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September 2004

24th September 2004

JAMES BOND 007 ROGER MOORE- someone who does NOT need to be associated with psychic phenomena for publicity- reports a psychic experience! Writers Nigel Blundell and Roger Boar write in their book The World's Greatest Ghosts (Octopus Books Ltd 59 Grosvenor St London W1 England). Briefly … Roger Moore says, "I had gone to bed … Lying there with I saw a misty substance - that's as near as I can describe it - floating across the bed. I was rigid with fright."… Mediums would interpret that as a resident ghost in the hotel bedroom which tried to frighten guests. Two more cases from the same book:

MORE PSYCHIC EXPERIENCES: TELLY SAVALAS, of Kojak fame - another well established actor who does not need publicity from being associated with the paranormal. Early one morning around 3am Telly Savalas needed help - he was driving home from a remote part of Long Island and had run out of petrol. He states, "I was just about to set out when I heard someone ask in a high pitched voice if I wanted a lift." It turned out to be someone by the name of Harry Agannis who drove him to the nearest petrol station. Next morning Telly wanted to thank him for the favor and called his home. A female voice answered that Harry Agannis had died three years before!

AGAIN: TERRORISTS BEHEAD AMERICAN IN IRAQ THIS WEEK! It was an ugly scene to see these 'terrorists' holding the severed head of the American victim of terrorism. Not only Americans, but the whole world is waiting for some effective policy to completely eliminate the brutality shown by the terrorists. The acts of terror are the EFFECT. The world should not be trapped into just fixing the EFFECT. To find the key to these terrorists' heinous acts one has to closely examine the CAUSE. Whenever you see these horrible acts of terrorism especially of beheading - there will be special healers who take time out to send WHITE LIGHT - positive energy - to the victims. Our minds are just like radio/tv stations - can send and receive energy vibrations. We are informed by highly credible sources mentioned in my BOOK (top right) it would make a big difference to those being brutally murdered especially by beheading.

JEWISH PEOPLE DO BELIEVE IN THE AFTERLIFE Traditional Judaism firmly believes that death is not the end of human existence. However, because Judaism is primarily focused on life here and now rather than on the afterlife, Judaism does not have much dogma about the afterlife, and leaves a great deal of room for personal opinion.

TOMAS DE TORQUEMADA, a Domincan priest and Head of the Spanish Inquisition died five hundred and six years ago last week. He was one of the most cruel monsters who lived on this planet Earth. He tortured maimed and killed thousands of innocent people in the name of his religious beliefs. He stole the land of the victims to finance stupid wars. We are still waiting for the Catholic Church to condemn his conduct. His brutal killing of thousands of innocent people was fundamentally inconsistent with the Church's own dogmatic theology taken from the Old Testament: THOU SHALT NOT KILL!

REMOTE VIEWING- NEW INFORMATION. The miracle of remote viewing solves many mysteries including one dramatic issue I mentioned before. Through remote viewing I myself experienced an actual meeting taking place of top Western, English speaking 'officials', one with an American accent, and a former Russian KGB disinformation officer after perestroika - the fall of communism in Russia. He confessed that he was given instructions to try to fool Western intelligence agencies and discredit Western anti-communist crusaders. When asked why he did this his simple answer was, "I was following orders from my superiors!" When asked who actually gave the KGB instructions to try to fool Australian and the Western agencies he said they came from the Malta Embassy in January 1980. Further information showed that the Ambassador for Malta in 1980 was a hard core pro- Soviet communist with links with the Soviets. It was revealed also was that this Ambassador was under close surveillance by the Australian authorities for his 'communist' activities in Australia. The record shows that this Ambassador was a lame duck not really achieving anything. The evidence shows that this Ambassador was used by the KGB to try to fool the FBI, CIA, MI6 and particularly Australian Intelligence. He was also critical to perfidious activity inside an intelligence agency.

ELISABETH KUBLER ROSS GRADUATES. The March 29, 1999 issue of Time Magazine named her one of "The Century's Greatest Minds" in a summary of the 100 greatest scientists and thinkers of the century. She wrote: "I've told my children that when I die, to release balloons in the sky to celebrate that I graduated. For me, death is a graduation." Read about her extraordinary life and afterlife research on her webpage

MORE IDIOCY FROM CYNICS THIS WEEK: 'VICTOR IS A BELIEVER.' FOR THE RECORD: I DO NOT HAVE THE LUXURY OF 'BELIEFS!' I am an open minded skeptic. I can only accept information if it can be independently substantiated. But some closed minded debunkers are just cynics, losers and defeatists, anti-empirical and stubbornly fixated that psi cannot exist. Do NOT let closed minded debunkers confuse you when they state that I or psi empiricists are 'believers'. Empiricists doing psi experimenting strictly adhere to scientific method. Are YOU a mathematical 'believer' if you accept that 2+2=4? Empiricists and others who accept the objective evidence for the afterlife are NOT believers - they ACCEPT the 'objective' empirical EVIDENCE.

Report 17th September 2004

'WHITE NOISE' - THE MOVIE. Hollywood will be releasing one of the most important movies ever about the afterlife next month. It features the internationally well known Hollywood actor Michael Keaton. It has to do with voices on tape coming from those who have crossed over through the ELECTRONIC VOICE PHENOMENON. Tom and Lisa Butler, most inspirational people who run the American Association of the Electronic Voice Phenomena, sent an email. "We have seen the trailer for White Noise that will be shown in selected US theaters beginning in October. It is 3/4th about EVP with interviews and sample EVP from the AA-EVP conference and 1/4 about the movie. You may have noticed that the trailer for White Noise that focuses on the movie is on the Internet now (

AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR EVP: The White Noise page (above) has a link to and the last screen in the video tells people to go to for more information about EVP. 'White noise' refers to the radio frequencies between stations which are used by some of the most intelligent scientists as background energy to record 'ghost' voices. To learns more about the ELECTRONIC VOICES Click on BOOK and read Chapters 3 and 4. I strongly suggest you become a member of the AAEVP- as I do believe the afterlife 'revolution' will inevitably come about through EVP and ITC.

UK SCIENCE AND SPIRITUALITY CONFERENCE: October 9 - 10, 2004 - "The Marriage of Science and Spirituality" - Living The Field Conference 2004 - The Logan Hall, Bedford Way, London, UK - Among the speakers Edgar Mitchell, Karl Pribram, Raymond Moody and Stanley Krippner, Cleve Backster, Craig Webb, Skip Atwater, and Joe McMoneagle. It includes a full workshop programme to put theory into practice. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see and hear some of the world's leading physicists, psychics and spiritual pioneers - all in one insight-packed weekend. Read more...

USA PARAPSYHCOLOGY CONFERENCE: October 21 - 24, 2004 - ParaWorldExpo 2004 Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California, USA - Over fifty internationally recognized experts in parapsychology including Dr. PMH Atwater (NDEs), Dr. Stanton Friedman (UFOs), Dr. David Morehouse (Remote Viewing), Dr. Walter Semkiw (Reincarnation), Carol Bowman, MS (Children's past lives), and Dr. Hans Holzer (Parapsychology).

IMPORTANT REMINDER: My challenge to anyone in the world - to the closed minded skeptics, debunkers, to world theologians, scientists, philosophers, empiricists of all kinds and anybody else - is to technically rebut the objective evidence - 21 areas of objectively elicited evidence. I remember those extroverted closed minded debunking skeptics who implied in their communication with me that they would be taking on my challenge. After some SEVEN years no one has been able to properly rebut the objective evidence for the afterlife - I'm still waiting for them!!! If they could - they'd win ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Those who enquired about the challenge just froze when they were informed about the existing empirical afterlife evidence. WHY DID THEY FAIL? The evidence presented is substantively unrebuttable? Click on BOOK top right.

MESSAGE TO THE WORLD - FROM AN AFTERLIFE INTELLIGENCE. Silver Birch is a proven highly credible afterlife intelligence who transmitted some nine books of information from the afterlife. Here is critical information: "We seek to drive out misery, fear and desperation. We seek to bring the light of simple truth and reason, the voice of inspiration, of revelation, the wisdom of the spirit that has been crushed, stifled and repressed for too long. We seek to bring the spirit back into its proper perspective, so that spiritual powers shall be made manifest and all the faults of crude materialism be exposed so that for ever they may be discarded. We seek to oppose all those vested interests of state, church, nation, class and sect. We seek to bring freedom to all, freedom in its fullest, highest, deepest and purest meaning." From A VOICE IN THE WILDERNESS (128 pages of information from the afterlife - ed Tony Ortzen, Psychic Press Ltd. UK - see right column below)

DR BRUCE GREYSON is a respected psychiatrist who has become convinced of the reality of Near Death Experiences. Greyson is excited by how near-death experiences change people's lives. According to Greyson, near-death survivors share no distinctive traits prior to their NDEs, but afterward they generally become more spiritual, more altruistic, and less materialistic. Having pioneered a path-breaking study of suicide survivors who reported having NDEs, Greyson discovered that, unlike other failed suicides, his subjects were less likely to repeat their attempts. According to Greyson, "What they tell you is once you're not afraid of death, you're not afraid of life." Read more…

Report 10th September 2004

DR MELVIN MORSE (Click on BOOK top right then click on Chapter 19, APPARITIONS) would agree with my perception of 'apparitions' - that whilst apparitions cannot be empirically induced, it does not mean apparitions have not taken place. This week we watched on television Robert Stack, the actor hosting the popular UNSOLVED MYSTERIES introducing actual clips of those who had experienced an After Death Communication with a loved one who had recently crossed over. They say with absolute certainty that they ACTUALLY physically saw the loved one from the afterlife for a few moments telling them they were OK and NOT to worry about them at all. There is a great deal of evidence that some apparitions are seen by more than one person at the same time.

THE AFTERLIFE - SCIENCE: QUANTUM PHYSICS- THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE by Michael Talbot is a must-read or anyone interested in the paranormal. "Beginning with the work of physicist Dr David Bohm and neurophysiologist Dr Karl Pribram, both of whom independently arrived at holographic theories or models of the universe, Talbot explains in clear terms the theory and physics of holography and its application, both in science and in explanation of the paranormal and psychic. His theory of reality accommodates this latest thinking in physics as well as many unresolved mind-body questions. This well-written and fascinating study is recommended for science collections". Hilary D. Burton, Lawrence Livermore National Lab., Livermore, Cal.

THIS WEEK'S CRITICAL THEME- YOUR BELIEFS: Beliefs, which are hard-wired into the nervous system - could be leading you astray. Beliefs are yours and if you feel comfortable with them are productive and leading a reasonable relaxed life they may be serving you well. But, do you really have the moral courage to test your beliefs? Inevitably, one day you will have to. Why not now? How do you KNOW that your beliefs constitute the truth, the whole truth and nothing but truth? Also if people are EXPERIENCING some phenomenon - that too could be something of great value for you - e.g. apparitions:

APPARITIONS: For example, surveys repeatedly show that 50% of those whose loved ones cross over will either see or hear them even for few moments and be told they are OK. Just because your beliefs do not allow for apparitions, does not mean they don't occur! But if your beliefs are historical, traditional or cultural - that does not mean your beliefs pass the 'test of validity.' I suggest you review your beliefs immediately- and rise above your environmental conditioning. Beliefs - are 'emotional' too, they are stubborn, obstinate and are hard to shift even if your beliefs contradict science.

DEATH BED CONVERSIONS? Still a big problem. High quality information transmitted from the afterlife dimension keeps telling us about 'self-responsibility.' That a price has to be paid for willful negative deeds, and whilst 'confessing' is a good start, the only person who can 'forgive' you is the victim, the one YOU transgressed against. NO ONE GETS AWAY WITH IT. Those who lie, cheat, negatively manipulate, inflict cruelty, kill, murder or maim others- these will INEVITABLY have to pay a price. NO ONE ON EARTH, no priest, parson, no holy person has the power to absolve you from your 'sins' - transgressions.

TERRORISTS: the world was outraged at the unleashing of so much horror and violence in Iraq, Chechnya, Indonesia and elsewhere - those terrorists who have been brainwashed into BELIEVING (beliefs) that when they commit suicide they will find fifty virgins waiting for them in the afterlife have been misled and hoodwinked. They have been manipulated into accepting a most stupid belief - to motivate them to do evil acts against humanity at their OWN expense - at the expense of their own life. Whilst 'motivation' for acts and omissions - is critical for what happens to terrorists in the afterlife, these terrorists certainly will have to pay a huge price for taking innocent human lives - especially children's lives.

BEHEADING VICTIMS: Those 'Moslems' terrorists we saw on television recently in Iraq beheading their victims claiming they are carrying out God's sentence are not only blaspheming, they are knowingly LYING, CHEATING, WILFULLY MISREPRESENTING the original religious teachings. Some people think that the world is being soft on these terrorists who are apparently 'enjoying' beheading their victims. THIS EVIL will inevitably reduce the terrorists' (AND THEIR LEADERS') own vibrations. The world has to be creative in dealing with these murderers.

THE LOWER, DARK REALM DOES EXIST!: When the terrorists (and their trainers and those others who finance them) cross over - afterlife physics will take over. These terrorists will AUTOMATICALLY be pulled down to the lowest darkest afterlife realm to accommodate their level of low vibrations. The dark lower realm does exist and is horrendous: very dark and cold. Usually it takes eons of time before those who end down there are able to move away from disgusting conditions that defy human description.

GHOST VOICES: I received an email this week from Greg Brammer saying that his newest page of recorded ghost / spirit voices is now complete and online! His site has recently changed from "Voices on the Wind" His website will be featured in the upcoming premier edition of "Ghost! Magazine." You can read the article at:

Report 3rd September 2004

ARCHIVES: I've had so many people asking me to archive my Friday reports so that people will be able to read past reports. My extremely high volume of work these last few years meant the archiving had to be delayed - but now it is happening and 2004 archives will be on my home page very shortly. Access a WEALTH of interesting, vital, critical information which will inevitably help millions of people to understand the rules of the game of life, the huge afterlife consequences.

RICHARD GERE accepts 'spirituality' and the afterlife. Gere recalls: "In the beginning, the thing that captured my imagination was Zen Buddhism. It was much more understandable and I got basic techniques of practice. But then meeting the Tibetans was incredible. The open hearts of these people, their willingness and forgiveness, their willingness to continually do anything to make you happy. It's just amazing."

INTELLIGENCE AND SPIRITUALIY: There is absolutely NO link! Some of those people on earth who do not exhibit particularly high intelligence MAY get to the higher realms in the afterlife if they have been unselfish and SPIRITUAL in the extreme. This includes those working at the lowest end in manual labor who may not have had any religious beliefs at all. By contrast, some of the most intelligent and materially successful people on earth - they could be scientists, psychologists, industrialists, tycoons, or they could be Presidents, Kings and Queens etc.- may find themselves at the bottom end of the astral level in horrible dark, dismal conditions if they have been extremely selfish, too materialistic or cruel.

'AUTHORITY' OF RELIGION?: we must continue to question our beliefs - that is how CONTINUOUS REFINEMENT takes place. Be suspicious of those who tell you 'do not question anything - leave the thinking to us and you just follow our decisions.'!! Now why should we question orthodoxy - and all other religious writings? ALL religious writings and ALL religions are inevitably 'subjective' - which means that even if these religious writings have been around for 2,000 or 5,000 - age does NOT give them objective truth, does not necessarily make them right, make them valid. Just because a few human beings take it upon themselves to write and interpret what is 'truth' - and say, "this is God's word" - does not mean we should not question all decisions. Truth has to be tested, truth has to be validated. Question ALL information until the day you die. Then what gives psychic research 'objective' truth? The fact that there is now a great deal of objectively elicited evidence for the afterlife. PSI (psychic) empiricists are using SCIENTIFIC METHOD- which means repeatability - and obtaining the same results over time and space, keeping variables constant. For some 21 areas of objective afterlife evidence which NO scientist, NO theologian or anybody else has been able to rebut click on BOOK top right now.

CONSCIOUS CROSSING-OVER: those people who understand the afterlife laws are certainly NOT likely to have problems crossing over. Almost certainly, they will cross over in a 'conscious' state. If you have the knowledge you will see everything around you and be fully conscious of what was is going on. The actual crossing over is NOT painful; those with the knowledge will seek the 'light' which will appear on crossing over which is a most pleasant experience- Many call it 'being born'. Your memories will remain intact, your character will NOT change one iota. You cross over with the accumulated experiences and learning you gained while physical on planet earth. Beliefs do NOT change on crossing over. You will even see your own dead physical body. It is possible to stay around for a while - to see your own funeral if you want to. You will then be met by loved ones to assist in the crossing over. Those ignorant of what happens when they die - could have serious problems. Fear could 'freeze' them to stay in one place, not move for decades, even centuries, by earth's time! Others will be taken to 'places of rest' for recuperation. Those who habitually were selfish, who lied, cheated, abused their position and willfully injured others will inevitably have some very serious problems - sending themselves in the lower, darker horrible realm. Incidentally, for those who misused their power or inflicted cruelty onto others, the defence of 'I was following orders' will not be admissible. Click on BOOK top right, then CLICK on Chapter 27 WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE.

A PRIEST CONFESSES! You want to get shocked out of your wits? You want someone from the afterlife dimension with high credibility to directly explain to you why his beliefs when he was on earth were wrong? You want to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth what lies beyond? If you do then I strongly suggest you obtain a copy of Anthony Borgia's three major works: (a) LIFE IN THE WORLD UNSEEN, (b) HEAVEN AND EARTH and (c) MORE LIGHT. Try quality bookshops, alternative bookshops and PSYCHIC NEWS in the UK phone: UK-01279-817050

THE HUMAN AURA: is the energy which is emitted from the body. The Russians pioneered an enormous amount of research and produced some very high tech cameras to photograph the aura - the Kirlian auric photography. Information transmitted from the other side states that the brightness of a person's aura determines how spiritually advanced a person is. A few highly gifted mediums on earth to-day can actually see the aura and are able to detect any future serious physical illness. A colleague of mine 'R', a psychologist, once a skeptic, was advised by a highly gifted medium who examined his aura that he had prostrate problems which needed very urgent attention. Medical specialists immediately confirmed the psychic's diagnosis - 'R's life was saved! It is predicted that one day when these highly sophisticated cameras become more advanced and perfected, they could take pictures of the human aura and will be able to determine the relative brightness (level of spirituality) a person has.

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