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14th June 2013.

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REPORT in 50 languages including - French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese and Hungarian - and many others. Be very patient with the grammar of these automatic translations.

COMMENTARY: INADMISSIBLE OBJECTION! "There is no afterlife because ... Near Death Experiences are NOT EVIDENCE FOR THE AFTERLIFE" said a skeptic. When the police in a courtroom situation run a murder trial, they assemble a whole range of evidence. They look for motive, opportunity, fingerprints, DNA and witnesses. If they have TEN witnesses why would they call just ONE witness - and not all TEN? One witness could have heard the killer threaten the victim. A second witness may have seen the killer with a gun. A third witness may have seen him disposing of bloodstained clothes- and so on. The prosecutor inevitably will call ALL THE WITNESSES to prove his case! So, since we have MORE THAN TWENTY AREAS of evidence for the afterlife why should a skeptic want to dismiss the evidence for the afterlife purely on the basis of NDE's? Guaranteed, once the TWENTY areas of evidence are presented, no genius scientist, NO genius skeptic, NO genius materialist will be able to show the evidence does not amount to absolute PROOF for the afterlife. No wonder we are on the winning side!! Note carefully: now in the 13th - THIRTEENTH YEAR - no scientist, no skeptic or anybody else has shown that the afterlife evidence is wrong - not even for the allurement of $1million!!!

P.S.: I am still waiting for a response for my recent challenge - for any genius scientist or a celebrity skeptic to allow me to publicly cross examine them on their skeptical beliefs. I am more than happy to be cross- examined on my afterlife and paranormal evidence anytime!

THE NEW BOOK: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPPORT: OUR NEW BOOK IS DOING VERY WELL - thank you all who are getting behind it. THANK YOU ALLFOR HELPING TO SPREAD THE LIGHT! And a big thank you to those authors and afterlife investigators who also inspired us produce the book. Again, we remind our readers we do NOT make a profit from selling this book.

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WORLD FAMOUS ENGLISH ATTORNEY, DR AUBREY ROSE, advisor to British governments and Prime Ministers, Honoured with OBE, CBE writes:
“I do congratulate you Victor and Wendy. It is a remarkable achievement based on extensive research and scholarship, set out with clarity and perception, not surprising, with your background of analytical thought, and in some ways, it has the quality of a text book ... You have covered such a range of experiences quoting wide and deep evidence to support propositions.”



Here is something very important to consider about why closed minded skeptics refuse to see the evidence, when it can be clearly seen by others. Could it be that those skeptics who are blatantly irrational, illogical and unreasonable about the paranormal or the afterlife evidence are suffering from a powerful negative post-hypnotic suggestion? Some years ago I sent clear, easily identifiable afterlife evidence to a couple of hard-line skeptics. Their reply was, "where is the evidence?". Yet non-aligned scientists easily identified the same evidence when it was sent to them. We see stage hypnotists tell entranced volunteers that they are eating an apple while giving them an onion. Later all the volunteers say that "the apple was really delicious". They refuse to believe that they were eating an onion and DISMISS THE EVIDENCE. See article on the 9 reasons.



Alan Steinfeld of New Realities talks to Luis Minero about projection of the consciousness (astral projection, OBE, out-of-body experience) and related phenomena like lucid dreaming and remote viewing, and how to achieve it.

The International Academy of Consciousness is a non-profit research and education organization dedicated to investigating consciousness and helping people develop their human potential to the maximum.

studied mediumship for two years in the past and found that it is possible to make contact with our loved ones and with the good afterlife intelligences. This Christian study under the auspices of Bishop Cosmo Lang (pictured, left) showed that the gifted mediums are performing a wonderful service connecting people with crossed-over loved ones. For those who have not read the report: here is the link:- read more

Canadian medium Chris Stillar conducts a reading for a "Male Non-Believer" as part of Donna Moncrieffe's Medium 7 research. The subject, Chad did not know the researcher and the Medium prior to the day of the reading. The reading turns out to be life a changing moment.


Post-reading discussion between Donna Moncreiffe and Chad. One of the objectives of this research is to identify and assess evidence of life after death using double blind techniques with individuals who do not believe in life after death.

WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU WHEN YOU DIE? QUESTION: Victor, from what you said, the the afterlife is a very interesting place. Tell me, do we still have free-will there or is free will-taken away from us? Albert M

That's a good question Albert. Information transmitted from the afterlife by highly credible sources tell us that absolutely, we will still have free will in the afterlife. Free will has to be seen with spiritual growth. In the afterlife we still have the capacity to continue to spiritually refine. That would take the exercise of free will. For example, those who decide to speed up their spiritual growth will have to do spiritual service. They exercise their free-will to do that. It is only by doing spiritual service that we continue to spiritually refine - to eventually move on to a higher, more beautiful realm in the afterlife with better conditions.


BOOK REVIEW: EVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNES BY DR HOWARD JONES The most fascinating thing about this book by Dr Jones, a retired British scientist, educator and publisher is the depth and breadth of its vision which weaves together the history of philosophy and science to explore the changing role of religion over the last few centuries. It begins with the impact of the Enlightenment and the rise of Science, the rise of Romanticism and Existentialism before exploring the rise of scientific atheism which he sees as due to the inability of scientists to distinguish between dogmatic religion and true spirituality. Dr Jones argues that what we are witnessing is a transition from old "sky-god" religion to a recognition of a universal field of consciousness which is in fact supported by the findings of quantum mechanics, biological sciences, psychology and modern research into the evidence for the afterlife. It reaches a triumphant conclusion that "we can apply the concept of spirituality that emerges from contemporary science so that it provides an exhilarating new and rational foundation to the fundamental concepts of religious faith." A highly stimulating book for anyone interested in science, religion and their relationship to spirituality. Read more ..



The reincarnation recall of MANDY SEABROOK featuring Australian past life regressionist Peter Ramster.


Some of the most convincing research on reincarnation was conducted by Australian Peter Ramster, author and film-maker. Peter is now semi-retired and living on the NSW Central Coast (Australia). He writes:

"I still hold meetings every fortnight and still do some film making. I haven't really done much in the way of reincarnation research for a couple of years now. A couple of years ago I did some work with a lady who recalled a past life in India in the 19th century. We checked it all out and found the people did indeed exist and the details given were true, down to the existence of a somewhat obscure person. Under hypnosis she also did some interesting feats. Under deep hypnosis she experienced a visitation from spirit, from her past life father. He gave her a message to pass on. She passed it on in fluent Sanskrit, though she has never learnt it. She also gave the translation as translated by her past life father. She also wrote the Sanskrit while under meditation, when her father came to her at that time. We checked out the written and spoken Sanskrit and found it to be correct. At this stage she has not wanted to make her name public or be a part of a film, due to her career." Check out Peter Ramster's website

QUESTION: What I find peculiar in some of my reading this week about the afterlife is that there are those who cross over to the afterlife and still deny they are dead. How can that be? Angela, Italy.

Victor: Yes, that's a popular question. Again, my authority comes directly from the afterlife which tells us that there are many who did not believe in the afterlife who deny they are dead when they cross over. They know that a change has taken place. But some live in a kind of a 'dream- state' - a situation which according to Silver Birch could last hundreds of years to thousands (equivalent to our time) in the afterlife. There are rescue teams to help those who are willing to listen to help them understand that they are in the afterlife. Some after a demonstration accept the fact - but the more stubborn ones, may take a long, long time to accept their situation.



BRILLIANT SCOTTISH MEDIUM GORDON SMITH TALKS ABOUT LIFE AFTER DEATH, AFTER DEATH COMMUNICATION AND 'REINCARNATION.' Trained by brilliant Northern Ireland medium Albert Best, Gordon is known for the detailed evidence that he brings through. He also took part in extensive mediumship research conducted by the Scottish Society for Psychical Research with Professor Archie Roy and Trisha Robinson.



One of the features of early Spiritualism was the movement of tables by Spirit forces. In the picture (left) afterlife researcher Dr Glen Hamilton is pictured with a small table tilted at an angle inside the medium's cabinet. It is completely unsupported. Skeptics claim that such table movement is caused by psychokinetic forces generated by the minds of the sitters- or macro pk. However they have been unable to demonstrate this in an experimental sitting to anything like the degree it happens in physical mediumship. We have been present at table tilting sittings with the Rainbow Circle from Harrogate, England
where the table took on a life of its own and did things that would normally be regarded as impossible. Now we have a report which documents some of the many associated physical mediumship phenomena from a series of sittings in Ibiza in May. Read Report.

across the Buddhist concept that 'attachment' creates suffering and that we should NOT be attached to anything especially before we die. Otherwise, we are told we could have problems. Psychology talks about 'cathexis' - which means a powerful unconscious attachment with something abstract or solid. When we cross over, we do NOT automatically lose the attachments we have: those who are hooked on drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, physical vices, habits or addiction may still experience their addictions. The Buddhists doctrine to cut off all attachment is therefore exactly as our psychological term 'cathexis'. I use 'cathexis' as one of the nine reasons why closed skeptics refuse to accept the afterlife.

THE DALAI LAMA, “This is my simple religion:
There is no need for Temples,
No need for complicated philosophies,
My mind and my heart are my temples,
................ My philosophy is kindness.”

Aug 29 - Sept 1
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at the Sheraton Crystal City Hotel, Arlington, VA
Eben Alexander, Anita Moorjani, Mary Neal, and many others!
Conference registration is now open!
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Victor, I first want to thank you for the article on my work with the Leslie Flint Educational trust, thank you. ;-)
The Trust wanted me to tell you that they are very grateful for your support over the years. They also send a big thank you for always mentioning them.

I wanted to add that while I converted many of the reel to reels for the Trust, I wasn't the only one doing so and there are others who contributed tape conversions. They also have an excellent web master who does a great job on the web site and putting up videos of communications to YouTube at the Leslie Flint Educational Trust YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/LeslieFlintTrust

It is a great team effort with everyone working hard to get the tapes out to the world.

Jack Andrews


SBS television Sydney is looking for someone who has had a near death experience after having had a cardiac arrest. Someone that who can talk about experiences they had when they had no pulse. Please contact me at once and if you are a suitable applicant, you will be contacted by the Associate Producer of SBS’s Insight program:vz at victorzammit dot com Thank you.

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Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.