A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife


Afterlife News Report December 21st 2007

Apologies if I have not replied to your email - too much pre- Christmas work. Will reply shortly - Victor.

Report December 21st 07

COMMENTARY: WHY SHOULD YOU HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS? Whoever you are, wherever you come from, whatever beliefs you may or may not have. Christmas time is an intimate time for ALL people, with ALL faiths and ALL beliefs from ALL countries around the world. Christmas time is a time for reviewing our friendships and relationships, a time for more understanding, a time for remembering those who fought for and/or looked after us and helped us; a time for appreciating whatever we have, a time for patience, tolerance and understanding – and it is a also a most precious time for that little extra love. It is a time for giving and receiving; a time to lose those unpleasant human traits - and to continue to make progress, to refine; a time to forget the provocations from those less gifted; a time to rise above and transcend the anger, the aggression, the hostilities. If you are reasonable, decent, and honest; if you want to reach out for peace, light and love – if you want to make a contribution - then join the Forces of the Light to disseminate the precious light of the afterlife to remove the darkness, the despair, the discontent wherever they exists – not only in our own place, in our country, but on a global level - and make this world a better place! May you all have a happy, wonderful, safe and a loving Christmas!

PARANORMAL Awareness Society, Corp. Broadcasting from Bradenton, Florida!!
Every Wednesday Night!
Bill Metz, Founder of "Paranormal Awareness Society, Corp. - PASC" and author of "Rest in Peace," is hosting the Paranormal Awareness Radio Show. The talk show airs every Wednesday

If you’re looking for some interesting holiday listening look though this year’s online episodes of Oprah’s Soul Series on her Oprah and Friends radio program. There are 33 conversations with everyone from Pema Chodron, Echardt Tolle, Shirley MacLaine, Brian Weiss. In the first show she talks with John, a survivor of the Singapore Airlines Flight 006 crash in October 2000 who describes the chaos and the horror of the crash, but also shares a story of amazement and wonder— as he saw the auras coming out from some of the passengers as they were dying. Go to Oprah and friends radio program and Click "Listen in to part of the show!"

When her husband died in 1983 Professor Sylvia Hart Wright and her son jointly had an experience that suggested he was trying to contact them from beyond the grave; two of his male friends reported similar events. Using her academic skills Wright started researching the writings of doctors and social scientists on such phenomena and in time interviewed almost a hundred healthy everyday people who had sensed contact with the dead. The result was her book When Spirits Come Calling: The Open-Minded Skeptic's Guide to After-Death Contacts

Professor Wright has just published a fascinating paper "Family Backgrounds of Highly Psychic Adults" in the October edition of "The Paranormal Review". Her research suggests that some of the factors that develop psychic gifts in children are 1) a family belief in the supernatural/ paranormal 2) close relatives thought to be psychic 3) difficult circumstances and early trauma such as alcoholic/abusive/unloving parents. The skeptics she interviewed universally had pleasant childhoods and grew up in homes where there was no belief in the supernatural/paranormal.

HUMOR: IGNORE THE SKEPTICAL DUMMIES: I accept intelligent criticism. But occasionally I receive some silly even funny emails about my research. One of them in the recent past stated that what I do “…cannot be right because, Victor, you have not received a Noble Prize for your work!”. And this guy was serious! I told him that there was no award for paranormal research and would he suggest to them to create one – my partner and a number of people I know would surely nominate me! Another email: your evidence cannot be right because there is no afterlife!! I gently said there are two problems: my twenty two areas of afterlife objective evidence no one in the world has rebutted. Secondly, the complainant had no objective proof validating his no-afterlife beliefs. Other skeptical dummies do other negative things to express their huge frustration in not being able to rebut the afterlife evidence: ignore them - Guaranteed, one day they will see the light.

MATERIALIZATION CORNER: WHERE IS THE LOVE? Where is the peace and the light? Where is the co-operation? Where is the harmony and understanding? Where is the unselfish service? Where is the true brotherhood and true spirituality? I was shocked by the lack of spirituality of a Spiritualist chat group. I was astounded by what I read. It’s very sad! – and whilst there must be people of goodwill in the chatroom, I found some threads to be a CESSPOOL OF NEGATIVITY! Most of these could not be genuine Spiritualists; these are not people who know what being spiritual is about; these are not people who can spiritually rise above conflict. These are the envious, spiritually unconscionable people nearly all of whom have an axe to grind. They attack to demean and denigrate. Feel free to ask questions - victor@victorzammit.com but only if you are genuine, honest and do have the integrity and have the moral courage to sign your full name - that's the one unavoidable condition. Read more....

A GREAT PHILOSOPHER SAID ONCE: All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (*and women) to do nothing.

SPEAKERS CORNER (from last week) another two interesting photos: photo number 5 and 14. For those coming in for the first time, Victor (pictured) was a soapbox orator in his student days. Dialogue was extremely sharp, provocative with devastating wit. New photos: photo 5 is another of Victor’s regular huge crowd orating about the hottest issues of the time, the war in Vietnam, womens' liberation, human rights. Pic 15 is the cover of Victor’s book THE DOMAIN SPEAKER – transcripts from Speakers’ Corner. A lot of these transcripts will be on the website in the future. This was at a time when Victor was a skeptic – not accepting anything to do with the paranormal. Read more …

HUMOR: from Victor's SPEAKERS’ CORNER book:
New heckler: Hey Victor, what do you do for a living?
Victor: (assertively, looking seriously): I'm an intelligence officer for the Salvation Army! (crowd: burst of laughter).

WHY EXORCISM WENT WRONG IN NEW ZEALAND: Janet Moses, 22 years old, a mother of two, was killed when a group of people tried to do an exorcism on her. The group of Moari people tried to remove the 'bad spirit' from Janet by holding her underwater for too long! Water is not going to remove any bad spirit. Those who know anything about afterlife matters know that what is required is an exoricist with proven abilities who can invoke more powerful spirit 'energies' than the spirit who is with the person who has the entity with her. Clairvoyants tell of incidents where they saw a couple of mischievous spirits with a person on earth - and someone was trying to get rid of the bad energies by sprinkling them with water!!! We have to understand more about afterlife physics. We know for sure that an exorcist who is successful in exorcism is the one who can call powerful entities to help exorcising negative energies.

INTERESTING WEBSITE FROM EUROPE: " The work which is being introduced into this web-site, is the product of over thirty-five years exploration into the deeper levels of Mind, and its interconnections with subtle energies. This work originated in the early 70's. by Johann J. Blomeyer, Consul General of the German Embassy. Later that decade, he was joined by Janet Trevisan, a teacher of esoteric psychology, theosophy, and meditation in Malta, where he retired with his family. Work started in earnest through the use of the Cameron aurameter (a veritable telephone to ones subconscious), which allowed the deeper mind to experience subtle energies and bring them to a conscious understanding. This enabled one to 'sense' earth, plant, animal and human energies". http://www.theenvoy.org/index.php



You will be happy to know I am working with the Leslie Flint Foundation to bring more of the older reel to reel tapes to light as digital files. I am volunteering my multimedia skills :)

It would be of great help if you, or anyone you may know has a reel to reel to donate for this cause. The Foundation is helping me to find one and I am currently looking on Ebay, but if you or anyone you know has an old one sitting somewhere maybe unused it would be a great help and the Foundation could help with shipping costs. I am in the US, maybe it would be impractical to ship from AU, but if you know anyone in the US who might have an old reel to reel that can play 7 inch reels at 4 tracks that would be fantastic. These tapes need to be brought to the world and preserved BEFORE they go bad.

Thank you for the great newsletter, your crusade and your time,

Jack Andrews


Those of you in the Northern hemisphere would find our Christmas a bit different. Christmas in Australia is celebrated during our Summer Months. No snow and log fires for us, though our Christmas Cards and traditions usually depict those of colder climates. Yes we have Christmas trees, Father Christmas, Christmas carols and gifts which are a familiar Christmas scenario. But Christmas Dinner may be a barbeque in the backyard or a picnic on a beach. For us it is summer holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas all rolled into one. Schools and colleges close down for at least 6 weeks, most people take their annual holidays and business virtually comes to a halt between Christmas and the second week of January.

Why buy more "stuff" when most of us in the West have much too much? This Christmas how about giving those in desperate need a pair of school uniforms or a mosquito net? How about a goat, or trees, or a water pump? A number of overseas aid agencies have programs where you can purchase an item in the name of a friend or loved one and they will be sent a card with a picture of the gift. Your donation will be used where it is needed the most--to help people living in poverty throughout the world.
Oxfam USA
One World
Oxfam Australia

See Victor on Video (more to follow):

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Forever Family Foundation, a non-profit, non-sectarian organization that supports the premise that life does not end with physical death, has announced a groundbreaking conference that will bring together world renowned scientists, medical doctors, researchers, and mediums with a goal of educating the general public. The conference, scheduled for January 19-20, 2008 at the Cowell Theater at Fort Mason Center, will help raise awareness among the general public about the extensive research of consciousness and its implications that we survive our physical deaths.“By bringing our findings into the public arena, we offer comfort to the bereaved as well as necessary education and hope to the masses.” Presenters: Dr. Fred Alan Wolf – Physicist, Dr. Dean Radin – Consciousness researcher, author, and senior scientist at I.O.N.S. Dr. Schwartz – Investigations of mediumship, professor, author of The Afterlife Experiments Dr. Bruce Greyson – Research of near-death experiences, medical doctor, author Dr. Jim Tucker – Reincarnation studies, medical doctor, author of Life Before Life Dr. Arthur Hastings – Psychomanteum research, author and professorLoyd Auerbach, M.S. – Apparitions, professor, author, and paranormal investigator Dianne Arcangel, M.S. – Afterlife encounter research, author of Afterlife Encounters Robert Brown – Demonstration of mediumship, author, and lecturer Hollister Rand – Demonstration of mediumship, integration of science and music Dates: January 19-20, 2008 Location: Cowell Theater at Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA
Admission: $225-$275 Conference Website