A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife


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January 25th 2008

Last week's (January 18th) early report.

I’m still answering the mountain of emails I receive daily- apologies if I still have not replied to yours. I had the computer serviced recently and inadvertently a few emails were lost. Email me again if you do not hear from me.

I guarantee that all judges of Supreme and High Courts around the world will accept that there is a prima facie case made out for the existence of the afterlife after they read just the CONTENTS page of my book A LAWYER PRESENTS THE CASE FOR THE AFTERLIFE. This would be even BEFORE they read even one page of the evidence.
This is about legal reasoning - an objective procedural technicality and anyone in the world who obtains advice from a professional litigation lawyer about what I stated will agree that what I stated is one hundred per cent correct. If not, I will be more than happy to deal with any judge or expert litigation lawyer or anybody else who is informed about legal procedures. When publicity was given to my afterlife evidence and my million dollar challenge on TIME WARNER’s website some years ago, I received a number of emails from senior lawyers in the U.S. enquiring about the million dollar challenge (see right column). After sending them the evidence – ALL conceded that even before they had read the evidence, a prima facie case for the afterlife has been made out. Of course, on studying the presented repeatable, objective and empirical evidence, those who can perceive the paranormal with true empirical equanimity will inevitably accept the evidence for the afterlife as presented.

LAWYERS/SCIENTISTS AND THE ADMISSIBILITY OF EVIDENCE: I state that anyone who bothers to study legal cases will see that scientists - physicists, biologists, medical doctors, medical specialists, chemists – and others such as psychologists, mathematicians, architects and other professions do NOT have the essential expertise to know what technically constitutes admissible evidence in critical matters such as the afterlife. Scientists may know a great deal about their own particular branch of science and scientific method. But, it has to be accepted that in any confrontation between scientists, a matter may be taken to court for adjudication. So, a physicist may be a brilliant physicist – but a physicist is not a lawyer and would not understand the complexity of rules of evidence. What is admissible evidence is highly technical. And a judge, a litigation expert and a lawyer, will make the decisions about any evidentiary issue raised.

More than the members of any other profession, lawyers and judges are trained to evaluate the credibility of witnesses, and the strength of evidence. So I was impressed when I found that over many generations (see pictures below) a number of lawyers and judges, at the top of their profession, who investigated the evidence for the afterlife and were prepared to make a public stand to support it, with absolutely nothing to gain, and often at great personal cost. These were men of the highest intellectual caliber who all approached the subject in a rational and objective manner applying the legal test of ‘beyond reasonable doubt’. All had been open-minded skeptics to begin with and all maintained their conviction until their deaths.


Judge Edmonds was at the height of his career in early 1851 when he decided to investigate the mediumship of the Fox sisters who started afterlife investigations - and spiritualism. He had been a member of both branches of the New York State Parliament, and, for some time, President of the Senate and a Judge of the New York State Supreme Court. Read more…

Initially an open-minded skeptic, he came to accept the evidence for the afterlife through hearing the incredible voices that came in the presence of direct voice and materialization medium, Emily French. He and his wife and several legal colleagues spent twenty two years in recording sittings with her and he became a major writer on the afterlife. At least two of his books are available online- obtain a free download of his e-book The Dead Have Never Died and read online his Frontiers of the Afterlife. See also The French Revelation.


Dr. Aubrey Rose OBE, CBE, a leading British Human Rights lawyer, has stated in his recent book The Rainbow Never Ends that he totally accepts the evidence for the existence of the afterlife. After empirically investigating transmissions made by one of his colleagues through direct voice medium, Leslie Flint, he stated that without doubt the voice came from the afterlife, and was that of Judge Lord Birkett, who had crossed over some time before.

George Meek was a brilliant scientist, engineer and inventor who retired from his career as an inventor, designer and manufacturer of devices for air conditioning and for the treatment of waste water at the age of 60 and devoted the next twenty five years of his life to self-funded full-time research into life after death. He traveled all over the globe, studied the best mediums and healers he could find and developed his own maps of the afterlife.

Dr Mark Macy, ITC researcher who knew George writes:
“Meek spent many hours in his large basement office piecing together roadmaps of the spirit worlds from the vast knowledge he had gained from his research. He had discovered that the actual locations of Heaven and Hell were not somewhere out there in distant space nor hidden away deep inside the Earth, but right here, all around us. He knew that mystics over the centuries have had an intimate knowledge of the fact that many universes interpenetrate our own physical universe, but they didn’t know how to explain it to the world; humanity until now had always lacked the technological background to understand how this interpenetration worked…” Read more...


I was delighted to see this week that AMAZON has a number of reprint copies of three of GEORGE MEEK'S wonderful ground breaking books which sum up the findings of his unparallel twenty five years of research. If you want to save yourself many years of traveling, seeking and reading I highly recommend that you obtain a copy of AFTER WE DIE WHAT THEN and ENJOY YOUR OWN FUNERAL. I f you are interested in spiritual healing you might enjoy George's report of 10 years research by 14 World Famous Investigators HEALERS AND THE HEALING PROCESS.
Recommend these classic books to your local librarians.


" Have I really talked on the phone to departed colleagues? Yes, I have. Have colleagues of mine in Europe really received clear images and long texts from spirit friends who planted those image and text files directly onto the hard drive of my colleagues' computers? Yes. This is not just speculation; I know this all to be true and legitimate. Again, I will stake my life on that. If you're influenced by the skeptics, please ask yourself if they would likewise stake their lives and the lives of their families on their skeptical position. Are they that sure of themselves? Ask them, and please let me know their reply. I have a reputation of honesty and sincerity, and I wish to keep it that way. One of my greatest dreams is that hundreds of millions of people will gain a truthful, in-depth knowledge of spiritual reality from my work. I would like people who read "Spirit Faces" to come away with a clearer understanding of their spiritual nature than 99.9 percent of the people who've ever lived on Earth. That's my hope, my dream. If even half the people in the world can adopt a realistic spiritual understanding into their personal worldview and let the other pieces of their worldview resettle around that stable spiritual foundation, then peace and compatibility will spread quickly among social systems ranging in size from families and communities, to nations, religions, and cultures. For the first time in the history of our world, humanity would be able to resonate with brilliant beings in the light, ethereal realms of existence (angels, celestial beings), and the Earth would glow in spiritual Light. Read more...


Our Spanish speakers and EVP/ITC experimenters will want to bookmark this wonderful new site www.parapsicologia.com.es
which is getting the afterlife message out to an even wider audience- remember Spanish is spoken as a first and second language very widely throughout the world!

in my some twenty years of afterlife research, I find that those people who experienced the paranormal are the ones who don’t particularly care about any other evidence even hard core scientific evidence. They state that their experiences have given them sharp insights and has extended their understanding about the afterlife. The ‘experiential’ may not be objective, repeatable evidence, but so many people have experienced some aspect of the paranormal/afterlife and are convinced beyond any doubt whatsoever that they will be meeting their loved ones when they cross over. Why is it that some people do experience and others do not experience the paranormal? Simple. Those who experience psi - the paranormal are the ones who keep an open mind.

After EIGHT (nearly nine) YEARS, no scientist, no physicist, no biologist, no psychologist, no skeptical debunker has been able to rebut the objective, repeatable and empirical evidence for the existence of the afterlife. And remember what I stated recently: that Florida flamboyant skeptic has to match what I did: produce a sworn statement, a legally enforceable document, that he really has a million dollars on offer, not some worthless bonds. If he lies, he will be liable for a maximum of SEVEN YEARS PRISON! So far after some 20 years that has not been done by the skeptics! Got the dough? Got the moral courage to honor a duty to the public?
For some twenty years I recommended all gifted mediums and psychics NOT to take on the skeptic's challenge - because it is not a genuine offer. Zwingi Randi is on record for stating, "I will always have a way out" (of paying any money regarding the alleged challenge). Zwinge justified that claim by stating words to the effect, ‘… well, you see, since there is no afterlife I won’t have to pay out anything …”

Victor: Whilst some churches (which theoretically accept the afterlife) are attracting some people by hiring bands to entrance people to be receptive to music and Biblical tuition and other hysterical presentations on stage, young people to-day are not automatically accepting what someone wrote some three thousand years ago. The informed youth of to-day is not blindly following beliefs which cannot be independently supported. Young people are asking for hard core evidence. They are asking who are the guys wrote these things thousands of years ago. Why should we believe them? What hard core objective evidence is there to support what they claim? We know nothing about them. We do not know who they were. We do not know what character they had. We have no evidence they were any more inspired than some of our best spiritual writers to-day. There are no absolute tests to ascertain WHO is inspired and who is not inspired. It comes down to that which is objective and that which is subjective. The objective means validation and is getting stronger and the subjective is withering away as measured by the fewer people attending church services these days.

Pope Benedict XVI has canceled a planned visit to a prestigious Italian university after a protest by academics and students attacked his views on Galileo, the Vatican confirmed Tuesday. The pope had been due to give a speech at La Sapienza university in Rome Thursday to open its academic year. …academics -- pointing to a speech the pope gave at the same university as a cardinal in 1990 -- claimed he condones the 1633 trial and conviction of the scientist Galileo for heresy. The astronomer had argued that the Earth revolved around the Sun, in contradiction to church teachings at the time, and he was forced to renounce his findings publicly. In comments made 15 years ago when he was still a cardinal, Pope Benedict is reported to have called the trial "reasonable and just." Read more….

IS GOD MALE AND WHITE? Time for progress:
do Catholics think of God as a giant human being- a male and a caucasian something like Michelangelo's fresco? If so feminist theologian Elizabeth Johnson, interviewed in U.S. Catholic magazine, is trying to change that. Johnson claims that the use of "he" and "his" instills a paternalistic view of religion. According to Johnson, the gendered language reinforces outdated perceptions of God that are straining the vital connection between people and spirituality. Read more...

Buddhism is booming—quite a paradox given the Communist Party's official atheism and its troubled relationship with the Dalai Lama. The faith's growing popularity reflects a yearning for meaning among China's yuppies, who increasingly are attracted to Buddhism's rejection of materialism and emphasis on the transitory nature of life. "They have a BMW and a house in the countryside," says Lawrence Brahm, an American who runs three boutique hotels, including one in Tibet. "And they're bored. They're realizing there's more to life than collecting toys." Buddhism's trendiness has spawned a surge in faith-related business: Flights to the Tibetan capital, Lhasa, are booked solid, monasteries are building guesthouses, and Web sites offering free downloadable mantras are proliferating. Read more...

WHAT DO YOU CHOOSE? Absolutely brilliant! Shawn Gallaway's video and music elicits extreme intimacy, peace, light and love! Geraldine Camilleri, from beautiful Malta in the Mediterranean, very kindly sent me a link to this most wonderful Youtube video- a musical assessment of life on earth that reminds us that we get more on what we focus on. What do you choose?: 'love or fear, laughter or tears, peace or war, sunshine or fighting off tears, light or darkness’. I suggest for grounding, for extending sensitivity, for appreciation of life on earth and which puts things in perspective, watch this video at least once a day: You can also order CDs of the music.


I received this email from Frank Longo a producer/director currently working on a project with Laurie Campbell, a medium/researcher for whom I have the greatest admiration and respect. He writes:
" Meet Dorothy Izatt. A mild-mannered, loving, mother and grandmother. She raised a family who now has their own. They are the picture of a perfect family. But there is a secret they’ve had to live with their whole lives... that mom has an ongoing relationship with otherworldly beings for over 30 years. And she can prove it. There has never been a case study like this! Dorothy Izatt’s phenomenon surpasses the most notorious alien abduction cases aka contactees. Unlike Whitley Strieber (Communion), Travis Walton (Fire in the Sky), and the Betty and Barney Hill case... Dorothy has FILMED her experiences. Thirty years in the making and armed with over 30,000 feet of film, Dorothy is now ready to share her story of contact with the world. Read more …

VICTOR IS AN EVOLUTIONIST and an EMPIRICIST: there is this circus clown academic who deliberately wants to mislead readers when he states that I am not an 'evolutionist.' For the purpose of the record, yes, I accept that evolution has been taking place since time immemorial. That is consistent with what paranormal empiricists known as the Law of Progress (evolution). Mediumship has been empirically studied by scientists and has shown to be absolutely valid. Information transmitted from the otherside (through empirical mediumship) explains the universe by the Law of Intelligent Cause and Effect. For an intelligent effect, there has to be an intelligent cause. For example, Newton explains gravity. But he attributes gravity to God – being the first Cause. Everything in the universe can be explained by the empirical Law of intelligent Cause and Effect, everything. If not, tell me why not. This has nothing to do with beliefs, with blind faith, with religion, with tradition or with any subjectivity whatsoever.

See Victor on Video

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DRAMATIC SPEAKERS’ CORNER PICTURES - see new pics: the Vietnam War, Human Rights, the Israelis, Socialists, Lord Soper the great English orator, American Hostage crisis 1980, No Tax Speaker ... an many more:
during 1965 -1978 at the Speakers' Corner in London and the Speakers Corner at the Domain Park in Sydney - was a tremendous time of revolutionary social, religious and political changes. The Vietnam war was at its peak. Youths were being conscripted to fight a losing war. Lives were being lost on the killing fields of Vietnam.
(Victor in his student days, pictured above)

Anti-war demonstrations were being held regularly. Many anti-war demonstrators were beaten up during the protest marches. People were beginning to feel that church leaders had lost the monopoly on truth. Young people wanted answers to questions theologians had refused or could not answer for nearly 2,000 years. In many countries young people won the right to vote at 18 years instead of 21 years. Enjoy these historical photos – and a time that is not likely to come around again

Tomorrow January 26th is the Australian national day- a light-hearted summer celebration of thanksgiving for the people, the land, the diversity, the indigenous cultures, the freedom and democracy and a very privileged way of life. Read more...