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Friday August 8th, 2008

COMMENTARY: I stated in the past that the world is experiencing the final historical conflict in science between traditional reductionist science and the paranormal, (non-physical science). The evidence shows that throughout history there were those who experienced the paranormal – fundamentally inconsistent with traditional physical science. The paranormal has not only stayed with us over the thousands of years, it has now become more objective, more scientific and is being accepted by more millions around the world. In the past there has been a 'dialectical' clash between hard core science and paranormal/spirituality – in academia, in literature, in the popular press, and recently on radio and television - and even on the internet. The skeptics' attack on the paranormal is in fact part of the continuous dialectical clash and refining process. Because we have witnessed the continued progress, development and refinement in the paranormal – in response to its opposition - it would not be too difficult to predict that in the future, there will be an inevitable final stage of this irreversible dialectics: that one day all the world - all scientists, all people and all materialists will accept there is the paranormal, there is spirituality and there is life after death. Read more... …

CONGRATULATIONS PSYCHIC CHARMAINE WILSON for being voted THE ONE - Australia's best psychic. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT PSYCHIC PERFORMANCES! Yes, you performed brilliantly! We watched you giving out highly confidential details about your subjects with impeccable accuracy. You have done psychic phenomena great service. Yes, you're THE ONE - even the psychics stated you deserved to win. But ALL the psychics in the series were particularly good and it was great to see them working together and learning from each other. It is interesting that Charmaine claims that it was not until 1999 after her father died that she began to open up psychically and it took a further 3 years to work out what the voices she kept hearing were and then learn how to work with them. She also says that if it wasn't for the great mediums Doris Stokes and John Edward, she may never have realized exactly what she was but thanks to their brave efforts of bringing mediumship into the open she was able to work with her hidden talents. Once again we see the importance of getting mediumship into the media. And ignore those negative losers and defeatists closed minded skeptics who are not even just ONE per cent of the audience. Congratulations to all concerned with the show- it has given many people something very serious to think about and I'm sure it's just the beginning and also congratulations to those who conceptualized THE ONE - Simon Turnbull we are informed!! Read more about Charmaine.

ABSOLUTE RUBBISH! DON'T BE FOOLED! Why is it that those hard core 'materialists' wrongly keep calling themselves 'skeptics'?

Because they want to give themselves some respectability these materialists have been trying to fool you, to fool everyone- they even fooled the producers of psychic television series THE ONE (see below). High flying materialists CHEAT, LIE and deliberately MISLEAD everyone when keep calling themselves 'skeptics' because a skeptic is ONE WHO DOUBTS. But materialists such as Richard (from THE ONE) and others like him, have NEVER EVER conceded to any paranormal activity. These materialists try to mislead everyone by stating, "oh yes, the paranormal may be real but I have not been convinced." Notice, ALL of them when they witness some fantastic result on television by a psychic, say,"lt's cold reading"- even when the medium was reading someone behind a screen or finding a lost child. The original meaning of a skeptic is ONE WHO DOUBTS. In to-day's high tech age, a skeptic is someone who doubts but also has the skills, the competence and the impartiality to perceive the paranormal with true empirical equanimity - in a balanced way. A materialist is someone who refuses to admit there is such a thing as mediumship or psychic abilitites, that there is an afterlife or there is such a thing as the paranormal. I am an open minded skeptic myself and when the evidence is stunningly impressive, I accept the evidence. See the evidence for the afterlife: click on the BOOK top right.

'THE ONE': CHALLENGE TO ALL MATERIALISTS: As to the closed minded skeptic materialist Richard who kept repeating - whenever a psychic was spot on, "oh, it's cold reading" - meaning there was no psychic skills operating at all: well, materialist Richard- YOU join the psychics of THE ONE next time and YOU try to do what the psychics have to do. See if YOU too can 'cold read'- a silly justification for the irrelevance of mindless materialism. If you have the moral fortitude or the moral courage, if you have the power within you to 'cold read' then get the producers to allow you to demonstrate to us all it is cold reading next time the show is on. Do you accept the challenge? And why do the materialists keep on saying it's all cold reading? Because the accuracy of the psychics is making the materialists look absolutely and completely irrelevant and just as anachronistic last century's front page headlines ... and it gives them a lot of anxiety! Note very carefully - for accuracy: it's not the 'Australian Skeptics', but the 'Australian Materialists'!!

A GREAT BOOK ABOUT TO-DAY’S GREATEST CONTROVERY IN THE WORLD: “Today, in the world of science, nothing is more controversial than parapsychology. The battle over the subject matter of parapsychology has been raging for centuries. It has been carried on in scientific academies, courtrooms, academic journals, newspapers and radio stations. The story of parapsychology’s struggle for legitimacy is an epic tale, containing victories, sudden reversals, intrigue, scandals, heated arguments, wild accusations, ruined reputations and some of the most bizarre characters that have ever walked the earth. But why is parapsychology so controversial? Why has the controversy lasted centuries?” Parapsychology and the Skeptics is a critical examination of the arguments of the skeptics. Read more ….

John W. Edmonds, who served as Chief Justice of the New York State Supreme Court, is believed to have been the first true psychical researcher. Following the advent of the spirit communication epidemic that hit the world with the so-called “Rochester Knocking” in 1848, a number of educated and prominent men and women observed various mediumistic phenomena, but Edmonds carried his investigation beyond a few casual observations. Beginning in early 1851, he sat with numerous mediums, closely testing them in every conceivable way in search of the truth. Read Michael Tymn's interview ..."

WARNING! We all know that there are untalented frauds in every profession. And we should remember that there is no necessary link between being psychic/ mediumistic or being religious and being spiritual . Make sure you go to a medium who has a reputation for accuracy, decency, integrity and honesty, or work to develop your own direct communication with spirit. I’ve had complaints in the past that certain self-described mediums are just a ‘rip off’ – charging too much money for just vague generalizations. But we know that the Law of Cause and Effect means that no one will get away with it. Especially psychics/ mediums – who ought to know better that exploiting their position especially to those who are vulnerable - would bring about severe negative consequences sooner or later, in this lifetime or in the next.

'PRINCESS DIANA' Technically, 'Princess Diana' channeling through Andrew Russell-Davis has made out a legal case that prima facie she is who she claims to be. The investigations continue. A European Union television program will be interviewing 'Princess Diana' - potentially, it is going to be a sensational interview! More about this later.

CAN YOU LEARN TO PREDICT THE STOCK MARKET? EXCELLENT INTERVIEW: Russell Targ claims you can and in the past was able to train a team to predict Silver futures. In this fascinating audio interview with Tom Huston, Targ—a legally blind remote-viewing expert chronicles his fascinating life, which took him from the magic shops and Theosophical Society meetings of New York City as a youth to the laser laboratories of Columbia University to his career as a parapsychology consultant for the world’s most powerful military. Along the way he explains the subtle art of remote viewing and shares some mind-boggling stories about how he and his team of “psychic police” used their mysterious capabilities to discover a Soviet weapons factory, detect Chinese atomic bomb tests, and even cheat the stock market. Listen now...

In Chapter 24 of my book I wrote......" Of all the research I have done over the years, the most impressive hypnotherapist I have come across in showing how past life regression is linked with reincarnation is psychologist and former skeptic Peter Ramster from Sydney, Australia.
In 1983 he produced a stunning television documentary in which four women from Sydney, who had never been out of Australia, gave details under hypnosis of their past lives. Then, accompanied by television cameras and independent witnesses, they were taken to the other side of the world." The video is now on Youtube....essential viewing. Don't miss the incredible finale in parts 9 and 10.
(Thanks John for the alert)

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Dr Carl Wickland (pictured) was a respected psychiatrist who for thirty years claimed to be able to "cure" people of mental illness by talking to entities who obsessed them through the trance mediumship of his wife. His fascinating book Thirty Years Among the Dead can be read online. Other respected psychologists have claimed the same thing...see Edith Fiore's The Unquiet Dead and the related books on Amazon. Dr Wickland and others have argued that the knowledge some people have of past lives is not evidence of reincarnation but of spirit obsession. What do you think?

" Some readers may be aware that one of our editors has been deeply affected by seven years of conversations with the spirit of Stephen the Martyr - as he believes. Those with some knowledge of the Koine Greek of 2000 years ago, may be interested in examining the research into some Greek that Stephen spoke that is helpful in establishing Stephen's identity. Read this item and much more on this month's online issue of The Ground of Faith.

Our talented French translator Edouard Lefevre has almost completed translating all the chapters in A Lawyer Presents the Case of the Afterlife into French in record time. We are now working to create a separate French website under the domain name http://www.preuvesdelapresvie.fr (proof of the afterlife which will be on line in about a week). French speakers please inform your contacts so that we can get the word out.

This week Wendy and I received an email that reminded us (if we needed reminding) of the importance of this work. Our correspondent, Helen, emailed:
"Thank you so much for the most wonderful insight of life in the hereafter. As a mother of a child that is very ill and is not destined for a long life this has given me more hope and the understanding that he will be safe and with family when he passes.
Thank you. God bless you both and much love and light into your lives."

When I was working in the courts I found nothing impacted on a jury as much as the testimony of a reliable, highly credible professional witness of obvious integrity. Dr K. is such a witness. Read his account of a recent seance he attended in New York with medium David Thompson. He writes...
" Every person that left that séance room had their life changed profoundly in some way from this most astounding experience. I, myself, think about it every single day - absolute, concrete proof of survival. Their primary message to everyone is that they are not dead. They convey to us that we are indeed accountable (responsible) for our behavior. This experience is so life altering that I can understand why the vast majority of people who hear about this phenomenon do not accept it as real. This is my fifth materialization séance and I can say with irrevocable certainty that I never, at any time, even remotely suspected the possibility of any fraud taking place and any of these seances. The people involved with this type of mediumship are of the very highest caliber. They all possess the very highest level of integrity and they are all dedicated to trying to enlighten the world to the fact that we all survive physical death, and that our loved ones want to and, albeit difficult, can communicate with us." Read more ....


Jackie Jones-Hunt is looking for peoples' experiences of animals as spiritual teachers, spiritual companions or psychic pet- owner experiences. She is interested in anyone seeing their pet after they have passed on to spirit in the sleep state or in a vision, in telepathic connections with pets, lost pets finding their way home or pets psychically knowing their owner was coming home etc. She would need the contact details in case she needs to ask a question or a clarification. And she would need agreement to possibly publish the account one day- anonymously if people wish.
Email jackiejones-hunt@btconnect.com
or jackiejoneshunt.co.uk

OLYMPICS IN CHINA: A medium told me that one does not have to be a medium to predict that there is going to be cheating by the athletes at the Olympics in China. But she says it looks as though the locals there have the games sown up already – because of the very easy access to performance enhancing drugs in China. And many of these drugs in China cannot be detected by medical tests. U.S. Marion Jones for example, who won three gold medals, and who was tested some 160 times at the Olympics, subsequently confessed she took drugs during her whole career as an athlete – and cried her heart out publicly confessing her cheating before and during the Olympics. The question which was partly answered was: willthe cheats get caught. “Yes, one or two will be caught …” – meaning the majority will not be caught!

BY POPULAR DEMAND: SEARCHING FOR A SOULMATE who will be with you even in the afterlife? ‘Opening to Love' FREE Audio Download. If you’re searching for your soulmate or life partner, we recommend this powerful guided meditation from best selling author Katherine Woodward Thomas. Drawing on her acclaimed spiritual approach to finding love, it will help you open your heart to become available for the love you’ve been yearning for. You can download it for FREE at www.callingintheone.com

HALL OF FAME We have revived a link to the Hall of Fame, a section of the website to draw attention to the work of mediums and psychic researchers who have made a significant contribution to humanity's knowledge about the afterlife. If you have a suggestion for an entry please forward text and picture to 2008@victorzammit.com/

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