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3rd May 2013

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COMMENTARY: SPREADING THE 'LIGHT' ON A GLOBAL LEVEL - the GREATEST gift: We are all in a position to pass on the word about the afterlife - without coming across as being over zealous. When it is appropriate, just a subtle hint here and there to some friend or acquaintance will go a long way to giving the most important gift you can ever give anyone- knowledge that we are all eternal souls.

Many people turn away from any hope of life after death and reunion with their loved ones when they reject the absurdity of religious beliefs about an eternity of either eternal punishment or eternal boredom. They are not aware that there is a more modern alternative based on the evidence of systematic investigation.

So many people could be spared years of unnecessary fear about their own transition which should be the most joyous experience to crown a life well lived. They could be spared years of despair and suffering when they believe that their loved ones are lost to them forever. And they could be spared from the horrible realization at the end of their lives that they could have done so much more if only they had known the rules of the game of life.

We are informed from the afterlife dimension that if you just help one person to see the Light, you will have justified your existence on planet earth! (Silver Birch). Again, without exaggerating, helping someone turn to the Light is the greatest gift you can give to another human being.

A VERY SPECIAL 'THANK YOU' TO YOU FROM VICTOR AND WENDY: to ALL our subscribers who have already sent their excellent reviews of the new book to Amazon.com giving our book A LAWYER PRESENTS THE EVIDENCE FOR THE AFTERLIFE 5 star rating. As you know we started promoting the book months ago. And we were just so happy and humbled by the wonderful response we have already received. We will always remember your support!

: The book is now available on
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We chose to publish with Whitecrow books because of its high ethical and artistic standards and its mission to keep valuable afterlife books in print. It goes without saying that this is not a money making venture and any profits coming to us from the book will be channeled into further afterlife research.

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the writers whose work we cite in the new book. As we say in the book, we are standing on the shoulders of giants.
We have tried to make a collective presentation of the evidence accumulated over 150 years up to and including the present day. Obviously we can't possibly include all the evidence and all the magnificent books that are now being published but we hope that it will give people a springboard for their own research and discovery.


Julie Larham describes her Near Death Experience at the International Association for Near Death Studies conference in Durham, NC, 3rd October 2008. For more information about the International Association for Near Death Studies (IANDS) visit: www.iands.org This clip is part of a three year long research project published in the book The Light Behind God. You can also find out more about NDE researcher Rene Jorgensen at http://www.renejorgensen.com


Since earliest times humans have realized that dreams sometimes contain communications from loved ones, warnings and information about the future. Researcher Stephan Pickering sent us this wonderful example taken from Stuart Lutz, 2010: The last leaf: voices of history's last-known survivors pp. 204-218.

Esther Raab, a survivor of the Holocaust, tells about the night before she and 300 of her fellow inmates at the Sobibor death camp in Poland mounted a daring escape. Her mother came to her in a dream. Like so many European Jews, they had been separated during World War II, not knowing each other’s fate. Esther explains; In the dream “I said, tomorrow we are escaping, and she said, ‘I know.’ And then she took me by the hand, out of the camp, and showed me the barn that she said I should hide in.”

It took Esther two weeks to find the barn because she could only move about at night. When she finally found it she made a startling discovery. Her brother, whom she had believed had been shot to death during a Nazi execution of young Jewish men, emerged from a shadowy corner of the building. He had heard her speak a few Yiddish words. The siblings, each thinking the other had died, were incredulous.” Esther’s brother had been in the barn for nine months and cared for by a farmer who regularly brought him bread, milk, and newspapers.” She said the man was thrilled to see her, and kept them alive for nine and a half more months, until it was safe for them to emerge. “That man had seven children, and his entire family was in danger if he had been caught helping us,” she said in a phone interview. “They would have all been killed.”

cf. Esther Raab. Sobibor death camp survivor. Interview, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, 18 February 1992 www.holocaustresearchproject.org


Chris has been in hospital following a heart attack. We all send him our best wishes for his full recovery.

A GREAT INTERVIEW WITH CHRIS ROBINSON - 'Premonition Man' Christopher Robinson Interview on Precognitive Dreams: This is what Grahame Mackenzie, who interviewed Chris Robinson said,
"In the hot seat today is a ex-television repairman who became an uncover agent for our British Intelligence Agencies. Mission impossible for you and I maybe, but not for the man whose dreams have since been the subject of TV appearances as far afield as Japan, national newspaper articles on both sides of the pond, and experiments by the University of Arizona. Our guest today says his dreams foretell the future. In fact, his nightly dreams became so accurate that the highest echelons of government became interested him as did Scotland Yard and MI5. The messages in his dreams are seen as warnings of natural disasters, serious crimes and terrorist activities, for example, 9/11 in the US, Lady Diana’s death and the bombing in Brixton where he informed the Police before it happened..." Read more ...
You can see a wonderful video of Chris taking part in scientific premonition experiments in Whitecrow books documentary Premonition Man.

Chris Carter writes:
" 'In 1955 George Price, then a research associate at the Department of Medicine at the University of Minnesota, published an article in the prestigious journal Science that began: '
Believers - (those who accept the EVIDENCE- in psychic phenomena)... appear to have won a decisive victory and virtually silenced opposition.... This victory is the result of careful experimentation and intelligent argumentation. Dozens of experimenters have obtained positive results in ESP experiments, and the mathematical procedures have been approved by leading statisticians.... Against all this evidence, almost the only defense remaining to the skeptical scientist is ignorance.' " Read full article (Picture: the recent excellent book by Chris Carter)

PEACE, LIGHT and LOVE? A GREAT MESSAGE FOR SPIRITUAL CONFIDENCE: THE 'universal power' will not let you down: a very special message directly from highly credibleafterlife teacher: "If shadows cross your path, if troubles lie upon you, if doubt stirs your mind and perplexity find a dwelling place within you, remember they are not realities. Give them wings and send them speedily forth on their flight. Remember the mighty force that set the whole universe in motion and created every manifestation of life, both animate and inanimate, that fashioned the stars and the planets, the sun and the moon; that brought life to your world of matter; that gave your consciousness a portion of the divine spirit; that is revealed in the perfect laws that control every phase of manifestation. That power cannot fail you if you do not fail it. Let that be your strength, your refuge and harbor. Know that the cloak of divine love is always about you and the infinite embrace hold you in its arms." (S. Birch)

A psychomanteum is a specially built room which uses mirrors to help a person enter an altered state of consciousness and make contact with someone in the afterlife. Dr Raymond Moody learned how this worked by studying mirror gazing. He learned that in Ancient Greece people who wanted to contact someone who had died spent a few days in darkness and then would look at a shiny surface. Professor Arthur Hastings of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, California created his own psychomanteum. He and his research team took 27 people through a three hour session to contact a friend or loved one who had died. The people began by talking about the person who had died and then sat in a darkened room gazing at a mirror. During the mirror meditation, 13 (out of 27) people felt they had a contact from the persons who had died, including messages, visions, touches, and a feeling of presence. Read more...

A recent survey shows that most people who get psychic readings are college educated, married with children, and many of them are men!” According to the nonprofit American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums, 69% of women and 39% of men admit to having contacted a psychic. Psychic Source’s veteran psychic reader Kimberle is not surprised. “It’s true that we tend to get more women calling us than men, overall,” she says. “But the number of men who get psychic readings is much greater than you might think.” She speculates, “There are probably a lot more men who would like to get a psychic reading but who are embarrassed. For social reasons it seems to be easier for women to ask for the type of help we offer.” Read more...

What is likely to happen on crossing over to those who believe that physical death is the end?
This is what has been transmitted from the afterlife dimension about this problem.
" We do have to keep in mind that many who do not accept the afterlife would be regarded to be highly spiritual because they unselfishly, consistently helped other people. But S Birch tells us that realization about the afterlife comes depending how advanced the person is able to attune himself to the new afterlife conditions. He says " As you cannot die, because it is contrary to the natural law, the person believing death is the end will have to wake up and face the fact. How long it will take for the realization of spirit life to come to him will depend upon the evolution of his soul, how far it is advanced and how it can attune itself to the new conditions."

- THE EFFECTS OF MEDIUMSHIP ON GRIEF People have been sitting with mediums for 150 years. We know the motivation; most of us have a desire to communicate with our deceased loved ones. Many people report that evidential mediumship readings have a positive effect on their grief. Sometimes the effects are temporary and fade soon after. However, others report profound and long-lasting relief, hope, and a knowledge that they will see their loved ones again. If you have had a strong mediumship reading, we would like to hear from you.
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I was watching a documentary on cable television about the paranormal produced by the skeptics. The false and ridiculous claim was that 'ectoplasm' - (whitish substance emitted by a physical medium) was found to be 'cheesecloth'. Time these silly and uninformed skeptics woke up to themselves : Kai Meugge a world class physical medium repeatedly gives demonstrations of how he emits his own ectoplasm. Thousands of people around the world have witnessed Kai Meugge producing ectoplasm from just an arm's length away in clear red light. Wendy and I watched Kai's emitting ectoplasm several times - and with others we could see the whitish smokish substance steadily crawling down from his face on to the floor - just like thick whitish smoke. So, someone ought to tell these uniformed stubborn skeptics to stop from wilfully misleading people with their dishonest anti-paranormal propaganda. No wonder WE are winning side!!
You can see some excellent recent genuine photos of ectoplasm on Kai Muegge's Felix Circle blog. and read Tom Butler's Report

" My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness".
Dalai Lama.


had raised many thousands of dollars for charitable causes. A British trained medium at the Arthur Findlay College, Sunny was awarded the acclaimed 2007 “World Medium of the Year Award”. This award was shared with a small group of internationally renowned mediums including John Edward (U.S.A). Sunny has read for celebrities around the world including International medium and author James Van Praagh (creator and co-producer of ‘Ghost Whisperer.’). To hear the radio interview with James Van Praagh after Sunny’s reading, please click on the ‘FOX’ audio button in the right hand column of his website SUNNY BURGESS SPIRIT LISTENER
Sunny has also written three excellent e-books on mediumship.


In Brisbane Australia 25th-28th May 2013.
A Psychic Intensive Weekend Workshop.
A Philanthropic Endeavour to support children in India All funds will be donated to Hope For Himalayan Kids This workshop is anticipated to raise over AUD 3000 to benefit this charity. With International Medium of the Year 2007 Sunny Burgess
Don’t miss this rare opportunity to experience an old Spiritualist tradition of table tipping at the end of an exciting weekend delving deep into the spirit world.
When: Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th of May 2013
Where: The Healing Sanctuary, 147 Richmond Rd Morningside
Time: 10.30am until 7 pm Saturday and Sunday

Some of our subscribers may have received an email this week supposedly from Wendy headed IMPORTANT DOCUMENT. It was not from Wendy. Apparently malware is spread by clicking links or opening attachments on unexpected emails especially those with subject headings in BLOCK LETTERS. Read more...

here is another variation on the old theme why hard-line skeptics remain stubborn in their anti-paranormal, anti-afterlife beliefs and prejudices:
we are informed from afterlife sources that 'there are some people who are spiritually not yet ready to receive the critically important afterlife knowledge'. This is like trying to explain quantum mechanics to a six year old child. Only when the pupil is ready will the master be there to enlighten, elucidate, illuminate and liberate the mind to more understanding about our own world and the world to come.

We decided that for the next few weeks to include some of the most fabulous feedback we received about our new book. Again, thanks a million for your wonderful words.

1.The evidence
for the survival of consciousness after death falls much more in the area of courtroom science than laboratory science. Who, then, more qualified to examine and weigh the evidence than Victor Zammit, a retired attorney. This book offers intriguing and convincing evidence that should meet the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard of any open-minded reader.

Michael Tymn, author, editor Hawaii, Vice-President, Academy of Spirituality & Paranormal Studies

2. Victor approaches the question of life after death as he would the key issues in a legal trial. He considers the arguments offered by the opposition in the light of the wide range of evidence. He leads the reader inexorably through his point-by-point analysis to his ultimate conclusion that there is an afterlife. He then proceeds to present a summary description of life in the hereafter. A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife is a must read for anyone who has not made up his or her mind on whether the afterlife exists.
Steve Hedges, lawyer USA.

3. As an attorney who has tried many jury cases to final verdict in California and Nevada and tried many non jury trials to verdict I can honestly state that the evidence Victor presents is very persuasive and thanks to his work and my own independent review I now fully accept that the afterlife exists.
Michael Danner, lawyer, Cypress California USA.


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'CONQUEST OF PARADISE' - hear this magnificent music played by Andre Rieu's orchestra to open your heart chakra and lift up your spirits. Hear beautiful and haunting classical 'ceremonial' music written by Vangelis as the theme for the film '1492:Conquest of Paradise'- sung by a most impressive chorus. Visually absolutely stunning! The orchestra sounds superb - I put the picture on full screen (bottom right on large square for those new at this). Camera angels highly creative. The photography excellent. The melody builds up to a beautiful crescendo. Just watch and feel the music going through your body - a real beautiful experience! (Live at the Amsterdam Arena) .

Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.