper qualities.” Consistent with spiritual evolution, we are ALL destined to continue to spiritually refine and keep on going to higher realms in the afterlife - that is what continuous spiritual evolution is all about.

QUESTION - 'There is NO eternal damnation'- we will all eventually return to the Realm of the Light:
You say in your youtubes that no one is damned eternally and that those who are in the darkest region - in hell - will eventually return to the realm of the light. Does that mean no one is eternally damned?

Victor: Information transmitted from highly credible sources state that because they say that each human has the 'spark of the divine'. It appears for those who end down in the darkest, horrible region, will spend time there - perhaps for eons of time but one day, their 'divine' spark within themselves create a desire to return gradually back to the realms of the light. The Biblical authority about eternal damnation has now been shown to be a forgery. This was because of the mis-translation of the word 'eon'. Whenever 'ea on' was preceded by punishment it was mistranslated to mean 'eternity'. But when the same word was used elsewhere, it was translated properly: eon=a period of time, in Roman times was 100 years. The Catholic Church used to have - and still have - some transgressions as 'mortal sin' (meaning eternal damnation if one dies in mortal sin) for: eating a ham sandwich on Fridays; for masturbation even once; for not going to Church on Sundays; when a divorcee remarries; from stealing even ten cents from the Church; and other transgressions.

‘EVIL’(1) A new way of looking at evil: first, if you are spiritually aware and come across some evil – then you have to pass the tests to see how you spiritually are going to handle the challenge. If you pass the tests, this means you continue to spiritually evolve. That also means we must come across some evil for us to be tested in order to continue to spiritually evolve. Secondly, whilst the reasonable person would agree that those who do evil have to be punished – to fit their crimes and transgressions –you’ll find the evil done corresponds with the level of spirituality the person has attained. Some may have no spiritual awareness at all or some may have very little spiritual awareness. But this means that the spiritually retarded have to learn about life, about their place in the universe, about spiritual evolution. When eventually the spiritually retarded people learn their lessons, they would not be indulging in evil behavior. Highly credible entities from the afterlife tell us that this is the reason why some people have to come back to earth again – to continue their journey for continuous spiritual refinement.

‘EVIL’ 2) Note to theologians and afterlife researchers when studying ‘evil’: When one has to consider the role of ‘evil’, inevitably, one has also to consider other directly related matters: purpose of life on earth; soul evolution, correlation between levels of conduct with levels of spirituality; reincarnation, being born ‘spiritually unequal’; universal evolution, free will, unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness.

Our mailbox was running hot this week with many replies to the defence of Adam and Eve. The vast majority (99%) decided that Adam and Eve would not be found guilty as charged. For those interested in the debate we have created a page with highlights from some of them...read more.

1) ... thank you both for the invaluable service you have given to the world over many years and long may you continue to do so.

I have had a strong belief in the afterlife since I was quite young, thanks to my late father who was a very strong believer in the subject (sufficient to name me after the son of Sir Oliver Lodge). It is a belief that has stood me in good stead all my life and continues to be enhanced by new and exciting research brought to us through books and websites such as yours. I have recently retired from my local branch of the Samaritans where I served as a volunteer for 25 years.To be able to speak with authority about the afterlife to people who had recently been bereaved has been a tremendous privilege. Raymond.

P.S. Please keep the weekly reports coming: they are the highlight of my week

2) “I find it difficult to understand why people can't accept there is an afterlife. I went seeking more explanations which I felt could be scientific. Not being a physics scholar I thought however about all the things in this physical world that we all accepted with confidence yet could not see such as getting a picture on television, sounds out of the radio etc etc. We don't see the pictures or sounds entering those appliances but know if we turn them on we will get what we want. I think all the evidence you have gone after and recorded in your Book is great and so easy to accept. We must be on a learning curve don't you think? Kind regards, Judith.”

3) Every Friday I read your report with continual and great interest.
This weekly rendez-vous should be of major importance for many people. It is for me, even if I do not need anymore to be convinced of the afterlife, as long as I have had and have contacts with the Beyond. Those (EVP) contacts that had fainted progressively between August and December 2009 are back, shorter than before, one to three words per week since January 2010, as if it was meant to help me deal with my son’s problem, keeping me sure that my wife stays aware of life on earth and active in helping. Edouard.

4) I would like to share with you my theories on Jesus Christ. I have been brought up to be a Christian, Church of England, and would not consider myself to be overly religious but have a respect for the existence of God. I am a scientist by nature, holding a degree in Veterinary science that permits me to practice Veterinary Medicine and Surgery in the uk. I have always been open minded, and like yourself believe in a subject that can be proven, by repeated exhibition. Until recently my beliefs have been quite passive about religion, but I have studied and read lots of information about spiritualism and associated mediumship.... Maybe the Bible is a book of the recognition of Jesus' gift to communicate with the spirit world in many different ways which had never been experienced by humans previously, and this was the first documentation of such events? Yours, Sean.


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Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee what is published is to be the absolute truth. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.