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August 2004

Report 27th August 2004

ELIZABETH KUBLER-ROSS. TIME Magazine identified her as one of the most important thinkers of the twentieth century - a genius in afterlife studies. She died this week aged 78 years. Here is some of what PMH Atwater said about EKR: "Thank you Elisabeth for being born, growing up as you did, facing what you faced, and doing the work you felt guided to do. And thank you for dying the way that you did. I know you were angry for not dying sooner, but even that, the extra time you lingered, taught us. Thank you for your life. Thank you for your death. It is my honor, my privilege, to have known you. God bless you always wherever you may go in the otherworld realms you now inhabit. You are a blessing, and you will always be alive, fresh in our memories, active in our hearts." PMH.

POLTERGEIST IN VICTORIA: Activity similar to the famous Bristol case in England - click on BOOK top right, click again on Chapter 23 POLTERGEIST. In Hoppers' Crossing, Victoria, Australia in a house belonging to the government - 'Emergency Housing'- there has been extensive poltergeist activity (spirit activity moving objects) which terrified a single mum and her young three children for more than six months. The smoke detector would go on early in the morning - for no logical reason at all; radios would go on and off; putrid smells suddenly became obvious; cold flushes through the bodies, the noise of footsteps when no one was around; picture frames would fly off the wall; the television would go and off; blinds would go up in the kitchen regularly; the made-bed would be unmade as if someone had slept in it; the kettle would go off without warning; voices were heard telling the kids to 'shut up.' Kitchen cupboard would be heard slamming; the peculiar noise of someone running up and down the hall when no one was to be seen. The tenant who occupied the house before was hit on the head by an unseen entity; the lady named Alisi was so badly hurt she was unconscious for a long time till her son found her. The local paper ran stories on it. Photos taken shows unusual faces on a wall. Would someone responsible from the Victorian or South Australian Society for Psychical Research investigate this most important poltergeist activity? More about this next week.

TIRED OF VIOLENT MOVIES? There is a growing movement toward producing original films with spiritually based themes. Stephen Simon, James Twyman and Neale Donald Walsch, have created a film about psychic children called INDIGO which will be released in across North America in January, 2005. Shooting begins this Friday in Ashland, Oregon on a second film called "INTO ME SEE (Intimacy)" and preparations are underway to begin shooting a Mary Magdalene movie sometime in the first half of 2005. In the mean time you can join the Spiritual Cinema Circle to receive each month two DVDs with short and feature films on spiritual themes.

AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL SPIRIT LIBRARY - 'pure gold' -over 100 most important spirit teaching transmitted from and about the afterlife- sent by Sharon Garrick:

A GREAT WEBSITE: Ricardo Mardi has flagged a real mine of spiritual information that can be found at Some great articles and some excellent book reviews. There is also a very readable free Psychic Journal

REIKI: Dr Ursui, the founder of Reiki, discovered some principles of good health. He insisted that anyone who wanted to practice his healing system would recite the following morning and evening:
Just for today I will not be angry, I will not worry, I will be grateful for my many blessings. I will do my work honestly and with commitment and I will be kind to all people and living things.

THE BRITISH SOCIETY FOR PSYCHICAL RESEARCH (SPR): has had some dramatic moments over the last century. The critics state that it is the hotbed for closed minded skepticism - referring especially to recent times when Dr Richard Wiseman and Dr Susan Blackmore spread so much darkness not only in the UK but in the US and around the world for their sustained negative findings over at least a couple of decades. While other more intelligent, better qualified empiricists with the highest credibility in the UK, the US and around the world obtained positive results validating the existence of the paranormal and the evidence for the afterlife, these two, salt n' pepper Wiseman and Blackmore, are on record for allegations of cheating, lying, misrepresentations when allegedly investigating psi experiments. Professor Jessica Utts for example, former consultant for the CIA, found most defective use of statistics by Blackmore. This shows that either she lacks technical competence to do proper statistics or she was willfully biased to negatively prejudice the psi results. The gifted psychic Dream Detective, Chris Robinson, states that Wiseman cheated, lied and willfully misrepresented the presentation of the planned psi experiment. Evidence of colossal negative manipulation in the endeavor to negatively influence the results, this Wiseman in England agreed to test Chris Robinson for his psychic dreams. On the day of the testing, Wiseman unilaterally changed the experiment to psychometry! This is like at the Olympic Games you are an expert in field track, and some official tells you to do the 1500 meter pool competition!! Chris Robinson claims that someone at the SPR must have aided and abetted in a colossal fraud and allowed the publication of Wiseman's fraudulent report. This weekend the SPR will be holding a very important meeting. More later.

COMMUNICATING WITH AFTERLIFE INTELLIGENCES: Recently I was invited to communicate with an intelligence from the afterlife and effectively did so with another three people for two long hours. One important message which comes through is that the afterlife consequences are ENORMOUS and people on earth must do all they can to read more about the afterlife. Learn the rules of the game of life. For example, we are informed from someone who is an eye witness from the afterlife and who used to live on this planet earth that there will be people who on crossing over will get themselves into big trouble remaining in a dream-like state for up to thousands of years time by earth's time. This is CRITICALLY important for you to fully understand the consequences of your actions on this planet earth and what is inevitably going to happen you when you will inevitably cross to the afterlife. Go to BOOK click on chapter 27 WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE DIE?

CRITICAL RESULTS: when we were communicating with afterlife intelligences we were obtaining intelligent responses. Where did these responses come from - if not from the afterlife? From the unconscious? Certainly not! The unconscious would not know what somebody else was doing during the week! When all alternatives have been carefully canvassed we are left with the inevitable: the intelligent responses ARE what they claim to be: from the afterlife dimension. The responses which we received for some sixteen years just could NOT be from anywhere else!

Report 20th August 04

QUACKS, TRICKSTERS AND CHARLATANS! The world is full of people who try to cheat, lie, distort, misrepresent - anything, anytime anywhere to squeeze money from you. DON'T be gullible! There are tricksters who call themselves 'psychics' - but are not - they're nothing but frauds! A report came in: one lady had her cat on the verge of death. An American 'psychic' promised her if she sent in $300 the cat would be OK. What happened? All she got was a piece of greenish paper to wrap around the cat. The lady lost the cat … and the $300!! - which did NOT save the cat!!!!!! QUACKS!!

CLOSED MINDED QUACK AT IT AGAIN: I just cannot believe this closed minded debunker Zwinge Randi: anti-psychic, anti-spiritual, from Florida. He's flamboyant, he's a liar -he said so himself, he's slippery as an eel, he's trying to con the Americans with his ridiculous, fraudulent offer about testing psychics. In some 16 years not one has passed the preliminary stage .. and there's so much more! This 'alleged' kids' stage entertainer is not a scientist, not an academic, not a qualified empiricist - just someone green with 'green envy'. Now he is now trying to attack one of the most respected American scientists in the world to-day: Dr Dean Radin who among his credentials was a federal government advisor on national affairs. The Florida Zwinge Randi mentioned above said words to the effect: I will not call him 'Dr' - I want to call him 'Mr' Radin!!! Petty, petty, petty Zwinge Randi.

THE CONSCIOUS UNIVERSE, Dr Dean Radin's must-read book has been translated into 13 languages!!! It is making this Florida clown look absolutely ridiculous and stupid. Why? Because in his book Dr Radin has critical and vital scientific evidence for the validity of psychic phenomena. See also below left column.

EXPERIENTIAL EVIDENCE: a most common question to me is, "Have YOU ever had experience contacting afterlife entities?" My response: OF COURSE I HAVE! One of the reasons why I am absolutely certain that the afterlife evidence is 100% correct is because these last 16 years I was in a privileged situation to make regular contact with those entities who were once people, just like you and me, living on this planet earth. With ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY we continue to survive once we physically die. The evidence given to me is just amazing! Death will NOT sever connection with LOVED ONES. They will still come to visit you. Where there is heart to heart connection - LOVE will be maintained. Most people in this world do not know the rules of the game of life. One reason why we are on this planet earth is to discover these rules of life - but once found, they will be the key to everything you want for your health, happiness and love - here AND when we inevitably cross over. LOVE IS THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE IN THE UNIVERSE.

THE RULES OF THE GAME OF LIFE: learn the theory first: for those who are uninitiated: start first by reading the BOOK click top right - especially chapter 27 on WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU WHEN YOU DIE? If you find anything which contradicts your belief, then you will have to question where you obtained YOUR information from, WHO was the AUTHORITY? If you find the authority was 'subjective' - you know you are NOT safe in your beliefs. Science, empiricism have evolved to a degree where they can isolate anything which does not have the substance of truth, objectivity. All evidence about the afterlife is empirical, objective - which can withstand the most rigid tests of validity. But historical, traditional religious or other beliefs which are NOT supported by any evidence - these beliefs inevitably have to be re-examined. There is no such thing as subjective evidence. Many of the rules of the game of life I outlined in chapter 27 are empirical and guaranteed to be the truth, nothing but the truth.

A MOST FASCINATING BOOK: 'A MERE GRAIN OF SAND' the biography of gifted spiritual healer Ray Brown who is given a great deal of respect in the United Kingdom because of the amazing results he gets. The book also claims that Ray Brown's Spirit Guide is none other than 'St Paul' - who is given high status by the Catholic Church. St Paul himself actually contributes several chapters. Further, there is a most significant personal most positive attestation by a British neurosurgeon, Dr Walter Fisher, who stated that it was St Paul's spiritual operation which cured Dr Fisher's own back pain. Ray Brown's guide, St Paul states: "I am just Paul, a servant of God, a mere grain of sand in a vast desert." Read for yourself how this most delicate operation was done by St Paul to cure a neurosurgeon's serious 'slipped disc' back problem - in the UK. Book is available from Psychic News Books

Report 13th August 2004

'ORTHODOXY' usually refers to conservatism, the acceptance of existing beliefs - and reluctance to change. Innovators in medicine, investigators of psychic phenomena and other non-traditional empiricists have great problems with orthodoxy. Being orthodox does NOT mean being correct. Dr John Holt - who has impeccable and most impressive qualifications is an expert in healing cancer patients - his success is without challenge but he has been ridiculed by orthodoxy. This is exactly the problem scientists in psychic phenomena are up against.

Dr JOHN HOLT: Based in Perth, Western Australia, he has cured thousands of patients using unconv-entional, but nonetheless most effective methods. His methods are scientific because he follows an objective formula and is repeatedly obtaining successful results. This week we watched so many of his patients- beaming with life on Sydney Channel 9 A Current Affair [view it online ] They all said: "traditional specialists gave me few weeks, months to live - now ten years later I feel just great!" Dr Holt has been doing this miraculous cancer cure for some thirty years. Now he is reaching retirement and intends to go to Ireland. So who are these 'thick', conservative, orthodox, highly conservative medical men and government bureaucrats who are depriving Australia of one of the most miraculous cancer cures in history? Who are these irresponsible orthodox medical bureaucrats who are indirectly killing thousands of people who otherwise would be cured from terminal cancer? We must judge by RESULTS - we must NOT judge by tradition or historical beliefs. I urge the Australian Health Minister Hon. Tony Abbott, to act now to SAVE thousands of LIVES.

WHO SAID YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU? We all know that you can't take with you money, property and personal effects when you cross over. Right? But being a lawyer I've discovered a loophole. This IS a way!!You can take with you EVERYTHING you give away to others with the right motivation. All selfless positive thoughts, words and deeds have an immediate positive impact on your duplicate etheric body - by increasing its vibrations. By helping others financially or in some other way, by sending healing or prayers you are actually helping yourself. Ultimately, this means a higher probability of having a conscious transition and obtaining a passport to hugely much better conditions in the afterlife.

CLOSED MINDED DEBUNKER: J Randi (JR), a most notorious anti-psychic, anti-spiritualist, anti-psi empiricist, anti-anything which shows he's empirically wrong in his beliefs in 'nothingness': he stated on the 12th March 04 the following: now read this one very carefully - it's his own writing:
"Strange Mr. Zammit, mentioned last week, complained for years that no one - particularly I - would test "psychic" Chris Robinson of the UK. Well, Susan Blackmore tested him, and he failed, but Zammit carried on bitching. Now, we're approaching agreement on the protocol for another set of tests, and I've just heard that Zammit is warning Robinson not to agree to be tested! Explain that, if you will...!"

VICTOR'S RESPONSE: why did not J Randi (JR) not send me a copy of the above in March when he first published it? Too shy? Too cowardly? Secondly, JR is deliberately MISREPRESENTING what the real situation is. What I state on my website in the skeptics section is that JR REFUSED to test Chris Robinson live ON TELEVISION. Millions people including psi and other experts for and against psi would then have been able to see for themselves whether Chris Robinson is a genuine psychic. JR LIVE would mean he couldn't wriggle out of giving the alleged baloney sum of $1m to Chris who said he'd give it all to charity. What JR wants to do is to have full control of the experiment, to censor anything that shows he's a quack and to set up a situation without external objective assessors to supervise whether or not the test is being done in good faith. The television producers stated that if JR is genuine about his offer, he should accept testing Chris Robinson on television LIVE so that we will ALL see if Chris is a genuine psychic. But when JR refused to appear LIVE on television, everyone connected with the television show concluded that JR is another quack or some charlatan or some conman too cowardly to appear LIVE on television because he KNOWS he will lose the challenge. My own personal opinion is that JR does NOT have a genuine money offer at all- as he told one of the founders of CSICOP, "I ALWAYS HAVE A WAY OUT OF PAYING …"!!!!! That says it all!
I advised Chris Robinson that JR is a 'quack', full of tricks, most unreliable who will cheat and lie to try to discredit Chris. His conduct is the evidence why JR should not be part of any experiments held in private!

REGARDING DR SUSAN BLACKMORE: We now have been given information that Dr Jessica Utts and expert statistician from the United States proved that the statistics Susan Blackmore used on Chris Robinson were intrinsically defective - in other words, Susan's statistics were not up to standard, were not correct and could not be validly admissible. Further, Susan Blackmore now states that the experience in psychic phenomena could be real - there could be an afterlife, there could be telepathy, there could be mediumship etc etc. In other words, she could have been absolutely wrong these last 25 years of her psychic 'defective' experimentation!

A PERSONAL MESSAGE FROM PMH ATWATER: I have just been advised that two of my books are going out-of-print this fall. One is "Beyond the Light" (a major study of adult near-death experiencers), and the other is "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Near-Death Experiences" (the world's ONLY encyclopedia of the entire field). What happens next depends on many things; there may be various options regarding re-dos, depending on publisher interest. In the meantime, you may want to buy copies now should either of these books interest you. The one I am the most concerned about is the Idiot's book. It is invaluable as a resource book. I urge you to purchase copies as quickly as possible and give them to doctors and nurses, school teachers, ministers, near-death experiencers and their families, and anyone else you can think of who would benefit from the material. For all of you who attend "Friends of IANDS" meetings, you may want to purchase one for your group and keep it on hand. Thank you, PMH

A MUST HAVE BOOK in the library of anyone interested in the afterlife is P.M.H. Atwater's "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Near-Death Experiences". It is an encyclopedia of the entire field and a monumental achievement. PMH emailed me this week to say that she has been informed by the publishers that it is going out of print very soon. It is important that this book be readily available to the public at large. Now would be a good time to recommend to any libraries you know to purchase a copy. Publication details

Report 6th August 2004

ALL MOTION IS RELATIVE: stagnation means - relative to everything else - going backwards. If a cynic-debunker refuses to investigate the most important thing on this planet earth - the empirical evidence for the existence of the afterlife- he/she is in fact not staying in one place. In relation to others he/she is going backwards fast! That's disastrous! Highly credible information transmitted from the other side, e.g. Silver Birch, Anthony Borgia and others categorically state that millions of people are having an extremely difficult time refusing to accept they have crossed over. That brings confusion, anxiety, instability. Those who were adamant that nothing exists in the hereafter, are having the most difficult time. And it would ONLY be when these adamant cynics accept there is an afterlife that some progress would be made to go back to the light. Ahhhhh!

THE FRENCH REVELATIONS, A Book I highly recommend has a chapter on closed minded skeptics who crossed over and STILL DENIED THEY WERE DEAD! An earthbound closed minded skeptic kept on denying he was dead because he still had a perfectly solid body. Coming through a direct voice medium he repeatedly stated, "I am not dead." This is where mental confusion sets in. These earthbound closed-minded do not eat, drink, sleep or talk to anyone and they are in darkness - for decades, centuries and thousands of years - and yet still DENY they are DEAD!

AFTERLIFE PHYSICS: From time immemorial psychics have stated that everything is vibrating. One scientific view is that the physical molecules on earth are vibrating (swirling) at the speed of light. But when we cross over to the other side the swirling of the atoms of the spirit body will be much faster. On earth we can see each other because in physical terms everything on earth is vibrating at the speed of light. But any acceleration of the vibrations will mean entering into a new dimension where everything is just as solid as on earth. Read a most fascinating account about the afterlife physics. Click on BOOK top right then click on chapter 6

WHY GO INTO DENIAL? A re-run of the television show UNSOLVED MYSTERIES shows Robert Stack, the actor, (now crossed over) explaining mediumship. The studio, NOT THE MEDIUM, selected at random a number of people who were mainly skeptical about the whole thing. They then had psychic medium James Van Praagh relating messages to these people. What happened? James Van Praagh was spot-on with the messages from the afterlife BUT EACH TIME, a cynic (someone called Sherman) who was put in with the others, kept finding excuses not to accept spirit communication. It was funny, but really pathetic watching him predictably denying a spectacularly successful psychic demonstration when everybody else confirmed spirit communication. One of the sitters summed up the mood when he stated that while he was skeptical before the show he now accepted the messages were from the afterlife.

FORMER CYNIC, DEBUNKER DR SUSAN BLACKMORE who was regularly in the media in the UK said she never obtained a positive result in her psychic research. Now she states that she could be totally wrong about the evidence for the afterlife and psychic phenomena. She wrote books and books…denying and being completely negative. The cynic debunkers praised her for her negativity elevating her to skeptics' sainthood. BUT - she said looking back on her research - words to the effect: "Yes, there could be unshakeable evidence for the existence of the afterlife. I no longer deny that….other far more brilliant scientists than I who investigated and accepted the evidence for the afterlife could be 100% right." Susan does NOT have to believe in anything. As long as she is not negative, lives a reasonably good unselfish life and keeps an open mind it is guaranteed she will have no problem when she crosses over.

GRIEF! It is only natural, that we feel a great loss when a loved one crosses over to the afterlife. But warning!! Do NOT grieve for too long. Empirically elicited information states that grieving holds the loved one back! Learn to let go, learn to continue to send love and light (mind creates light in the afterlife - afterlife physics) - the most powerful force in the universe. Let go and accept that when there is a heart to heart connection it is guaranteed you will see the loved one again. I repeat do NOT grieve for too long. You will be doing the opposite to what you would want for your crossed over loved one. Empirically transmitted information explained how a son came through a medium terribly upset because his parents grieving was holding him back in the earth's magnetic belt.

SPIRITUAL COUPLES LESS LIKELY TO SPLIT: Without doubt those couples who are on the spiritual path are less likely to fight with their partner. This is something which has to be looked into when trying to understand why to-day more than 50% of all partnerships are breaking up. Over the last twenty years I found spiritual people from every country to be gentler, more understanding, most unselfish, more loving, more able to resolve disputes, more able to cater for each other's needs and understand what unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness is about.

KARMA: does NOT mean punishment. Karma is the law of cause and effect - you reap what you sow. Those in power who knowingly abuse their power will one day pay a heavy price. If you are cruel, vindictive, into mischief or harassment - it is guaranteed that one day YOU will have to experience the same cruelty etc… not as punishment, but as a learning experience- to feel and experience what you caused others to feel and experience.

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