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November 13th 2015

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COMMENTARY: NEUROLOGIST SHOWED CONSCIOUSNESS IS NOT IN THE BRAIN - BECAUSE HIS PATIENT HAD NO BRAIN! Materialist scientists and skeptics keep on stubbornly complaining that consciousness can only be found in the physical brain. That objection has become invalid. Dr. John Lorber, a neurologist from the University of Sheffield, found that one of his students had no physical brain - yet the student was very intelligent and had an IQ of 126. Lorber collected research data concerning several hundred people who functioned quite well. Yet upon careful examination, he described some of these subjects as having no "detectable brains." This has huge repercussions as it totally negates the skeptical scientists' consistent - now invalid - objection to the validity of NDEs claiming that consciousness can only be found in the 'brain'. Read more


Since materialists assume that matter is unconscious, they have no way explaining how a lump of matter (the brain) creates consciousness. Peter Russell explores an alternative view, that consciousness is in everything and it is consciousness which creates matter.

See Full talk.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE? Here is an explanation of how important it is to learn about the afterlife. It will make crossing-over a most wonderful, peaceful experience.

"...You can well imagine our joy, indeed, heart-felt jubilation, when we go to meet some soul who has knowledge of the spirit world, of its truths and laws, and has practised communication with other folk in these realms. Never is our work so easy and so felicitous as upon such occasions. Most important of all, never is transition so pleasant for the person concerned than when all these conditions prevail. Indeed, there is very little for us to do actively in such cases. We merely rejoice with our new friend. Such instances are almost a holiday for us!" Mons. Hugh Benson.



Great interview with William Buhlman, who teaches people at the Monroe Institute how to have out-of -body experiences. He claims that we have multiple energy bodies and already exist on multiple energy levels in the universe.

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Place: Oklahoma Police Department (Midwest Police Department)
Case: ‘Psychic Detectives’ episode, ‘Bad Business’
Forensic Psychic: Dr. Sally Headding (30 years experience working with the police)
Cold case: Lawrence Mbroh goes missing. Police left with no clues, no suspects, no information at all. Police call in psychic Sally Headding - pictured, left.
Detective Larry Beaver, Midwest Police Department: “I was somewhat surprised that it turned out exactly the way Sally (the gifted forensic medium) said it would … Sally’s involvement in the case was instrumental in putting the victim’s father’s mind at ease … had she not come out, had she not been involved we’d be wondering to-day where he (victim’s body) might be. If the opportunity presented themselves to work with a psychic I’m very open to that … I would enjoy the opportunity to work with a psychic or to see Sally again to get a feel – really and truly – to see how they work. I was amazed when working with Sally … I truly believe that there are people in the world that do have abilities that are beyond the normal person. Sally to me was a real person with a real gift.”


According to Mark Macy’s World ITC website, scientists working for the International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication (INIT) received from the afterlife:

• pictures of people and places in the afterlife on television that either appeared clearly on the screen and remained for at least several frames, or which built up steadily into a reasonably clear picture over multiple frames

• text and/or picture files from people in the afterlife which appeared in computer memory or were planted on disk or similar recordable media

• text and/or images of people and places in the afterlife by way of fax messages.

Such contacts, which were received by European experimenters over a 10-year period and by researchers worldwide from 1995 through 1997, gave us a clear picture of life after death.

Read about Mark Macy's Heart meditations.

A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BOOK FOR GRIEVING PARENTS In "Lost and Found - A Mother Connects-Up With Her Son In Spirit" Sheri Perl shares her experience of losing her 22 year old son Daniel in July of 2008. Fortunately Sheri had been exploring the spirit world since her late teens and knew how to reach her son. She describes connecting-up with him through a number of outstanding mediums and describes the many signs that Danny was able to send her and family members. Finally she shares ways that people can have their own direct communication with a crossed over loved one. Read more...



Dr. Steven M. Greer M.D. is the Founder of The Disclosure Project, The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI), The Orion Project and Sirius Technology Advanced Research, LLC. In May 2001 he presided over the groundbreaking National Press Club Disclosure Event. Over 20 military, government, intelligence and corporate witnesses presented compelling testimony regarding the existence of extraterrestrial life forms visiting the planet, and the reverse engineering of the energy and propulsion systems of these craft. Since then, multiple projects have come together - see the SiriusDisclosure.com website.



Diane Arcangel relates the case of Charles Vance in her book Afterlife Encounters. Charles began having recurring dreams about his deceased friend, Murphy. The friend kept telling him to get a message to Murphy’s widow, Lorraine, to look inside a wall in their house. Charles Vance eventually called Lorraine who broke into the wall. She reportedly found thousands of dollars hidden there. When Lorraine called her own daughter (who did not know Charles Vance) she found that the daughter had been having the same dreams but had disregarded them (Arcangel 2005:74-85). Read more encounters.


Evidence that the intensity of intention can create a "gravitational pull".

FOR THE NOVICE: DO NOT TRY THE OUIJA BOARD ON YOUR OWN Whilst the ouija board has been used to obtain positive results, experts warn of its huge potential danger. A gifted medium who warned against the board was Susy Smith. In her 1971 book Confessions of a Psychic. She wrote: "Warn people away from Ouija and automatic writing until you have learned how to be fully protected. They say that innocent efforts at communication are as dangerous as playing with matches or hand grenades. They have me as Exhibit A of what not to do, for I experienced many of the worst problems of such involvement. Had I been forewarned by my reading that such efforts might cause me to be mentally disturbed, I might have been more wary" (Smith 1971). Read more...

Watch from the 23 minute 30 seconds mark to 38 minutes as psychics Sue Nicholson and Deb Webber tune into a face-down photograph and accurately identify many details of a missing man.



LUIZ GASPERETTO - BRAZILIAN PAINTING MEDIUM In the book by Dr. Stanislav Grof (pictured) "When the Impossible Happens" there's a chapter about Luiz Antonio Gasparetto, a psychologist from Brazil. He is able to go into trance and paint, IN THE DARK, in the style of a wide range of dead famous painters (Monet, Picasso, Rembrandt, da Vinci, Modigliani, Manet, van Gogh, Gauguin, etc). He doesn't just paint exact replicas of existing paintings but "new motifs rendered in easily recognizable styles of individual artists".

Part 2

Nestled into the rolling fields surrounding the picturesque Macedon Ranges, Victoria, Australia, is a not for profit haven for rescued farmed animals. With a simple mission of kindness, Edgar’s Mission works to expand the public’s circle of compassion to include all animals through education, advocacy, community enrichment, and farm tours. “If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn’t we”.
See these beautiful animals at play.

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The genius of Lennon-McCartney of the Beatles created a musical masterpiece that will always be with us, 'All You Need Is Love'. That says it all, what is a world without love? This movie clip is a masterpiece incuding actual footage of a huge crowd pouring out emotion over the assassination of John Lennon.




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