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When I first started to do afterlife investigations in 1990 closed minded skeptics and orthodox religion more or less had control of the hearts and minds of most people. NOT ANYMORE. I am happy to say, that over the last 22 years there has been huge progress in the scientific evidence for the afterlife. And during this time, closed minded skeptics are getting fewer and fewer.

RELIGION IN CRISIS: Traditional Christian Churches are in great crisis these days and are dramatically losing support. People are voting with their feet and NOT ATTENDING weekly religious services as they used to. Relevance is a huge problem. In Australia some twenty six Church of England churches will be closing down in the next six months. The Catholic Church is in self-destruction mode - with its huge problem of pedophilia and with irrelevant, immaterial, inapplicable, antiquated beliefs which no independently minded person is accepting these days. More people are seeking the services of a psychic than are going to church on Sunday.

'AWAKENING': But what is evident is that a new powerful 'awakening' is happening- as people leave behind irrelevant beliefs and to begin to focus on the ULTIMATE FRONTIER. 'Awakening' as to what is really going on means more support for the paranormal and the afterlife.

The ultimate frontier - understanding the role of non-physical energy - in telepathy, in all kinds of mediumship, psychic skills, materializations and the survival of consciousness will be the new era for mankind in the coming decades - and after
Historical inevitability: read why this powerful universal force has surfaced in recent times:: Read full article


This is about communicating with those who crossed over by electronic means. It is highly evidential in that the contact is repeatable, is occurring in laboratories throughout the world, and is being subjected to close scientific scrutiny. See chapter 5 for full details. It is clear now that when the communication is perfected - and afterlife intelligences are working to make this happen - it is going to be the greatest discovery in human history. This is because when the communication is perfected, we would be able to get faces of those crossed over loved ones on a television screen. Further, loved ones will be able to talk to us one-to-one answering questions. That is going to be revolutionary - and one day in the future - it IS going to happen. In fact, it is happening now but it is happening in secret laboratories. There has been some success, but we have a long way to go to be able to converse at will with inter-dimensional beings using ITC-TDC.
Read more about the astounding history of ITC on Mark Macy's webpage.

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Dr Mark Pitstick's documentary "Soul Proof" shows nine categories of evidence that convincingly prove that you, and everyone else, are an infinite spiritual being. They interviewed many people from all walks of life who shared their personal stories about near-death experiences, after-death contacts, miracles, religious revelations, and much more. Also included are interviews with renowned experts in these fields. Taken together, these reports clearly indicate that consciousness precedes and survives physical death. This collective evidence demonstrates that—despite your outward physical appearance — you truly are an indestructible being of energy. Read more...




WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE? Critical information: do our loved ones know when we are about to cross over? "Always, without any exception there is a company of their own beloved to help them across the border, to receive the soul which has passed through the valley of shadows to begin the new and wonderous epoch of its life. They always know when they are associated by the love when the final dissolution will take place, because it becomes part of their willing task to aid the spirit to free itself from the physical body. But the act is not known to everybody who is now in the world of spirit. No one who dies, to use your language, ever dies alone."
S. Birch, highly credible afterlife teacher.

QUESTION: If we send our thoughts to our crossed-over loved ones, will they receive our messages? I lost my young son sometime and wondering if he hears what I am saying to him. The grief is killing me. Vera T. Italy.

Victor: This information comes directly from the afterlife by someone with high credibility: a former Monsignor of the Catholic Church, Mons Hugh Benson, "... It is possible-and perfectly natural- for people still living in the earth world to direct their thoughts to some friend in the spirit world, and they are always doing so. If those thoughts are directed with the full intention that they should be received by the person concerned, then received they will be, beyond any doubt whatever ...In the reverse direction, we can send our thoughts to you. they will be bound to reach you, but unless you are sufficiently sensitive psychically you will not be aware of receiving them, or, receiving them, you will not be aware whence they have come from ..." .




According to Dr R. Craig Hogan (pictured) The Center for Spiritual Understanding has been disseminating information about (1) mediums available for people to use to connect with loved ones in the afterlife and (2) psychotherapists who will perform a Guided Afterlife Connection to enable the participant to connect. They have now developed a procedure people can use to have their own afterlife connections without a medium or psychotherapist.

A preliminary study of 22 participants completed the two introduction stages, one training stage, and at least one of the four induction stages. Of these 22 participants, 19 (86%) had successful afterlife connections. The conclusion is that a procedure delivered over the Web that trains participants to allow natural, uninhibited unfoldment of messages from the subconscious and leads them into a hypnotic state that takes them to a place of beauty, filled with love, where they can connect with loved ones who have passed, can result in successful afterlife connections for most people.

The link to the Self-guided Afterlife Connections procedure is http://selfguided.spiritualunderstanding.org.



We can highly recommend the guided meditations produced by Max Highstein's Healing Waterfall organization. In 1985 Max wrote and produced "The Healing Waterfall", which quickly became a best seller in distribution through more than 1500 stores and today remains one of the most popular guided imagery programs ever recorded. The Healing Waterfall won About.com’s 2012 Reader’s Choice Award for Best Meditation Tool, more than 25 years after it was first released, a testament to its timeless appeal. Max has a number of excellent guided meditations and offers a free guided imagery download.

In 1892, William Stead, the brilliant journalist and psychic researcher, believed he had discovered his ability to receive communications in automatic writing. This was the beginning of his psychic activities. Stead claimed proof of survival in the form of a message received through his hands, from Julia Ames. Ames was a journalist acquaintance who had died shortly before. "Julia" suggested he could obtain automatic scripts from living friends as well. He noted, "I put my hand at the disposal of friends at various degrees of distance, and I found that, although the faculty varied, some friends could write extremely well, imitating at first the style of their own handwriting, sometimes for the first few words until they had more or less established their identity, and then going on to write exactly as they would write an ordinary letter. They would write what they were thinking about—whether they wanted to see me, or where they had been." Read More....


LIFE BEFORE LIFE " A much rarer experience [rarer than NDE] is the Pre-Birth Experience (PBE). People with Pre-Birth Experiences recall existing in a spiritual plane before their births here on earth. They often describe a spiritual existence, that is very similar to the existence reported in Near Death Experiences. Not only do people with a Pre-Birth Experience describe a spiritual pre-existence, but some also remember choosing their parents and the type of challenges they will face here on earth. Some people who have experienced a Near Death Experience, recall seeing souls assembled together, waiting to be born here on earth." Read more...

It is only when you inflict fear and guilt on to the people that you can control the mind, heart and soul of the people. This Bishop says that the Church used this eternal damnation fear for centuries because the Church hoped that would inflict strong fear into the people. We see how the Church manipulated a situation where it said a priest has the power to send to you eternal damnation or to heaven.


QUESTION: Are we going to have fun and friends in the afterlife. Someone told me that the afterlife is all about religious ceremonies - it would be boring for me to have religion all the time. Laura S, San Francisco.

Whoever told you that the afterlife is all about religion is ABSOLUTELY WRONG! The realm of the Light - where decent, open-minded people go to on crossing over - have nothing to do with religion in their realm - or sphere. This place is for relaxing, for FUN, for meeting up with loved ones, for meeting friends. It is a place where you do NOT have to work, to sleep, to eat, to wash, to clean. This is a place where it never rains, is always light with no winds or storms or hurricanes. All is perfect for re-unions and for play and fun. Of course you do have opportunities to for voluntary service. Religion is about beliefs - and in the afterlife it is not really necessary. Spiritual service is what is really important. There are those who are willing to do service, like helping others cross-over, helping those in the lower regions with anything that could be of assistance; there is self-improvement classes - to increase your knowledge, to learn music, art and anything you like - also how to become more spiritual. It is possible that you may not want to do any work for a time - as apparently many people do.You make the choice. But in the realm of the LIght, you do what your heart desires to do providing it is done with love or in a positive way. Religion is there only for those who want it - but religion on its own does NOT raise your vibrations (level of spirituality) - only selfless service - spirituality - does.



QUESTION: Hi Victor, tell me, are those people who did not have the chance to get an education at a disadvantage in the afterlife?Ned, Sydney.

Victor: Not at all! Education has nothing to do with being more spiritual. There are those who have no education at all who spiritually far superior to those with doctorates. What work, what education you have on planet earth is totally irrelevant to the level of spirituality. As a matter of fact, there are some very intelligent, very highly qualified scientists, professors who show they are not spiritually advanced at all - and do not accept the afterlife. On crossing over, you could very well find those who had low level jobs go to much higher places than those who had all the earthly learning, status and power. Attaining spirituality has nothing to do with the work you do or the education one has. There are brilliant scientists and manual workers in the higher and the lower realms in the afterlife dimension.

FEEDBACK: 3 only

1) I want to thank you so much for sending me every week such a large amount of wonderful material. During my spare time I study it deeply; now I'm reading the book "Life in the world unseen" which I found from a previous Report from you and I saved a copy of the book on my I-Pad (very easy to bring it everywhere). Every day I take the chance of reading some pages of it : I'm very busy, I'm a Gynecologist and mother of two teen-agers boys, but after doing it I always feel spiritually better. My husband, who can't read it because he doesn't understand English, asks me all the time to resume the book for him. I saw this place in my dreams, sometimes in my life I saw and spoke with dead people I knew before their passing: I define myself as a "scientist" and I've been wondering for all my life since I was a little girl what's the meaning of all of it. I never found the answers I was searching in official religion, but now, thanks to you, I begin to see something glimmering. (Dr) Diana (Italy)

2) Dear Victor If I could have a moment of your time to thank you most sincerely for your generous gift and to share with you the impact your book has had on my husband.

My husband read your book with great interest and for the first time ever, he has shown some interest in the subject of the Afterlife. He has accompanied me to the Spiritualist Church for the past three Sundays and on all occasions he received messages which he could relate to.

Interestingly, the first message he received from the Spirit world was about your book. He was told that "the book he is currently reading will open his mind to a new way of thinking." The following week, a different medium referred to the book he was reading and said "to continue studying the subject bit by bit." He is currently reading Dr Eben Alexander's Near-Death Experience.

Thank you too for your newsletter which I enjoy reading. The work you are doing is so important and special.

Kind regards

3) Good report Victor.

I like it.

Tricia, statistician (Scotland)

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Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.