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June 29th 2012

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REPORT in 50 languages including - French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese and Hungarian - and many others. Be very patient with the grammar of these automatic translations.

COMMENTARY: AT WHAT POINT DOES EVIDENCE BECOME PROOF? Our society generally has three different standars of "proof". We say that a murderer has been "proved" guilty and in some states allow him/her to be executed when he passes the "Beyond reasonable doubt" test.
The testimony of one reliable witness is enough to find someone guilty of murder.

In a civil matter the courts use a much less strict standard of proof. This is the "on the balance of probabilities" or the 51% test. It is obviously a much less stringent test than the criminal test of beyond reasonable doubt. The Church sometimes uses this test for its own beliefs since theology is subjective, personal, and no one can test theology on the basis of beyond reasonable doubt. It is also the test usually used in medical research to test the safety of new drugs which are then released to the public.

Then there is the " Prima facie" test meaning on the face of it or "it looks like it".This is a very weak test. Circumstantial evidence is permitted to pass this test. Courts use it in criminal committal proceedings—the court decides whether a prima facie case has been established for the matter to be sent to a full hearing. Indirect evidence, sometimes even hearsay evidence, will be allowed. This is the test being used by some disciplines, such as psychology. All introspective psychology is accepted on the basis that it can establish prima facie that it may be correct.

The evidence for the afterlife is objective, stunning in its consistency and volume, and taken as a whole amounts to technical, irrefutable proof- beyond a reasonable doubt.




INTERESTING MESSAGE DIRECTLY FROM HIGHLY CREDIBLE AFTERLIFE SOURCE: , "What are the higher beings seeking on earth? "We seek to drive out misery, fear and desperation. We seek to bring the light of simple truth and reason, the voice of inspiration, of revelation, the wisdom of the spirit that has been crushed, stifled and repressed for too long. We seek to bring the spirit back into its proper perspective, so that spiritual powers shall be made manifest and all the faults of a crude materialism be exposed so that for ever they may be discarded. We seek to oppose all those vested interests of state, church, nation, class and sect. We seek to bring freedom to all, freedom in its fullest, highest deepest and purest meaning. We seek to abolish the fear and the terror of death, so that all may realize it has its place in the eternal scheme of life. We seek to abolish all the obstacles that stand between the two states of existence, that man may find his soul and in finding his soul find himself. We seek to quicken all the powers of the divine within, so that the Great Power shall be expressed through his children ...." (S.B.)



Physical mediumship has been known throughout history; every indigenous culture seems to have had physical mediums- sometimes called shamans or Wu in China. The Bible is full of reports of reports of physical mediumship (read more ). In 1901, US ethnologist Waldemar Bogoras traveled to Siberia to visit a shaman of the Tchouktchi tribe. Bogoras heard strange voices filling the room.The voices seemed to come from all corners and spoke English and Russian. It was the first known case in which direct spirit voices were caught in a recording.


In France Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail decided to do his own research into spirit communication. He investigated mediums between 1854 and 1856 and compiled a list of questions about the spirit world and about the purpose of life which he put to spirits which seemed highly evolved. On April 18, 1857 Rivail published his first book The Spirits' Book, comprising a series of 1,018 answers to these questions. Rivail used the pen name ‘Allan Kardek’ and his book became the foundation of Spiritism which is designed to bring together science, parapsychology and healing. It differs from Spiritualism through its acceptance of reincarnation.




WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE? What is the 'act of dying? The very act of 'dying' is the operation of a simple, natural law. By its operation, man casts off his physical body, which has served him for his life on earth. He then finds himself in the spirit world, there to be resident for all time. It is the normal, natural outcome of his earthly life. It is inescapable for all persons without exception, of high degree or low." (from FACTS, BY Mons. Hugh Benson, for Catholic priest now in the afterlife dimension talking what happens when you die. I strongly recommend his book FACTS)



Part 2 Part 3


QUESTION: 'SOUL GROUPS': Victor, you mentioned sometime ago something about soul-groups. Can you tell me more about that because I find that very interesting. For example, those in my soul group in the afterlife - do they become relatives or parents when we come to have life on earth? Tom T Canada.

Victor: That's a very interesting question. As I mentioned last time, these groups souls are affinities drawn together to work together to continue to spiritually refine together. Naturally you will have a 'bell shape' statistics - i,e,, some very advanced, mostly good average and some spiritually less advanced. The idea seems to be that all are working to continue to spiritually refine - but the more advanced have a duty to help those who are very much less advanced. For example, if you are spiritually advanced, you may allow a spiritually less advanced spirit from your own soul-group to help that spirit to become more spiritually advanced. There would be for a time what could be termed temporary 'possession'. (Of course, some possessions have nothing to do with soul-group activity). There could also be a situation where members of the same soul group reincarnate together to help each other - as parents and children or as good friends. But before the members of the soul group graduate to the next realm up, ALL members have to become spiritually advanced to the same level.





SUICIDE: PLEASE HELP ME! "I'm finding life too tough, too hard, too impossible to deal with. I've had nothing but bad luck for years. I'm depressed. I'm broke. I can't face life. I find life has not meaning for me. I've often thought of suicide. Any advice?

Usually the first step for you is to call professional suicide counselors - usually it is a free service and the counselor would have to spend a fair amount of time with you asking you questions about everything you do. Suicide is not the answer for your problems. If you commit suicide, you will probably be some 100 times worse off than you are now! We ALL have problems - some more than others. But you've get to get off the vicious circle of what you call 'bad luck'. This requires a shift in your thinking. It would be good if you could see someone regularly about change of habits, change in your thinking from negative to positive - there are actual exercises you have to do which are mental extremely helpful and those who do the exercises are able to rise above the pessimism and bad luck and become confident about life. See also my video: * Suicide is not the answer


THE ANNI NANJI TAPES People who have 'died' can be heard talking in their own voices in the presence of a direct voice medium like Leslie Flint. As an example there are 66 recordings of casual conversations between one of Leslie Flint's regular sitters and his wife Anni who had died. She was speaking to her husband in direct voice through Leslie Flint over a twelve year period (between 1971 and 1983). They talk in casual conversation like any married couple. The wife tells her husband that he comes to visit her when he is asleep and asks if he remembers visiting her. You can listen to them online.





ADVICE TO PYCHIC-MEDIUMS: a couple of mediums complained to me that some television journalist used ‘entrapment’ – a trap to get information from the mediums then twists all information to make the mediums look silly on television. My advice to all those who are genuine mediums and psychics is that if some television or media journalist want to seriously interview you – you must get it in writing from him or her. And that the information supplied will be used in ‘good faith’. That the information will not be used directly or indirectly to ridicule, to denigrate, to belittle, to make the medium/psychic look silly. Do NOT trust media journalists unless they are friends of yours. My advice is ALWAYS get something in writing to protect your professional reputation.


CNN HEROES- Once again it's wonderful to see CNN putting a spotlight on people who are devoting their lives to helping others. We are told that spiritual service and developing the capacity for love are the real purposes of life. Watch the work of Mary Cortani with service dogs for veterans.



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