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January 14th 2011

American was stunned when 20 people were brutally shot by a gunman. A question put to me was: is there a 'psychic' or 'spiritual' explanation when someone deliberately and intentionally murders so many exceptional innocent people- including a U.S. Federal judge, a nine year old girl and fundamentally harms a U.S. Congress representative?

We've come across these multiple shootings many times before. Some years ago in Tasmania, Australia someone actually massacred 33 innocent people. So what makes a disturbed lone gunman want to take so many innocent lives? I talked this over with a number of psychics and mediums, and one view is that 'a strong negative energy' could be attached to the killer.

'Like attracts like' - here and in the afterlife. And when someone becomes consistently obsessed with weird, deeply negative and destructive mental energies it attracts those from the other side with low vibrations. They would encourage him - and actually can seed destructive thoughts into his mind. Of course, this would be difficult to prove but highly credible information transmitted from the afterlife (Alan Kardek- Silver Birch) tells us that unrepentant killers on crossing over are likely to get caught in a dark realm closest to earth and can influence those who think like them. In similar circumstances, killers of innocent people, particularly those who weakened their aura with drugs, reported hearing voices urging them to kill.

Taking a much larger view, PMH Atwater argues that "what happened in Arizona was orchestrated from "the other side" as a wake up call to America to stop the hateful polarizing madness that has overtaken US politics and "cause us all to rethink how we communicate and what we say, especially when angry." For this interesting perspective read her post...

David Morehouse became psychic after a near-death experience. He joined a secret government program and became a psychic spy.


A number of visitors (who never experienced materialization) were invited to sit in one of David Thompson's materialization sessions last week. For the first time ever, an afterlife intelligence materialized and started to speak in Chinese! This was because one of the invited guests was from Northern China. This is quite sensational because it is not so easy for materialized intelligences to speak in a foreign language because the medium's ectoplasm is directly linked with David's consciousness and vocabulary. David, born in England, does not and has never spoken Chinese. It appears that the materialized Chinese intelligence was the grandfather of our guest, who confirmed the current pronunciation of his name and the correct accent. The tape has been taken to China for further analysis as there is some Chinese pronunciation not clearly identified. More about this most magnificent evidentiary episode later on.

Testimonial from another recent demonstration in Florida USA.

David is available for public and private seances and readings. If you would like to book a reading with David or attend a materialization session email Christine Morgan.


COULD ANY Oriental scholar ever sanely dream of sitting at the feet of Confucius, listening to his words of wisdom, and hearing him chant ARCHAIC Chinese - a dead language of which only about twelve sounds are definitely known as pronounced 2,500 years ago, and with which only a handful of scholars in the world have acquaintance at all? Yet this was precisely the adventure which befell Mr. Neville Whymant, a well-known scholar, in New York in October 1926 A.D." Read more...


This is another type of physical mediumship. The spirit helpers take ectoplasm from the body of the medium and lay it a few centimeters in front on the medium's face like a mask. Below on the left is transfiguration medium Jean Skinner as she normally is. On the right is a spirit face transfigured over hers.

In their highly recommended book There is No Death and There are no Dead Tom and Lisa Butler, directors of Association Transcommunication describe attending a session with transfiguration medium Jean Skinner at pp. 176-178.

- YOU ARE INVITED! And please forward this to any friends or relatives in Australia or NZ.

Tom Morris and Kevin Lawrenson of The Yellow Cloud Circle in France are coming to visit Australia. Tom is a physical medium who also does transfiguration mediumship. Their sessions in Melbourne and Brisbane are booked out but there are a few places left in Sydney.

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As well as being an outstanding and highly spiritual medium Dr Richard Ireland was one of the first to take his exceptional psychic gifts to television, nightclubs, and celebrity circles. His mission- to prove that there is no death. Read more...

Part 2


Written by pre-eminent twentieth-century psychic Richard Ireland in 1973, Your Psychic Potential didn’t reach the author’s son, Mark Ireland, until August 2004, twelve years after his father’s passing. Since then, two psychic-mediums with no knowledge of the manuscript have delivered messages to Mark suggesting that his father had deliberately delayed the book’s discovery and was now nudging along its twenty-first century release.

Check out the scope of this marvelous book on Google Books.


Her strange psychic gifts first manifested themselves while she was still a child, but she was thirty years of age and a widow before she allowed herself to be encouraged to develop them. Estelle Roberts became famous all over the world as the greatest living medium.

On page 87 she gives details of a sitting she gave to the headmaster of a school whose world had collapsed with the death of his son and his wife in a flood. He was almost agressively skeptical yet Estelle quickly converted him.

"I sat dumbfounded as a stream of references to the small things which had made up our world came through from the Other Side in a young boy's language. Mostly they were things which nobody but I could now know about - Roger's prized watch which had been found in the debris left by the flood; the mole on his thigh; the chipped tooth that had bothered us lest it interfered with his playing the clarinet; the present whereabouts of his playbox; the photograph I had put away because I could no longer bare to look at it. Mention of all these and many more poured out in a torrent of words and in terms of expression that could have been no one's but Roger's."

Read Fifty Years A Medium online.

a number of towns and millions of acres have been destroyed and some have 'gone underwater' because of the floods in Queensland, Australia - an area the size of France and Germany put together. There's been devastation of a hundred humans- killed or missing - and thousands of animal lives. And yet always in a tragedy there is an outpouring of heroism and goodness.
Help as much as you can. The recovery efforts for the Queensland floods will be a slow and complex process, with volunteers required to help in the weeks and months to come.


There are many books, videos and structured programs available to help you have an out of body experience.


FROM LAST WEEK: QUESTION: CRYONICS - Victor, what you said last week about 'cryonics' (the freezing of the body on death hoping science in the future would be able to bring the frozen body back to life) - but can frozen-dead people ever be brought back to life? - And what will happen to the spirit of that person who is dead-frozen on dying?

Highly credible afterlife intelligences inform us that once the silver cord which connects the physical body to the spirit body is cut, 'death' takes place and this is permanent. Now we know that the state of the mind at the time of crossing-over is critical. It is possible that the spirit of the person who had paid a huge amount of money to have his/her body frozen would feel it important to stay with the frozen dead body - mostly unconscious or 'asleep'. 'Strong beliefs' create 'reality' in the afterlife. If the frozen-body is eventually destroyed, the spirit of that frozen body could stay in darkness with a confused mind in the afterlife for hundreds - even thousands of years by our time - until at some indefinite time the spirit 'wakes up' to what is really happening.

We remember when Silver Birch, doing rescue work in the dark realms asking a Christadelphian to come to the realm of the Light, the Christian Christadelphian chose (exercising his free will) to stay with the body until 'Jesus comes to judge the living and the dead' something we are informed from the other side IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

''Reflections on an Ordination Golden Anniversary'', was a reminiscence by retired priest Eric Hodgens, after 50 years of ministry. It was posted on a Catholic website but censored within hours. Why? According to the author, it was because he wrote "A vast crowd of priests and laity who passionately love the church are alarmed at the fundamentalism pervading the mentality of the Roman bureaucracy and many bishops." He argues that a vast number of loyal Catholics feel it is time to review the Church's teachings on priestly celibacy, women's ordination, denying Holy Communion to remarried divorcees, homosexual love, IVF and contraception." Read more...


QUESTION: CHURCH'S 'INDULGENCES' - 'buying' your way to heaven! 'My Catholic parish priest told me that indulgences (paying money to the Church) can shorten the time of a crossed over loved one in the darker region or in 'purgatory'. What's your view on that Victor?

NO, that can NEVER be right - you cannot have one set of spiritual laws for the rich and another set of spiritual laws for the poor - or the not so rich. Tell your priest to email me about it. But no one can cheat the Law of Cause and Effect - no pope, no Cardinal, no priest, no Rabbi, no Mullah, no 'holy man', will ever have the power to change the Law of Cause and Effect. It would make a mockery of cosmic justice if people with money can pay to have loved ones go to better venues in the afterlife. The Church had a list of crimes - and what it would be worth in money for absolution of those crimes in the afterlife - (see picture). I mentioned this before: it was reported that Frank Sinatra allegedly gave Pope John Paul on his American trip the sum of $100 million so that Frank Sinatra would get a high level position in the afterlife. Of course the Pope accepted the money. But no Pope can absolve sins or guarantee a high place in heaven. The Pope is wrong, the Catholic Church is wrong and everyone who does not understand or accept the Law of Cause and Effect is wrong. We get to go to a place in the afterlife we deserve. It's about time the Catholic Church changed this ridiculous law which says you can buy yourself into heaven.


KEEP AWAY FROM RELIGIOUS FANATICS! Why? Somebody sent me a youtube about a group of religious fanatics calling themselves 'Christians for a United Israel'; one of the members was heard saying words to the effect that it is time for a pre-emptive strike against Iran!!! The Christian Evangelist pastor is the Rev John Hagee from Texas. Of course he gives himself some 1.2 million dollars salary every year, lives on an 8,000 acre 2 million dollar property. His group says that Satan is using Iran to destroys the Jews but that when Jesus comes again the Jews will accept Jesus Christ. During the conference you see hundreds of members waving American and Jewish flags. This kind of religious but unspiritual fanaticism could lead to some horror, the way the Christian evangelist fanatic Jim Jones killed 918 Christian followers in Jonestown (see picture, left) , the way Evangelist fanatic David Koresh brainwashed many which led to the deaths of many men, women and children during the FBI confrontation- the Waco Massacre - see picture right. Keep away from religious fanatics and always retain the right to ask questions. If you feel the religious group is not right - get out now!

My challenge to the skeptics will very shortly be coming into its 11th year. In all that time no genius closed minded scientist, skeptic or materialist has been able to rebut the afterlife evidence I presented in my book A LAWYER PRESENTS THE CASE FOR THE AFTERLIFE - even for the allurement of ONE MILLION DOLLARS! As many told me - if the intellectual skeptics had the capacity, the skills and the ability to rebut the evidence, they certainly would have tried. But I'd say, legal advice from senior lawyers told the skeptics that no one will be able to rebut the afterlife evidence as presented by Victor Zammit in the book abovementioned.

OUR NEW WEBSITE SECTION- AFTERLIFE SCIENCES On our website www.victorzammit.com we are building a new section www.victorzammit.com/evidence - a multi-media introduction to the evidence for the afterlife. Hopefully it will be one of the first sections that people go to when they come to the website. Check out the videos and learn more about Out of Body Experiences and the afterlife.

Selected feedback:
Thank you so much Victor for your weekly report. I look forward to it every week and it became a part of my life. I really hope a lot of people will find your words, so they will find the peace I found. Since you and Wendy came in my life I became another person... I am able to accept things and I found rest. Words are not enough to thank you. Your name is written in my heart. Respectfully, Kaat (Belgium)

2) Hi Victor and Wendy, Happy new year to you both. Do you know if any countries around the world include Spirituality and Afterlife in the syllabus for teaching school children, along with the usual religious studies. I feel cheated that I was not introduced to the possibility of the afterlife and spiritualism while at school since I feel I would be a more advanced person for it. Only now at the age of 41 have I been given the opportunity to investigate and advance and feel let down by British society that this was not brought to my attention as a child and given the option to decide for myself whether it is real or not. Sean (Veterinary Surgeon, UK)
(from Victor and Wendy): A wonderful comment Sean and we could not agree more. Our friend in New Zealand, the Rev Michael Cocks, developed a syllabus and resources.

3) I always believed in life after death but now it is more than a belief. Thank you very much for the work you are doing on this controversial subject “Life after death”. Michel

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