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15th November 2013

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In my 23 years investigating the paranormal and the evidence for the afterlife I came across closed skeptics and extreme believers in religion who responded to the same way to paranormal evidence. Even when I show them impressive scientific evidence for the paranormal e.g. mental mediumship, both groups reject the evidence. They either say 'it is not happening' - or there has to be fraud when the evidence is quite obvious.

The similarity in response is very interesting. It shows that someone who is overwhelmingly and powerfully committed to a particular belief - closed-minded skepticism, or extreme religion, will not consider evidence contrary to their beliefs. Their mind will not even allow it to penetrate. That is why in my one million dollar challenge, I insist that two informed, NON-ALIGNED experts, one in science the other in litigation be adjudicators of the evidence. They would have the skills, ability and the competence to perceive the paranormal with true scientific balance. If the evidence is there, they will see it! Why do extremists reject the paranormal?
Read article ...


A fascinating discussion where Professor Targ talks about his experiences with remote viewing and about brilliant remote viewer Patrick Price. For more information see his new book- The Reality of ESP: A Physicist's Proof of Psychic Abilities.



Read more about Science and Non-Duality.


In 1977 Dr Osis and his colleague, Dr Erlenddur Haraldsson, published "At the Hour of Death". This book extended the original study and included reports from over 1, 000 doctors and nurses in India as well as the United States. In all it reported on the deaths of more than one hundred thousand people. These studies all found the same things as the earlier studies. According to the information provided to him by nurses and doctors:
• only ten per cent of people are conscious shortly before their death
• of this group one half to two thirds have near death visions
• these people see their loved ones, see scenes of the next world and suddenly are very happy and excited for no medical reason.

a) The possibility of life originating from accident is comparable to the probability of the unabridged dictionary resulting from an explosion in the printing shop." (biologist Edwin Conklin).
b) When Professor Albert Einstein was asked his opinion about God, he said, "Suppose I bring you a portrait of the universe that wins everybody's admiration, do we need to see the artist? No. But we know that there is a mind that created this portrait.

A brilliant dramatisation..

Critics of mediumship often say that mediums always speak in vague generalities and never give specific proof. Arthur Findlay in his book On the Edge of the Etheric describes his experiences with direct voice medium John Sloan:
"As I say I have notes of thirty-nine different seances with Sloan; eighty three separate voices have spoken to me, or to personal friends I have brought with me, and two hundred and eighty-two separate communications have been given to me or them. One hundred and eighty of these I class as 'A1', as it was impossible for the medium or any other person present to have known the facts then given. One hundred I class as 'A2', as by means of newspapers or reference books the medium could have found them out. One item of information given me I have not had the opportunity of verifying, and only one I have found to be incorrect. This latter was right up to a point..if it had been delivered in a slightly altered form it would have been correct. "

Preview On the Edge of the Etheric online.




Craig Hogan's website http://adcguides.com/theafterlife.htm contains an excellent collection of extracts from the Leslie Flint recordings covering many aspects of the afterlife. Leslie Flint was a "direct-voice medium" because the voices heard came directly from the dead person, not through the medium's voice. Listen as Queen Alexandra of Denmark: Queen Consort of Edward VII of England, describes her reception on the other side. Listen now..


Traditionally, religion taught that heaven is up there in the sky. Not so. Here is what a highly credible afterlife teacher says about where the afterlife is: “It is the invisible and inaudible side of the world in which you live. You are as much now in the world of spirit as you ever will be. You will not go there when you pass from your world, you are in the spirit world now. You cannot register it unless you have developed the gifts of the spirit so that you can tune in to all its vibrations and frequencies, or whatever word you care to use. It is not another world. It is an integral part of the universe of which earth is but one aspect.”

This free well-structured course in
Sahaja Yoga Meditation will take you on a journey in which you will learn the first steps towards meditation. All knowledge and experiences are introduced through videos and audio guided meditations. All the images, music and sounds of nature are so chosen to help guide you and to give you a feeling of peace. Make some time if you want to experiment at home. Because what you could find is something which can give your life a new dimension, a new meaning. Read more.. [ We would appreciate feedback on this course so we can tell others]

LOVE AND FEAR- some interesting thoughts

QUESTION - 'RELIGION' AND 'SPIRITUALITY': Victor, you mentioned in the past that being religious is not the same as being spiritual - I thought they were the same thing. What is your view?

Victor: No, being religious does not necessarily mean one is being spiritual. Religion is about what different religions say. But spirituality is about selfless service, helping others (see item below). Spirituality does not allow for any sort of judgment, negativity of cruelty. Religious rituals – like confession, baptism, reciting prayers – are not necessarily spiritual. It is only when one DOES something in a positive way to help others without any profit from them, selfless way that something can be spiritual.


WEALTHY MAN GIVES $10 MILLION INTO POOR NEIGHBORHOOD OFFERING HOPE: Can one person make a difference? Hotel owner Harris Rosen seems to have done so in one Florida community recently. The Orlando, Florida., multimillionaire, who grew up in a rough NYC neighborhood, has pumped $10 million over 20 years into impoverished Tangelo Park, Florida., funding free daycare, a scholarship program that pays college tuition, and a community center where families can take classes and get counseling. Since Rosen began his program, the town's graduation rate has climbed from 25 to 100 percent, with many students attending college, crime has been cut in half and property values have shot up. "We've given them hope," Rosen says. "And hope is an amazing thing." Read more...


BRILIANT AUSTRALIAN ANIMAL COMMUNICATOR TRISHA McCAGH - TEST HER YOURSELF! "Chatting with cheetahs, conversing with cockatoos, reading the hidden thoughts of our pets are all in a day’s work for Perth animal communicator, Trisha McCagh. As an accredited Supernanny to the Animal Kingdom, Trisha promises to amaze and entertain, as she shares her knowledge of how we can learn to hear the thoughts of animals in our care, and connect with them through love.

Ticket holders to Animal Talk with Trisha McCagh have the opportunity to send in a picture of their pampered pooches or much loved moggies for a chance reading with the world’s number one animal communicator at the
WHERE? Alexander Library Theatre, State Library of Western Australia,
WHEN? Saturday 23rd November. Doors open from 6.45pm.
PRICE? Tickets $35, available from Ticketmaster.
Listen to these fascinating radio interviews with Trisha

Kai Muegge has beenconducting demonstrations and workshops on physical mediumship in Australia– You are invited.
'FROM HEART TO QUANTUM LEVEL' - has been the motto of five weeks of rich Seances and Workshops until 29th of November 2013. There are TWO last SEANCES which will be held at Wallacia (near Sydney) Development Centre of Inge Crosson by special demand.
Wednesday 27Nov and Friday 29Nov.
Contact: awakeningsoulsinfo@gmail.com



1) Dear Victor and Wendy Zammit
As many Spiritists do, we try to get hold of everything we can, about THE GREATEST TRUTH OF ALL TIMES. By doing that, it creates the responsibility to share it freely and openly with all other interested and seeking. That’s how www.spiritarchive.org became reality, inspired by your many years of pioneer work “Down Under”. Hope you all will find something at your interest and can also share something to all other interested!
Kristjan Einarsson

2) " Victor and Wendy make their case for the afterlife in a convincing, detailed and thoroughly researched manner. I am grateful to them for their effort. For too long this field has been relegated to the realm of superstition, aided in this by a materialistic bias in science. It is encouraging to see the pendulum swing the other way. The myth that the afterlife is an area where science and reason cannot extend has been successfully challenged."
By Adrian S

3) Hi Victor, just in case you don't remember me - the song "Until We're Together Again" is actually an ADC set to music. It came through me after I had an ADC with my brother in law. I am not a musician. The song is out there for free, to help those who are dealing with the grief of losing a loved one and to reassure them that their loved one is happy and safe on the other side. This is the first time it has been recorded by a male singer and it's the first video every produced for the song.
Kathy Cochran

Read more about the song and watch video of a version by Norwegian artist, Birger Hemdal.

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Victor Zammit speaking at Speakers Corner

INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC- 'GOING HOME'- with brilliant baritone Paul Robeson.
Listen carefully to the lyrics of this brilliant song sung by a most spiritually inspirational performer. Paul Robeson was an outstanding scholar (LLB from Columbia Law School), a star athlete, a brilliant performing artist, a civil rights campaigner and a global activist. He sang for peace and justice in 25 languages throughout the U.S., Europe, the Soviet Union, and Africa. At a 1937 rally for the anti-fascist forces in the Spanish Civil War, he declared, "The artist must elect to fight for Freedom or for Slavery. I have made my choice. I had no alternative."
Read more about this truly insprirational man.


Going Home-

Dvorák / Fisher)

Going home, going home
I'm jus' going home
Quiet like, some still day
I'm jus' going home

It's not far, yes close by
Through an open door
Work all done, care laid by
Going to fear no more

Mother's there 'specting me
Father's waiting, too
Lots of folk gathered there
All the friends I knew
All the friends I knew

I'm going home

Nothing lost, all's gain
No more fret nor pain
No more stumbling on the way
No more longing for the day
Going to roam no more

Morning star lights the way
Restless dream all done
Shadows gone, break of day
Real life yes begun

There's no break, aint no end
Jus' a livin' on
Wide awake with a smile
Going on and on

Going home, going home
I'm jus' going home
It's not far, yes close by
Through an open door
I'm jus' going home

Going home, going home


Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.