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November 20th 2009

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APOLOGIES: if I have not replied to your email. Still inundated with huge volumes of emails. We've just arrived from the U.K. and Europe and will be traveling again to
San Francisco in a few weeks' time. Duty calls!

We are informed that materialist biologist Professor Richard Dawkins is running wild with his books promoting Darwinism and claiming that 'evolution' is evidence for atheism, and impliedly that there is no afterlife.
ABSOLUTELY WRONG! I submit that as a biologist Dawkins has no idea what constitutes admissible evidence, unlike litigation lawyers and judges. Dawkins is unfairly disseminating his own interpretation as propaganda using evolution to support his own atheistic views. He came to his conclusions because he selected only that information which supports his own anti-afterlife beliefs. But when - as a lawyer - I investigated evolution, I have to look at ALL the evidence for evolution - even the evidence which contradicts Dawkins'. In the space given I very briefly outline just six points:

1. Content analysis of Dawkins’ own works shows he does not have the competence or the skills to perceive evolution with true empirical equanimity because of his own admitted deep atheistic beliefs. He says himself that he does not like debating because you have to look at both sides of an argument. Lawyers are professional debaters.

2. The law of energy: energy cannot be created nor destroyed- but it can be transformed. The individual is 'vibrating energy'. On crossing over, the highly 'evolved consciousness' (which is vibrating energy) in us survives physical death. At that moment of crossing over, then there is a transformation to a higher level of energy vibration (energy changing form but not destroyed). Other scientists confirm the existence of the ‘energy consciousness’ on crossing over - see chapter 2 and chapter 25 for evidence of consciousness surviving

3. There is ‘designed’ intelligence in the 'energy behind the evolutionary process' which has developed the species. Physicists tell us this awareness and intelligence exists even at the level of subatomic particles. What is responsible for this vital energy Dawkins omits to mention?

4. As a lawyer, I see more in 'natural selection' than the reductionist- Darwinian Dawkins who says the environment plays a critical role in selecting the ‘heritable traits’ for reproduction of a more perfect species. To me this means that the environment also has a ‘designed intelligence' which enables it to select those specific heritable traits for reproduction to a more evolved species.

5. The law of evolution continues in the afterlife – from physical evolution we move to to spiritual evolution. We are informed by the afterlife teachers that evolution (evolving of the spirituality) continues in the afterlife from the lower to the higher realms.

6. The law of evolution is now recognized by Spiritualists as a major law in the universe and Spiritualists had it in their books decades before Richard Dawkins came on the scene.

So, Prof Richard Dawkins is an atheist who tries to delude himself that Darwinism is an argument against theism to justify his own atheistic and anti-afterlife beliefs. But properly and legitimately assessed, Darwin’s concept of evolution in fact supports the existence of the afterlife.

SUCCESSFUL PHYSICAL MEDIUMSHIP IN THE USA! Welcome back to David Thompson and the Circle of the Silver Cord after their successful two weeks in the United States. It is wonderful to see materialization mediumship being demonstrated publicly in the USA again. Circle leader Chris Hood writes: “ During the course of the 2 weeks in Sarasota, we witnessed many touching and beautiful reunions which contained personal communication. In addition, some sitters were kissed or hugged, but one mother had her “deceased” son sit and sob on her lap, which was especially poignant for all those present. We received wonderful words of wisdom, in response to sitters' questions put to William, on a variety of spiritual and philosophical topics. Quentin Crisp shared his wit and humour with all present evoking much laughter. He also sat on many guests laps, thereby allowing them to feel what he was flamboyantly clothed in. The trumpet displays had people amazed; which was in addition to the materialization phenomena with guests being touched, having their hands and faces held. At the end of the séances, David was levitated and moved halfway, and in one séance completely, to the other side of the room - a distance of about 5 to 6 metres from the cabinet.
Every séance had independent checkers search the room, equipment, Circle Members and David before and at the conclusion of each event.
We thank our hosts the Rev. Tom Newman and Rev. Tim Dudley from Shrine of the Master, Sarasota for the work they did in preparation for our visit."

As I point out in Chapter 25 of my book, physicists are discovering no conflict at all between physics and belief in the paranormal and the afterlife. Indeed they are showing that the phenomena we now call “paranormal” are normal and consistent with the laws of science.

Information transmitted from the other side tells us that all who cross over will have a life-review of what they did when they were on earth. There will be a 'high energy' to show you what you planned to do while on earth. This would be compared with what you actually did. .The authority for this information comes from what I would describe as a highly reliable source - and directly from the afterlife (Beyond the Veil, Judy Laddon- a wonderful book which is sadly out of print):

"On crossing over ... in a twinkling, it becomes apparent what the main purpose was of the life just completed, and whether that purpose had been addressed. You would be amazed and saddened to see this self-acknowledgement and self-judgment from our side. There are many souls who "wake-up" over here to realize that they literally missed the point of life. They forgot their original purpose, the got sidetracked. This is not to say there are not many who have been greatly fulfilled and true to their inner impetus. But in your Western society especially we are seeing too many arrive over here who are immediately shocked by their own blindness during life to their greater goals."

. “A police employee sacked for claiming psychics should be used to crack crimes has won a landmark ruling that his views should be seen as a faith. Alan Power, 62, from Merseyide, claimed he was forced out of his job with Greater Manchester Police because of his spiritualist views in October 2008. An employment tribunal rejected a police authority appeal his beliefs did not amount to religious views. A hearing on 23 November is due to rule on if he was forced out of his job. 'Worthy of respect' Mr Power said he believed psychics could contact people after their death and help in the investigation of crime.

He said his beliefs stemmed back to his childhood when he saw "ghosts". At a previous hearing in Manchester, a tribunal judge had ruled Mr Power's viewpoint was "capable of being religious beliefs" and was covered by the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003. Mark Hill QC, from the Greater Manchester Police Authority, said the ruling could open the "floodgates" for a series of similar claims. The hearing in London was told spiritualism was the eighth largest faith group in Britain, with 32,000 people claiming allegiance, according to the 2001 Census. Outside the tribunal, Mr Power spoke of his delight at the judge's decision. "It's fantastic," he said. "It proves that spiritualism is a religion worthy of respect. "I haven't claimed any costs. I'm not claiming compensation. It's about hurt feelings. I expect my religion to be respected."
Read more.

(**Second week) Victor's most recent video 'WHAT YOU MUST KNOW BEFORE YOU DIE'?
recent video (second week)


When we were in the UK recently we were fortunate enough to sit with the Bill Meadows Circle in sittings organized by Zerdin Phenomenal. We had intended to write a report on the sitting but Kai Mügge of Germany who was there with us has already done so. We can certainly confirm what he experienced. Read Kai's report.

REINCARNATION- THE FAMOUS JENNY COCKELL CASE Jane Earle writes: "I loved the reincarnation story this week about the boy who had a past life and shot down by the Japanese. It was amazing... one of the best. Here's another famous reincarnation story- It's one of my favorites as I know the suburb of Dublin, Malahide, where it happened. Incredible stuff and again verified by people living that knew the deceased. The children were Catholics and didn't believe in reincarnation - I saw the children, elderly when interviewed in UK/ Ireland about 15 or 20 years ago on TV. They had had to let go of their belief that it was impossible as they were given evidence they could not ignore."


QUESTION: You mentioned a number of times someone being ‘spiritually advanced’. What do you mean by that? Jean.

VICTOR: Good question! ‘Spiritually advanced’ refers to someone who has advanced from a lower spiritual stage – that is, that someone who has lost all those imperfections: racism, jealousy, aggression, feelings of superiority towards others, bitchines. Such a person is full of love for people, animals and nature and unselfishly goes out of her/his way to help others. And that person has reached a stage where he/she can forgive unconditionally and love unconditionally. Almost certainly, there will be rapid progression in the afterlife for someone who reached this spiritually advanced level and, we are told, will be no need to return to earth for more learning. Relative to others, your aura (the light which is emitted by you) would be much brighter. The brighter the aura, the higher level you would be where conditions would be immensely better than the realms below.

“The power of the spirit has an infinite number of manifestations, and what can be expressed through any particular channel is dependent upon the qualities of that instrument, physically, mentally and spiritually. Their temperaments, their states of evolution, their character, their outlook, all these are factors which qualify the type and amount of spirit power that can function through them. In essence it is one power, but, like truths, it has countless facets.” (p131 The Spirit Speaks).

Thanks Ricardo for this great link. Bob Monroe explains his out-of-body (OBE) experience and the transformation of his human consciousness. Paranormal guidance as a PSI component of astral travel and quantum non-local experiences.

How can there ever be unity amongst religions when Moslems insist on killing women for 'adultery' – but the guy gets off with a 100 lashes? Just recently another Somali woman was stoned to death, supposedly for adultery even though she was divorced.
(in this case below it was technically 'fornication')
" November 19, 2009 - 7:19AM A judge for an Islamic militant group in Somalia says a woman has been stoned to death and her boyfriend given 100 lashes for having an affair. Sheikh Ibrahim Abdirahman, the judge for the group al-Shabab, says the woman was killed on Tuesday in front of a crowd of some 200 people near the town of Wajid. Abdirahman says the 20-year-old woman had an affair with a 29-year-old unmarried man and gave birth to a stillborn child. The militants that control much of southern Somalia and have links to al-Qaeda have instituted a conservative reading of Islam's Sharia law. The stoning death was at least the fourth for alleged 'adultery' in Somalia over the past year.”

tells Italy to remove the ‘crucifix’ (Jesus on the cross) from all school classrooms.
“The European Court of Human Rights (pictured) ruled today that crucifixes should be removed from Italian classrooms, prompting Vatican anger and sparking uproar in Italy, where such icons are embedded in the national psyche. "The ruling of the European court was received in the Vatican with shock and sadness," said Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi, adding that it was "wrong and myopic" to try to exclude a symbol of charity from education. The ruling by the court in Strasbourg, which Italy said it would appeal, said crucifixes on school walls -- a common sight that is part of every Italian's life -- could disturb children who were not Christians. Italy has been in the throes of national debate on how to deal with a growing population of immigrants, mostly Muslims, and the court sentence is likely to become another battle cry for the centre-right government's policy to restrict newcomers.” Read more …

QUESTION ABOUT PETS: Religion does not think much of animals. It tries to ridicule the thought that pets could survive. They say that only human beings survive. Is that right?

Victor: Here we have a situation as to who has authority to tell us what is valid what is not. I am an empiricist – and do NOT deal with ‘beliefs.’ Christian and other theologies are not ‘confirmed’ by science- they are purely a personal belief, written by highly superstitious human beings hundreds and some parts of their beliefs come from writings which are thousands of years old. (I myself will not allow some unknown writer whose character we do not know of some 2,000 years ago trying to tell me how to live and what to believe in the year 2009!) Further, a great deal of the Catholic writings have been interpolated – that is, there have been too many unauthorized changes. But what has been transmitted from the afterlife by way of mediumship these last 100 years from many parts of the world is that animals do survive death. In a couple of materialization séances, dogs have been heard barking (taped too!) showing everyone that pets survive!!

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1) “Hello victor zammit,
I used to be very afraid about the afterlife and death and crossing over but having read your book and watching your videos I feel 100 times better. all i am asking is that could you please tell me about the realm of the light? you mention it's a wonderful place but what is done there? and what happens? im just a bit curious thanks ‘G’.

Thanks G. You can read a summary in my book in chapter 29 and if you go to my afterlife links page you will find lots more information.

2) From Art regarding last weeks video on reincarnation
“The boy , ... has a visitor in his body ,, Attached to him, Accidental obsession , or purpose full obsession .. But obsession , not reincarnation. What the boy is telling and draws .. Are the words and drawings, of the memory of the soldier that died, and he is in the boy's Aura. But, not reincarnated, into that body . That body belongs to the boy, and to no one else .. The Soldier is only using the boys body .. And he should be expelled . So he can go to the light , what he deservers. Make sure you print this as my comment. I thought you were smarter Victor .You should have recognized this as obsession ... The boy has been brain washed , into believing he is reincarnated. Art”

Thanks Art. This is another view which I respect. But in either case it is evidence of the afterlife.

3) I haven't been receiving my Friday Reports. Help! I miss them so much. Lucille.

Our report list is far too big to handle manually so it is sent out automatically by Constant Contact. When you don't get a report it is usually because the report has gone into the spam filter run by your internet service provider or the junk mail folder on your email. Check both and then get back to us.

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By Special request a sweet nostalgic look at a time when we were all much younger listening to Abba's I HAVE A DREAM. It was the innocent time when exciting ABBA took the world by storm. Clean cut, attractive, highly alluring, charismatic with highly melodious music. Relax, listen and sing along to "I believe in angels".

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