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15th August 2008

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Apologies if I have not replied to your email - still inundated with very urgent work. Will reply shortly. Victor

COMMENTARY: AFTERLIFE AWARENESS: why there will always be some conflict between those who accept the evidence for the afterlife and those who don't is because awareness of afterlife matters is independent to and separate from levels of education, gender, wealth, nationality. There are brilliant scientists who accept the evidence for the afterlife because intrinsically they have the spiritual maturity, sensitivity and understanding of the afterlife. There are of course materialists scientists who don't accept the afterlife. But the acceptance or non-acceptance of the afterlife has nothing to do with their level of intellectual development. As to the other extreme at the bottom end, the unskilled, the unintelligent, the uneducated, the uninformed - there are those who accept and those who don't accept the afterlife. But note very carefully, over time because there is an ongoing evolution about spiritual matters, one day, all the people in the world will eventually accept the afterlife irrespective of gender, creed, education, nationality and wealth.

When a child or a young person with their whole life ahead of them dies for many people it is great tragedy. For a parent to lose a child seems to go against the law of nature and there is naturally a huge sense of loss and grief.
While some parents never recover, others with much help and support are able to pick up the pieces of their lives. Medium Alison Dubois in the video below talks about the way many people are inspired by the death of a child or young person to want to make a contribution and live fuller and richer lives. In this way, she says, that child or young person has been able to multiply the value of his/her life perhaps a hundred times. And she says, children who have crossed over almost always want to stay close to their parents...


Dr PMH Atwater, a leading authority on the aftereffects of NDEs, writes: "When you study the full pattern of psychological and physiological aftereffects, I think you will recognize what I have, and that is: near-death states appear to cause a structural and functionary change in the brain (perhaps also chemical). It is as if experiencers are somehow rewired and reconfigured – some, of course, more than others. And this is especially evident with children. Read her fascinating paper NEAR-DEATH STATES: THE PATTERN OF AFTEREFFECTS (PDF file) Presented at the First International Congress on Ecstatic States, Hanover Medical School, Germany on May 23, 2008

LISA WILLIAMS' NEW SHOW - VOLUNTEERS WANTED FOR LISA! First, Australian fans of Lisa Williams will be eagerly awaiting the start of the brilliant second series of her show Life Among the Dead this Saturday night on Foxtel Secondly, those in the USA have the opportunity to participate in a NEW national television coming in the fall on Lifetime. If you are available in the week September 5-12, 2008 ...Sign up now...

James Webster,
author and brilliant magician extraordinaire, from England, who participated in the famous SCOLE EXPERIMENTS see chapter 8 in BOOK top right click - emailed this week: “I was most pleased to see that you brought attention to Dr. Carl Wickland (pictured) and his fine work. Also the mention of his fascinating book Thirty Years Among The Dead in your Friday Afterlife Report (week 7). Please will you also mention to your readers Dr Wickland's classic book "The Gateway Of Understanding" which is of even more important essential reading to understand how with his wife Anna (a fine medium), the problems and dangers associated with reincarnation and alleged past-lives belief.” Read: The Gateway of Understanding

UPDATE ON 'PRINCESS DIANA': an E.U. country will be interviewing 'Diana' allegedly Princess Diana. The potential is just dynamite! Here on earth we have 'R', a tough investigative journalist who will be interviewing a 'ghost' from the afterlife - a first ever in television world history! More about this later. Up until now, no expert, no cynic, no materialist or any other informed investigator has been able to show that the transmissions from Diana on the internet could not be that of 'Princess Diana.' This has resulted in a most peculiar technical situation: Diana has made out a legal prima facie case that she is who she claims to be. If you have found any inconsistencied or factual errors in the Diana tapes send your objections to me at your earliest.

ROBERT REDFORD ENVIRONMENTAL PROTEST Happy birthday to Robert Redford who turns 72 this week (August 18th '36). Redford, Academy Award-winning American film director, actor, producer, businessman, model, environmentalist and philanthropist received an honorary degree from Trinity College Dublin Film School last month. While in the UK the actor sent a letter of support to the World Development Movement (WDM), one of the campaign groups planning a mass demonstration at E.ON's 2,000MW power plant near Kingsnorth, Kent, next month. Read more...

International singer Isaac Hayes crossed over to the afterlife on Sunday at the age of 65. Besides being a jazz musician soul-music legend, and a beloved voice-over artist, Hayes was also a dedicated Scientologist. According to his religious beliefs, what happens to Hayes now that he's passed away?
Read more....

SKEPTICS' CAMPAIGN OF DISINFORMATION:: " "When the tobacco industry was feeling the heat from scientists who showed smoking caused cancer, it took decisive action, engaging in a decades-long public relations campaign to undermine the medical research and discredit the scientists. The aim was not to prove tobacco harmless but to cast doubt on the science. In the space provided by doubt, billions of dollars in sales could continue. Delay and doubt were crucial products of its PR campaign. In May, the multibillion-dollar oil giant Exxon Mobil acknowledged it had been doing something similar. It said it would cease funding nine groups that had fueled a global campaign to deny climate change. " Read more....

FEEDBACK- FROM LAST WEEK’S REPORT: the most controversial item was the suggestion to put a materialist (representing the essential ‘control group’ in experiments) in with the psychics next television series THE ONE. This of course, should be standard procedure not only for the next THE ONE, but with every television show in the world which tests mediums and psychics. That is a huge technical blunder by the producers who are letting the closed minded materialists off the hook. Why? For the materialist the response is ALWAYS no, there is no such thing as psychic phenomena! Guaranteed, that when the producers put a ‘materialist’/skeptic in with the psychics, you, the viewer, will experience the greatest entertainment ever viewing the materialist making a fool of himself - as happened in England when the king of the materialists/skeptics J.F. tried to do a John Edward to a television studio audience in THE CHALLENGE – claiming it was all cold reading. The materialist was so bad, so ridiculous, he was booed off stage.

DEMAND IS PROVING TO BE GREAT! SOUL-MATES CONTINUE THE LOVE IN THE AFTERLIFE: "LOVE is the most powerful force in the universe.' Are you, or is someone you know searching for a soulmate? Claire, someone I trust absolutely, is a Master Teacher of the highly recommended "Calling in 'The One': 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life" course, which teaches people how to become “magnetic” to the soulmate they’ve been searching for. Whatever your age, size or circumstances there is someone out there for you. The course has had amazing success with people from 18 to 80. Next Thursday, Thursday, August 21st., Claire and her teaching partner, bestselling author Katherine Woodward Thomas, will be teaching a Free Teleclass: “The Secret to Attracting Love.” You can participate by phone or listen online, live or via playback. Read more... .

BEIJING OLYMPICS, CHINA: the cutest email received this week: "My suggestion Victor, is that when the Olympics are held, there should be sessions for mediums and psychics from all over the world to compete against each other for gold. What tremendous opportunity to promote the paranormal!!" Yes, Miriam, it's a good idea. Of course, the only problem is that the Olympic committee will not see mediumship as a sport. But, perhaps, there could be some international competition for mediums and psychics not in the Olympics. There is potential there. Let's all think about it!

CATHOLIC CHURCH'S LEADERSHIP PROBLEM- ARROGANCE OF BISHOP in face of sexual abuse: I am not against religion, not against Catholicism (I was raised as a Catholic), not against anything - but there is a moral duty to report the truth, the whole truth. When the Pope was in Sydney recently for World Youth Day, the co-ordinator of World Youth Day, Bishop Anthony Fisher, today responded to a question about Cardinal George Pell's handling of a sexual abuse case by saying " people are dwelling crankily ... on old wounds." His comments came after ABC's Lateline reported on the struggles of Anthony Foster, whose daughters were raped by Melbourne priest Fr. Kevin O'Donnell when they were in primary school, to get compensation for them. Paul Fauth, 59, now based in Melbourne, who attended St Joseph's Nudgee College in Brisbane in the 1950s and 1960s says a classmate attempted suicide on July 30 in Brisbane after memories of abuse were rekindled prior to World Youth Day. His life support system was turned off on August 1 and he was cremated on Thursday. Mr Fauth said that of his class of 29 students he knew of 10 who were sexually abused by the priest. Mr Fauth said Bishop Fisher's comments "were just so gut-wrenching and sickening. I was so upset I called my best friend from school and confided in him and he told me he'd been abused by the same priest". They called others in their class and learnt six had been molested and four others had committed suicide. Mr Fauth demanded a meeting with Bishop Fisher and saw him in Sydney on July 29. "He offered me his Bishop's ring to kiss but I refused and told him he was a toad of a man," he said. "I was so angry and hurt. I told him very forcefully that he had no idea of the pain and suffering he'd caused by his totally offensive comments." Read more about this shocking story...

CONSCIOUSNESS STUDY AND THE GLOBAL CRISIS The task facing humanity is to promote universal love...so says this group of elite scientists at the Düsseldorf 2006 international scientists conference "Wisdom and Science in Dialogue: The new Planetary Consciousness." Includes footage of Dr Pim Van Lommell arguing that consciousness is non local and does not depend on the brain.

Our talented French translator Edouard Lefevre completed translating all the chapters in A Lawyer Presents the Case of the Afterlife into French in record time. We are now working to create a separate French website under the domain name http://www.preuvesdelapresvie.fr (proof of the afterlife which will be on line in about a week). French speakers please inform your contacts so that we can get the word out.

MORE TRANSLATORS wanted on a volunteer basis: we had a number of wonderful translators who translated the book into their own language - these translators made a huge positive contribution to the world. Make a significant contribution by translating the book in the languages that have not been translated -including Japanese, Chinese, German and other languages. Email Victor ...

THE REAL X-FILES, CROP CIRCLES, PARANORMAL: Peter K sent this most fascinating website:

Watch this gorgeous powerpoint presentation sent by Mitch on the power of letting go....

MATERIALIZATIONS CORNER: WOULD INFRARED VIDEOS CONVINCE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT PRESENT? Colin Fry doesn't think so. He says... "I was in Japan in 1997 at their Spiritual Science Institute and they have films taken in 1957 of the medium Keith Milton Rhinehart showing full spiritual manifestation on film. Has it revolutionized the world? No. Because there is nothing visually you can produce for an unbeliever that one of your better film producers cannot produce. The only thing they can't produce is the evidence. Mediumship is all about that. Physical phenomena are interesting but, at the end of the day, mediumship is about giving a person some form of evidence that will convince them. You can't do it en masse in any way that will make it believable. It has to be a personal experience. You can not recreate on TV the atmosphere or feeling of a physical manifestation."Read interview....

only a couple of uninformed materialists/skeptics are still trying to continue with the nonsense of 'proving the negative' - claiming that no one can beat my challenge because 'no one can prove the negative.' Of course, these are the dummy materialists/closed skeptics who say that. The other materialists took my advice, consulted a professional litigation lawyer who enlightened them that I am presenting more than 23 areas of afterlife evidence and that the onus shifts on to the materialist-skeptic to rebut the afterlife objective and repeatable evidence as expressly stated - go to BOOK top right, go to index. They would have to state where, when, how and why the evidence cannot be accepted. That has NOT been done in the last eight years by any reductionist scientist or senior lawyer or other materialists not even for the allurement of ONE MILLION DOLLARS - and world experts state no one on earth can beat the challenge because no scientist can ever beat evidence which has objectivity and repeatability. Translated this means THERE IS AN AFTERLIFE!

b) NEEDS REPEATING: MATERIALISTS hijacked the word 'skeptic' to give themselves respectability. The hard core materialist skeptics who NEVER in their life ever admitted to anything paranormal are in fact MATERIALISTS, certainly NOT 'skeptics'. A skeptic is one who doubts. A materialist does not accept the paranormal or the afterlife. And we don't accept their bulldust when they cynically state, " .. oh yes the paranormal may exist, but we are nor convinced yet". And if you believe that, you might as well believe in the tooth fairy.

c) MATERIALIST SKEPTIC CHICKENED OUT! The flamboyant skeptic from Florida JR is ALL TALK - observers keep telling me. He promised he would match my condition-on-oath that the challenge funding is available - to be subject to up to FIVE YEARS IN PRISON if subsequently it is found he does not have the funding. JR chickened out of it. No courage? No ethics? No funding? Hmmmm!!! You can only fool some of the people some of the time ... they will come back at you with a vengeance!!!!

Victor's response to the materialists /skeptics Read more ...


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