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30th January 2009

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Last week's report

COMMENTARY: Victory in co-operation. It does not matter if you are a Christian or a Hindu or a Jew or a Moslem or if you belong to another religion or faith. It does not matter even if you are an atheist or a secularist. If you have an open mind, if you are fair, reasonable and honest (you do NOT have to be perfect – just good average), we can all co-operate to bring more peace, light and love into this world of ours. However we have to put some sense into those who use religion for their political ends and who commit irreligious crimes like blowing up innocent people. Also, those extremely conservative Catholic Bishops who, according to the Vatican, believe the ‘Jews are the enemies of Christ’ and 'the holocaust never happened' need to be brought into line by the Vatican. And even other Christian sects show religious prejudice and bigotry against Spiritualists; this week it happened in Sydney when the Christian Uniting Church (of all people) at Crows Nest, refused to allow Spiritualists to use their premises. Where is the tolerance, the harmony and the co-operation with another legitimate religion? Co-operation amongst those people of goodwill has to be transparent, has to be seen happening and has to be experienced. We all have a responsibility to make a positive contribution to the world to radically reduce state and personal violence, to create more harmony to bring more peace. One way of doing this is for people to become more spiritual and accept that on crossing over we are all, without exception, accountable. The afterlife is inescapable and has huge consequences.

DEEP TRANCE SESSION SYDNEY THIS SATURDAY. It will be the experience of a lifetime! Guaranteed - when you ask 'William' (David Thompson’s afterlife guide) a question, you will be communicating with an ‘afterlife intelligence’ - not a high intelligence as Silver Birch is, but a spirit entity who has been communicating with us for many years. Those of you who are serious about experiencing communicating with a formidable afterlife entity – a spirit (who will answer you back in a human voice) may like to take the opportunity to attend a deep trance demonstration with David Thompson. David is one of the most gifted physical-materialization mediums in the world today. He will be holding a special public session in Sydney on Saturday January 31st at The Performing Arts Centre 6 - 10 Holtermann St. Crows Nest at 7.30pm. According to the Circle of the Silver Cord website, people who attend the deep trance session will be given consideration as potential sitters for a future materialization session. Entrance fee $90. Wendy and I will be attending the meeting and hopefully will be asking William a fairly straightforward question: Read more...

AN ANOTHER BRILLIANT AFTERLIFE WEBSITE: very important afterlife books, videos, articles etc. Try it:

EVP Stories from the AA-EVP Big Circle Part 1

Whether you are just beginning to think about the afterlife or whether like me you have been researching it for many years, Michael Tymn's book is a must-have.
Michael says of his research " the cases summarized in this book provide a peace of mind in my old age that religion could not." I totally agree that reading the evidence contained in the book will help you to answer life's biggest question- what happens when we die. Michael writes in a very easy to read engaging style with such clear argument and wonderful detail. Even if you thought you knew about all the fascinating events and characters in the book, on every page there are new facts, new insights that will leave you stunned. Order the book now.. and if you are able to leave a favorable review on AMAZON.com so others will discover this treasure.

We get a lot of emails asking for referrals to mediums. We don't have a personal list of tested mediums ourselves but you can always ask at a local Spiritualist Church for a referral. Try to find people who have personally had positive experiences with a particular medium rather than just replying to an advertisement. As well there are several organizations and individuals who claim to have done extensive testing of mediums to verify their abilities. These are some we know of- if you know of others please let us know.
Family Forever Foundation- click on mediums
The Windbridge Institute
Allison Dubois' personal recommendations
Laurie Campbell's personal recommendations
James Van Praagh's personal recommendations
Bob Olson's Genuine medium list
You can also check on any of the mediums who made the final five chosen for any of the Sensing Murder Programs.
Sensing Murder New Zealand
As well you can ask for a personal referral on our Facebook discussion site (you need to join Facebook to access it) or on any of the online Spiritualist Networks.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE? (No more dieting!!!) “When we die we leave behind us all our physical disabilities. We have our full complement of limbs, our sight and our hearing; in fact, all our senses are fully functioning. Indeed, the five senses, as we know them upon earth, become many degrees more acute when we are discarnate. Any supernormal conditions of the physical body, such as excessive stoutness or leanness, vanish when we arrive in these realms, and we appear as we should have appeared on earth had not a variety of earthly reasons caused us to be otherwise. There is a stage in our life on earth which we know as the prime-of-life. It is towards this that we all move. Those of us who are old or elderly when we pass into spirit will return to our prime of life period.” Mons. Hugh Benson from the afterlife through medium Anthony Borgia. (Life in the World Unseen). It’s online free: Under ALL BORIGIA BOOKS:

OBJECTION OVERRULED! No.5. (15 more objections) “Materializations cannot be for real. There were too many frauds in the past and many of these were exposed to be frauds.”

Victor: That’s another inadmissible objection: the objector is citing self-serving prejudicial information to support his own negative prejudice. Whilst it is admitted there were cheats and charlatans in the past who were not mediums, (as there are have been cheats and charlatans claiming to be doctors and in all professions), there were also genuine materializations that were empirically tested and where no one was able to prove fraud. From the earliest materializations experienced by Sir William Crookes and Sir Oliver Lodge – two brilliant scientists who used their scientific skills to investigate the afterlife to the most recent empirical investigations into materializations of David Thompson and one or two others in England. Legally, the objection is also ‘hearsay’ – repeating without proof what somebody else said. For fifteen months on a weekly basis, as an investigating empiricist I -and other empiricists qualified in scientific method -systematically investigated the materializations of medium David Thompson and we guarantee there were positive results where no fraud took place– contact was made on a weekly basis with afterlife intelligences.

HEAVEN?: Not so long ago that flamboyant closed minded skeptic from Florida said he was not prepared to email me because ‘I believed in a ‘heaven.’ Of course my definition of ‘heaven’ would be very much different from the definition this Zwinge Randi gives to his ‘heaven’- thinking there are some half-naked angels sitting on their bum playing harp, some guy with long white hair and white beard to be God, and other ‘saints’ praying and singing hymns every moment of their time. ABSOLUTELY and DEFINITIVELY WRONG buddy! Wake up! I talk about the ‘afterlife’ – the realm of light and realization (i.e. all those there know they are in the afterlife who make it to the realm of the light). Read WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE chapter 29, and from some fifty sources I summarized what the afterlife is going to be like. Those who keep on stubbornly refusing to accept the afterlife can be in for a rude awakening – possibly even in a realm of confusion and darkness which can last for hundreds even thousands of years!

A MEDIUM claims her family was haunted by the ghost of a man wrongly executed as a highwayman and trying to clear his name. “He spoke to me and said that he had been staying around the place as he didn’t want to cross over as a murderer as he was innocent of the crime. Now I can go to my brother Matthew’s room and it’s warm when before it would always be icy even if you turned on all the radiators and plug-in heaters. We performed an exorcism which involves the last rites so now his soul has been commended to God and he seems feels a lot freer now.” Read more....

Last week we featured the website Afterlife 101 and were mystified why those of us in Australia are not able to access the current site while those in the USA and UK clearly can. Is this a case of internet censorship? Our good friend Sean FitzGerald, came up with a temporary solution. He writes: "Blocking usually occurs only as a deliberate strategy. However, if it is censorship then it's pretty useless as the site can be accessed via an anonymous proxy which hides your IP address." We took the first one Google came up with, created a short cut and now Australians can access the site direct on http://snipurl.com/afterlife101

There was a discussion this week on our Facebook site about why there are discrepancies between some of the information contained in Afterlife 101 and other books, particularly in relation to whether or not there are sports in the afterlife. Val wrote: "One Question that was put was about Buildings in the Afterlife and the answer came back that there were NONE in the that Dimension....and that there were no SPORTS played as it was an Earthly thing.
Why is then when I have attended Seances that the Spirit Visitors have commented about their Wonderful Surroundings and Buildings where you can be taught new things and Children can even go to School. One Spirit Visitor mentioned that she played 'Pigeon Shooting' with her grandfather and they had a great time. What are we to believe when we get different Information from different Sources?"

Victor: That's not hard to explain at all. My take on it Val is that it depends on the level the information is coming from. The conditions and circumstances in each realm in the afterlife are not the same. If an entity from another planet was asking questions from someone in primitive Africa and someone in remote Iceland and someone else in New York City that entity could get very different information about the conditions on Earth. From what I can work out many of the different afterlife realms are cut off from each other vibrationally and many are not aware of what is happening elsewhere.

This week Dr Adrian Klein and Dr Robert Neil Boyd write "As mentioned at the end of our previous installment, no comprehensive understanding of Reality may be achieved relying exclusively upon causal connections. We will argue here, not only the active existence of acausal processes, but their phenomenal primacy upon causality, also."
Read this week's article We are part of a sentient and deterministic, apparently acausal, Universe.

THE SLAUGHTERING OF WHALES IS, UNETHEICAL, UNSPIRITUAL AND UNNECESSARY CRUELTY: JAPAN TAKE NOTICE: why is Japan determined to continue to slaughter whales? Why is Japan continues to be extremely cruel to these beautiful animals? Why is Japan trying to fraudulently claim it is doing ‘scientific’ research on whales trying to justify the mass slaughter of whales for profit? Why is Japan determine to exterminate whales from planet earth? Is it just to please a number of wealthy Japanese who find whale meat a delicacy? Is it extreme global selfishness? Should Japan be allowed to destroy these magnificent species? We have a spiritual responsibility to look after planet earth and do what you can to voice your protest against the mass slaughter of whales by the globally selfish Japanese. Suggestion by Terry Williams: Stop buying Japanese made products.

VICTOR IS OFFERING HIS 225 PAGE AFTERLIFE PAPERBACK BOOK FREE FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS! Every now and then I give books away for people to treasure and/or to pass on to others who are searching for substantive information about the afterlife. All you have to do is to pay for airmail postage. Churches are welcome to apply for multiple copies.

* Australia send two dollars seventy five cents in stamps.
* New Zealand- $10NZ
* U.S, U.K, Europe, Asia and elsewhere U.S.$8.50.
Send money via VISA/PAYPAL or to my correspondence address: P.O. Box 1810 Dee Why, NSW, AUSTRALIA 2099.
Email books@victorzammit.com for assistance.

FEEDBACK: “Dear Victor, I found your information of afterlife evidence on October last year. Since then, I repeated read the eBook and the weekly report again and again. The information you provided strongly convinced me that human survive after the physical dead. Thank you very much for provide such remarkable information to us. I would like to get the hardcopy of the book if convenient for you. ‘R’.”

COMMENT ON 'LACK OF FUNDING FOR PARANORMAL RESEARCH AT UNIVERSITIES.': from last week's COMMENTARY: mostly there was agreement about my last COMMENTARY that mainstream universities are being criminally negligent by not funding paranormal research. Only one disputed – claiming that there are many universities who allow for paranormal research. “Many?” The number is less than 1% of all other mainstream universities. But what was raised was the issue of other countries like China, where research for paranormal is backed by the State – and uses its results for military espionage. If they can break the afterlife non-physical energy code, they’ll be leaders of the world. Being psychic does not necessarily mean one has also to be spiritual. One can be psychic and use his psychic skills negatively. Of concern is that foreign countries could succeed in paranormal research – and reach a very advanced level. If that happens, it would mean the West may never catch up because the more advanced keep on advancing. I stated before and state again, that any country which can fully control the paranormal – (eg, advanced mediumship, pre-cognition, remote viewing, bi-location, telepathy, dematerializing and materializing in the light) will have the power to rule the world.

ON THAT FLAMBOYANT CLOSED MINDED SKEPTIC, FROM ‘J’: “I know that I've said this a many times, but it astonishes me to no end how many who pride themselves on intelligence and rationality can really believe in James (Zwinge) Randi's bullshit $1 million challenge. On the one hand, he claims to be open-minded to the possibility of the existence of paranormal phenomena. On the other, he dismisses the paranormal entirely as an impossible "delusion." The guy doesn't have a single grain of credibility. He only wants fame and attention, not truth. If I were a materialist as well, I'd be embarrassed that someone like him is representing such a point of view.” 'J'.

QUESTION: You have used ‘admissibility of evidence’ in court? What do you mean by that?

Victor: If there was a court hearing to decide whether there is evidence for the afterlife the plaintiff lawyer would have to present the evidence which the lawyer for the skeptics would challenge and attempt to rebut. For example, the plaintiff lawyer would present the objective, empirical and repeatable evidence for Electronic Voice Phenomena. Once the plaintiff lawyer submitted all his/her evidence - including the calling of expert witnesses (even from different countries if funding is available) - then the lawyer for the defendant skeptics would have to cross-examine all the expert witnesses and try to show that the evidence ought not be admitted i.e.accepted as evidence. But the lawyer for the skeptics would have to show on the balance of probabilities where, when, how and why the evidence is not admissible. If the lawyer for the skeptics fails to rebut the submitted evidence, that evidence would then be accepted and the court would declare, on the balance of probabilities that the case is proved. Of course, it is impossible to rebut objective and repeatable evidence. I presented some 23 areas of objective and repeatable afterlife evidence which have not been rebutted these last nine years.

QUESTION: Victor, some twelve months ago a spirit who claimed was Sir Conan Doyle in one of David Thompson’s materializations answered your question about those in the afterlife – can they ever sink to lower darker realms. Later you disagreed with him. Do you still hold that view?

Victor: I have to repeat that my authority comes from a higher afterlife entity by the name of Silver Birch who stated that those who are in the lower Astral level close to earth still have free will and still can make mistakes. This means that if by choice they make the wrong decisions – like trying to hurt other spirits or being spiritually mischievous they will be affected by the Law of Cause and Effect. This also means that they do lower their vibrations (level of spirituality) and they will continue to sink to lower, darker regions. So the answer is yes, those in the lower realm in the afterlife closest to earth can still sink to more horrible, darker afterlife regions. Perhaps Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was referring to those who are already in the upper realms of the Light.

QUESTION: “Is the afterlife dimension all light and beauty?”

Afterlife eye-witness intelligence: “Do not assume everything is bright and beautiful in our world. Far from it, as our world is composed of the people who come to it from yours. If you sent us saints it would indeed be heaven. But they are not all saints who come to our world. We have to deal with some of your misshapen misfits, uneducated, spiritually illiterate, who have missed their opportunities and some who, unfortunately, have led such selfish lives that they are still dead spiritually. So remember that ours is not entirely a world of beauty, light and loveliness. It has also has its darker spheres.”

We were not born to live alone. Turn your love life around this Saturday morning
(9am US Pacific Time- 4am Sunday Sydney time). For the first time you will have the opportunity to learn the 5 core practices for Calling in the One in one session. This one-time only event is available to our subscribers at a special price of $47. If you have been thinking of making some changes in your life don't delay- grab this chance while it is on offer. This proven
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BEQUESTS: It is vitally important that professional accredited and registered afterlife researchers be given funding so that they can help the world understand that there is an afterlife. After you have provided for your family in your will consider making a bequest which will bring about ‘LIGHT’ on a global level after you’ve gone. So far, we can highly recommend the following legally registered organizations who will use your funding to benefit humanity:

* Mark Macy's World ITC- American based research on ITC
* The Forever Family Foundation
* Sonia Rinaldi's IPATI- Brazilian based research on ITC
* The American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena
* The Windbridge Institute for applied research
* Rhine Research Centre- Institute for Parapsychology
In the future we will include other registered organizations which are doing afterlife research. Please email for details.

From previous weeks - it's coming to an end very soon : 'HONORARY’ NOBEL PRIZE FOR PARANORMAL RESEARCH: Sadly as yet there is no category of paranormal research and consciousness studies in the Nobel Prizes so I’d like to invite you submit your nominations for the award of an ‘honorary’ Nobel Prize for Research into the Paranormal. Please nominate. anyone who is extending science to show the world that the paranormal has an empirical objective and repeatable basis and has nothing to do with beliefs. We have had a few nominations but we still have time to highlight the work of all the contemporary scientists who are pioneering the most important field in human knowledge.

YOUR LEGAL QUESTIONS ANSWERED BY VICTOR ZAMMIT: 'SERVICE TO MY REGULAR READERS AND TO THE COMMUNITY': whilst this has nothing to do with afterlife matters, over the many years of doing afterlife research, I received many questions from my regular readers who needed legal advice but did not have the money to go to a lawyer. Accordingly, I have put on the website a special section for the many legal questions/answers (eg. negligence, defamation, police matters, murder, assault, divorce, Wills, probate, property, claims against insurance co's., leases, marriage rights, medical assault, police radars - and for other, click on archives on the blog) for for my regular readers - and for general readership and information.
Read more ... http://victorzammit.wordpress.com/

AFTERLIFE LOVE TO END THE REPORT: (the beautiful, evocative music, The Righteous Brothers' Unchained Melody which was featured in the movie GHOST can be heard softly in the background. Absolutely, physical death will not sever true love. Here is a magnificent scene from a really great movie GHOST where the character played by Patrick Swayze from the afterlife (yes, that’s exactly how he would look in the afterlife in those circumstances) is saying goodbye to his soul-mate (played by Demi Moore) and the medium played by Whoopie Goldberg. Have patience with this exceptional segment, it’s worth every moment – it is an extremely sensitive part where you will see the afterlife ‘white light’ descending towards Swayze character. Towards the very last scene you can see the outlines of those in the afterlife who wanted to welcome Swayze character. Great moments in afterlife movies.

(My own comment: regarding the afterlife ‘White Light’ – it is real! Family members told me that when my grandmother died, her last few words at the time of crossing over were, words to the effect, “where is this bright light coming from?”- they had no idea what she was talking about - none of them new anything about what happens to certain open minded, honest, reasonable people on crossing over).

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