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March 11th 2016

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COMMENTARY: COMPLAINTS ABOUT PHONY PSYCHICS DEALING IN CURSES There have been a number of cases of so-called psychics telling gullible clients that the reason for their misfortune is that they have been cursed. They then offer to remove the curse for more and more money. Such behaviour is of course illegal. But recently we heard of a psychic actually threatening to use occult powers to put a curse on another psychic.

ENERGY Sensible well grounded people know that such a threat will only be effective on people who believe it (the nocebo effect). But potentially great damage could be done to those who do believe in the power of curses. Anyone in this situation could be advised to gain psychological support by using prayer, positive affirmations and any of the many techniques for psychic protection (there are lots of suggestions online). And those who are spiritually aware can be encouraged to ask for protection from their own guides.

Anyone trying to send bad energy is immediately affecting his/her own consciousness and the people around him/her. Remember energy is a boomerang. ALWAYS SEND POSITIVE ENERGY


THE LIVING MATRIX A fascinating video on healing which shows the power of belief and staying positive.


When Nancy Reagan, wife of US President Ronald Regan, died on March 6, 2016 at the age of 94 all the mainstream media said many nice things about her. However they did not mention that she came in for a lot of criticism for her strong reliance on psychics and astrologers Jean Dixon and Joan Quigley. Between 1981 and 1988 the times of press conferences, election debates, negotiations with foreign powers, requests to Congress and all departures of Air Force One were set by Nancy's astrologer. Nancy claimed that after the assassination attempt on her beloved husband, Ronnie, in March 1981, they needed the best paranormal help they could get.
See Presidents and the Paranormal.

LIFE IN THE AFTERLIFE: An afterlife intelligence describing life in his area of the afterlife.
"It is perpetual day. The great celestial sun for ever shines, as I have already told you. Neither do we have the many other indications of time that force themselves upon the earthly consciousness - such, for example, as hunger and fatigue. Nor in the more lengthy passage of time such as the ageing of the physical body and the dulling of the mental faculties. Here we have no recurrent seasons of spring, autumn, and winter. Instead we enjoy the glory of perpetual summer - and we never tire of it!" ......... I'm sure this is something we all are looking forward to enjoy when we cross over! (Mons. H. Benson).

A fascinating story of spiritual healing. At 19 mins Scarlet describes how she visited David (whom she had never met) while he was unconscious in intensive care. She began to give David regular energy healing. At 32 mins she describes meeting David, who was in a critical condition, in a shared NDE. She continued to give him healing energy over the next few days and, one night in OBEs, saw 'spirit doctors' working on him. He recovered and they made a new life together.

QUESTION: Exactly what are deathbed visions?
I've been reading that those who are about to die can see those who have crossed over. Why can't they tell us who they are seeing if they are seeing anything?

There have been many scientific studies done about death-bed visions also called departing visions. One of them was by Dr. Karlis Osis, a pioneer in scientific research in this area. He said that his studies showed that whilst a number of people seem to lose consciousness when near death, others remain conscious - and they do actually describe what they are seeing. Mostly they see crossed-over relatives. Others talk about seeing heavenly environments filled with light, beauty and intense color. Some of those witnessing these visions experience elation, total peace and serenity. Read more...

WE DO NOT DIE ALONE: WE WILL BE GREETED BY PEOPLE IN SPIRIT Carla Wills Brandon is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Psychological Associate. She is the writer of several books on Departing Visions.

ROBERTA GRIMES INTERVIEWS A BEREAVED MOTHER Sheri Perl, author of 'Lost and Found: A Mother connects up with her Son in Spirit' is an energy-healing expert. Her son, Danny, transitioned at the age of 22 but he is more in his mother’s life than ever! Together they are doing wonderful work for other bereaved parents and their children. Danny materialized for Sheri in a spectacular way at a David Thompson seance in September of 2015 that Roberta Grimes was privileged to witness. Listen to interview.

Of course it is! When a materialization takes place an event is happening which everyone in the room witnesses. Tape recordings are regularly made of the voices of the spirits who materialize. And most importantly, people who talk with their materialised loved tell us that their loved one shared facts that were unknown to anyone in the room and demonstrated physical characteristics that they had when alive (e.g. a missing finger, small hands, a beard). Sometimes the experienced communicators through medium David Thompson are very clear, (listen to short samples). The English medium Gordon Higginson was clearly recognisable when he materialised in New Zealand and spoke to Ken Pretty. Compare the voice of materialised Gordon with his voice while alive.


"It is hard to tell people that although they lose their full sense of “I”, the entity they return to becoming is more than the “I”. The “I” is just a part of it. You don’t actually lose it, it is just that you will realise that that little episode was merely a 'play act' we got together to explore different experiences. It is quite difficult to draw an analogy here in that not many people find any kind of position where they go from being, let us say, a nonentity to a 'somebody' in an instant. We don’t mean sudden fame either, we mean part of the same structure, almost like being the son of the chairman, in a fairly reasonable position and suddenly the chairman dies and you have to take over." Read more from 'Reality and You'.

PSYCHIC HISTORY: Dr. Cesar Lombroso (1836-1909)
was a famous Italian psychiatrist who became known world wide as the father of criminology. He sat with controversial materialisation medium Eusapia Paladino on many occasions. Gradually he became convinced of survival after death. He claimed that his mother materialized in Paladino's seances on more than 20 occasions. His open declarations carried great weight among his scientific contemporaries, and motivated some of them to investigate psychic phenomena. In 1909 he published his findings After Death—What?.

This young woman lost her mother at age 13 and has her first reading with a medium to try to get guidance on her life path.

: "We have noted that each of us on earth has numerous guides, that they minister to us in numerous ways, and that they may be with us our entire lives or for varying periods, whether or not we are aware of it. It is a truth that should make the heart sing, and the soul rejoice. It is a truth that should help us to shoulder our burdens and responsibilities with greater willingness, greater enthusiasm, greater courage - and greater happiness. For any burden or responsibility is less heavy when we know others walk beside us to help us." Spiritual Light: Universal Teachings from the Highest Spirit Realms p.1221.




RELIGION: Time for the Catholic Church to apologise for killing Giordano Bruno
who was an Italian Dominican friar, philosopher, mathematician, poet, and astrologer. He proposed that the stars were just distant suns surrounded by their own planets and raised the possibility that these planets could even foster life of their own. He also insisted that the universe is in fact infinite. He was tried for heresy by the Catholic Inquisition, partly because of his scientific theories and partly because he denied several core Catholic doctrines including eternal damnation, the Trinity, the divinity of Christ and the virginity of Mary. He was burned to death at the stake in Rome after seven years' imprisonment. He was offered his liberty if he would accept the scriptures as inspired by God. But he refused.

"After seven years imprisonment he was taken to the place of execution, draped in a robe on which were painted devils. He was chained to the stake and around his body were piled faggots (sticks). The priests then lit them to the glory of God and in the name of Jesus Christ - and thus perished one of the noblest and grandest men who ever trod this earth." (Arthur Findlay, The Rock of Truth).


Francisco Madero
, is today seen as a hero, and the father of the Mexican Revolution. Naive and idealistic, Madero was honest and decent, and did much to set in motion reforms that would close the gap between rich and poor in Mexico. He was elected 33rd president of Mexico, and served from 1911 until his assassination in 1913, at age 39.

What most biographies leave out, is the fact that, after visiting France as a student, he had become an ardent follower of Allan Kardec and Spiritism. He also developed the ability to do automatic writing, receiving messages from his guide, Jose, and from his brother, Raul, who had died as a child in 1887. He dedicated himself to charitable work and, along with his wife Sara, operated a soup kitchen. Read more about this remarkable man in Michael Tymn's article "The President who was a Medium".

[ Recently Jeffrey Mishlove interviewed the author CM Mayo on the role of Spiritism in the Mexican Revolution Part 1, Part 2.]

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FEEDBACK: (Three only).
1. "Hello Victor and Wendy, The contents and stories are some of the best and most enlightening!!! Please keep me on your list. Thanks you and Wendy for all that you do, I appreciate it. Much Love, Light to you good folks. Steve D."

2. Even as a kid sitting in the Methodist Church I could NOT believe in the "eternal hell" concept our minister was preaching/teaching. Thank you both so very much for putting up "the Salvation
Conspiracy, how hell became eternal". In my own writings I often refer to Origen, the early church Father who embraced the reality of reincarnation. The writing you just published is INVALUABLE to me. Thank you. I have a running argument with one somewhat "friend" here who is a Bible "know it all". He doesn't want to hear about the
evolution of Christianity. He thinks his King James is the original version of the Christian Bible.
Richard Van Der Voort

3. HI Victor, I have been reading your weekly reports for the last 4-5 years, they are really very informative and helpful. I have a request to please send me the link to the movie, Nosso Lar, with subtitles in English. I have seen it myself but i want some more people to watch it. Where can I find the DVD of this movie. I watched it on youtube but now there is no link of the full movie. Thanks Suja Dominic.

ANSWER: The movie goes by 3 different names: 'Nosso Lar', 'Our Home' and 'Astral City'. The DVD can be bought from Amazon or hired to watch online. Here is a link to watch it online (you may need to have Adobe Flash enabled on your browser).


MOST MEMORABLE INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC We visit a past classic, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. Enjoy the beautiful voices of Sarah Brightman and Antonio Banderas singing the theme song.






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