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May 4th 2012

Apologies if I have not replied to your email.

REPORT in 50 languages including - French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese and Hungarian - and many others. Be very patient with the grammar of these automatic translations.

COMMENTARY: 'THE POLITICS OF ENVY' - The paranormal, mediumship, psychic phenomena and alternative healing have become a multi-billion dollar a year industry. Naturally, gifted mediums and gifted alternative healers get work - but they are also attacked. Sadly, attacks against the paranormal and mediumship do not only come from those uninformed closed-minded skeptics.

Within the world of mediums, psychic writers and researchers there are also some bitter jealousies which periodically come to the surface. Mark Macy wrote about how this kind of disharmony tore apart the contact field for INIT- The International ITC Association (see ITC history and future). So it is sad, very sad, to see a very small minority, in Spiritualism especially, going public with spiteful and dirty attacks on honest mediums and psychics, even internationally successful ones.

These unfair attackers have to rise above their negative prejudices, their jealousies, their envy and negativity. In unity there is strength. We will attain more brilliant results where there is support for honest, quality mediumship, where there is peace and harmony in our endeavor to spread the Light throughout the world.

PHYSICS HAS FINALLY PROVED ESP - THE PARANORMAL Dr Russell Targ's new book "The Reality of ESP: A Physicist’s Proof of Psychic Abilities
" claims that psychic abilities have been thoroughly proven. Chapter 9 of the book is "Evidence that Something Survives Bodily Death."


Dr Russell Targ (above) is a well known psychic researcher and physicist. His daughter, Dr Elisabeth Targ, a brilliant doctor and researcher into spiritual healing, died from a brain tumor at the age of 42. After she died her co-researcher Dr Jane Katra ( a friend of Dr Russell Targ) received more than 35 unexpected communications from her. They started a few hours after she died. She appeared to Jane at least 10 miles away from the house where her body lay. In the weeks that followed lights flashed when people talked about her; a woman wrote down nonsense syllables dictated from Elisabeth in a dream visit that turned out to be a message in Russian ( a language that Elisabeth spoke well). Read more... On her website Dr Katra has details of another surprising communication from Elisabeth that shows she is still a healer. Read more...



BRILLIANT NEW BOOK: ‘BRAIN WARS’ – THE BRAIN IS NOT THE MIND - by scientist Mario Beauregard : A NEURO-SCIENTIST OFFERS IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE HOW THE MIND IS DIFFERENT FROM THE BRAIN: Brilliant testimonials by some of the most brilliant scientists of the world to-day: for example, “the book 'Brain Wars' explains why the prevailing brain-mind paradigm is falling apart and why we are increasingly being forced to reconsider the nature of consciousness. The consequences of this paradigm shift are profound, and scientist Mario Beauregard does a magnificent job explaining it.” Dr Dean Radin. More attestations by Dr Larry Dossey, Dr Bruce Greyson and Dr Pim Van Lommel. Naturally enough, those materialist closed minded skeptic-scientists - who are on record for not having the competence, the skills and the ability to perceive the paranormal with true empirical equanimity are in deep shock having their existential nothingness completely destroyed by this brilliant book. So, get a copy of this book now. To those open- minded skeptics, do keep coming over to the winning side – it is easy to do – just read the book (written in plain English) and accept the simple message – that the physical brain is different from the MIND/ CONSCIOUSNESS : Read more..



Carla Wills Brandon says that medical people unfamiliar with the departing vision often react to the experience by over medicating. They believe their patient is having hallucinations or distressed and so they too over react. This differs from medicating for pain management. Learn how the Departing Vision is nothing to fear. Visit www.carlawillsbrandon.com

: If you work or worked as a nurse and your work came from the heart – you definitely will be at an advantage on crossing over. We have been credibly informed from the afterlife that those who perform service gain higher ‘spiritual’ vibrations. The nursing profession is one of the most demanding - and in this world it is not given the status and financial reward it rightly deserves. It takes a very special kind of person to help and support patients in the patients’ most vulnerable situations. So let us all understand and actively promote that the nursing profession is a most important profession on planet Earth.



MEDIUM SUZANE NORTHROP TALKS ABOUT MEDIUMSHIP " In this day and age there is no reason why you should not find credible people (mediums)"


: It is really great to have ‘authorities’ – to name just a few - the Windbridge Institute, Family Forever Foundation and others like them in the U.S., - the Spiritualist National Union, The Arthur Findlay College in the UK, and the Australian Psychics Association - to promote high professional standards in mediumship. The responsibility is on those clients who want the services of a psychic-medium to make sure that they engage someone who has been accredited or tested by a recognized authority as mentioned above. Just last week someone complained to me from Australia – claiming a psychic was virtually 85% wrong. But he did not go to a psychic-medium who was registered with the Australian Psychics Association. Section 8 of The Australian Psychics Association ethics states: “Members are also required to hand in statutory declaration forms signed by a Justice of the Peace from three (3) clients, who indicate in the above document that they are satisfied with the work done for them by the respective member. Under no circumstances will a Certificate of Professional Membership be bestowed on anyone who does not fulfill the above requirements.” At least this is some measure to ensure that a psychic-medium has reached a minimal standard of professionalism to serve the public. Standards have to be maintained if psychics-mediums want credibility.

" It began in May 1973 when I received about 100 pages of prophecies about myself written by a person I did not know, who lived in the North Island of New Zealand. Three months later I was to learn that the spirit of Stephen the Martyr had spoken, about the same time that I received the prophecies, through an entranced Thomas Ashman, a non-practising Jew, living in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Ashman had not previously been a medium. And by chance I learned that he was now living in Christchurch, and that I might speak to Stephen if I wished." Michael Cocks spoke with Stephen on many occasions and used his specialized knowledge to investigate his claims. Gradually he satisfied himself that the spirit communicating was really Saint Stephen the Martyr and that his teaching stand comparison with the great religions. Read more...


FROM LAST WEEK: Victor, you said last week the Catholic Church must join those afterlife scientists and investigators if it is to survive. The Church has not changed its teaching for 2,000 years. Why should it change anything now?

Victor: I also said last week that the Catholic Church – even by its own admission – is in the greatest crisis in its 2,000 years history. This is because millions of people, whilst perhaps remain ‘cultural Catholics’ – do not attend Church on Sundays as they used to. As the afterlife now is irreversibly established by science (even though the closed minded skeptics do not admit it) – the Church has to adapt to what the scientists say about making contact with the other-side and about other confirmed information about the afterlife. We must never forget Galileo who scientifically showed that the Church was wrong into believing that the earth is in the center of the universe and that the sun revolves around the earth. The Church took over 300 years to admit its mistake – and to admit that science knows more than the Church does. Why? Because the Church’s theology is seen as ‘static’ – does not evolve, does not change and is purely based on BELIEFS. But anything to do with science, it is cumulative, it is usually about something which is objective and repeatable – as many areas of afterlife evidence are. If the Church is to survive, it must do what the Church of England did, and accept that communication with loved ones from the afterlife is possible.



INSPIRING NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCER talks about the difficulty integrating her experience.


QUESTION: Is it true that we have a guardian angel or spirit guide to help us whilst on planet earth?

”From the moment of conception and even before that, there is attached to the incarnating soul someone who volunteers to act as his/her GUARDIAN. The guardian will maintain to the best of his or her ability the function assumed until the time comes for you to come to our side. The task becomes easier when you are aware of the guardianship; it becomes difficult when you are unaware of it. There is only one, but many helpers. The guardian angel knows before he assumes his task what lies ahead of him.” (S.B).

Dr Brian Weiss was a traditional psychotherapist.
He had been using routine psychotherapy to treat a patient and after 18 months with little improvement, Weiss finally put it very simply to her one day while she was under hypnosis: "Go back to the time from which your symptoms arise." She did. Back to the year 1863 BC when she was a 25-year-old named Aronda. But the patient also went to the space between lives and was able to give Dr Weiss detailed information about his own family and his dead son- information that she could not have know by any normal means. Since that time he has regressed many patients to the space between lives.

Why would anyone want to panic just because there are UFO’S observing the earth? Aliens would have mastered the skills of materialization and dematerialization. ADMIRAL ROSCOE HILLENKOETTER the first director of the CIA stated that UFOs are real in the New York Times in 1959." These UFOs are interplanetary devices systematically observing the earth." Admiral Hillenkoetter also said that "behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about the UFO's. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense."
Do NOT be manipulated by those who want to keep you in darkness.

click on http://www.webalice.it/cipidoc/ - you will see perhaps the best Italian afterlife website by Claudio.: “Questa pagina Web é dedicata a tutti i Genitori che, come me e mia moglie, hanno perso uno o più figli, ed ai Fratelli superstiti: ho scoperto che siamo degli esseri bizzarri dato che non meritiamo nemmeno di essere citati nel vocabolario.... Non abbiamo nome. . . . Ed allora ne ho inventato uno”….


Forever Family Foundation SIXTH Annual Afterlife Conference
"Is the Spirit World Real-A Scientific Investigative Presentation"

PRE-CONFERENCE Friday Night Fundraiser NOVEMBER 9th 2012 PHOENIX ARIZONA Meet and Greet with Conference Presenters (even if you are not attending the weekend conference) and be seated along with them as you enjoy an elegant dinner featuring Forever Family Foundation Certified Medium, Theresa Caputo as the keynote speaker bringing through messages and evidence from deceased loved ones who have gone before us.
Read details of both events.

FEEDBACK (3 only selected )

1. Dear Victor and Wendy, When I eagerly open and read your weekly postings I keep getting reminded how unique we really are. You always have just the right material on your website to educate and remind us how special and priceless our lives are. I only wish that our society becomes more like the two of you...contributing unselfishly and helping many in understanding our true destiny. Mark.

2. Dear Victor, ... . I already read the e-book version. It's the most fantastic book I've ever read. I want to spread it to my big family. I hope we all become aware of the afterlife and live spiritually accordingly. I look forward to the book. God bless you and your work. ...best regards, Hardi T. Indonesia.

3. Highlight of my day :) Angela.

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