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April 2005

April 22nd, 2005

: "In Memory of a Global Humanitarian, Lost in the Line of Duty: Marla Ruzicka went to Iraq with one clear purpose -- to help Iraqis who are victims of the ongoing battle with insurgents and terrorists. Tragically, she too was a casualty, killed in a suicide bombing. But those whose lives she touched say she will never be forgotten. This photo with an Iraqi child was taken only hours before Ms. Ruzicka's untimely death. The little girl was just three-months-old when she lost her entire family in a rocket attack. It was for this child, and many other Iraqis victimized by the ongoing violence, that Marla founded the Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict, or CIVIC." (More about this in context of the afterlife next week). Read more

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: you have many scientists supporting the afterlife – but I’m told there are other scientists who do not support the afterlife. That has added so much to my confusion as who to believe. Comment?

VICTOR: First, you were told something wrong! With absolute certainty, there has NEVER been any scientist - not one empiricist, no debunker, no materialist or anybody else who put out a book or a professionally researched article giving substantive, empirical reasons why the afterlife does not or cannot exist. For more than twenty five years I searched for such a book or article. But over the last 100 years there have been many other professional scientists with the highest qualifications and integrity who had the technical skills and capacity to conduct psi experiments with great objectivity and accepted the evidence. These scientists do not just ‘believe’ in the afterlife, they ACCEPT the EVIDENCE. There is a very important distinction between scientists who investigated and scientists who did NOT investigate the afterlife evidence. Those scientists who did NOT investigate have NO authority to make any comments about the afterlife.

SUB QUESTION: are you asking these scientists who do not accept the evidence to ‘prove the negative’? Is not the onus of proof on those who assert?

VICTOR: ‘Proving the negative’ - proving that something cannot exist is NOT the issue once the afterlife evidence has been EXPRESSLY presented. For example, I asserted some 20 areas of afterlife evidence. This means I was empirically showing why the afterlife evidence I was presenting is valid and is unrebuttable. In professional-empirical debate, once the evidence is presented, the onus shifts onto those who disagree to show why the objective evidence cannot be valid. In the EIGHT years that I sent my objective afterlife evidence to these closed minded skeptical scientists, as stated above, no scientist has been able to rebut the validity of the objectively elicited afterlife evidence. If the evidence has not been rebutted, it stands permanently as valid admissible evidence.

9/11 TERRORIST ON TRIAL: It is almost certain that Zacarias Moussaoui, one of the terrorists who participated in the 9/11, will be found guilty as charged and will be sentenced to death for the most heinous crime in American history. Whilst the immediate emotional response is to execute him, I say “Do NOT kill him”. There is a danger that he will become a greater threat to American national security if he is killed. Why? Highly credible and consistent information transmitted from the afterlife tells us that someone like this Moussaoui will, on crossing over, hang around anti-Americans to influence them to terrorism against the U.S.

NEW POPE – Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI: there are already criticisms that this newly elected Pope is too conservative for the modern world. He’s against women priests, against the use of condoms – even in AIDS infected Africa where millions have died, against contraception, against gays, against reform. It just may be that at the age of 78 he’ll be there for a ‘short’ time while the reformists have time to plot for the next Pope. We are informed that Pope Benedict was doing all the theological thinking for the previous Pope. But we have to suspend all judgment about this new Pope and judge by his results. The Catholic Church is facing huge problems. Last year in Ireland only 8 priests were ordained. And, as I stated before, the Church has to come to terms with empirically produced new information that is putting pressure on it to modify the 2,000 year old, outmoded theology – especially where parts in the Bible are irrelevant and have been invalidated by science and afterlife empiricism.

MODERN LOGICAL FALLACIES: it was brought to my attention that there is a materialistic group on the East Coast of the U.S. which keeps hammering ‘critical thinking’. How can ANY debunking, materialistic, atheistic, anti-psychic group have objective theoretical validity about its promotion of ‘critical thinking’ when its core reason for existence is the belief that ‘the paranormal does not exist.’ That is NOT critical thinking. That is NOT logical. That is NOT rational. That is a non-sequitur, it does ‘NOT follow’.

THE POLITICIZATION AND COMMERICALIZATION OF RELIGION IN AMERICA: We have seen American evangelists publicly crusading for Jesus and Republicanism – AND at the same time the Christian crusade leaders telling their people to send money by cheque and credit cards to. There was a noted degree of success - Ronald Reagan, and subsequent Republican presidents gained a great deal of political support from these Christian fundamentalists. But history tells us it is highly dangerous to mix politics and religion. The mixing of the two is like oil and water. But when you infuse POLITICS and COMMERCE with RELIGION, you are taking SPIRITUALITY out of religion. A religion WITHOUT spirituality is absolutely meaningless. That is what happened to ISLAMIC extremism. Critics have also stated to a smaller extent that is what happened to the Catholic Church. There will be some success in the politico/religious crusading, but in the long run one extreme will create a larger and more powerful opposite extreme. We must not forget that extreme religious conservatism to-day is pinning its beliefs on things written more than 2,000 years and 3,000 years ago by unknown people. To-day, empirically elicited afterlife information transcends the ancient writings of people who were enormously superstitious.

RUSSIAN NATASHA DEMKINA WOWS THEM IN JAPAN – Russian psychic X-ray girl performed brilliantly in Japan. Japanese scientists accepted Natasha’s psychic gifts. The British accepted Natasha’s medical intuitive gifts. Only the New York testing by the anti-psychic, anti-paranormal, anti-psi, anti-afterlife, became questionable. Read more … and see below.

THE SCIENTIFIC AND MEDICAL NETWORK is an international interdisciplinary forum for people exploring worldviews beyond materialism. Based in the UK it links like-minded individuals from more than fifty countries. The Network brings together scientists, doctors, psychologists, engineers, philosophers, complementary practitioners and other professionals, and offers associate membership to anyone sympathetic to its aims which are to challenge the adequacy of scientific materialism as an exclusive basis for knowledge and values and to provide a safe forum for the critical and open minded discussion of ideas that go beyond the reductionist paradigm. Its webpage…

THE MYSTICS AND SCIENTISTS Conference held by the Scientific and Medical Network last weekend was a great success. According to spokesperson Charla Devereux, of the network "Research into the paranormal is becoming more accepted by the scientific establishment, particularly among younger academics. There will always be skepticism, but that's no problem as long as minds aren't closed. And on the other side there is still a lot of flakiness. So it can be difficult walking a central road to get the best from both sides." Read report.

PROFESSOR ARCHIE ROY VALIDATES MEDIUMSHIP Patricia Robertson has conducted triple-blind experiments on mediums alongside Professor Archie Roy. She says: "We are convinced that some mediums can impart to a sitter information about people who have died that they couldn't possibly know in any normally accepted way. I'm not saying that it comes from the dead, but the most plausible explanation is that the information is coming from the deceased personalities." Read report...

EDGAR CAYCE FILM WINS SEDONA FILM FESTIVAL AWARD. A documentary film about Edgar Cayce won the Directors' Choice Award Sunday at the 11th annual Sedona International Film Festival in Sedona, Arizona. "Edgar Cayce, Beautiful Dreamer" was also selected as the "Festival Favorite" and "Most Thought-Provoking Documentary" during the four-day event ... The hour long documentary traces Cayce's life from his birth near Hopkinsville in 1877 to his death in Virginia Beach, Va., in 1945. Using his skills as a clairvoyant, Cayce is credited with more than 14,000 medical diagnoses and readings while under hypnosis. He is known worldwide as the "Sleeping Prophet." Read more...
*** "Edgar Cayce: The Beautiful Dreamer" (VHS or DVD) Edgar Cayce's near-death experiences:

INTERNATIONAL Association for Near Death Experiences Annual Conference SEPTEMBER 8 - 10, 2005 –"Message and Meaning: Using the Near-Death Experience as a Tool for Living". Check out the IANDS Conference page for more info:

(Next week: will include Russia's paranormal acitivity).

April 15th, 2005

GERMAN PHYSICIST VALIDATES THE PARANORMAL: German Professor Dr Ernst Senkowski after doing intensive paranormal and afterlife research for over twenty years repeatedly obtained positive paranormal and 'afterlife' results. His background briefly: 1946: Studying experimental physics at University Hamburg. 1958: Dr.'s degree at University Mainz. 1958/59: 15 months UNESCO Expert in Physics in the National Research Center, Cairo/Egypt. 1961: Lecturer and professor at the Technical University (Fachhochschule) Bingen training engineering students in physics and electronics. His masterpiece on the results of his experiments into the paranormal is his book INSTRUMENTAL TRANSCOMU-NICATION: the full German version

DR AMIT GOSWAMI quantum physicist- after investigating the evidence for the afterlife - accepts the evidence! He is professor of physics at the Institute of Theoretical Sciences at the University of Oregon and author of numerous scientific papers and several books. His best: PHYSICS OF THE SOUL - the quantum book of living, dying, reincarnation and immortality (Available from Deepak Chopra M.D calls him "One of the most brilliant minds in the world of science." He is one of the scientists who appear in the film "What the Bleep do we Know", and does not leave out consciousness in explaining quantum physics.

U.S. PHYSICIST DR CHESTER CARLSON, scientist Xerox inventor helped the American Society for Psychical Research acquire their headquarters in New York and founded a Chair at the University of Virginia to study reincarnation- afterlife implications.

MEDIUM - the absolutely fantastic weekly television show based on Allison Dubois’ psychic skills is breaking new grounds in Australia. It is rapidly becoming the best television show of its genre in the history of television. Tell your friends about the show – it is critical that empirically validated information about psi be spread all around the globe. Continuous refinement in mind, body and spirit is the way to go. Allison Dubois’ contribution to American society and the world generally, where her shows are being viewed, must at all times be recognized. It must never be forgotten that in Allison Dubois we are dealing with a genuinely gifted psychic. This does NOT mean that anyone who claims to be a psychic is necessarily a genuine. Always base assessment on RESULTS.

POPE JOHN PAUL II BACK IN THE VATICAN? Reliable information transmitted from the afterlife has consistently shown that too much GRIEF after someone crosses over will pull their spirit to earth. This happens even if the number intensely grieving is a small number – 3 to 5. Now imagine what will happen if some TWO MILLION grieve for the Pope. He’s likely to be pulled back into the Vatican for years to come!! Upon crossing over afterlife physics becomes immediately operative irrespective of status, power and authority gender and age. That is what happens. And anyone can scream till they are blue in the face. No one on earth has ANY powers to change natural law. The authority for this is empirically elicited. Theology always has to be modified in the light of empirically elicited information. It can NEVER be any other way.

THE NICENE CREED is OUT OF DATE, not consistent with empirically obtained information (science) and is causing serious problems for Christians! Science told the Church it was wrong about its view of the universe –see the Galileo controversy. The Nicene CREED
which was drafted in the year 325AD at the Council of Nicea – is the creed which ALL Catholics (and many Christians) have been reciting since 325 AD . It is recited to-day in every Catholic service – Mass. Part of it is “And he (Jesus) shall come again with glory to judge both the quick and the dead.” Empirical evidence (i.e. science) has shown that this is absolutely WRONG! The average decent person on crossing over is met by a loved one to assist in the crossing over to a better life. We do NOT stay ‘six feet underground’ for thousands of years until Jesus comes back to judge the living and the dead. ‘Positive empiricists’ do get information from highly credible sources that quite unnecessarily, many Christians are getting caught in the gray unpleasant realms of the Astral because they have an erroneous fixed mind about what should happen to them when they cross over. I certainly do not give this warning to win any friends. But truth has to transcend winning friends and influencing people!!

MORE SUICIDE DEATHS IN IRAQ: we must never forget that there are American and other coalition soldiers trying to keep peace in Iraq. Deaths from bombings could send too many to the Astral realm - one level above the earth’s level, a grayish realm. There is strong suspicion that outsiders are entering Iraq to cause most of the terrorism and the suicide bombings. It is imperative the suicide bombings stop – not only Iraq but everywhere else in the world - as their negative effect is sending people into an afterlife dimension of confusion. For those who cause innocent deaths – there will be no heaven, no angels, no God, no virgins waiting for them on crossing over. A strong possibility is that they end down in the lower darker Astral realm.

MOTHERING FROM THE AFTERLIFE: important afterlife research by Carla Wills Brandon Ph.D. If your mother is deceased and you had a powerful spiritual experience with her, right before or after her passing Carla would like to hear from you. If you have encountered such experiences with other caregivers, if you feel these loved ones continued to care for you as their passing drew near, or if they have made contact with you since then, please feel free to email her.
Her webpage
Office: U.S.(281)338-2992

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: assuming one accepts the concept of karma, what things done on earth create the most negative karma?

VICTOR: ‘Karma’ is ‘action’ – it could be ‘good’ or ‘bad action’. It is one of the seven laws of energy, the Law of Cause and Effect, which states that for every (energy) action there is a (an energy) reaction. Energy is a 'boomerang' - the 'energy' you give out will inevitably return to you. Highly credible information transmitted from the afterlife dimension – and consistent with other information empirically elicited, states that the two most harmful karmic actions are cruelty and selfishness. Any willfully negative action will lower the vibrations of one’s etheric body. Positive, unselfish actions will increase the vibrations.

VOICES FROM THE DARK– the story of the great Leslie Flint - one of the most interesting and gifted direct-voice mediums ever. Highly recommended. This book was first published by Macmillan London in 1971, reprinted by Psychic Press in 1988, and most recently released by Two Worlds. In addition to the direct-voice, Flint (1911-1994) had clairvoyant, clairaudient, and trance mediumship abilities, but the direct-voice phenomenon was his primary gift. He demonstrated his ability before packed audiences in London halls and in small circles that included many prime movers and celebrities. Flint claimed that he must have been the most tested medium in England. "I have been boxed up, tied up, sealed up, gagged, bound, and held, and still the voices have come to speak their message of eternal life," For more on Leslie Flint see Chapter 11.

April 8th, 2005

AFTERLIFE QUANTUM PHYSICS: a brilliant presentation by scientist Ron Pearson – that quantum mechanics can explain ESP and afterlife phenomena. Ron Pearson’s model explains the entire spectrum of the so-called “paranormal” including mediumship, telepathy, psychokinesis, psychometry, healing, apports, OOB’s, NDE’s and prediction. Read more …

A BILLION MORE SUPPORTERS FOR PSYCHICS AND SPIRITUALISTS?: Brazilian Cardinal Claudio Hummes, a contender to become the next pope, criticized what he suggested was a church out of touch with contemporary life. "The church must adapt to the modern world," Hummes, the Archbishop of San Paolo, said before heading to Rome. "It can't give ancient answers to new questions." "The next Pope", he added, "must respond to progress and maintain a serious dialogue with science." A Pope who will make an all-out effort to empiricize beliefs about the afterlife could very well mean that the Church will find common ground with Spiritualists and the psi empiricists who accept the afterlife evidence. This would guarantee the Church will last forever. It would also mean more than a BILLION CATHOLICS supporting the empirical evidence for the afterlife. This IS possible. It CAN happen. It is realistically achievable! Catholics ALREADY accept that the afterlife exists. All we have to do is to give them the empirical basis for their beliefs. This is already being done now with a lot of success!

65 MILLION AMERICANS have personally experienced ESP. A 2001 national Gallup poll found that half of all Americans believe ESP is real. The authors of the forthcoming book called THE GIFT (see below) explain how scientists established the reality of ESP through laboratory experiments in three forms of ESP – precognition, clairvoyance and telepathy – and how ESP operates in real life through dreams, intuition and visual/auditory manifestations. Although much has already been discovered about the afterlife we still have a way to go to be able to switch on the radio and have loved ones transmitting information from the otherside at will. The Americans with their history of freedom, motivation and innovation are favorites to beat the rest of the world in this ultimate frontier of afterlife discovery.

BRILLIANT! “THE GIFT”: the book will be in U.S. bookshops in May: ESP-The Extraordinary Experiences of Ordinary People by Dr. Sally Rhine Feather and Michael Schmicker. A parapsychologist examines how ESP works with gripping case histories from the world’s largest collection of ESP experiences Format: Hardcover, 288 pages, $23.95 (Canada $33.95) Available: Bookstores nationwide, online at Book Website: and Author contacts: sally@rhine.org1-919-309-4600 Ext. 205 1-808-291-1534 Can some people really see the future, read other peoples’ minds, or psychically observe distant events unfold, as they happen, even when they take place hundreds or even thousands of miles away from them? Yes, they can, declares clinical psychologist Dr. Sally Rhine Feather , daughter of the late, renowned ESP researcher Dr. J.B. Rhine, whose pioneering laboratory experiments at Duke University brought scientific credibility to paranormal research.

200 REAL-LIFE ESP STORIES are taken from the Rhine Research Center’s ever-growing database of over 14,000 ESP reports – the world’s largest collection of ESP experiences. Dr. Feather and her co-author Michael Schmicker share with the reader extraordinary psychic experiences sent in by people all over America – from avoiding injuries and accidents to predicting the death of family members; from finding stolen cars to catching cheating spouses; from winning the lottery to foreseeing the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941 and the 9-11 terrorist attack on America in 2001. The book has brilliant attestations by: physicist Prof Fred Allen Wolfe, Dr Rupert Sheldrake, Dr Larry Dossey, medium extraordinaire John Edward, ex-CIA remote viewer Joe McMoneagle, psi empiricist Dr Dean Radin (see left column), empiricist Dr Jeffrey Mishlove, Dr Harvey Hendrix, Stanley Krippner , Ph.D , Professor of Psychology, Prof Charles Tart and others.

PHYSICIST BUILDS SCIENTIFIC SUPPORT for the paranormal: Dr. Claude Swanson was educated as a physicist at MIT and Princeton University. During those years he worked at the MIT Science Teaching Center, Brookhaven National Laboratory and a Virginia cyclotron in the summer. At Princeton he received the National Science Foundation Fellowship and Putnam Fellowship. His Ph.D. thesis at Princeton was done in the "Gravity Group," which focuses on experimental cosmology and astronomy, and was headed by Nobel laureate Robert Dicke. Dr. Claude Swanson's Book is called The Synchronized Universe. Read more...

EXCELLENT MEDIUMS: I am seeking references from those who went to mediums and considered them to be very accurate. Kindly send details:

GOODBYE POPE JOHN PAUL II The balance sheet. On the credit side, it is true that this Pope was honest and sincere, that he traveled many countries, that he apologized to the Jews and to psychics and to others for the centuries of heinous misdeeds done under the Papacy’s leadership. It is also true that he was instrumental in bringing down communism in Poland. For brilliant public relations I give him 10/10. On the debit side? Hard facts, confirmed even by some of the Cardinals, show that the Church under the extreme conservatism of Pope John Paul II, has NOT moved a fraction, not an inch, not a millimeter in theology since 325 A.D.! Some Cardinals have also stated that the Church must inevitably change its theology or it will collapse like a house of cards. In Western Europe and the English speaking countries, the number of practicing Catholics has sharply declined. People to-day are protesting with their feet- NOT attending Church services. In England as I stated a few weeks ago, surveys showed there are more Spiritualists than Catholics. Reports show that some 75% of all Catholics are ‘non-white’, yet 80% of the Cardinals are European or ‘white’. If the Church does not try to empiricise its theology with the empirically validated afterlife evidence, it will fast lose credibility. To-day people want EVIDENCE for their beliefs – not blind faith in beliefs created 2,000 years ago by unknown people. In context of theology, some of the Cardinals would give Pope John Paul II 0/10.

PSYCHIC NIGHT IN SYDNEY: a message for YOU from the other side? Psychic night at the Arncliffe Scots Club 29 Burrows St. ph.9567-3472 on Friday April 15th at 8.00pm – ten dollars entrance fee for expenses. Former ABC radio personality Barry Eaton (who has his own popular psychic radio show will be the MC: I am informed the night is going to be something absolutely fabulous. One of the mediums Ezio de Angelis – is believed to be just as good as John Edward. It will be a live show called PSYCHIC DIMENSIONS with Kate Barnes and Anne (numerology).

‘RATIONALIZATION THROUGH COGNITIVE DISSONANCE’. This is what psychologists would call the refusal of aggressive closed minded skeptics to accept objective truth. This means that materialists will try to rationalize their beliefs when they come across the evidence for the afterlife. They will vehemently deny all afterlife empirical evidence and keep on repeating ‘it can’t be true’. The dissonance – the afterlife evidence penetrating their materialist minds– gives them enormous anxiety. Their hearts start to pump faster, they start to sweat and panic. That's when some of these materialists descend to the sewer to indulge in descriptive, dirty, filthy language and irrationalities. In doing this they try to alleviate the psychological and physical 'pain' caused by valid empirical afterlife evidence.

Electronic Voice Phenomena:
(EVP). In Sydney, Australia. Interview NOT to be missed. Prior to the release of Hollywood movie WHITE NOISE in Australia in the next week or so, Rob Smith – someone with EVP expertise- will be interviewed on National TODAY Channel 9 (early show) on the 15th April 05 between 7 and 9am. EVP experiments are now conducted in many parts of the world especially in the U.S., U.K., Spain, Canada, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Russia, France, Brazil, Portugal, Australia.

April 1st 2005

GOODBYE TERRI SCHIAVO! Terri Schiavo crossed over peacefully to a better world this week. I had a record number of emails on this one. A couple of emailers did not quite understand my position. I stated that IF there was NO consciousness at all (i.e. if there is NO ‘spiritual’ life) – AND if the medical experts stated that she will never regain consciousness, there is no point in keeping ‘human flesh’ alive. This is because she cannot exercise her free will. Nor was she responsible for her actions or omissions. Where it is proven there is ‘no awareness’ there can never be responsibility. She was being kept alive by artificial means. Removing the life support system would bring about a situation where Terri would die of ‘natural causes.’ According to highly credible sources, Terri Schiavo would have been met by her loved ones from the other side on crossing over. She would then go to a beautiful world, in perfect health, without any disabilities at all. There are some 25,000 patients in similar circumstances (but with different intensity) to those Terry Schiavo experienced in the United States to-day.

POPE JOHN PAUL IS DEAD! We send this Pope peace and light for his journey into the AFTERLIFE. In my estimation his greatest contributions were TWO main things: being fundamental in dismantling the communist monster in Easter Europe. Secondly, his apologies for the heinous Catholic Inquisition and his apologies to the Jewish people. According to experts more than 9 million innocent people - many of these were psychics mostly in Europe, some in the Americas and the Far East - were burnt at the stake during the Inquisition between 1172 AD and the 1850's. But the time has come for the Catholic Cardinals to select a progressive Pope to rule the claimed billion Catholics around the world. In a most challenging world, the Catholics must also have stronger, more liberal and intelligent leadership to transcend the entrenched irrelevancies of theology and to work with the positive psi empiricists to work out a way to reconcile Catholic beliefs with science - and empirically validate psi information. Next week, after the funeral rhetoric and the nicities are over, I will be dealing with the issues the television reporters have NOT told us about Pope John Paul. For there to be continuous spiritual refinement, we must at all times be objective, equitable and take EVERYTHING into consideration.

A LAWYER’S WAY: my professional training as a lawyer taught me that in ALL circumstances, without exception, NEVER to believe anyone, anywhere, anytime unless I am presented with irrefutable, hard core evidence that what is being stated can be independently substantiated. There is NO other way to deal with the truth. This is the kind of admissible evidence I have presented in my book about the objective evidence for the existence of the afterlife – click on BOOK top right.

LAUGHED ALL THE WAY TO THE FLOOR! I heard Prof Paul Kurtz from the American deeply entrenched closed minded skeptics and materialists’ camp answering a question on TV about the afterlife. He said words to the effect, “Science shows that there is no afterlife.” I was sitting watching this materialists’ documentary and nearly fell off my chair laughing at the absurdity of Paul’s comment. The truth? Science HAS shown the afterlife exists. Paul should have said, “Well, actually I am not a scientist, I’m into philosophy. I have NOT investigated the objective evidence for the afterlife. Otherwise I would tell you in my own eloquent way WHY the afterlife empirical evidence cannot be accepted.” Just have a look in this page to see Nobel Prize winners and other scientists and empiricists who systematically investigated the afterlife and accepted the evidence for its existence. Guaranteed Paul, one day you will accept an inevitability which cannot be avoided by anyone.

PAT BOONE, the veteran U.S. singer and spokesperson for a group of right to life campainers to-day on cable television compared Terri Schiavo with Joan of Arc. Absolute rubbish! Joan of Arc was clairaudient and heard voices which led her and France to a number of victories over the British. There is NO dispute she was psychic. God did NOT talk to her, but a person who once lived on earth. Now, what does she have to do with the circumstances of Terri Schiavo?

CHRIS ROBINSON's (psychic detective) item shortly.

In the UK: NOBEL PRIZE WINNER PROF BRIAN JOSEPHSON on radio discussing the internationally infamous Natasha Demkina case -: Monday's BBC World Service programme Outlook for 4 April will include an item concerning Russian medical psychic Natasha Demkina. Extracts from the Discovery/Channel 4 'investigation' by CSICOP will be followed by an interview with Natasha and a discussion of the validity of the 'experiment' and the phenomenon of medical intuition with Prof Josephson.

The program will be broadcast internatioanlly, first at 12.05 pm UK time (BST) on the 4th April and repeated twice subsequently over the following 24 hrs; it can be listened to on the internet live and for around a week later. You will need to first download a free version of Real Player- (Windows Media Player doesn't work with BBC programs) and then go to the Outlook homepage.

For details on how to listen to the programme via radio in any country see full information on international radio schedules.

PSYCHIC NIGHT IN SYDNEY: a message for YOU from the other side? Psychic night at the ARNCLIFFE Scotts Sports and Social Club, 29 Burrowns St., Ph 9567-3472. - on Friday April 15th at 8.00pm. $10 entry will cover the expenses. Former ABC radio personality Barry Eaton (who has his own psychic radio show ) will be the MC: I am informed the night is going to be something absolutely fabulous. One of the mediums Ezio de Angelis – (is believed to be just as good as John Edward) – with Kate Barnes and Anne (numerology). It will be a live show called PSYCHIC DIMENSIONS.

QUESTION of the week: Victor, do you get many skeptics attacking your research? John Williams, Fairfield, U.S.A.
Victor: Of the last 2,600 emails, only seven were from the ‘closed minded skeptical materialist debunkers.’ One of them shows he is mentally sick, psycholog-ically highly unstable. The others are just thick-headed – do not even know – or want to accept - that they do NOT have science to support their closed minded skepticism - they are nothing but 'secular religionists.' Just a quick point of order: I regard ‘skeptics’ as those who genuinely ask questions allowing for possible acceptance of some principle/ fact/information. But the closed minded debunkers - the ones you would be referring to - hijacked the word ‘skeptic’ to try to give themselves respectability. But they have failed in that too!

HALLE BERRY, the gorgeous young James Bond movie star stated in a documentary on cable television that she is highly spiritual. Welcome to the club, Halle. It is really wonderful to see a beautiful person with a beautiful heart and soul being a most irresistibly alluring ambassador for spirituality.

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