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February 19th 2010

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COMMENTARY: Regularly, people ask me what they can expect when they cross over. For those who make it to the Realm of the Light - those good, decent average folk, things generally will be ever so much better than when alive on earth. You will meet your soul mate if he/she has crossed over. Love will survive! You do not have to eat, drink, sleep, clean where you reside - in a house you earned to live in. You do NOT have to go on diet ever again because you will get your body the size you want! Nor do you have to keep 'physically fit' - no gyms anymore! You will regress to your best age when you were on earth! You do not have to wash because where you live does not get dirty. There will be no dust, no dirt, no wind. Always perfect weather! You do not have to work for a living. You will be in perfect health. Any kind of sickness and any kind of physical or mental impairment will completely disappear. You will have time to explore things you were denied on earth - e.g. if you really wanted to learn music - to play the guitar, the piano or other musical instrument and become an excellent musician, you will have all the time in heaven to do that. You may really want to become a brilliant singer - yes, you will have the time and the experts singers to help you. There will be opportunities to learn more about how to continue to develop your mind and spirit. There is much more beauty in the realm of the light to really appreciate. You will have time to read and to follow your interests. And those who want "promotion" to go to a higher realm, will have plenty of opportunities for spiritual service. The Law of Cause and Effect does operate in the afterlife and we do have free will. So selfless service will still have the immediate reward on your spirit body - it will raise its vibrations (level of spirituality) - because the higher the vibrations the better the conditions even in the afterlife. Most of us know, we are heading for a truly magnificent place!

Three weeks after he died a spirit claiming to be Montague Keen, the eminent psychic researcher who co-wrote a report on the Scole Experiments for the British Society for Psychical Research, materialized through the excellent mediumship of David Thompson. Montague Keen's wife, Veronica, verified that it was indeed her husband. He was someone who from 57 years of research knew what to expect- but his words to her were: "it’s everything that I thought it would be and so much more. So much more, it is." And interestingly he confirmed that the Scole experiments were everything he had thought they were.
Listen to audio of Monty's first contact.
Read transcript

For quite a time I have been asking the other side to send us clear, definitive evidence for the existence of the afterlife. We are being hugely and aggressively bombarded 24 hour a day seven days a week with hard core materialistic, anti-afterlife propaganda throughout the world. Accordingly I am asking again - perhaps someone in the afterlife can pass this message on to Montague Keen (see item above) or to anybody else with the skills to organize some former high profile VIP's to come through. I'm sure 'William Cadwell', David Thompson's afterlife guide and organizer of his meetings, will assist in such a spiritual endeavor.

For example I would love to hear former high flying atheists/ agnostics like Carl Sagan come through and to tell us in clear, resonant voices that yes, there is an afterlife and that they were very wrong to mislead many thousands while alive. Perhaps this is so important that free will could even be suspended. If they are asleep, WAKE THEM UP for this project!

It is accepted that many of those former high profile atheists were were very decent people. Many like lawyer, Robert Green Ingersoll, one of the greatest orators of all time, were called "infidels" because they argued against Christianity and religion at a time when science and religion had little to say to each other. However many have taken their work to justify rejection of the possibility of an afterlife. Their influence is still active now, to-day especially amongst educated people around the world. Let us give the Law of Cause and Effect a bit of a push for everybody's sake! Maybe I am wrong in making this suggestion. But I have been given intelligence - and I would like to use my intelligence according to how I see things from planet Earth.

One of the most controversial and brilliant scientists in history, Dr Werhner von Braun, conceded some months before he died that his science shows life continues after physical death.
He was the scientist who directed Hitler’s rocket and missile program and later helped in the U.S. missile and space programs.

He wrote:
“Science has found that nothing can disappear without a trace. Nature does not know extinction. All it knows is transformation. … Think about that for a moment. Once you do, your thoughts about life will never be the same. .. If God applied this fundamental principle to the most minute and insignificant parts of His universe, doesn’t it make sense to assume that He applies it also to the Masterpiece of His creation – the human soul? I think it does. And everything science has taught me- and continues to teach me – strengthens my belief in the continuity of our spiritual existence after death. Nothing disappears without a trace.”

You may be a decent, honest person – and have been most of your life on earth. You perhaps may be at an advanced age. You were reading the paper in the lounge room and suddenly you find a change has taken place. You feel much lighter. Your body moves in a slightly unbalanced way. You may even see yourself ‘asleep’ in the chair. You think your mind is playing games seeing yourself ‘asleep’. But that confuses you because you are moving around. Next thing perhaps your partner or someone you know very well comes into the room. You try to talk to him but he/she totally ignores you as if you were not around. What does this mean?

It means YOUR’E DEAD and YOU’RE STUCK between worlds.
In life you completely dismissed the possibility that you would survive physical death – so you crossed over with a very strong fixed idea that there is no afterlife.

But now you find that you are still ‘alive’ …Your choice? Either to continue to refuse to believe you are physically dead for eons of time- perhaps staying in that room where you crossed over - OR if you immediately realize you need help, open your mind and telepathically call for help. Got that? Call for help and save yourself eons of time in huge frustration!

Afterlife researcher R.Craig Hogan has created a wonderful site called "Afterlife Communication" which has extracts from direct voice medium Leslie Flint. In these extracts the communicators talk in their own voices about what happened to them immediately after sudden death. "All of the descriptions indicate that no one dies alone. Every individual who passes away is met and helped to make the transition. Those who pass away suddenly, especially, need someone to help them realize that they are no longer in the Earthly plane, although they are still seeing it and sensing it as they did in the moments before passing". Help is ALWAYS available, you only have to shift your consciousness and ask. Read more....


Without doubt, making contact with materialized spirits is the greatest discovery in human history. Naturally, people want to know more about materialization. Over the last couple of years a number of people sent for questions for clarification about David Thompson's mediumship. We have consulted with David and Chris, the leader of the David's Circle of the Silver Cord and accordingly we now have answers to twenty requests for clarification about David’s mediumship


“Some of you do work … because there are many that you can help in your sleep state. But, usually, it is a preparation. You are taken to those places which will help you to be ready for your work when you leave the world of matter. If that were not done, the shock of coming from one sphere of expression to another would be so great that it would take you a long time to recover. That is why it is easier for those who have knowledge when they come to our world. Others have to sleep and rest for a long time, until they can adjust themselves. If you have knowledge, then you pass from one state to another and are aware of the new life. After all, it is just like opening a door and coming into the sunshine. You must get accustomed to the light …”

those coming new to the study of the afterlife matters have to be reminded about the difference between subjective religious belief and objective evidence for the afterlife. All religious beliefs about the afterlife are essentially subjective - a personal belief, belief without evidence. One needs 'faith' to believe, to accept what someone thousands of years ago without evidence. Empiricists and scientists will tell you that anything 'subjective' is subject to being completely invalid. By contrast, in empirical research into the afterlife anything that can be duplicated over time and space and which yields the same results, keeping variables constant, will be classified as objective. When there is an inconsistency between the subjective and the objective, inevitably the objective prevails, and will always prevail. For example, when the Church said that the sun revolves around the earth, because the Bible said so (a religious subjective belief), Galileo stated, no it is the other way around - the earth revolves around the sun (scientific fact) - known as the heliocentric view of the solar system. The evidence for the afterlife has now become objective and repeatable.


The American military was so impressed with remote viewing that they kept funding it for twenty years. Would they do this if it was not getting results? Read my chapter 18 on about remote viewing.

There are those who believe that if one is a Catholic and goes to confession before he dies, he will 'go to heaven' with all sins forgiven forever. One can then enjoy the afterlife having the same conditions as someone who was righteous all his life. . There are those who are cruel, hateful, jealous and mean - who think all will disappear from their record upon a Catholic confession or 'repentance'.

That is wrong theology! No one can change one iota of the Law of Cause and Effect. Everything we do on planet Earth will have an immediate consequence on our level of vibrations and etheric body. Good deeds will increase, bad deeds will decrease the level of vibrations - i.e., the level of our spirituality. The Law of Cause and Effect therefore has two functions even in the afterlife: first, it changes the level of vibrations depending what you do and secondly, this law works with mathematical precision: one day you will have to go through all the pain and suffering you inflicted on to others - not to punish, but to teach you about spirituality. Cosmic justice will inevitably prevail - and no Catholic confession can interfere with that - guaranteed!

Visit SCEPCOP: Scientific Committe to Evaluate Pseudo-Skeptical Criticism of the Paranormal. This is a brilliant website where Winston Wu from Hawaii is presenting the case against the pseudo skeptics. Read more...

NEW ON YOUTUBE - videoed two weeks ago.



This week in Brisbane Australia a thirteen year old schoolboy was knifed to death by another 13 year old- sent to the afterlife before his time at prestigious St Patrick's Catholic school. His death is a wake-up call for all educators everywhere. ALL schoolchildren need to learn to communicate without violence, without anger - and to resolve conflicts with understanding, with finesse and the ability to perceive a problem from both sides, with peaceful, intelligent alternatives to find amicable resolution. Guaranteed, those schoolchildren who learn these valuable conflict resolution techniques will have fewer fights, fewer disagreements because they learn how to negotiate without violence a conflict situation. Life on planet Earth is a life of conflict - and we adults too should learn conflict resolution techniques for more peace, more light and more love. Check out the Center for Non-violent Communication and Watch the inspiring interview with founder Marshall Rosenberg (small screen top left of the page).

REBUTTAL: ' ... a materialization medium is someone who is able to materialize spirits in the light only ..."

Victor: Wrong! Afterlife investigator George W. Meek and others agree that a materialization medium is any medium who is able to fully or partially materialize spirits (in the dark or in the light). The critical thing in materialization mediumship is if spirits can partly of fully become solid. I have met a number of materialized spirits in David Thompson's materialization experiments which makes someone like David Thompson a 'materialization medium.'

ZERDIN PHENOMENAL: I stated a number of times that making contact with materialized entities is the greatest discovery in human history. You need to keep up to date with what is happening in materializations – as well as getting to know more about materializations through the some of the most spectacular materializations/ physical mediums who ever lived. I very highly recommend you to subscribe subscribe to the most important journal about materializations we have in the world to-day: http://www.zerdinphenomenal.co.uk/

FEEDBACK:(senior lawyer from the United States):
To Victor Zammit, Esq., Greeting: I wish to thank you for putting your legal education to good use! René Descartes did likewise. And I have tried to do the same, having prepared philosophical demonstrations, drawing from Plato, Aristotle, and Aquinas, for my children, their sweethearts, and their friends. I have been able to finish off the appeal of natural reason with the empirical evidence which you have so usefully gathered. I work in the field of forensic science and medicine, and, in these endeavors, got to know an excellent pathologist who was the most joyful individual I ever met. One day I asked her, "Doctor, what is it about examining the human corpse that makes you so happy?" She looked deeply into my eyes, and answered, "Because I know where they go when they die," then added, "And you know too, don't you?" She believes strictly in the scientific method. I referred her to your website. I send my
Kind regards, John Remington Graham, B. A., LL. B.,
of the Minnesota Bar.”

To all friends of the Top 40 –

This e-mail serves five purposes: First is to notify you of an addition to the Survival Top 40. The new case, number 59, is titled “A Submariner Resurfaces.” It is extremely evidential and convincing, currently assuming the number 2 spot in the overall case rankings.

Second is to announce the culmination of a two-year-long effort to make the Evidence Scoring System more consistent, equitable, and easier to understand. This has resulted in new values being assigned to all cases, thereby moving many cases up or down in the rankings.

Third is to request assistance with a case I am currently evaluating. This concerns the recalls by Georgia Rudolph and Jack Turnock of previous lives as Sandra Jean Jenkins and Tommy Hicks near the beginning of the 20th Century. Rudolph’s story was first publicized on Unsolved Mysteries on Valentine’s Day, ten years ago. I have this segment on a compilation of the show’s episodes on psychics. Turnock’s story was broadcast the following October (episode #97) but I have been unable to track down a copy of that video. Although it was mentioned on the box containing the compilation, the video was not included on the disk. I’d like to view it before I begin interviewing the case’s principals. Any assistance in finding the video or supplying other relevant information would be greatly appreciated. (I’m happy to give credit where due.)

Speaking of credit, my fourth purpose herein is to thank all those who have offered suggestions or corrections to the Top 40 cases -- especially Loretta and Donna J.

Fifth is to announce that, in an attempt to ensure some continuity to this project, we are forming a group to maintain and promote the Survival Top 40 and similar projects that help spread the word about Survival. The name of the group is AECES, that is, the Association for Evaluation and Communication of Evidence for Survival. If you would be interested in participating in this non-profit group, please let me know. A way for all on this list to help is to tell your colleagues, friends, and neighbors about www.SurvivalTop40.com. The more people who understand that death is not final, the more peaceful the world will become.

Best regards to all,

Miles Edward Allen

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AMAZING GRACE is a very special and inspirational piece of music. Listening to this wonderful gospel version by Elvis and watching the montage of his life - made me think, "I wonder what's he doing in the afterlife these days? We must not forget that Elvis caused a revolution in music in the early fifties and changed music forever. Some of his fans may get tears in their eyes as they remember earlier times.
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