A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife


Report February 22nd 08

COMMENTARY: THE ULTIMATE DECISION YOU HAVE TO MAKE IN THIS LIFETIME: So, you’re a materialist or an atheist or an agnostic. Or you may be a Christian, Jew, Hindu or Moslem or into a religion obeying dogmatic doctrines which are thousands of years old. This means you do not have empirical (scientific) hard core substantive proof to support your beliefs. You are believing without evidence. ‘Empirical’ means using scientific method to test a phenomenon. To-day we have objective evidence for the afterlife which is repeatable. There are literally thousands of books written by highly qualified authors who show that there is an afterlife and what it is like. And whilst people have a right to their religious beliefs, millions of people are telling us they have repeatable experiences which show that much of those religious beliefs – written thousands of years ago and changed over the years – are not right. The evidence for the afterlife – which no one on earth has been able to rebut - is objective and repeatable: (see book- A lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife). The ultimate decision you have to make in this lifetime is whether or not to accept the empirical evidence for the afterlife. Guaranteed, the afterlife has huge consequences. The benefits are all yours and you do not have to pay one cent!

" If I could sign a document that that, if I was lying or even embellishing what I witnessed as I have explained to you, the consequences to any untruth would put me in a cruel jail without ever seeing my family again, I would sign it without breaking a sweat. I have heard and felt 100% undeniable proof. Let’s tell everybody and let the healing begin." So ends Howard Abraham's full report on a materialization session with medium David Thompson (pictured). Read Howard's report...

'THE EXPERIMENTER EFFECT': The ‘experimenter effect’ – refers to a situation where the experimenter, willfully, or on an unconscious level influences the results he/she wants to obtain. In context of testing the paranormal (psi) and afterlife evidence, it is critically important to fully understand the very serious implications of the ‘experimenter effect’ as so far it has shown that professional psi experimenters have become victims of their unconscious (perhaps even conscious) of their negative partiality when conducting psi experiments. The result is that the public around the world is being misinformed, misguided and misdirected. Why is it that a negatively entrenched experimenter always gets negative results when investigating psychic phenomena or psi as it is called? Very simple. Obtaining positive results will make a skeptical debunking experimenter and his supporting debunking organization look absolutely ridiculous, irrelevant and utterly redundant. Read more …

IS SCIENCE PROVING PRECOGNITION? Another interesting article written by Dr Danny Penman:
" Dr Nelson's Global Consciousness Project - originally hosted by Princeton University - is one of the most extraordinary experiments of all time. It aims to ‘sense' whether all of humanity shares a single unconscious mind that we all tap into without realizing it. Some might refer to it as the mind of God. But the machine has also thrown up another tantalizing possibility: that scientists may have unwittingly discovered a way of predicting the future...

The project threw up its greatest enigma on September 11th 2001. As the world stood still and watched the horror of the terrorist attacks unfold across New York, something strange was happening to the random number generators. Not only did they register the event as it happened, but the characteristic shift in the pattern of numbers began four hours before the two planes hit the Twin Towers. "I knew then that we had a great deal of work ahead of us," says Dr Nelson. The same happened with the Asian Tsunami. Twenty four hours before the tragedy unfolded, the characteristic shift in the pattern of numbers began. Curiously, it was at around this time that animals in the path of the tsunami began fleeing for their lives. Very few animals were killed in the tragedy, as you may remember, leading some to ask whether they had somehow foreseen the disaster."
Read more

SPIRITUAL HEALING: It is a mistake to assume that spiritual healing always cures illnesses. That’s not the way it works. Harry Edwards, was extremely successful as a spiritual healer – especially with hopeless cases who had been told by their doctors they could do no more about the illness.
Read more about Harry Edwards.

But even a powerful healer like Harry could not effect a cure all the time. People must never forget that there are many reasons why a cure may not to take place. It may simply be that the illness has been taken on by the person for their own spiritual growth. Or there could be strong karmic problems. We are informed that no healer can ever guarantee a cure for an illness. But an honest healer can guarantee spiritual transmission of healing which can touch the patient's soul.

“During the last ten years of my medical practice, I began to receive very strong clairvoyant impressions about events in my client’s lives,” psychiatrist Mitchell E. Gibson, M.D. writes at his website, www.tybro.com “At first I ignored them, but over time I began to realize that many of these impressions were accurate. Science had trained me to think analytically and to dismiss any data that could not be examined with an objective skeptical eye. I quickly learned that the scientific method offered only one window into the universe.”
Michael Tymn has now made available an interview he did with Dr Gibson. Read more...

AN AFTERLIFE INTLLIGENCE SPEAKS. A most important, highly accredited afterlife intelligence states, “The universe is subject to evolution. It is an evolving universe. Perfection is not achieved anywhere. It is an infinite process. Every state of purification, which eliminates dross, makes you realize there is still more dross to be eliminated. You are on the eternal path to perfection which you will never attain. Therefore there must be inequalities for the time being. There must be the rough edges, problems and difficulties, all caused by the law of evolution outworking itself."

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PARANORMAL SURVEY- In late 2006 postgraduate student Rosemary Breen collected 4,000 responses on spontaneous paranormal experiences from the internet. This information was collated as part of a postgraduate thesis. The most commonly reported phenomenon was deja vu, which was reported by 90% of the respondents; this was followed by premonitions (79%), apparitions (68%), telepathy (66%), out-of-body experiences (56%), reincarnation memories (44%), psychokinesis (36%), auras (34%), and mediumship (26%). The least frequently reported experience was a near-death episode (14%).
70% of the respondents answered Yes to the question: has your experience of the paranormal changed your attitude to life? The biggest effects noted were on the on their attitude to ‘life after death’, the ‘whole meaning of life question’ and their ‘attitude to death itself’.
Read Rosemary's preliminary report not yet published.
Read more …

PARANORMAL AWARENESS SOCIETY based in Miami is a non-profit, 501(c)3 public charitable organization that is dedicated to the ongoing research of providing answers to questions related to the paranormal field and paranormal activity involving the general public. Their research solely involves client-contact cases. They aim to help the general public and provide whatever assistance is necessary in helping them find the answers they are looking for or by providing counseling assistance in dealing with activity surrounding their lives. PASC also has ongoing research projects such as, answering the question, “What is an orb?” or “What is poltergeist activity?”. They have the staff capable of handling these situations and research projects. PASC does believe in dealing with the general public in a fair and honest manner. All of their services are provided free of charge. Read more …

QUESTION: REMOTE VIEWING: You said three weeks ago that you know for certain that military remote viewing works. How can you be so sure? Frank, Santa Monica West Coast U.S.

Victor: Actually, a couple of years ago I promised that in the future I would divulge a spectacular remote viewing experience I had. I was not a gifted remote viewer but before I retired from the legal profession I experienced a most remarkable 'remote viewing'. Between 1980-2000 I was involved part-time with an ‘intelligence’ unit. Of course, I am completely retired now except for my afterlife research which I do full time along with occasional pro bono legal work. One very clear and most stunning remote viewing experience was when I was mentally ‘seeing’ - three dimensionally - a most interesting debriefing of a former KGB intelligence disinformation officer in early 2000 who was disclosing secret KGB information – about the intelligence work he used to do. Read more…

. After I (Victor) cross over – hopefully it will be quite a while yet – like many investigators before me, I plan to return to add to the evidence that the life continues. So I am asking anyone – from those successful psi empiricists to the open minded skeptics from around the world to suggest a realistic, practical, empirical way of proving my continued existence. Critical would be: what EVIDENCE would be acceptable to the skeptics who do have the skills to perceive the paranormal with true empirical equanimity? Please do not suggest anything for your material gain - that's not how the afterlife dimension works. Ideally I would like to do something like the cross correspondences where information is transmitted from the other side to people participating from at least the following countries: the United States, Canada, Australia, the U.K, Russia, China, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Singapore, Brazil, Japan, Argentina and South Africa. Any ideas?
Email victor@victorzammit.com

Joyful Voices - An omnibus edition containing JOYFUL VOICES and VOICES OF LOVE bestsellers in the early 1980s is now available. Doris Stokes was a celebrated medium who confounded skeptics by the uncanny accuracy of her readings. In Australia she filled the Sydney Opera House and was mobbed in the streets. In America 'Charlie's Angels' was moved from its primetime slot to make way for her. In Britain she filled the Albert Hall, and radio phone-ins caused blocked lines and an avalanche of mail. Doris Stokes possessed an amazing gift - exceptional psychic powers that over the years of her extraordinary life brought joy and comfort to thousands of people

MEDIUMSHIP: The major types of mediumhsip are: mental medium ship, trance medium ship, direct voice, and physical/materialization medium ship. Mental mediums like James Van Praagh, John Edward and Sally Morgan do not go into trance - they are fully conscious and are able to make contact with afterlife entities who can transmit messages. Trance mediums lose consciousness and their bodies are "taken over" by an entity who speaks using the medium's voice box. Direct voice mediumship is where the medium is in trance and the afterlife entity is able to speak through an artificial voice box constructed of ectoplasm, a substance extracted from the body of the medium ( for a photograph of medium Jack Webber showing an ectoplasmic voice box click here). Read more about direct voice medium Leslie Flint.

The Tenth International Conference on Science and Consciousness will be held March 28 - April 2, 2008, in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. The exploration of consciousness remains the new frontier of scientific inquiry. Physicists, medical researchers, psychologists, anthropologists, shamans, healers, meditators have all experienced phenomenon which cannot be explained under the old scientific paradigm. This conference brings together a multi-disciplinary team of experts in the field of consciousness who will share their knowledge through lecture, discussion and experiential sessions. Read more..

The picture you see left, of William Charles Cadwell, the afterlife convener of the Circle of the Silver Cord was drawn by my younger sister Carmen - who was an artist - who died last week. William informed us last Sunday night that he had met up with my sister in the afterlife and she said she will be coming through in the future. Over and over the message coming through William and the other entitites who materialize through medium David Thompson is that there is no death.

Listen to William's message...

MATERIALIZATION CORNER: No further questions about materializations will be answered until those who defamed David Thompson and me are identified and the matter dealt with appropriately:

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