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September 7th 2012


Sincere apologies if I have not replied to your email. I have been inundated with very urgent work these last two weeks.

REPORT in 50 languages including - French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese and Hungarian - and many others. Be very patient with the grammar of these automatic translations.

I keep receiving most positive responses about my cross-examinations of anti-afterlife Prof. Hawking (and the other scientist and that closed minded skeptic from Florida). All informed me that the cross examinations show the limited knowledge, closed mindedness and failure to investigate of those who aggressively dismiss the possibility of the afterlife and do everything in their power to stop funding of afterlife research. Courtroom science is about attorneys cross-examining - testing the facts, beliefs, scientific results and all interpretations of results. There are empirical principles similar to scientific method in cross-examinations. It is spectacular when an anti-afterlife scientist or psychologist is put under high pressure in cross-examination -where a scientist, as an expert witness, remains as quiet as a mouse when asked a question like, "Have you ever read the genius scientists- Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir William Crookes, Sir William Barrett and others like them who after they investigated the afterlife they accepted the evidence for the afterlife?" Or when they are asked, if they ever personally investigated the greatest irrefutable evidence for the afterlife we have on earth to-day, in materializations?

CROSS-EXAMINATIONS: Scientists, as 'expert witnesses', in the witness box have to tell the truth under oath- if they do not they will go to prison. They HAVE to answer the questions otherwise they will be held in contempt of court. Cross- examination flushes out prejudices, ignorance and unwillingness to examine the afterlife evidence. Read CROSS-EXAMINATIONS left column www.victorzammit.com

The organizers at the Paralympics in England during the opening ceremony just last week showed us on television Professor Stephan Hawking - with his voice saying 'learn more about the universe' and 'be CURIOUS' - putting this word 'curious' in big letters in light! What colossal hypocrisy! This professor is urging people to be CURIOUS - BUT he himself does NOT want to be curious. Why not? By dismissing the afterlife as "a fairy story" without investigating he came to a conclusion before looking at the evidence. Especially when other highly intelligent physicists ACCEPTED the afterlife evidence AFTER they investigated! This professor has therefore EARNED the title of being a Professor of Hypocrisy - urging others to be curios, but deciding NOT to be curious when it comes to the most important, the most critical, the most vital information we must know - what is going to happen to us when we cross over.

(interview starts at 2mins.05)

Read more about the book.

BRILLIANT RESULTS FOR GERMAN PHYSICAL MEDIUM KAI MUEGGE INVESTIGATED RECENTLY BY AMERICAN PROFESSOR: The Felix Circle announced this week that Professor Stephen Braude has just spent nine days investigating the mediumship of Kai Muegge and is reported as saying that he found absolutely no evidence of fraud. We are all very interested about the results and look forward to reading his report. Well done Kai and Julia Muegge and all the other wonderfully dedicated members of this Circle ! It's not easy having someone "investigate" you for days at a time Read more....
It is also wonderful to note that people who are alive are being reunited with their loved ones in spirit in the Felix Circle. In his latest blog post physical medium Kai Muegge lists six examples. It's early days yet for this Circle so they should be given every support and encouragement. Read more...




SENSATIONAL EVIDENCE FOR THE AFTERLIFE: THE ANNIE NANJI TAPES- People who have 'died' can be heard talking in their own voices in the presence of a direct voice medium which is another kind of physical mediumship. One direct voice medium who was thoroughly tested in recent times was Leslie Flint. There are 66 recordings of casual conversations between one of Leslie Flint's regular sitters and his wife Annie who had died. She was speaking to her husband in direct voice through Leslie Flint over a twelve year period (between 1971 and 1983). They talk in casual conversation like any married couple. The wife tells her husband that he comes to visit her when he is asleep and asks if he remembers visiting her. Listen now....

VICTOR IN CONVERSATION WITH AN AFTERLIFE INTELLIGENCE: Last time Wendy and I sat with the Circle of the Silver Cord I had a very interesting conversation with an afterlife intelligence - the medium David Thompson's main afterlife ''guide'', William. All the members of the Circle who were present could hear the conversation - as if we had a conversation in the lounge room. We discussed the most interesting topic of the levels of spheres - the different levels of vibrations in the afterlife. William promised that he will tell us more about these realms - through the medium. He will be inspiring David about these realms. More about this later on.

CATHOLIC PRIEST AN EXPERT IN ELECTRONIC VOICE PHENOMENA Father Francois Brune claimed that a tape serves as a medium for capturing the voices of the dearly departed. He said he had thousands of accounts from deceased persons who have communicated with their loved ones through a variety of modern electronic devices. Read more... and see video below (in French).



YOU CAN REMAIN HEALTHY ALL YOUR LIFE: HEALING AND PERFECT HEALTH: Highly credible afterlife teachers agree that we generally, will NOT get sick, we will NOT cause illness to ourselves if we can attain perfect harmony in mind, body and spirit. (excluding karmic and genetic problems).
It's quite a challenge, but theoretically it is possible if one:
1) eats the right food with the right quantities,
2) does some physical exercise, including walking,
3) continues to read about the afterlife to continue to expand the mind, and 4) increases connection and spirituality by unselfishly helping others. You will be on the right track to stay healthy all your life. No illness, no disease will come your way. If one is sick, one can bring healing to oneself in one's life and bring perfect harmony in mind, body and spirit to regain perfect health - and longevity.


Wendy and I watched very closely this episode called 'Where's Grandad.' We counted more than 80 hits for each of the highly gifted forensic mediums: Sue Nicholson (pictured, left) and Kelvin Cruickshank (below, left). They were told nothing about the case. They did not know the location in advance. Each psychic was filmed on a different day and both were kept under strict observation to prevent fraud of any kind. Yet, the sensational evidence showed they made accurate hits including gender, age, marital status, how many children the victim had. They also got to know when the crime was committed, where the body was found, how the victim was killed and even WHO killed the victim! The uninformed negatively entrenched skeptics faced with this sensational information come up with the usual nonsense " ... it must be fraud." Again I ask: why are not scientists investigating this non physical energy and this stunning repeatable evidence -the evidence that will revolutionize our acceptance about the afterlife on a global level?

Part 1
Part 2 (Part 3 above) Part 4 Part 5

QUESTION: Does the 'etheric soul-spirit' that survives after we die ever sink so low that it is extinguished altogether?

Ans: "NO. It may reach a stage where the spark of the Divine within it is but a small flicker, but the light never goes out, for the link which binds it to the Great Power is a link forged in eternity. No soul descends so low that it cannot rise. No soul is so high that it cannot descent to help the lowest." (S. Birch.)


MONROE INSTITUTE TO BE FEATURED ON "THE UNEXPLAINED" There are 2 back-to-back episodes that will air on U.S. BIO Channel about Monroe and the Lifeline participants. They will be on Saturday September 15th beginning at 10 PM (EST) and will be the FINALE(!) to the season. In the episode “Journey of the Lost” - A group of 13 dedicated people gather on top of a rural Virginia mountain in an attempt to "rescue" deceased spirits across the country. Sometimes called the real “ghost-busters,” The Monroe Institute’s Life liners claim to seek out souls who have not yet crossed over and try to help them do so.

QUESTION: Victor, we see some religions who use violence against others - claiming to be legitimate according to their religion. How can that be spiritual?

Victor: I said it before and say it again - this is very important to understand: being 'religious' does not necessarily mean one is being 'spiritual'. Being spiritual means only good things are done or said - anything that will unselfishly help others. This also means that someone who is spiritual CANNOT use violence or cruelty against others. There are some religions which urge violence against those who are not of the same faith. That may be religious BUT that is NOT being spiritual. We can ONLY raise our spiritual-etheric vibrations when we practice loving kindness to all. Of course, those who are highly religious can also be highly spiritual - but it's not automatic. Conduct, how we behave, will determine if we are being spiritual.

PLEASE EXPLAIN: "I was reading that when a Catholic priest says, 'I absolve you form your sins' it means that the sinner's sins are totally forgiven - as if he did not commit those sins (sins=violations of spiritual laws). What do you say about that - do you think that priests can completely forgive sins? Carlos. Argentina.

Victor: This is a question of 'authority'. For those who have been researching transmissions from the afterlife by highly credible sources, the answer is that no priest, no mullah, no padre, no minister, no self-appointed holy-man has the power power to change in any way the universal Law of Cause and Effect and to erase karmic consequences. No person on earth, be he a pope, cardinal, archbishop, priest, nun or anybody else can be completely forgiven by confessing his spiritual transgressions to another priest. I say it is a good start if someone who has done awful things says and feels sincerely sorry. But we are told that the Law of Cause and Effect sooner or later will make the wrongdoer experience the pain and suffering of the victim. That is called Cosmic Justice - perfect in its operation. The Law of Cause and Effect works with mathematical precision and guaranteed, no one on earth has the power to change this Law.

WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN MOMENTS AFTER YOU DIE? This has always been a very popular question over the years. Of course, what happens at the time of crossing over may depend on how much you have read about the afterlife. Those who have done their homework about the afterlife will know what is going to happen – they will be met by a loved one/s who will help them to go to the realm of the light. Relatives who witness their afterlife-informed loved-ones crossing over state there is much peace, harmony, light and love moments before the crossing over. The other extreme hard-core closed minded skeptic, immediately after the crossing over, can go into DENIAL that he/she had died. Just seconds after crossing over they feel SOMETHING has happened – but they keep deluding themselves they are still on physical earth – where no one talks to them, no one listens to them, no one seems to care for them. Confusion settles in – and for them that can last for centuries – even for thousands of years!!!


BOOK OFFER: THANKS TO CHICK LOWSON - again, he sent more funding to pay for international postage of free copies of my book - but only for those who cannot really afford to buy it. If you are in financial hardship and would love a copy of A LAWYER PRESENTS THE CASE FOR THE AFTERLIFE send me an email with your full name and correspondence address to vz@victorzammit.com. Last time Chick Lowson sent funds the book went to many people in India, Malaysia, Canada, England, the USA, Singapore and Australia.

There may be those who would be interested to obtain some quick legal advice about some aspect of the law. I have dealt with a number of topics for your assistance. Topics include: marriage, divorce, property settlement, doctor's duties, sexual harassment, purchasing a business, partnership liability, murder, claims against insurance companies, defamation, copyright, directors' liability, police radar, website photo copyright, police search warrants and more: http://victorzammit.wordpress.com/


FEEDBACK:Only 3 chosen:

1. "Victor Bravo, brilliant cross examination of a famous person who used their narrow thread of expertise to make a stupid comment based only on perceived intellectual reputation and not on the facts. Brilliant. I have been to the “other side” and I can be called as a witness to verify my journey. I tagged along on a friend's journey – 24 hours before her physical body died to the minute, then wrote it down because it was so amazing and sent it to my friends. It included things I did not know about her. Her spirit had left her body [comatose] 24hrs before she died. Mr
Hawking does not have first hand experience…..yet! Deb P.Adelaide. Australia.

2. Hey Victor and Wendy, The email that Jim P sent to you the end of August was put perfectly. You do have a fascinating website and I only wish there were more people like you. I've been reading your emails religously...no pun intended there...for many years now. My only wish is that you are both greatly awarded one day for your contributions, either here, or over there! Thanks Again, Your loyal fan, Mark.

3. Victor and Wendy, thanks so much for a wonderful Friday Afterlife Report! those reports never cease to amaze me :) and thank you for putting that beautiful song at the end of the report, i adore that song! :) love you both! :) ps, thank you both for being a great friend and spiritual mentors :) - Adam.

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