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Report September 29th 06

The most persuasive evidence on this planet Earth that life continues after we cross over: William, the “control” on the spirit side of materialization medium David Thompson’s related to us very important information about what is going to happen in the future with these materialization experiments. He explained that we have to understand afterlife physics in relation to vibrations: that peace, calmness within each sitter and harmony between us will be critical to create an energy for those higher beings and other national figures known to us who are waiting to come through. William (from UK, who died over a hundred years ago) spoke to us in the materialization meeting as if he was standing next to us. The voice was absolutely clear and resonant, the understanding was perfect. We chatted exchanging ideas and William answering questions for almost an hour. This is the kind of spiritual service that William and the Silver Cord Circle are performing in the endeavor to spread the light on a global level –so that each and every person on Earth will finally understand that we do survive physical death and that accountability is inevitable. Listen to audio (10 mins- 5MB) and transcript. William also answered a question on suicide.
Listen to audio and transcript.

MATERIALIZATION MEDIUM DAVID THOMPSON is one of the three materializastion mediums we know of in the Western world . David's WEBSITE:

COMMENTARY: JUDGE BY THE RESULTS: I do get questions about homoeopathy, healing, traditional medicine and other remedies for sickness. I find that those who oppose alternative medicine also oppose the evidence for the afterlife. The intelligent person will readily admit that the most important thing to know on this planet is whether we survive physical death and secondly, whether we will be able to contact our loved ones. We have to rise above traditional beliefs and accept anything that gives us results. For example, acupuncture in the past was not accepted in the West. But now, for some specific complaints such as hay fever, acupuncture administered by an expert will give virtually permanent cure. Why do I say that? Because I used to suffer from hay fever – springtime sneezing, blocked nose and feeling miserable. I received traditional remedies – histamine and other pharmaceutical treatment for years. They NEVER worked. I then tried acupuncture – it was an instant cure!! That was some twenty five years ago – and it never came back again. Whatever remedy is applied – if you get cured, then it’s good for you, whether it’s homeopathy or anything else. Don’t let the closed minded skeptics tell you otherwise. I say again, results, not speculations are important for your health, for your peace and for your long term planning.

THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT: Why is it that some Christians say that their priests have the power to absolve sinners from sin, even very grave monstrous sins? If they confess immediately before they die, will those who have been forgiven go straight to ‘heaven’?

Victor: First, no man-made law can escape the consequences of the law of Cause and Effect. No one - no priest, no mullah, no minister, no Guru, no holy man has the power to change in any way the un-erasable law of Cause and Effect which has been operating in the universe from time immemorial. This is about karma – ‘action’. According to transmitted information from the higher sources, going to confession, as the Catholics call it, may be a good start, BUT each individual is personally responsible for the negative deeds and omissions. No one gets away with it. No matter how much money is given to ‘holy-men’ of any kind to try to get a better deal on crossing over. There are inevitable negative karmic consequences for selfishness, cruelty, abuse of power and cheating.

QUESTION: people have asked me from time to time why is it that there are those who do not want to know about the evidence for the afterlife but keep on hammering that the afterlife does not exist.

Victor: That’s easily answered. Research in this area shows that we humans are not on the same ‘spiritual’ vibration – we are not all spiritually advanced. There are those whose vibrations (level of spirituality) would be high enough to accept the evidence for the afterlife. There are others of course, who have not reached the stage of spiritual development where they can accept anything not material. And there are those few extremists who are aggressive and noisy about not accepting anything outside the five senses AND who accept money for spreading anti-afterlife propaganda. We do not live in a perfect world where everyone is of equal spiritual level. But, for the true searcher, is it not reasonable to read about the afterlife evidence when we know with absolute certainty that the consequences of the afterlife are huge – especially for those who stubbornly refuse to read the evidence (click on Book, chapter 27).

SENSING MURDER –US DISCOVERY CHANNEL. HIGHLY GIFTED AMERICAN MEDIUM LAURIE CAMPBELL. Season premier Thursday Sept. 28th 10pm ET/PT. DO NOT MISS IT – see website and tell your friends about this most important television documentary. If you missed it, contact DISCOVERY Channel and find out when the show will be shown again.
Laurie has been featured on HBO Life Afterlife with John Edward, George Anderson and Suzane Northrup, A&E Documentary Beyond Death, Discovery Channel Canada and CBS Women to Women. Laurie is currently working on privately sponsored scientific research into the afterlife. Laurie is currently filming a new tv series.

JOHN E. MACK INSTITUTE: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED The mission of the John E. Mack Institute is to explore the frontiers of human experience, to serve the transformation of individual consciousness, and to further the evolution of the paradigms by which we understand human identity. The Institute is named in recognition of Dr John Mack, Pulitzer Prize winning author and Professor of Psychiatry at the Harvard Medical School. The Institute is named in recognition of John E. Mack, M.D. (1929-2004), Pulitzer Prize-winning author and Professor of Psychiatry at the Harvard Medical School, to honor his courageous examination of human experience and the ways in which perceptions and beliefs about reality shape the human condition. The mission of the John E. Mack Institute is to discover and advance the careers of individuals who seek to expand our understanding of reality and who embody the qualities of John E. Mack which made him such an inspiring leader. They partner with these individuals, identified as John E. Mack Fellows, to increase the impact of their talents and ideas to create a world of greater beauty, peace and justice.

AL GORE: AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH- the movie- absolutely brilliant! It is one of the most important documentaries ever!!!. I would suggest that the same skeptics who oppose the critical seriousness of environmental issues are the same skeptics who oppose the existence of the afterlife. The censorship about what is happening to our planet is exactly the same censorship being applied to afterlife research. Censorship means you are prevented from being informed about the truth. Read the following very carefully. “Humanity is sitting on a ticking time bomb. If the vast majority of the world's scientists are right, we have just ten years to avert a major catastrophe that could send our entire planet into a tail-spin of epic destruction involving extreme weather, floods, droughts, epidemics and killer heat waves beyond anything we have ever experienced.” Read further:

Al Gore’s GROUNDBREAKING BOOK, An Inconvenient Truth, brings together leading-edge research from top scientists around the world, as well as photographs, charts, and other illustrations to document the reality of global warming--and to sound a warning bell for action before it’s too late. Filled with personal anecdotes and observations about how this issue has become a central focus in Mr. Gore’s life--and why he believes it is the crucial issue of our time--AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH argues that global warming is not just about science, nor is it just a political issue: it is a moral issue and we have a responsibility to do something about it. Destined to become a classic, this accessible, entertaining, and thorough book is a unique reference for anyone who wants more information about global warming as well a guidebook for those who want to join the fight.

New York lawyer attacks Sydney lawyer Victor Zammit’s materialization report of David Thompson’s mediumship. Victor’s replies to this New York lawyer’s cross examination, on what Victor stated in his report about the successful materializations of David Thompson. (PART 2 SHORTLY). Victor states, “Really good to hear from a New York lawyer. Absolutely, I can answer all issues/objections and negative imputations and nuances raised by you. It is good that another lawyer communicates and tries to cross-examine me on one of the most important critical and sensational phenomena of our time - materializations.” Read more

$500,000 CHALLENGE TO THE SKEPTICS: those flamboyant, extroverted closed minded skeptics stated that they could duplicate ANY psychic experiment. Here is your chance to get yourself half a million dollars – to put up – or to stay as quiet as a mouse. There would be a number of fundamental conditions: because venue will be critical to the experiment, neither party would know where the venue would be until two minutes before the experiment. Second fundamental condition is that if you, the skeptic fail to duplicate our materialization experiment, YOU will pay our medium, David Thompson, half a million dollars. That is fair. That is reasonable. That is just and that is equitable.

Question: Hey Victor, are you a crusader trying to convince people of the afterlife?

Victor: That question has been asked a few times before over the last ten years. No, I am NOT a crusader. I have a mission to present the evidence for the existence of the afterlife but I am NOT into trying to convert people. You have your beliefs whatever they are. I am NOT into beliefs. I am into empirical research – using scientific method to measure phenomena. That has NOTHING to do with personal beliefs. Now if you do not accept the evidence – fine, it is your life, your future, your problem. Those who have the right vibrations will be able to tune into what I am presenting. But I hope that your intelligence, your sharp perception and your objectivity will rise about the unconscious negative prejudices you obtained from your early environment. That would be your biggest challenge in this life because guaranteed, the consequences are huge.

ALLISON DUBOIS: some people want to know why is it that the hard core skeptics try to attack Allison.

Victor: I gave you the reasons last week (see below) why Allison Dubois is attacked by the debunkers. She is gifted, she is charismatic, she is successful as a medium, she is successful as a wife and a mother, she is rapidly becoming famous, she gets results – and she id doing wonders for spreading the evidence of the afterlife. She would be ignored if she was a nobody. Her sheer presence anywhere makes the debunkers look ridiculous, out of place, backward and irrelevant. She makes them as anachronistic as last year’s news. Of course the debunkers get jealous of a successful female professional! Those misogynist (men who hate women) debunkers who don’t like women to succeed will inevitably criticize Allison for something she’s done or she does not have. But the debunkers are just a tiny minority of between 2% and 5%. They are too negative, too depressing, too miserable, too insignificant – and they are inevitably the losers and defeatists. 95% of people would be on Allison’s side. And as I stated last week, there would be many who came from the skeptics to eventually support Allison.

AN INTERVIEW ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE: Dr Carla Wills-Brandon writes: Here is some basic information on "Life after Death" encounters. The following information comes from a radio interview I did with Lisa Marie Storm at Paranormal News! Let me know whether or not you have had any of these experiences! I'm all ears! Dr. Carla Wills-Brandon, Your Afterlife Travel Guide
Interview between Carla Wills- Brandon, Ph.D. and Lisa Marie Storm - Reporter for Carla Wills-Brandon, Ph.D., is the author of nine books, including Publishers Weekly bestseller One Last Hug Before I Go. A member of the International Association for Near-Death Studies, she has investigated STE (Spiritually Transformational Experiences) and other related phenomena for more than a decade. Dr. Wills-Brandon lives in Galveston Island, TX.


'SENSING MURDER' –DISCOVERY CHANNEL (USA). HIGHLY GIFTED AMERICAN MEDIUM LAURIE CAMPBELL. Season premier Thursday Sept. 28th 10pm ET/PT. DO NOT MISS IT – web/s (pictured, left with highly gifted medium Allison Dubois) and tell your friends about this most important television documentary. Laurie has been featured on HBO Life Afterlife with John Edward, George Anderson and Suzane Northrup, A&E Documentary Beyond Death, Discovery Channel Canada and CBS Women to Women. Laurie is currently working on privately sponsored scientific research. Laurie is currently filming a new tv series.

Many thanks to Dmitri Svetlov who has completed the brilliant task of doing a final edit and formatting of the updated 4th edition of A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife. It looks great and print copies will be available in about 3 weeks.
For details on how to place advance orders read more

COMMENTARY: NEARLY FELL OFF MY CHAIR LAUAGHING! An emailer, Michael S, sent me an email showing that the hard core skeptic JREF ‘Zwinge’ keeps on attacking me. The report is full of willful distortion – adding swear words which I did not ever state at all. It just shows how desperate these skeptical debunkers can get when they miserably fail to rebut my objective evidence for the afterlife. The big gun they had against me was that no one can take on Victor Zammit’s challenge because “no one can prove the negative.” What absolute rubbish by JREF! A few simple minded would swallow that lie ‘hook, line and sinker.’ When we are dealing with the most critical issue on this planet earth – what is going to happen to us when we die – I presented at least TWENTYONE areas of admissible EXPRESSLY STATED evidence for the debunkers to rebut. That is strict adherence to the professional debating rules. The technical onus then shifts on to the opposition to try to demolish the positively expressly stated evidence. To that they erroneously say, ‘you can’t prove the negative’!!!!! But the debunkers KNOW they are wrong; they know they are deceiving the readers; they know they are desperate because they cannot rebut the objective evidence for the afterlife. That is why the debunkers resort to lies, misrepresentations and to mischief. If they ‘could have they would have’ – and get themselves a cool $1million!

Question of the week: (For those who have been following the materialization experiments, William from the afterlife dimension often mentions ‘vibrations’. An emailer asked: What is vibrating? = To my knowledge, ENERGY is 'vibrating'. For more on this subject – vibrating energy - (click on BOOK top right, click Chapter 6). Further,

What is the frequency range of the afterlife vibrations? Arthur Findlay drew a graph once - from his book THE ROCK OF TRUTH showing the upper and lower limit of the vibrational frequencies detectable by humans. In the physical world we can detect vibrations in the range of 34,000 waves to an inch to 64,000 waves to an inch as vision. Below this threshold we can sense vibrations in descending order as heat waves, short radio waves, micro waves and long radio waves. Beyond the top level of our vision (ultraviolet waves) there is an area of vibrational frequency that most people cannot detect before we reach the frequency of soft x rays, x rays and gamma rays. He argues that this “missing area” of vibrational frequency is the frequency of the etheric world, which can be perceived under some circumstances by people we call clairvoyants or mediums.

Do the vibrations apply to matter or spirit? We all have an etheric or spiritual body which is vibrating at a rate corresponding to a different section in the etheric relam. The level of vibrations of your spiritual body on crossing over determines which realm one goes to- most decent folk end in the third realm. Those with low vibrations are automatically pulled down to lower, darker realms. Those with higher vibrations automatically go to the higher realms of the light.

THE UNIQUE SPIRITUALITY OF THE TRADITIONAL AMERICAN NATIVE INDIAN: - the original inhabitants of North America. There are those white supremacists who try to ridicule the traditional American Indian - claiming and implying they are 'inferior'!. But because they were a people very close to earth - their work, their culture, their spirituality - they had very close contact with the afterlife. Millions in the West regard these people as highly spiritually advanced. It is for this reason some of these spiritually highly evolved teachers try to transmit critical knowledge as to what is happening in the afterlife. Close content analysis of these transmissions reveals that the information is most valuable, critical to understand it and to apply it to our contemporaneous conditions.

SILVER BIRCH – one of the most spiritually advanced entities ever to contact us transmitted nine critically acclaimed books. We are informed he had lives including two as a Buddhist and a Native American. For those of us hungry for real information about the true conditions in the afterlife, Silver Birch’s books are pure gold. I highly recommend these brilliant books by Silver Birch not only because he - as a highly credible source - gives us an enormous amount of valuable information about afterlife conditions, but because his powerful oratory is so beautifully and evocatively inspirational. Read this magnificent extract on the afterlife coming directly from the afterlife.

“This is the world where the artist finds all his dreams come true, where the painter and the poet realize their ambition, where genius has full power of expression, where the repressions of earth are swept away and all the gifts and talents are used to the service of one another …This is the world where there are no clumsy words to express inspiration, but where thought is the living language and reveals itself with lightening rapidity. This is the world where we have no money to worry us, where there is no competition, no driving of the weaker to the wall, where the strong are strong because they have something to give to those less fortunate than themselves …There is not in your world one artist who could capture with his paints some of the glories of my world. There is not one musician who could record some of the glories of the music sphere with your notes. There is not one writer who could describe in physical words the beauty of parts of this world …”

PART 1: WHY DO SKEPTICAL DEBUNKERS ATTACK ALLISON DUBOIS (of MEDIUM tv series fame)? First, it is a compliment for Allison to be given attention by anyone, including the 'opposition.' The old PR adage is “There is no such thing as bad publicity”. Some of my regular readers told me they got to know me through reading an attack on me by the skeptical debunkers. And Allison would have more fans indirectly referred to her by the skeptical debunkers. It’s a kind of unintended support by the losers and defeatists of this world - one of the greatest ironies in modern commercial times. When the average decent person reads anything, he/she will decide on substance and by results. If Allison was a non-entity – like those who attack her- she would be ignored. The hard core nonentity skeptical debunkers are starving for some attention themselves, so they try to get a bit of spark in their miserable boring lives by attacking someone who is famous, who is charismatic, who is highly credible, who is a celebrity and commercially powerful. Hence the pathetic attack on Allison Dubois. We remember that loser and defeatist skeptical debunker from Florida who wanted to get a reputation for himself by attacking the rich, the successful and the famous – because mostly he was ignored … can’t think of his name ……

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: here an emailer sent me this question, worth sharing it with you. :(about the admissibility of evidence) >I think that after all it all comes to the point about whose ‘authority’ one shall accept …

Victor: ‘Authority’ is perhaps the most important criterion to keep in mind. Authority can be objective and can be subjective. Subjective authority: All personal beliefs – religious, skeptical, secular etc… are inevitably subjective. Anything subjective is itself subject to error, to complete invalidation. Objective evidence: anything which can be duplicated over time and space, keeping variables constant, and yields the same results would be considered to be fairly objective. Repeatability is the key issue. I made sure that the evidence I presented would be admissible evidence …and for that reason, no skeptical scientist or anybody else has been able to rebut the objective evidence evidence for the afterlife. I do not have the luxury of beliefs. I am a specialist in admissible evidence but I am also an empiricist (using scientific method to measure phenomena). You can understand my endeavours to empiricise the materialization sessions using, among other things, voice correlations. I don’t interfere in people’s beliefs – but when they – ‘believers’ and ‘skeptics’ tell me that I am wrong you will understand my position to ask them – WHERE am I wrong? WHY am I wrong? WHAT objective evidence do you have to show that I am wrong? These questions have silenced my old time critics. Fundamental is: if there is an inconsistency between a sceptical ‘belief’ and ‘empiricism’, inevitably empiricism will prevail over sceptical belief – and will ALWAYS prevail.



RADIO OUT THERE- AN INTERVIEW. Barry Eaton of RadioOutThere.Com this week has been interviewing Michael Cocks, a liberal, theologically and spiritually advanced Christian, with scientific background, on The Stephen Experience. It is a web radio with this address: The interview can now be found at that address under Archive.

Barry Eaton of RadioOutThere.Com will be interviewing a liberal, theologically and spiritually advanced, Christian with a scientific background this week on the Stephen Experience. It is a web radio. Michael Cocks the interviewee states:
“I have been following your presentations of communication from the "dead" with great interest. It is truly wonderful.You must be extremely busy, but I wonder whether you could take the time yourself to have a look at my The Stephen Experience. If you look at Parts 2 and 6, I believe you will find convincing linguistic and historical evidence that it is really and truly Stephen the Martyr who is speaking. Eventually I believe the public should be aware of this also, for it provides fairly convincing proof that a spirit from 2000 years ago can communicate a detailed understanding of a universal reality. We had 200 sessions with him, and two experts in the Greek of 2000 years ago affirm that the language is genuine and could not be forged. Mike Tymn of the Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies Inc, Max Payne of the UK Scientific and Medical Network, Various scientists in NZ, and others accept that the material is genuine, and has great depth. There was a seminar on the book in Auckland, a couple of years ago, led by Dr Leo Hobbis and the Rev Dr David Bell of the NZ branch of the SMN.” After this week, the interview can continue to be found at the same address under Archive.

Part 1. He is a magician, A member of (pictured left)
Society of American Magicians;
International Brotherhood of
Magicians Screen Actors Guild;
American Federation of Television
& Radio Actors; Hollywood Magic
Castle.) and a psychic astrologer. He, as some psychics and others have done, complained to me that the debunking skeptic JREF has refused to accept a legitimate application to beat the challenge for the alleged one million dollars. The familiar complaint is that an applicant applies to beat the skeptic’s $1m challenge. Then there is a long wait for a reply. Sometimes no reply is made. So further applications are made to take on the challenge. Then the JREF comes up will a lot of baloney – words to the effect, “well, you have not done this or done that … and you therefore do not qualify ..” Next week I will be having more details about this important case because if this is confirmed to be true, it would show unfair, unreasonable and unjust conduct to fool, trick, deceive, misinform and con the American people. More next week after the material is properly scrutinized. Another applicant, Chris Robinson, a psychic, wanted the test done LIVE on television so that nothing could be denied or manipulated. This condition was rejected by JREF. In the meantime, you can have a look at the magician applicant, Bill’s, most attractive website:


COMMENTARY: There is an urgent need to access people with the highest credibility from the afterlife to give us validation of their existence there. This is the primary purpose of David Thompson’s materialization experiments (in Sydney, Australia) as repeatedly stated by William, David’s control from the afterlife dimension. As William put it so eloquently:

"There are many people on the earth vibration who live in ignorance that there is another dimension to dwell within after what is known as “death”. There are many people that live upon the earth vibration in a state of unhappiness, in a state of desolation within the heart.

And of course, by proving to people that life exists beyond death, the greater purpose is to bring about a realization that life upon the earth vibration can be far different to what it is at this moment.

But of course, if the earth’s vibration can be changed by proving to the wider world that life exists beyond visible death, just think, my friend, what the difference would be upon your vibration.

And let me tell you this: the purpose of individuals coming together like yourselves is for the purpose to prove the existence of the human soul, to alleviate suffering, to alleviate despair, to bring light to the multitudes of individuals that live in complete ignorance of what there is for each living person.

Tell me this, how can any self respecting individual that has the proof of the continuity of life deny bringing this wonderful revelation to many other individuals."
Listen to sound file

SIR ISAAC NEWTON working with BRILLIANT BRITISH SCIENTIST, RONALD PEARSON - both, Sir Isaac Newton (left) and Ron Pearson (pictured below) were mentioned at the Friday night materialization meeting by William from the afterlife. On the audio file you will hear William from the afterlife dimension say that, just before he attended the materialization experiment, he was talking to Sir Isaac Newton. Sir Isaac mentioned that British scientist Ron Pearson’s brilliant scientific work is only just being appreciated by orthodox science. Listen to sound file.

It is on record that a gifted British medium, Christine Passey, six years ago related to Ron Pearson a message she got from Sir Isaac Newton. That kind of cross confirmation is most welcome giving validation to what William said last Friday night. More exciting things will be happening in the future. Hopefully, perhaps we will be able to hear from Sir Isaac Newton some time in the future!

William expressed serious concern about the state of the environment and made it clear that as the physical state of the world deteriorates connection between this world and the spirit world becomes more difficult and that physical circles like ours may become impossible….Listen to sound file.

William linked the return of Silver Birch to the critical state of the world today. He said that although Silver Birch said that he would never return after the death of his medium, he could never have envisaged the critical state of the world today…. Listen to sound file.

BRILLIANT AMERICAN ATTORNEY EDWARD RANDALL, “Furthermore, let me say that over twenty years in the active practice of law, largely in trial cases, coming in contact with many great minds, has qualified me to do certain things: i.e. to estimate the weight and value of evidence fairly; to detect fraud in any guise; to know when a fact is proved.” Edward C Randall authored a masterpiece about communicating with afterlife entities, THE FRENCH REVELATION. See further item below.

LAWYER CONVINCED BY DIRECT VOICE EVIDENCE Dr AUBREY ROSE OBE, CBE, a leading British Human Rights exceptional attorney/judge, has stated in his recent book The Rainbow Never Ends that he totally accepts the evidence for the existence of the afterlife. After empirically investigating transmissions made by one of his colleagues through direct voice medium, Leslie Flint, he stated that without doubt the voice came from the afterlife, and was that of Judge Lord Birkett, who had crossed over some time before. From the afterlife, he says, he heard Lord Birkett state: When I was on your side, I supported the death penalty, but now I am here, I can see that it was wrong. We have no right to take life. These highly intelligent, logical, successful lawyers and judges were fortunate to have had the opportunity of sitting with brilliant direct voice/materialization mediums who provided them with evidence of the afterlife that they simply could not deny. All were initially skeptical, but, to their credit, once they had the opportunity of carefully examining the evidence for themselves, they accepted the evidence and had the courage to become open campaigners for the existence of the afterlife.

ORTHODOX SCIENCE RESISTS THE UNKOWN: the following letters from the TIMES ON LINE were in response to last week’s item when in England orthodox scientists tried to object to the more advanced scientists who wanted to discuss non-physical energy such as telepathy:

(1) Sir, I was delighted to see that telepathy is being taken seriously, but sad to see the usual response of scientists (“Theories of telepathy and afterlife cause uproar at top science forum”, Sept 6). Certainly, telepathy and near-death experience are beyond explanation by conventional ideas. But to respond by dismissing the experience of large numbers of people is very unscientific. The skeptics simply do not want their worldview upset. While it is far more rational to accept that there is something going on that we do not understand, they struggle to find ways to ignore the evidence. I thought that scientists had learnt their lessons after the errors of continental drift, but apparently not. It is pleasing, though, that there were enough spirited scientists at the British Association for the Advancement of Science for the subject to get an airing.
Warminster, Wilts

(2) Sir, Yet again, certain self-appointed gatekeepers of science are attempting to halt progress by denying fellow scientists a platform to air their views. This is not about whether their views on paranormal phenomena are correct or not, but whether certain arrogant and influential people are allowed to prevent scientists such as myself from hearing controversial ideas. These gatekeepers should read up on the history of science and recognise the damage they could be doing.
University of Sheffield

Question: What do you think of that extroverted debunker (his name is not important) attacking Professor Brian Josephson recently?

Victor: Debunkers and closed minded skeptics have been most unfair in the way they attack highly credible scientists. These debunkers and hard core skeptics have to be rebutted because they are trying to prevent scientists, such as Professor Brian Josephson who approach their research with an open mind, from accessing funding. If these debunking skeptics are not rebutted, significant funding will be lost to afterlife and paranormal research. Incidentally, Professor Josephson is a Nobel Laureate and because he is far more intellectually advanced than many orthodox reductionist scientists, the debunkers try to denigrate his work. Why? Because Nobel Laureate Professor Josephson makes these debunkers and hard-core skeptics look absolutely silly. He is a constant reminder that these debunkers have a lost cause – and that gives them a great deal of anxiety. So what do they do? They attack their source of enormous frustration. But we do know that many other scientists now are abandoning orthodoxy and are in fact exploring afterlife physics. Because only through the understanding of afterlife physics we can understand our role on this planet earth and the universe itself.

Read my new Chapter on Quantum Physics and the Afterlife.

SURVEYS ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE: the survey I came across not so long ago about beliefs in the afterlife in the United States of America shows that 75% of the people canvassed accept the afterlife. 30% of the people are not sure – the maybe yes/ maybe no category and 5% stated they do not believe in the afterlife. As the evidence for the afterlife is becoming more empirical (using Scientific Method to measure phenomena), more people are now accepting the afterlife than ever before. The message we get from those who know more about us continue to state that knowledge about the afterlife will inevitably reduce aggression, violence and wars.


$500,000 CHALLENGE TO THE SKEPTICS: those flamboyant, extroverted closed minded skeptics stated that they could duplicate ANY psychic experiment. Here is your chance to get yourself half a million dollars – to put up – or to stay as quiet as a mouse. There would be a number of fundamental conditions: because venue will be critical to the experiment, neither party would know where the venue would be until two minutes before the experiment. Second fundamental condition is that if you, the skeptic fail to duplicate our materialization experiment, YOU will pay our medium, David Thompson, half a million dollars. That is fair. That is reasonable. That is just and that is equitable.

NEW IMPORTANT AFTERLIFE WEBSITE: I highly recommend you to have a look at this new website – inevitably it will help the thousands of people searching for the meaning of life here – and the hereafter Keith says, “The purpose of this website is to help spread awareness of the fact that communication with the afterlife is real, that there is life after death, and to provide you with external links to the websites containing the evidence to prove these facts.” Click on …


COMMENTARY: THE MOST STUNNING AFTERLIFE EVIDENEC ON EARTH TO-DAY: A series of materialization experiments by David Thompson – the materializing from the afterlife dimension of those who once lived on earth. There has never been more sensational and unrebuttable evidence for the afterlife in history. Those who died decades – even thousands of years ago – are walking and talking to-day! We are having most positive, most wonderful response from so many people who listen to the voices from our materialization experiments. I am just still stunned – and have not gotten over the sensational experience of shaking hands with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who passed on in 1930. It took me sixteen long years to come across most gifted materialization medium, David Thompson, the medium who is making these ‘miraculous’ things possible! This is real! This is genuine! This is authentic! This is revolutionary! This evidence is the ULTIMATE evidence!

Last night, for the first time, our medium, David Thompson, was brought out of trance and was able to participate while fully conscious in discussions with four different entities produced by direct voice - with William himself (pictured) with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Timothy and Jack. At one stage there were two ectoplasmic voice boxes being used at the same time. As well there was extensive physical phenomena produced, again while David was fully conscious. Note carefully, we are still having some sound problems. But we are assured these problems will be remedied very shortly. We were informed that last night's session the sound was weak because the microphone was put too close to where David was sitting. Be patient when listening to these voices of those who once walked physical planet earth.

Last night - a stunning experience- :

* William (the medium's afterlife control) emphasised the progress of the circle. Said the spirit team was working on David being able to produce direct voice while out of trance- a huge advancement-5 min MP3 file (1 MG). Read transcript

* William says Konstantine Raudive was with us last week. Wendy asks William to get messages through EVP circles confirming Circle's work. 2 mins MP3file(<1MG)
Read transcript

* David Thompson (medium) was brought out of trance and found it extremely strange to be conscious while the voices were coming through. He experienced pressure on his throat as each entity spoke. 5 mins MP3 file(<1MG)
Read transcipt

* David Thompson talks to spirit entity Jack
(5 minsMP3file <1MG) Read transcript

* David (conscious) realises there are two ectoplasmic voice boxes operating. 2 mins MPs file (<1 MG)
Read transcript

* Timothy (afterlife entity) materializes David's pet-rat "Fat Boy" 1 minMP3 file(<1MG)
Read transcript

* Timothy levitates David ( 2 minMP3 files <1MG)
Read transcipt

* Sir Arthur Conan Doyle comes through and asks Victor to place on his website in graphic terms the progress being made in the Circle.(3 minsMP3file< 1 MG)
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I am offering HALF A MILLION DOLLARS to any debunker who thinks he can duplicate what we do in our materialization experiments – see offer below. So far, after some seven long weeks of intensive investigations and producing brilliant results we received most wonderful response from around the world. But notice also that no skeptic, no cynic, no disbeliever, no negatively entrenched, no scientist, no philosopher – just NO ONE has had the necessary fortitude to take us on. This kind of unrebuttable afterlife evidence is spreading like wildfire around the world shaking the complacency of so many people who have forgotten why they are living on this planet earth!

DAVID THOMPSON'S WEBSITE VICTOR ZAMMIT and the Circle of the Silver Cord in New Zealand a once in a lifetime opportunity! Thursday 26th October 7.45pm-9.30pm and Saturday 2pm-3.45pm. These times are actual commencing times. Do not be late. At the moment some seats are still available. Book now (New Zealand) (09)-579-8571 ask for Ken or Elizabeth Pretty. Tell others about these most important meetings.

SKEPTIC FRAUD EXPOSED: On Australian national television channel 9 Tuesday September 06 was shown hoaxes of the past. One of them was when ‘Carlos’ an American-Mexican put up by the American skeptics from Florida, who came to Australia claiming he was a 'psychic' who could do miraculous things. This imposter Carlos was so bad, so ridiculous, so awful and terrible, no one in Australia took him seriously. What this Carlos and his skeptics did not know was that Australians are the most skeptical people on earth – and this Carlos, who had invited television interviews was slaughtered by Channel 9 Sixty Minutes toughest journalists George Negus. So much so that Carlos and his ‘manager’ were virtually thrown out of the studios because they were caught being frauds and charatans! Carlos’ ‘manager’ threw some water on to the journalist – because the highly professional journalist George Negus made this Marcos look absolutely stupid on national television. There is a huge lesson for skeptic or an imposter who thinks he can cheat, lie, misrepresent, misinform and misdirect the Australian public.

IN SEARCH FOR THE ULTIMATE TRUTH: we, psychic investigators of The Silver Circle will pursue any avenue, we will follow every legitimate lead, we will question, research, reason, investigate all forms of energy, probe into phenomena hitherto unexamined or unexplained, explore and examine anything, anywhere, anytime to discover the truth – because truth - not faith will save us.

STEVE IRWIN IN THE AFTERLIFE BEFORE HIS TIME! At a relatively young age of 44 years, Steve Irwin, pictured, was killed by a huge sting-ray in North Australian waters. He was an Australian showman, internationally popular. For over twenty years, dressed in his trademark khaki shirt and shorts, he wrestled crocodiles, played with spiders and snakes and other animals. His television shows were very popular in the United States. He also gave generously – buying some 40,000 acres to protect the environment he said. He was killed doing a television documentary to be called ‘Ocean Deadliest.’ If Steven Irwin had the right motivation to protect the animal kingdom, to inform the children and the public of the world about crocodiles and other species – that inevitably would have been very spiritual.

“Scientists claiming to have evidence of life after death and the powers of telepathy triggered a furious row at Britain's premier science festival yesterday. Organizers of the British Association for the Advancement of Science (the BA) were accused of lending credibility to maverick theories on the paranormal by allowing the highly controversial research to be aired unchallenged. Leading members of the science establishment criticized the BA's decision to showcase papers purporting to demonstrate telepathy and the survival of human consciousness after someone dies. They said that such ideas, which are widely rejected by experts, had no place in the festival without challenge from skeptics. The disputed session featured research from Rupert Sheldrake - pictured- an independent biologist who is funded by Trinity College, Cambridge, that claims to have found evidence that some people know telepathically who is calling them before they answer the telephone.

Other presentations came from Dr Peter Fenwick, a doctor who thinks deathbed visions suggest that consciousness survives when people die, and from Deborah Delanoy of the University of Hertfordshire, whose work suggests that people can affect the bodies of others by thinking about them. Critics including Lord Winston and Sir Walter Bodmer, both former presidents of the BA, expressed particular alarm that the three speakers were allowed to hold a promotional press conference.” Go to

VICTOR’S COMMENT on the above: Lord Winston and Sir Walter clearly show they have NOT done any research on telepathy and empirical evidence for the afterlife. All they have to do is to go to the SPR in London where there is definitive objective evidence for the validity of telepathy AND the afterlife. Yet, these highly conservative scientists, do NOT read, do NOT research, do NOT analyze objective evidence for anything they do NOT believe in and they do NOT want to accept. This is because they imply a priori ‘why research anything which does not exist?’ It is a vicious circle of argument: they know nothing about the afterlife evidence because they do not research the afterlife. They do not believe in it because they do not want to accept the evidence even if the evidence is valid. Reductionist scientists such as Lord Winston and Sir Walter are way off the mark in trying to CENSOR scientific discoveries about the afterlife and telepathy. Why do not these scientists rebut the objective evidence presented for the paranormal and the afterlife? They are doing the world a great DISSERVICE – and from my own evidence about the afterlife and the understanding of the Law of Cause and Effect, Lord Winston and Sir Walter and others like them will inevitably pay the price for censoring the scientific truth to willfully mislead the public.

NEW IMPORTANT AFTERLIFE WEBSITE: I highly recommend you to have a look at this new website – inevitably it will help the thousands of people searching for the meaning of life here – and the hereafter Keith says, “The purpose of this website is to help spread awareness of the fact that communication with the afterlife is real, that there is life after death, and to provide you with external links to the websites containing the evidence to prove these facts.” Click on …

“A scientist claims 'telephone telepathy' - the feeling you get when you know someone is about to call - really does exist. Parapsychologist Dr Rupert Sheldrake insists the phenomenon is not just coincidence. In tests, he claims 45% of volunteers correctly "guessed" which of four randomly picked callers was about to phone them. Repeated hundreds of times, the odds against this happening were "1000 billion to one", said Dr Sheldrake, from Cambridge University. But his research, together with that of two other paranormal investigators, sparked huge controversy at the BA Festival of Science in Norwich. Some leading members of the research community did not think they should have been allowed a platform at the meeting, organized by the British Association for the Advancement of Science (BA). Dr Sheldrake has previously spoken of his theory of "morphic fields" which he believes psychically connects people who have close relationships. He said the new findings supported the idea that extra sensory perception works best between individuals with an emotional bond.”

VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED NEW BOOK BY MARK MACY! 'Spirit Faces' Truth about the Afterlife' is a visionary book about life after death based on Mark Macy’s fifteen years of research, with special emphasis on a growing collection of unique photographs in which he captures clear faces of nonphysical beings - - spirits. These photographs and other results of his research provide solid evidence, and verifiable proof, that life continues after death of the physical body. Macy weaves his groundbreaking information into a clear picture of life on the other side. He explains in easily digestible terms how loved ones, ancestors, angels, and ghosts all play a part in the affairs of our world, and how we humans can attract the supportive and loving spiritual influences that we desire.” To obtain a copy of this book: To preorder this book, please visit or Barnes & Noble Online.


MATERIALIZATION SESSIONS We had a slight problem. As you can hear on the sound file, the medium’s control from the afterlife dimension, William (pictured) , was reluctant to take ectoplasm from David because of the medium’s ‘viral’ problem – a cold. William decided to use the occasion to press forward with an experiement the spirit team had been planning- to produce physical phenomena with the medium, David, out of trance. At one stage David Thompson, who was tied hand and foot to a heavy chair, was levitated up right in front of me. I was told to hold the bottom of the chair – he was suspended in mid-air. I put my hand out and I was holding the lower end of the leg of the chair – which meant David’s head was almost touching the ceiling. I also felt the tags which tied his hands and feet, – all were intact. David was conscious and talking to us from near the ceiling. I still put part of the session on the sound file to give you some idea of what went on during the session. You will also hear William thanking Carmen, a guest sitter, who was the artist who draw a perfect likeness of William – see picture.

COMMENTARY: Church leaders must accept the empirical evidence for the afterlife. Why? Giordano Bruno was a scientist martyr who was burnt at the stake for promoting the Copernican ‘heliocentric’ view of the solar system:- ‘that it is the earth which revolves around the sun, not as the Church taught for over a thousand years that the sun revolved around the earth and that the earth is in the center of the universe.” Below is an example of why the Church should be extremely careful about releasing information about scientific discoveries it does not want to accept:-

CARDINAL BELLARMINO stated from Rome – read carefully, “If the Copernican theory is true, it would be the absolute undoing of the Bible and the destruction of the Church. If the Earth is only one of many planets and not the center of the universe, and other planets are inhabited, the whole plan of salvation fails, since the inhabitants of the other spheres are without the Bible and Christ did not die for them.” Scientists, empiricists and educated Catholics now know how critical it is for the Vatican to be extremely careful– especially when these days afterlife science is saying that we do NOT stay unconscious in limbo until Jesus comes back to judge the living and the dead. On crossing over, the decent folk - continue with their lives – IMMEDIATELY. Click on 4th Edition of the BOOK on chapter 28 WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE.

EXTRA! EXTRA! JUST ARRIVED - DAVID THOMPSON MATERIALIZATIONS SHOWS IN MELBOURNE : I have just received a report where a number of etherians materialized -including Louis Armstrong, Maurice Barbanell, Silver Birch and others. Unfortunately, there was a problem with sound - technicians are looking into it ... read more

$500,000 CHALLENGE TO THE SKEPTICS: those flamboyant, extroverted closed minded skeptics stated that they could duplicate ANY psychic experiment. Here is your chance to get yourself half a million dollars – to put up – or to stay as quiet as a mouse. There are at least two fundamental conditions: because venue will be critical to the experiment, neither party would know where the venue would be until two minutes before the experiment. Second fundamental condition is that if you, the skeptic fail to duplicate our materialization experiment, YOU will pay our medium, David Thompson, half a million dollars. That is fair. That is reasonable. That is just and that is equitable. Game to take us on?

AN EMINENT AMERICAN LAWYER Edward C Randall, in his brilliant book The French Revelation includes actual speeches made by direct voice from afterlife entitites through his medium Mrs French. Read this most exquisite afterlife glimpse about who they are:
“We are moral, intellectual, and sensitive creatures. Instead of being, as you may imagine, more shadowy and unsubstantial entities, we are possessed of definite, tangible, and exquisitely symmetrical forms, with well-rounded and graceful limbs, and yet so light and elastic that we can glide through the atmosphere with almost electrical speed. The forked lightnings may flash, and the thunders roll in awful reverberation along the vault of heaven, and the rain descend in gushing torrents, but we can stand unharmed by your side. We are endowed with all the beauty, loveliness, and vivacity of youth, and are clothed in flowing vestments of effulgent nature suited to the peculiar degree of refinement of our bodies. Our raiment being composed of phosphorescent principles, we have the power of attracting and absorbing or reflecting the rays evolved, according as our condition is more or less developed. This accounts for our being seen by clairvoyants in different degrees of brightness, from a dusky hue to an intensity of brilliant light.”

SKEPTIC CONVERTED: Professor Hyslop, Professor, a one time skeptic was converted to accepting the afterlife by American gifted medium Mrs L. Piper – after she repeatedly produced high quality evidence for the afterlife. In Life After Death (1918) he wrote, “I regard the existence of discarnate spirits as scientifically proved and I no longer refer to the skeptic as having any right to speak on the subject. Any man who does not accept the existence of discarnate spirits and the proof of it is either ignorant or a moral coward. I give him short shrift, and do not propose any longer to argue with him on the supposition that he knows anything about the subject.”

IMPORTANT NEW AFTERLIFE WEBSITE: I highly recommend you to have a look at this new website – inevitably it will help the thousands of people searching for the meaning of life here – and the hereafter Keith says, “The purpose of this website is to help spread awareness of the fact that communication with the afterlife is real, that there is life after death, and to provide you with external links to the websites containing the evidence to prove these facts.” Click on …

XENOGLOSSY: (speaking in a foreign language never learnt or heard before):another area of objective evidence for the existence of the afterlife. Dr. Morris Netherton reports one case of a blond, blue-eyed eleven-year-old boy, who under hypnosis was taped for eleven minutes as he spoke in an ancient Chinese dialect. When the tape was taken to a professor at the Department of Oriental Studies at the University of California, it turned out to be a recitation from a forbidden religion of Ancient China (Fisher 1986:202).

The American medium George Valiantine conducted seances while entranced in Russian, German, Spanish and Welsh. The Brazilian medium Carlos Mirabelli spoke and wrote long technical documents in more than thirty languages, including Syrian and Japanese, in the presence of scientists and crowds up to 5,000 (Lazarus 1993:121).

Author Lyall Watson describes a case of a ten-year-old child, an Igarot Indian living in the remote Cagayon Valley in the Philippines. The child had never had any contact with any language or culture other than his own. Yet under trance conditions the child communicated freely in Zulu, a language he could not have even heard. Watson only recognized it because he had spent his early life in Africa (Lazarus 1993:84).

GANDHI SPEAKS FROM THE AFTERLIFE DIMENSION As we reported a few weeks ago Gandhi came through at a David Thompson séance. When I checked, his words and attitude were totally consistent with what he said via direct voice through Leslie Flint when he said:

“We on this side for a long time have striven to build between our world and yours a bridge whereby man could climb to heights and find that peace which your world could not give. We know that it is only in this truth, only in this realisation of communication between the so-called dead and the living, there lies the salvation of your world.”. Listen to Gandhi through Leslie Flint and compare.


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