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August 20th 2010

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COMMENTARY: 'GOD' WITHOUT RELIGION: twelve years ago one of my colleagues- Fr Peter LIttle, a (Catholic) Jesuit Priest sent a copy of A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife to the Vatican - to Pope John Paul. Months later there was a reply by the good Pope expressing the view that my book was a 'New Age book which said nothing about God.'

My book is NOT about God - it is about the objective evidence for the afterlife.

While there are many people who are happy to seek God using the pathways laid down in the world's various religions, there are hundreds of millions of people who are searching for God, but want to keep religion out of it. Influenced by an education grounded in scientific materialism they are wanting to base their acceptance of God on
evidence rather than an appeal to authority.

In my new video- God Without Religion- (it will be on youtube shortly) I argue that if we change our conception of God to the consciousness that underlies the universe, there is abundant evidence which will satisfy the most scientifically minded that God exists. I point out that there is abundant evidence which is physically observable, objective and repeatable - and guaranteed, no one on earth - not even that ardent atheistic materialistic professor who is on record for erroneously saying that the universe and everything else came about by 'the force of blind physics' can ignore it.


PHYSICIST DR B. ALAN WALLACE TALKS ABOUT THE UNDERVALUED ROLE OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE UNIVERSE Alan Wallace practiced many years as a monk with the Dalai Lama, and then came back to the west to pursue physics.

......................Part 2...

JOHN SLOAN, MOST BRILLIANT DIRECT VOICE MEDIUM Here is how Arthur Findlay describes his first experience of hearing direct voices from the spirit world through the great Scottish medium John Sloan (pictured) who is now one of the Spirit team speaking through physical medium Tom Morris at Montcabirol in France.

for three hours, dozens of voices speaking to different people, men's voices, women's voices, children's voices, all of which I was told came from people called dead.
A woman's voice spoke to a man sitting on my left. It gave a name and referred to happenings at his home. It specially referred to Tom, who was giving his father trouble, and then came advice as to how he should be dealt with. Intimate family matters were discussed between my neighbor and this female voice, and finally with love it said "Good-bye'

'That was my wife, " he whispered to me. "I never come here but she comes back to me. She always knows everything that goes on at home."

I was now beginning to feel that I was the only one to be omitted from this strange medley of conversation which seemed to go on and on without stopping. Everything said was claimed to be correct, and I wondered how it was possible for any human being to be so intimate with all the dead friends, and the private doings of the sitters, as to be able to impersonate their deceased relations in the way that was taking place.

Not only did the imagined impersonator know intimately about their dead friends and relations but every voice was different, the mannerisms were different, in fact each voice had a different personality."

A GREAT CLASSIC: ON THE EDGE OF THE ETHERIC - on line by Arthur Findlay: This is one of Arthur Findlay great documentaries about his communication with afterlife intelligences. Read for yourself the experiences he had and read about the pure-gold information transmitted directly from the afterlife. This is one of the first books of Arthur Findlay I read.
On the Edge of the Etheric (Arthur Findlay) E-Book

Because of wide demand, David Thompson has decided he will be holding a very special deep trance session on Friday 24th September in Sydney Australia.
This is your chance to hear one of the World's foremost Trance/ Physical Mediums share with you his experiences of Trance Mediumship. This Special Evening will also allow you to experience and speak directly to David`s Friend and Mentor William in the Spirit World as he entrances David and answers questions from the audience. Numbers are limited in this small intimate venue so if you do want to experience this I suggest you book immediately. Of course Wendy and I will be in attendance so let us know if you are coming and we'll look out for you (Email vz@victorzammit.com).
For booking and venue details item see below just above Feedback.

'HEAVEN' - THE REALM OF THE LIGHT MOST PEOPLE GO TO ON CROSSING OVER: contrary to religious beliefs, heaven is not a place where you see angels play the harp or see St Peter or see God on his throne. NO, reliable information tells us something quite different.

First, the location of heaven is not up in the sky as we are often told in religious writings.

Rising up to heaven is a metaphor - it is NOT a fact. Crossing over means the change of vibrations - from physical to a higher spiritual level of vibrations.
We are automatically attracted to a realm that matches the accumulated vibrations of our lifetime of thoughts- the more spiritual and unselfish our thoughts and actions the higher the vibration.

Most people on crossing over end up in the THIRD REALM of the LIGHT - where there is no day or night; there is always light; it never gets cold or hot; you do not have to work, to eat, to sleep. You will have plenty of opportunity to continue to refine on every level - especially in arts, music and spirituality. But contrary to popular belief, you are NOT stuck on the one level. You will be increasing the level of vibrations (spirituality) when you do voluntary service to help others where help is needed. We are ALL destined to continue to refine and go to the higher realms - even if it will take eons of time.

A wonderful site by historian Steve Beckow who has collated information about the afterlife from a huge number of reliable sources. A masterpiece of research. Read about The different planes in the spirit world. Here are some extracts:

* Heaven and hell are not places – they are spiritual states of being.

The spiritual state of being you have on earth is the spiritual state you take with you to the world beyond when you die.

Heaven is a state of being joyous, light, loving, harmonious, vibrant, God-centered and others-centered.

* This world is of a higher vibration [than earth] and the spheres above are higher still in vibration.

* Into the spheres of the higher spirits none that are unholy enter. Into the lower are congregated those who yet require teaching and guidance, which they receive from higher spirits who leave their own bright homes in order to add a ray of light to groping, earth-bound spirits. (Spirit leader Imperator in Moses, MSTSW, n.p.)


"Because some know and some don't. It is a question of experience. It takes a long time, as you count it , for this fact to be appreciated. People can be in our world for what you call ages and still be unaware of the truth. You must realize that the spirit world is graded...You will find that the higher the ascent in the spiritual scale, the more recognition is there that there is reincarnation, because it happens but not in the facile form that is so often propounded."

IN reviewing the book "Seances Séances with God by Jacqueline Jones-Hunt, Ph.D. Michael Tymn writes:

" Much of the author's research was devoted to investigating the apparent mediumistic phenomena in the Bible. She suggests that much biblical terminology, such as God spoke, the lord spoke, the lord appeared, the angel of the lord was upon him, the gifts of the spirit, talking in tongues, enquire of the lord, can be interpreted as communication with spirits. Moreover, Yahweh and “the Lord” may have been celestial messengers rather than an anthropomorphic deity. “Modern observers of mediumistic phenomena are empowered not to perceive these narratives as subjective pictorial images but as objective experiences of communications.” Jones-Hunt writes, adding that various books of the Old Testament which appear to prohibit mediumship are likely the result of misunderstanding, misinterpretation and mistranslations and are inconsistent with New Testament passages saying that the spirits should be tested and their messages discerned." Read full review..

LYN McTAGGART' Living With Intention'
In this workshop Lyn talks about how the mechanistic and competitive view of life promoted by materialistic science and Darwinism has disempowered and separated people. She draws upon evidence from afterlife research and quantum physics to show a more connected reality.

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7


IMPORTANT INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE IN MALTA (MEDITERRANEAN SEA, SOUTH OF ITALY): Enjoy this unique opportunity to participate in this international conference on the mystical and sunny island of Malta (see red arrow, map). Join this adventure of discovery and broaden your awareness to the many alternative schools of thought on the subjects related to today's reality. Learn about the interconnections between Ancient Civilizations, Atlantis, the Crop Circle phenomenon, Extraterrestrials and UFO, the Indigo/Crystal Children, Spiritual Feminine Energies, Celestial Music, Consciousness and DNA Changes - READ MORE:


I RECEIVED AN EMAIL FROM KATE BLANCHET TO PASS ON TO YOU: Kate is promoting clean energy investment. She asks you to put pressure on to politicians to make sure that the earth has clean energy. It is really good to see celebrities take interest in the welfare of clean energy and our Earth. Read more...

- dates for you to remember - venue at Heavenly Energies, 499 Willoughby Rd. Willoughby, Sydney.
Be there by 7.30pm.
See map.

11th September mediumship development workshop with Christine & David.
24th September Trance demonstration with David and William.
21st October Evening with spirit, communication with David & Christine.
30th October Mediumship development workshop with Christine & David.

Bookings Call: Robyn (02) 9967 9415
Email: robyn@heavenlyenergies.com.au


1) Hello Victor, great Report again this week (13-08-10)! Thanks for your comment on Afterlife without Religion. And thanks for the books, passed them on to some friends. Helmut S.

2) Thank you so much for putting all the time and effort into the wonderful weekly newsletter. I am so glad I found out about you and subscribed. You are doing extremely important work and I applaud you for it. Best regards, A. G.

3). Hello Victor, My entire future happiness is in YOUR hands. Keep up the excellent work! Cathy.


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