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August 13th 2010

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COMMENTARY- THE ULTIMATE SPIRITUAL LESSON: 'UNCONDITIONAL FORGIVENESS' - a most controversial, most sensational, inspired true story: - Thirty years ago Lindy Chamberlain, a most respectable wife of a Christian clergyman, (see picture below left with her baby Azaria ) was accused of murdering her 9 week old daughter in central Australia. At the time she and all the witnesses at the campsite claimed that a dingo (an Australian wild dog) had entered the family tent and had picked up the sleeping child and carried it out into the night. After three hearings she was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labor. She served more than three years in jail and had her new baby taken from her at birth. Then miraculously, the jacket that she had always said the baby was wearing was found near Ayres Rock. She was freed from jail and exonerated. Her story was made into a movie, A Cry in the Dark, featuring Meryl Streep. In recent years Lindy has been doing seminars, lectures and keynote addresses on a variety of topics including how to deal with stress, grief and forgiveness. In a recent interview with a leading women's magazine she was quoted as saying that although she would never have chosen to lose her much longed for daughter and go through six years of hell, without those experiences she would never have had the opportunity to learn the lesson of unconditional forgiveness of all those who were brutal towards her morally, spiritually, physically and psychologically. For Lindy Chamberlain, to forgive those who did horrible things to her over the years is a clear example of an advanced soul. Well done Lindy, not too many people could have unconditionally forgiven those who were so brutal to them.

There are millions leaving the Christian and other religions around the world and unfortunately many are also rejecting the afterlife. There appears to be an urgent need for someone to inform these millions of people that the afterlife is a matter of physics. In my new video, now on Youtube, I am saying that there is another way to accept the afterlife - using science. Please paste the link on your facebook page (as some of my facebook friends have already done- thank you) and forward it to your agnostic friends.

These kinds of experiences where bystanders share the near death experiences of others, completely destroys the skeptics' argument that NDE's are caused by the chemistry of the dying brain and other physiological causes. Dr Moody and Paul Perry's "Glimpses of Eternity" is about 'shared death experiences.'

Read stories of shared NDE's on near-death.com.


: There are those who cross over who refuse to admit they have died! Directly from the afterlife, "As long as they refuse to believe it (that they died), we cannot make them believe it. You have no idea of the difficulties when we try to convince them that they are dead. I remember a long argument I had with a man who was a Christadelphian. He looked at me and said, 'How can I be dead if I am alive?' He would not believe me and said he would wait for the Resurrection- and he stayed there." To them it is a self-made prison. We have no time as you understand it, because we have no earth spinning round on its axis, dependent on the sun to give night and day. How would you count to-morrow if there were no divisions of night and day? ... Time is merely your measurement of your relationship to events."



Dr Charles Tart writes in his review of "Precognition":
" Now Larry Dossey, well-known physician, author and alternative medicine expert, has devoted a whole book to all aspects of premonitions, and I'm going to have to think about it. Indeed I've told Dossey that his book captured me. I have very little time for reading, I'm sent dozens of books people want me to read and that, given my interests, I would like to read, but never get time for. The Power of Premonitions: How Knowing the Future Can Shape Our Lives is so readable and fascinating, though, that I read the first 190 pages continuously and have taken it on my camping vacation with me to finish. It's too good! Spontaneous cases from real life, lab experiments, connections with the latest understanding of brain functioning, and, especially important, why it would be useful to develop our premonitory abilities, are all covered. I can't recommend it highly enough!"
Charles Tart PhD. Read more reviews on Amazon.

': This is truly stunning:they accurately predicted 9/11 on national radio TWO YEARS BEFORE IT actually happened. Further, they had all the information on their website, but then the FBI decided to close down their website.

You might also like to watch The psychic twins on 2012

Terri Daniel writes:
" Many of you have asked when details of our extraordinary conference would be confirmed, and we are delighted to announce that the conference is now open for registration!
This event is being planned by a group of renowned spiritual teachers, afterlife researchers, psychics and grief counselors who recognize the need for a national conference on the afterlife. We have now organized a non-profit organization called The Afterlife Education Foundation, and this is our first annual Afterlife Awareness Conference. The conference presents an opportunity for you to learn from the experts in after-death communication, out-of-body experience, near-death experience, psychic research, grief processing and related studies. We hope you'll make plans to join us! Please scroll down to browse through our impressive list of presenters, and then click on the link to register!" Read more....

Highly credible afterlife teachers such as Silver Birch tell that that only a facet of our spirit comes down to Earth at a time to learn and to experience - and to overcome specific challenges we set ourselves to overcome. The knowledge and spiritual lessons we learn are then shared by all the facets of the soul which could account for past life memories.
He says: "If you visualize man as an individual, who in his earthly life is like an iceberg in which you have one small portion manifesting and the larger portion not manifesting, then that is the end of one incarnation. In a successive incarnation, a portion of the submerged self will come into the world of matter- two different personalities, but one individual."
(Ballard and Green- SB questions and answers p. 190).
We also have to concede that we here on earth do not have all the information about many spiritual things - and have to rely on reliable direct verbal transmissions from the afterlife. One thing we are reasonably certain about the issue as to when do we stop returning to earth - when we reach an advanced level of unconditional forgiveness and unconditional love.

"I DIED THREE TIMES IN 1977" We have always been great fans of PMH Atwater since we read her first book about NDEs almost 30 years ago. Her descriptions of her past life reviews stunned us then as they still do now. But with her many years of experience investigating NDEs she has come to a point of integrating her knowledge and experience in this online book. Highly recommended. "I DIED THREE TIMES IN 1977" is available here for $4.95-- an immediate download of a 549K Adobe Acrobat 'PDF' file.

We are informed that Jesus incarnated two thousand years ago to remove "original sin". According to traditional Christian teachings, because Adam and Eve were thrown out of the garden of Eden none of their descendants could get to heaven without the stain of their sin being removed. Thus Jesus was born as the "Savior" of mankind and baptism now makes it possible for people to overcome the original sin or Adam and Eve. So what happened to all the people born in the million years of human existence before 2,000 years ago? A million years is a long time to wait for a savior. Was God negligent in not providing an antidote for original sin immediately after the Adam and Eve incident- or at least within a reasonable interval? Or do we agree that there was NO Adam and Eve - and baptism is a waste of time and a most unnecessary religious ritual?

: GIFTED MEDIUM ATTACKED AGAIN BY A CLOSED MINDED SKEPTIC! There is this closed minded skeptic 'Randi' who has attacked gifted medium James Van Praagh. Of course, when you're one of the best, as James is, you attract the extreme opposite to attack you. But Randi is a magician, and magicians DO NOT have credibility in scientific matters. Even Randi himself admitted words to the effect that magicians are professionally trained liars who manipulate your mind, to make the perceiver look stupid and to fool you.

Randi has NO CREDIBILITY as a psychic critic because:
he knows NOTHING about Scientific Method investigations and assessment,
2) he knows nothing about mediumship and how mediums work
3) he is caught in his own trap of being a severe closed minded skeptic - and therefore does NOT have the skills, the ability and the competence to perceive the paranormal with true empirical equanimity,

If Randi wants to be taken seriously in his criticism of a top medium like James he has to be prepared to conduct an experiment with a number of people having readings with that medium while Randi gives them concurrent readings using "cold reading" techniques. The results would then be analyzed by independent judges using scoring criteria developed in single and double blind procedures adopted by Gary Schwartz and Julie Beischel and Robertson and Roy in serious mediumship research.

When Randi went to London for a video session in THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE- thinking he could do what James V Praagh can do, he was virtually booed off stage after a "reading" which was 100% INCORRECT.

Magicians may fool the uninformed (as Randi tried unsuccessfully to do on the Don Lane show in the picture when Don caught him cheating- bending a key on his chair). But they NEVER can they fool the professionals nor those who have read the peer-reviewed research papers on the scientific investigation of mediumship conducted by the independent professionals of the Windbridge Institute. Read more..

Dear Victor & Wendy,
" In isolated Mt Victoria, Blue Mt's, NSW, it's hard to find genuine, dedicated, patient sitters for my development group. Please could you give out my email address for willing members. All/ any progress will be happily shared with you.
All Blessings, Stuart Rolls, Ph'D (Psychospiritual Lifetime Researcher)." If you are interested email stuartrolls1@hotmail.com

INDIA –Does anyone know of a reasonably good medium in Mumbai? If you do, could you let me know at your earliest. I have one of my subscribers requesting the services of a medium there. victorzammit@optushome.com.au

(via Facebook)

1) I read your Friday Afterlife Report from almost one year, and I'm always eager to find out what's new, to reflect on your words and to raise my vibrations! Thanks to you i removed my fear of death and i understood that life has a sense and a purpose, that life always existed and cannot be stopped by physical death. I always focus on spreading the light! I owe you much! Thanks again, keep up the good work!! Mirek

2) Thanks for your afterlife reports in which I'm very interested.
My sister died last Friday after suffering a lot from cancer. Since more than 20 years I read a lot of books about NDE and Transcommunication with dead persons, and I do believe in afterlife. I have two friends who do communicate with a died beloved person. I'd like SO MUCH having a sign from my sister, and I hope to have that great chance. Maybe you know a good french medium who can get in touch with dead persons?
Axelle from Belgium

3) Hi Victor ! thank you as well for adding me to your friend list as well. Your writings have helped me through my most difficult moments of losing of my family members. I keep looking for more and more findings in support of the afterlife and you have such a sure footed belief... Holly.

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