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March 19th 2010

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This may surprise a lot of people. But I really do not understand why highly intelligent people unquestioningly accept beliefs without evidence purely on the basis of ancient writings. Many were created during an age of superstition, an age where science and empiricism or formal logic did not exist. It was a time when priests used to beat the sea with sticks as a punishment for damaging their buildings.

Some of these priests and rabbis were the writers of what we find to-day in the Old Testament. We do not know the exact identity or the character of these writers, or their motivation or their level of superstition or their level of spirituality. We do not even have the original, authentic Biblical texts. And there is evidence which shows that the Biblical writings have been changed many, many times. .

Psychology and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) tell us how irrational, illogical beliefs-without-evidence dominate and over-ride intelligence, even high intelligence; to avoid anxiety the believer dumps his/her intelligence refuses to read or acknowledge the existence of any information fundamentally inconsistent with our cherished beliefs. He/she ignores anything likely to create anxiety and starts to rationalize his strange and bizarre early indoctrinated beliefs. Intelligent rationale, proper analysis, and 'equitable' evaluation are interrupted and encumbered by early adverse conditioning.

Question your beliefs and if the beliefs don’t make sense – throw them out or flush them away. Develop a healthy empirical rationale for everything – guaranteed, you will be hugely better off.

HALLS OF LEARNING IN THE AFTERLIFE DIMENSION?: directly from the afterlife: "Our systems of enlightenment are quite simple. We have halls, colleges and universities where every aspect of knowledge is available. The teachers qualified to give tuition are those who are endowed by their gifts to do so. There is knowledge available on every subject in an infinite universe and there are teachers in qualifying degrees to expound this knowledge to those who are ready to receive it. It matters not what aspects of knowledge is desired, it is available for who is ready to receive it. The qualifying phrase is the readiness of the soul. It is possible for people in our world to have access to information on any aspect of learning. It is quite a simple matter to obtain information on subjects that interest you, or that are helpful to your progress, unfoldment or development."

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE: CRITICAL, RELIABLE INFORMATION DIRECTLY FROM THE AFTERLIFE TRANSMITTED FAIRLY RECENTLY: We are informed that under normal circumstances on crossing over we are met by those we have a connection with to help us move on to the realm of the light - a world much more beautiful than ours. But there are exceptions. “Equally, assistance is offered to those whose lives on earth have brought them to the dark realms. It is a safe rule to say that no person passing into the spirit world at dissolution (time of dying) does so unattended. There is always someone there. But in so many cases we are prevented from giving any help by the spiritual state of the soul we are approaching. In fact, approach becomes impossible, and so we can do nothing but watch the soul depart upon its way into darkness. Naturally, if we can perceive the tiniest glimmer of light issuing from such a soul, we do our best to fan into something more resembling a flame.” Transmitted by Mons. Hugh Benson through his medium Anthony Borgia.

THE GREAT MEDIUM LESLIE FLINT:What is most disappointing with the Leslie Flint scientific experiments on him was that the investigators repeatedly inflicted very tough testing on Leslie Flint. All experiments were positive - meaning that the paranormal was repeatedly proved over time and space. But most disappointing was that the investigators did not make it public that Leslie Flint was a really gifted medium and that all testing resulted positively. He says, “I think I can safely say I am the most tested mediums this country has ever produced … I have been boxed up, tied up, sealed up, gagged, bound and held, and still the voices have come to speak their message of life eternal.” Read more...


on the Leslie Flint Educational trust website trace casual conversations through the direct voice mediumship of Leslie Flint between one of Leslie Flint's most regular sitters and his deceased wife. She talks about how spirit walking can happen in your sleep you can walk amongst spirit, she asks her husband if he remembers traveling with her and visiting each other and many other aspects of spirit communication. There are 66 new recordings from 1971 to 1983. Absolutely fabulous. Listen now....

'BLESSED Mary MacKillop?' soon-to-be saint was the butt of the jokes by atheist Dr Richard Dawkins during their international meeting which was held in Melbourne last weekend. Interesting, he picks on soft targets - but does not - pardon my expression - 'have the ba - - -s' to take me on! The jokes kept coming especially in relation to the need of Mary Mackillop to perform two miracles to be made a saint. That prompted me to nominate 'William' - David Thompson's afterlife meeting organizer to be a saint. After all, he performs a 'miracle' every time he materializes in the seance room! Imagine, an intelligence from the afterlife, uses the medium's ectoplasm, then bingo - he materializes and we can shake hands with him. That is repeatable; that is objective and that is predictable - which makes it all miraculously scientific. Further, he is responsible for the brilliant reunions - those from the afterlife dimension with those loved ones in the seance room. Why not call him 'Saint William of the Silver Cord'.


Victor: Good to have you join us - welcome! Guaranteed, careful, cautious reading will give you the supreme confidence all through this life and on crossing over. First read my book on the internet for free - you do not have to pay to read my research on the afterlife which in the last ten years no genius scientist or materialist or skeptic has been able to rebut. When I first started, I found the research of Arthur Findlay (left) exceptionally brilliant: read the first five chapters of The Rock of Truth especially if you had some religious background. Also read his On the Edge of the Etheric - scientific evidence of communicating with afterlife entities. Secondly, read the books by Anthony Borgia - transmitted by Hugh Benson (right) from the afterlife - especially HERE AND THE HEREAFTER and thirdly read the books by Silver Birch - a highly credible entity from the afterlife discussing various critical issues. Of course, then you can go to my bibliography and choose any of the 200 books I used for my evidence. Also, keep an eye on my weekly report because I regularly have the up to date information about afterlife matters.

THE END OF THE WORLD IS NOT NEAR! I received emails asking me what I thought of the prediction that the world is going to end in the year 2012. I asked 'William', the afterlife intelligence of materialization medium David Thompson about that. 'William', directly from the afterlife, said he has not heard anything about it at all - meaning that it is NOT going to happen. Apparently the Mayan prediction in its Mesoamerican Long Count calendar is that our world ends on December 21, 2012. No, don't panic, relax, it is NOT going to happen - and the cities will not be destroyed.

FELIX CIRCLE PHOTOGRAPHS SPIRIT 'HAND' IN RED LIGHT. Founded in 2005 near Frankfurt Germany, the Felix Circle comprised of members of two families and their friends have been sitting regularly for the development of Seance Room Phenomena, Physical Mediumship and Spirit Communication. One anonymous member of the Circle has been developing as a trance medium and recently the Circle has reported ectoplasm being present. Members claim to have been able to observe an ectoplasmic hand above a luminous plaque and photograph in red light an ectoplasmic arm and hand coming out of the medium's cabinet. The photographs are still very blurred but hopefully more will be forthcoming. Well done Felix Circle. See photos.

"I'D LIKE TO EXPERIENCE PHYSICAL MEDIUMSHIP MYSELF." I often get people wanting to experience physical mediumship themselves. That's seems to be fair enough but physical mediumship is extremely rare these days. My response to these enquirers goes something like this: first, you have to do a lot of reading about the afterlife. You have to study all the evidence -making contact with afterlife intelligences is a very serious matter. You could try and find a highly recommended mental medium to give you a reading. Preferably, you have to attend spiritualist meetings, where you get more intimate information about the afterlife and perhaps attend a development circle with an experienced medium. Study also the cases of materializations and the works of the gifted mediums. And take steps to learn to meditate and develop yourself spiritually. That should take you about two years at least. You can join an online group for physical mediumship on Ning- Physical Mediumship for You run by Robin Foy. You may want to subscribe to the journal ZERDIN PHENOMENAL and perhaps you may be fortunate to be invited to experience a physical mediumship sitting first hand. But, remember it is your own spiritual development that really matters. Keep on reading, keep an open mind and guaranteed, you will have a smooth transition.


: I have a trade - I'm an electrician. Is that going to be any good to me on crossing over?

Victor: Of course, the everyday work of an electrician would not be needed because you do not have to cook, not have to put electricity on for light, not have to repair or install power points - because there will be no darkness, no nights. But you may be motivated to extend your knowledge to other relevant things such as the role of energy in the afterlife and the universe. Of course, there will be expert tuition about this. The problem of job transference would mean that people in the afterlife have to adapt to the new 'interests.' I really can't see any work for plumbers, or engineers, bankers, developers, investors, motor mechanics or real estate salesman or salespersons of any kind! But physicians and nurses would have transferable skills.. Whilst there are no courts in the afterlife, a lawyer would have the knowledge to adapt more rapidly and be able to assist others to help them understand why they ended in that particular level - if he/she so wishes.


PSYCHIC DETECTIVE DEBBIE MALONE ON VIDEO. Denise, a colleague from Western Australia, sent this very interesting video of Sydney psychic detective Debbie Malone. She writes: "Lastly, Debbie Malone sent me what she recently did on the National Today Channel 9 weekend show. It was a 4.30 min segment on her being a psychic detective, I thought the story went really well, and she did a great job of it. The reporter called herself a ‘skeptic’ and then Debbie did a reading for her in the last bit, and none of it was shown on the story. Because it was too personal, Debbie’s hit rate was so good. But the hosts referenced that in their back tag. Well done Debbie!
Love Den." Watch video.

CHRISTIANS EXCELL IN CHARITY WORK: We have to give credit where credit is due: We see the Salvation Army and St Vincents' charity work helping those who are down and out. We see major hospitals run by Christians - and see those wonderful nurses who do magnificent work looking after the sick. We also see the life-lines run by Christians to help those who are in very urgent need. We also see other hospitals, schools in Third World countries - (see picture) there to help those who have virtually absolutely nothing - not even running water. Of course, the cynic may say that the Christians are there to brainwash the ignorant people with religion. But that's not the point. If you are starving, have no running water, no education or hospitals for your children - would you not co-operate with those who want to help you? On the other hand, we do not see atheists running hospitals or major charity organizations. I am always the first to take issue when I see something silly in religion - but I hope I am also the first to give credit where credit is due.

: Male clearance medium wanted for Australian based TV Show
Male clearance medium wanted for Australian based TV Show Earthbound, a reality documentary series is set within the backdrop of our cities & local suburbs. The Earthbound “team” is contacted by those who have had or are having “encounters” with energies & ghosts that are still attached to people, places and times. Earthbound Spirits that are not willing or choose to fulfil their own journey, but rather to remain part of the ‘seen’ world. If you are interested in being part of this team please outline your experience and send your details to : thesixthsense@live.com.au

a negatively-prejudiced-bigot Christian vicar of the 'Christ Church' who does not know his Christianity is banning the religion of Spiritualism from his Church in Norwich, England. This Reverend is banning Dominic Zender, a medium of 25 years. Apparently one reason seems to be that the Christian Minister has lost most of his parishoners - hardly anyone is turning up to his services - and he is blaming it on Spiritualism! That is extremely dangerous and something that will have huge consequences for him. I've just read an article where this vicar of the Christ Church, is alleging the church council had drawn up a list of terms and conditions for events which could be put on at religious venues. He said: “... We would regard a Spiritualist medium as being against the Christian faith." This uninformed Christian Minister bigot intolerant of other successful religions apparently does not know that Spiritualism is a religion - and there are many Spiritualists who are also Christians. Someone ought to inform this ignorant Christian Minister that the Church of England investigated Spiritualism and found it to have validity.
Read the official report of the Chruch of England ....


SELECTED FEEDBACK: From YOUTUBE correspondence: “Dear Victor, Thanks for sharing these videos and all your insight. Just wanted to thank you for having the courage to get out there and get into a topic that raises a lot of questions and eyebrows. I like what you say, my Dad died just last month and it comforts me when I see the results of your own research and the research of many others that suggests he somehow still lives on. I can only hope more people like yourself emerge to continue to shed light on what happens to us after our bodies fail. I too am and always have been a firm believer in something more then the physical world that surrounds us, with all the wonders of the universe it would be a mediocrity if every fabric of our being died with our bodies. Keep putting your points of view out there because I appreciate and agree with them.”

FEEDBACK 2. “Hello Victor, Thank you for your reply. I find it difficult to understand why people can't accept there is an afterlife. I went seeking more explanations which I felt could be scientific. Not being a physics scholar I thought however about all the things in this physical world that we all accepted with confidence yet could not see such as getting a picture on television, sounds out of the radio etc etc. We don't see the pictures or sounds entering those appliances but know if we turn them on we will get what we want. I think all the evidence you have gone after and recorded in your Book is great and so easy to accept. We must be on a learning curve don't you think? Kind regards, Judith.”

'PSYCHIC WORLD' the most reliable, credible and readable monthly newspaper on psychics, mediums, Spiritualism and the paranormal in the United Kingdom- and the world to-day. I have a half a page column in this magnificent British psychic newspaper. To subscribe to PSYCHIC WORLD send just twenty dollars, USD (or thirteen pounds sterling) per year - to: PSYCHIC WORLD Circulation Department, P.O. Box14, Greenford, Middlesex UB6 OUF, England (telephone England 020-8903-1993)

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