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July 6th 2018

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COMMENTARY: WHAT CAN WE LEARN ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE FROM NDES? Many researchers say that near-death experiences give us as much information about the afterlife as walking around an airport in Beijing gives us about life in China. Given the limitations, and the fact that near-death is not the same as final death, what can we learn about the nature of life in the afterlife from the collective experience of the many hundreds of thousands of accounts of NDEs?

Actually quite a lot: 1) That consciousness can exist outside the body. 2) That there is an afterlife/other dimensions. 3) That we can be reunited with our loved ones. 4) That we may experience in full graphic details a life review where we get to experience the consequences of everything we have thought, said and done. 5) That everyone goes to the afterlife, not just those of a particular religion. 6) That animals go to the afterlife. 7) That our lives do have a purpose. 8) That the more love we show, the closer we will be to God. Read more...

DOCTOR SAYS SHE WAS TRANSFORMED BY HER NDE Dr. Mary Helen Hensley was involved in a car accident that resulted in her seeing the afterlife. She claims that the near-death experience changed her life forever. When she returned to earth, Mary Helen was suddenly struck with a desire to live a life of service and quickly set out on a journey into metaphysical healing.

Dr. Elisabeth Targ, daughter of Dr. Russell Targ, was a brilliant physician and researcher into spiritual healing. She died in 2002 from a brain tumor at the age of 42. After her death, her co-researcher, Dr. Jane Katra, received more than 35 unexpected communications from her. They started a few hours after her transition. She appeared to Dr. Katra at least 10 miles away from the house where her body lay. In the weeks that followed, lights flashed when people talked about her. A woman wrote down nonsense syllables dictated from Elisabeth in a dream visit that turned out to be a message in Russian ( a language that Elisabeth spoke well). Read more... On her website Dr. Katra has details of another surprising communication from Elisabeth that shows she is still a healer. Read more...


Dr. Russell Targ claims that physicists are the new parapsychologists since they are constantly dealing with effects that old-science would call "super-normal". He describes some astounding experiences working in a US government program exploring "remote viewing".

BRILLIANT PHYSICAL MEDIUMS FROM THE PAST When afterlife researcher MIchael Tymn was asked to nominate the best and most convincing books about afterlife evidence, of the many he has read over the years, he nominated two. Both were written by a former atheist, Vice-Admiral William Usborne Moore and detailed his sittings with wonderful physical and direct voice mediums, Joseph B. Jonson of Toledo, Ohio and Etta Wriedt of Detroit, Michigan. 'Glimpses of the Next State' was recently reproduced by White Crow Books, and 'The Voices' is available online. Read more...

AREI FUNDRAISING EVENT Saturday, July 14th in the USA and Sunday morning in Australia. AREI is conducting a fundraiser to support the work of Sonia Rinaldi. Sandra Champlain, AREI's Global Ambassador, will host this special event. Susanne Wilson, The Carefree Medium, will give a half hour of messages directly from the spirit world for some attendees AND Craig Hogan will lead everyone through a guided afterlife connection to contact your loved one in spirit. Your registration includes access to the video replay. You will have the opportunity to donate more, if desired, during registration. Book your place now


Our guest this week on our global gathering is popular Arizona psychic medium, Jamie Clark. Check out this week's program. Join the session with Jamie on Sunday at 5 p.m. New York Time; 2 p.m. Pacific time; 10 p.m. London time; 7am Monday Sydney time.
Click the link https://zoom.us/j/7595332928

Jamie is a highly respected evidential medium and psychic from Arizona. He is part of the carefully selected team of mediums who will be offering private readings at the AREI Symposium. He will also be doing a demonstration of psychometry.

WONDERFUL RESOURCE FOR AFTERLIFE RESEARCHERS We can now access online all the issues of The UK-based Psychic News (PN) between 1932 and 1950 indexed for the following topics: Reincarnation; Spiritualism; Mediums; Healers; Clairvoyance; Trance; Materialisation; Spirit Photography; Automatism; Immortality. The paper was founded in 1932 with Maurice Barbanell, was also the medium for Silver Birch, as its editor. He was assisted by top Fleet Street journalist Hannen Swaffer and financed by famous Spiritualist author, J. Arthur Findlay.
Read more..
Search results for Helen Duncan...
Search results for Leslie Flint...

Ann was our guest on the AREI global gathering last Sunday on zoom. She talked about her 25 years of experiences with physical mediumship, her husband Tom Harrisson's experiences with the mediumship of Minnie Harrison, her contacts with Tom Harrison after he crossed over and the books on mediuship that she publishes through Saturday Night Publications: http://www.snppbooks.com/


This gathering is taking place at the Arthur Findlay College in London this weekend. The following sessions will be streamed live on Zoom on Friday July 6th:
Global times: Divine Service
Global times: The Ministry of Spiritualism
Global times: Spiritualist Outreach
Global times: Hope and the Global Spiritualist

To join click the link https://www.zoom.us/j/870743702?

This is a free service for all bereaved parents.Each child’s name is printed on The Prayer Registry calendar on their passing date and every year on that date the child and their loved ones are sent prayer from a huge team of caring bereaved parents known as The Prayer Team. To register a child SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN THE PAGE and fill in the form "Subscribe to the Prayer Team." Enter your own first and last name and put your child’s full name as you would like it printed on The Prayer Registry Calendar. Read more...

QUESTION ABOUT A CHRISTIAN REFORMATION "You mentioned a number of times that the time has come for the Christian Church to implement a powerful reformation - to fix the problems once and for all. Just briefly could you tell us exactly what areas of reform you think are needed?

1. Remove 'ETERNAL DAMNATION' - there is nothing in the original Bible in the Greek language about eternal damnation. A translator from the Vatican mistranslated the word 'aeon' to mean 'eternal', when 'aeon' means a PERIOD of time - he/they translated the Greek Bible into Latin. Too many Christians are leaving the Church around the world because of the fraud and absurdities in its theology.


Jurgen Ziewe explained that he composed the Om Mantra that we featured in last week's report after he had realised the powerful effect that the mantra had while he was out of his body. He writes:
"The effect is always different and completely unexpected. I compare it to launching a rocket from outer space, where it does not have to overcome the gravity of the earth. You are instantly carried off into a higher strata, yet strangely, not always into the pure spiritual realm, because it often depends where you are mentally at the time, but it will always have a beneficial effect. Mostly though, I end up in the most sublime worlds and states..."
The science behind the Om Mantra.

"Please help me! My exaggerated fear of dying is seriously interfering in my life. I am just so extremely fearful that I am going to die and not knowing what is going to happen to me. Can you help me?" Jess, South Africa.

Victor: First thing to accept is that we humans are NOT born with exaggerated fear. This means earlier in your life you must have 'learnt' exaggerated fear - mostly likely someone you respected told you something that created fear about what happens after you die. That exaggerated fear, a negative emotion - got bonded, got stuck (got cathexed) in your mind - and now comes across by way of a 'paired' association: automatically pairing death with exaggerated fear. One suggestion is to associate joy with 'dying'. You can do this by listening to accounts of people who have had near death experiences. Then imagine great joy, imagine a really wonderful feeling of release and associate that with 'crossing over'. Exercise that thought as many times as you can during the day: great exaggerated joy with crossing over.

Animal medium Brent Atwater tells you why on this week's Animal Intuitive reality show.

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1) Thank you for the afterlife report.
I absolute love to hear about mediums from the past and now and get new knowledge.
Thank you for sharing Sonia Rinaldi's work, it's absolutely incredible. Bjørg Eva

2) Amazing work of Sonia Rinaldi; the image is very clear. Thank you, Victor and Wendy. Rotsen

3) Another awesome and inspiring report. Thank you Victor and Wendy for everything you do to deliver clear evidence of the truth about the afterlife and so much more. It all makes so much sense. Jan

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