A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife


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February 1st 2008

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COMMENTARY: THE WORLD IS MOVING TOWARDS CRITICAL THINKING: The critical thinker is the true empiricist who will use scientific method to measure any phenomenon. If the tested phenomenon gets the same results over time and space then that phenomenon has been tested and has to be accepted. This also means that DOUBT has to be removed and we should no longer be skeptical about the tested phenomenon. There is already a great deal of empirical evidence for the afterlife and knowledge of it is now spreading at an exponential rate. Those of you who are reading some of the evidence presented in this column and in the recommended readings and investigating for yourselves are the true critical thinkers.

The Survival Files: The Most Convincing Evidence Yet Compiled for the Survival of Your Soul is an excellent book especially for those new to afterlife research. It details 23 cases each of which cannot be explained except as evidence for survival after death. His website goes further- he has 40 cases listed in order of their ranking by the Evidence Scoring System
Read more....

The Forever Family Foundation which now has 3,000 members has just held a very successful conference on the scientific evidence for the afterlife in San Farancisco with a number of the top scientists working in the field. This New York based organization was started by Bob and Phran Ginsberg, after the tragic death of their 15-year-old daughter, Bailey, in 2002. Bob Ginsberg, who works in the insurance business, said that until his daughter's death he never contemplated the paranormal or the possibility of an afterlife. But suddenly he felt he needed to hear from scientists and researchers and explore for himself the evidence for the afterlife.

The Forever Family Foundation recognizes the extreme importance of safeguarding the public and identifying those who truly have mediumship ability. To that end, it currently runs its own medium certification program." "It is unfortunate that large numbers of people who claim to be mediums have no such ability. Some have psychic abilities and gifted ESP talents, but cannot connect to those on the "other side." Others are simply charlatans or magicians that prey on those in grief. Read the list of FFF certified mediums (Choose Mediumship in the left hand menu).

Ken from New York writes:
"I just had to let you know that a talk show called: The Maury Povich Show, aired today at 11am this morning. The entire show was about the paranormal and mediumship. They had an extraordinary local medium on named Jeffrey Wands. He did a superb job relaying messages to grieving families as well as audience members and performed beautifully when called in to peoples homes that were "haunted". Later in the show, he interviewed some radio hosts that have a show strictly on the paranormal and one of the radio hosts proclaimed on national television, on one of the major networks that "right now, there is more interest in the paranormal and mediumship, than there is in sex". I think that I have to agree with him. It's exploding in this country."

Thanks to Margaret from the UK for notice about an interview she listened to on the UK chat show "Richard and Judy" on 30th January. Dr Chris Roe, a parapsychologist at the University of Northampton said his early findings suggest that up to 85 per cent of people may possess some form of clairvoyance - the ability to "remote view" which can be improved with training. The radio interviewers had sent their own daughter to Dr Roe's lab to take part in a remote viewing experiment.
She was remarkable and correctly described the location her friend was sent to and picked out the photos of the site. Read Dr Danny Penman's article on the experiments...

"There are so many people who have afterlife encounters, and they don't tell anyone. Either they are embarrassed, or they think others will think they are crazy, or they de-value the experience as simply wishful thinking" says Dr Annette Childs, a Reno therapist.
Death and what happens after it are the topics of some upcoming events designed to "transform your life by understanding death." Organized by Childs, workshops on Feb. 22 and 23 in northwest Reno will kick off a new program of monthly meetings designed to give people a safe place to discuss near-death experiences and the messages or visitations they receive from deceased loved ones.


Check out Allison's new website launched on January 24th this year- her birthday. It has lots of great features including a frequently asked questions section and her list of recommended mediums http://www.allisondubois.com/

THE BRILLIANT MATERIALIZATIONS OF DAVID THOMPSON: I’ve had unprecedented response to David Thompson’s materializations. All state that it is a privilege to attend his séances. There were those who were able to make contact with the crossed over loved ones. These stated it is a miracle – a most sensational evidence for the existences of the afterlife. True, we are indeed privileged to have a materialization medium these days who is showing the world through his materializations that there is an afterlife, that we are accountable for all acts and omissions and that the more we know about the afterlife, the easier the transition will be. But because David Thompson is controversial, like every successful medium to-day and in the past, he gets legitimate questions and a couple of scurrilous attacks. Accordingly, I am progressively dealing with some of the issues sent to me for comment in Materialization Corner. Part 4 this week. Read more…

MONTAGUE KEEN, PRINCIPAL AUTHOR (with Professor David Fontana and the late Professor Arthur Ellison) of the 'Scole Report' (1999), a detailed examination of the physical phenomena produced during sittings with a mediumistic group, and published by the Society for Psychical Research, where he was secretary of its Survival Research Committee and Chair of its Image Committee. Towards the end of his career he concentrated on psychical research with special emphasis on the evidence for survival. In 2003 he sat with medium David Thompson and wrote a very detailed scientific report. In it he wrote:
"The nature of the ties would have prevented the medium, no matter how strong or agile, from escaping his bonds without first managing to cut the ties. Even had he been able to do so, he could not have regained his seat and retied the knots unaided, employing a new set of uncut ties, unless he had been helped by someone able to work deftly, accurately and swiftly in pitch dark. No-one in the séance room could have attempted that without ready detection....The precautions here were superior even to those employed by Schrenck Notzing on Eva C, who was sewn into a single garment, or on the physical medium Jack Webber, where less sophisticated tying methods, and materials, were used."
Read the full report.

TV- Saturday night Ovation channel.
I was unfamiliar with colleague Mike Tymn's nominated favourite medium Lisa William until I saw the shorts of her program which airs in Sydney for the first time this weekend. She is young, dynamic and like Allison Dubois, she is definitely taking the message of survival out to a young audience. Her show on Lifetime is now in its second season, and is also seen in United Kingdom on three different networks. Williams is the granddaughter of Frances Glazebrook, a well known British medium. See a 5 minute interview with Lisa talking about her mediumship. See a full episode online (episode 105)

Ron Gilkes from the UK has built a cottage at the back of his home near Banbury that it is suitable for physical mediumship (i.e. must be able to block out ALL light). His story of meeting again his young daughter Jenny who committed suicide is totally inspiring. He writes: " Jenny, my daughter, first spoke ...at a Bath seminar and was very tearful and saddened about passing to spirit by her own hand.I cannot even begin to describe how on this occasion, when I recognised Jenny's voice saying 'Hello Daddy: I am sorry Daddy', that I was able to compose myself."
Ron makes avaiable a tape of the 5 occasions on which his daughter spoke to him through different physical mediums.
Read more...http://www.spiritsinc.co.uk/articles_jenny.html
and check out the Sancturary homepage.

Ron writes: "She has discussed things about her granddad who had recently taken his own life and how silly they had both been but are now having a lovely time and concluded by telling us a joke about her granddad. All five communications are full of interest and it's so plain to see that although the taking of one's life is not right and it causes a great deal of grief for those who are left, it's still the most wonderful thing to know that your loved one is perfectly happy and getting on with their life in that Higher Plane of Existence. As she said "Dying was nothing at all, that's the easy part".

In his book Closer to the Light—Learning from the Near-Death Experiences of Children (1993) Dr Melvin Morse puts forward the view that deathbed visions are 'a forgotten aspect of life's mysterious process' and that they can have a wonderfully comforting and healing effect on both the dying patient and the family. He recounts several cases where dying children began to see visions of the afterlife during the last few days of their lives. They described amazing colors and beautiful places and deceased relatives whom they sometimes had not known existed. Recently Dr Morse has retired from full time pediatrics and moved to the East Coast (of the USA) primarily to devote himself to new research and writing on near death experiences. http://www.melvinmorse.com/light.htm

Anders Åkesson works as a professional medium in Sweden (15 years as mental and trance medium). He has been in the media several times, as one of the mediums in the Swedish edition of "Sensing murder" and "Most Haunted". Anders is now trying to develop physical mediumship himself and is taking small steps forward. He has been a sitter with physical medium Stewart Alexander three times when Stewart was in Sweden last year.
Read more....(in Swedish)


Over 100 medical schools offer classes that cover the phenomenon; medical teams the world over are increasingly alert to the importance of such occurrences. They have the power to change lives and even alter one's physiology, sometimes to remarkable degrees. The near-death experience continues to amaze and surprise everyone! Join the members of Virginia's Chrysalis in Waynesboro, VA, for this special presentation taped on October 17, 2007 that synergizes the entire subject, and brings us up-to-date with the new material and new findings that are "rocking" the field.
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By email from one of our subscribers:
"Your latest [thursday 24th Jan] email newsletter leaned heavily on proponents of the afterlife from a legal background. But you missed the American lawyer James E. Padgett from your list. I'll be honest, I'm a follower of his channelled works and appreciate they may not be to everyones liking...When you get the time, please take the opportunity to review the material at http://www.new-birth.net and let me know what you think." Make up your own minds.

Thanks to Geraldine for this most moving spiritual message supported by the most evocative music of John Lennon’s IMAGINE. 3 minute powerpoint.

Thank you for the great work you have done and are doing to bring to public awareness the truth about the afterlife. Thanks to your website I have a renewed sense of hope and realization that we are indeed more than just flesh and blood creatures, and that there is indeed a better place that awaits us after death. I cannot thank you enough for your courage and determination to bring forth this awareness despite the enormous and arrogant opposition of the materialists and atheists. I want to especially thank you for your information about Anthony Borgia who was the medium for Mons. Benson. I am reading about the afterlife messages of Mons. Benson and they are truly magnificent and inspiring. I feel "born again". Thank you once again, and GOD BLESS YOU!

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DRAMATIC SPEAKERS’ CORNER PICTURES - see new pics: Human Rights, the Israelis, Socialists, Lord Soper a great English orator, American Hostage crisis 1980, No Tax Speaker: (Victor, pictured below 2003 in more peaceful times speaking about the afterlife) during 1965 -1978 at the Speakers' Corner in London and the Speakers Corner at the Domain Park in Sydney - was a tremendous time of revolutionary social, religious and political changes. The Vietnam war was at its peak. Youths were conscripted to fight a losing war. Lives were being lost on the killing fields of Vietnam. Anti-war demonstrations were being held regularly.
Many anti-war demonstrators were beaten up during the protest marches. People were beginning to feel that church leaders had lost the monopoly on truth. Young people wanted answers to questions theologians had refused or could not answer for nearly 2,000 years. In many countries young people won the right to vote at 18 years instead of 21 years. Enjoy these historical photos – and a time that is not likely to come around again:

EVOCATIVE SPEAKERS CORNER ORATORY: For those who were curious to know what Victor (pictured on stand) orated about at Speakers' Corner in London and Sydney we have some of the fiery, highly evocative, thought provoking oratory that motivated people to think for themselves. New afterlife oratory .... Read more (1) ... Read more... (2)