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June 22nd 2012

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REPORT in 50 languages including - French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese and Hungarian - and many others. Be very patient with the grammar of these automatic translations.

COMMENTARY: THE PARANORMAL IS MAKING STEADY IRREVERSIBLE PROGRESS: No doubt, the classic mechanistic, reductionist, materialistic world view was very strong until just very recently. The concessions made by closed minded psychologists in England, the discoveries in quantum physics, the repeatable miracle mind-body 'healing' psychic cures, the discoveries that in quantum physics one neutron can affect another neutron at a distance away - all this is leading to a new science which will take over from reductionist, orthodox science.

The concession made by closed minded scientists recently that telepathy has passed the toughest scientific tests has shown that soon other aspects of the paranormal - such as psychic-mediumship would be made scientifically valid. We have brilliant mediums who can demonstrate repeatable and objective paranormal skills. When these mediums are test by scientists who are totally independent, highly credible and non-aligned, then no doubt, these scientists will confirm that mediumship would be able to pass any traditional scientific test. I'll let you know - these scientific tests on mediums have already been done by those scientists who now accepted the paranormal. It is only a matter of time!


GREG BRADEN- COMPUTER GEOLOGIST- ON CONSCIOUSNESS- Science is discovering that every human on the planet is linked to the field.




AFTER DEATH CONTACT RESEARCHER Dr Annette Childs says at least 60% of people who have lost a loved one have a contact. She says the most common way is in a dream. They say it was not a normal dream. Often they see lights flicker on and off or other electrical appliances go on. Sometimes people will hear a music box that has not been wound up. Many people keep quiet about these experiences. Her book "Across the River" is about her friend Margaret. When Margaret was dying Annette gave Margaret a white stone heart which Margaret held in her hand all the time. The stone disappeared after Margaret died. Later it appeared on the pillow of Margaret's husband in New York. Read more about ADCs



Born in Brazil, Chico Xavier had very poor eye-sight and only a very basic primary education. However he was a natural medium from the earliest age being able to see and hear the spirit of his mother who had died when he was only five. This brought him into conflict with his family and the Catholic Church. He came in contact with some Spiritist mediums who helped to heal his sister and taught him about mediumship. Once he understood his gift he began to sit with a pencil in his hand and his eyes closed. He would then write pages of hand written books, always without a mistake, on highly spiritual subjects.

In this method he produced more than 100,000 pages of spirit writing which was published in 412 books, including some in foreign languages in which he was not fluent. In one case he was able to produce a message from a person who died that was accepted by the judge in a court case.

He refused to take any money himself for his books which were very popular. Instead he donated the copyright of all these works to be used by Spiritist charities to help the needy. Each day, poor people queued outside his home in Uberaba to receive free food and for the opportunity to speak a few words with him. He was regarded by many as a saint and celebrities were among regular visitors to his home seeking advice from him or the spirits who communicated through him.


Before participating in research at the Windbridge Institute, each prospective research medium is screened over several months using an intensive 8-step screening and training procedure. Thirty prospective mediums have completed several of the initial steps and are waiting to complete the remaining screening steps. Close to 200 additional mediums are also waiting to begin screening. Upon successful completion of the eight steps, the medium becomes a Level 1 Windbridge Certified Research Medium (WCRM-1). The mediums' certification levels increase as they participate in additional research studies. To learn about the process and the current Level 1 certified mediums. Read more...



THE RATIONALIST (ATHEIST) ARGUMENT FOR THE EXISTENCE OF THE AFTERLIFE: Michael Roll is someone I have known for nearly twenty years. He is a rationalist from England, Michael Roll – an atheist who does not believe that there is the traditional Biblical God. But Michael is an afterlife empiricist. He is not a ‘believer’ – he accepts the hard core evidence for the afterlife. So, for the purpose of the record, you can have atheists who actually accept the afterlife. Watch his most fascinating video.

Part 2
Part 3 Part 4

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE? Read this very carefully: American Lawyer Edwin C. Randall had the immense opportunity of talking with "dead people" for twenty years through the materialization mediumship of Emily French. The book descriptions of many of these conversations. Here is an extract from p.92.
" There are in the next life kindergartens, schools, colleges, and universities of learning just as we have here, and what is more, the inhabitants do not cease to study and increase their store of knowledge when they reach a certain age, but there are great lecture halls where the advanced ones teach the supreme laws of Nature, where all are welcome and all go, and so the secrets of the Universe are understood. There is but one aristocracy in the life to come, and that is founded on the refinement and development of character. Measured by this standard, how very poor are our very rich! I have often written that the aristocrats of the afterlife have gained their position by helping others less fortunate. They rise by raising others. " Download your free copy of The Dead Have Never Died.





PSYCHIC HISTORY: NOBEL LAUREATE CHARLES RICHETDr. Charles Robert Richet (August 25, 1850 to December 4, 1935) was a Nobel Prize winning scientist who also investigated evidence for the paranormal. Awarded the 1913 Nobel Prize in Medicine, Richet was a French physiologist, chemist, bacteriologist, pathologist, psychologist, aviation pioneer, poet, novelist, editor, author, and psychical researcher Read full article ..

GREATEST SKEPTIC CONVINCED BY BRILLIANT MEDIUM “I had but one object, to discover fraud and trickery,” wrote Richard Hodgson wrote. “Frankly, I went to Mrs. Piper with Professor James of Harvard University about twelve years ago with the object of unmasking her…I entered the house profoundly materialistic, not believing in the continuance of life after death; today I say I believe. The truth has been given to me in such a way as to remove from me the possibility of a doubt.” If you are interested in reading more, click on http://metgat.gaia.com/blog

SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE - a great English writer and afterlife investigator - with some good news,
"When the great change comes to humanity then all creeds and churches will cease to exist, for the people of all nations will realize how they have utterly failed them in their hour of need. All, all, every co lour and sect and nation will turn to Spiritualism, and so the world will be changed, and the shams will be swept away for ever."



QUESTION: I often come across 'trance state'. Exactly what is it? "The mediumistic trance is a sleep-like condition which enables the subject's body to be used by a discarnate spirit. It is a state which has usually resulted from a sustained co-operative effort over several years of development, in collaboration with a spirit helper, to fulfil a missionary purpose. The depth of unconsciousness reached, and the degree of control, varies greatly in individual mediums. In the lightest state the medium is conscious to the extent of hearing any words through her own lips, while in deep trance no memory is retained of anything which transpires."

EUTHANASIA - MERCY KILLING - A DIFFICULT MATTER? Should it become legal? For decades the debate has been going on – is it right to kill someone who is terminally ill and is suffering great pain? The opposite argument is that killing oneself, for whatever reason is suicide and suicide is against spiritual law. One of the greatest problems about allowing mercy killing is its potential for abuse. What if a member of the family encourages "mercy killing" without the consent of the patient- for personal benefit? One would expect that if there is genuine terminal illness with a great deal of pain, mercy killing – euthanasia could very well be justified. Always remember, motive precedes action.

DIRECTLY FROM THE AFTERLIFE: This is about the continuous interest in 'justice' in the afterlife. For many years people have expressed the concern about 'justice' in the afterlife - and how different it is from here on physical planet earth. Here is a very highly credible source directly from the afterlife directly on 'justice':
"Remember this always, no man cheats the laws of the Great Power. At no time can you alter in any way by one hair's breath what you deserve. Reward (e.g. living in much better conditions) and punishment (living in not so pleasant conditions) are fixed and immutable, determined only by your conduct in your life. There is no favoritism, there is no evasion. Divine justice is perfect in its expression. You will find that you will receive just what you have earned- not one whit more, not one whit less"


FORMER CATHOLIC MONSIGNOR *PETER DE ROSA WRITES ABOUT SOME OF THE UGLY THINGS THE CHURCH DID DURING THE INQUISITION - and why people around the world are still waiting for a proper apology from the Christian leadership about their part in killing - burning at the stake - millions of people: "... Bodily torture has ever been found the most salutary (producing the best effects) and efficient means of leading to 'spiritual' repentance. Therefore, the choice of the most befitting mode of torture is left to the Judge of the Inquisition (usually under the leadership of a Dominican priest), who determines according to the age, the sex, and the constitution of the party ... If, notwithstanding all the means employed, the unfortunate wretch still denies his guilt, he is to be considered as a victim of the devil: and, as such, deserves no compassion from the servants of God, not the pity and indulgence of the Holy Mother Church: he is a son of perdition. Let him perish among the damned." The Vatican abolished the Office of the Inquisition in 1910. (from Peter De Rosa's VICARS OF CHRIST - The Dark Side of the Papacy - try Amazon)

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