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27th March 2009

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I apologize if I have not replied to your email or letter yet. These last few weeks have been the busiest we have known and we have really only had time and energy to focus on the report.

COMMENTARY: “You’ll never walk alone!”
Those who are highly motivated in the search for afterlife evidence, those who spend many solitary hours validating the paranormal and others on the spiritual path sometimes feel they are on their own.

Now might be a good time to remember that we are never alone. We are continually reassured in high level transmissions that we do attract intelligences in the afterlife dimension to help us in our daily work and to make the truth known to the world. It is only natural that those who try to continue to refine spiritually sometimes find themselves unable to participate in mainstream activities. The more spiritually advanced tend to avoid noise, commercialism, materialism, anything negative that could hurt the soul, time-wasting conversations and give priority to what is critical to them. Many who have had profound experiences of after death contacts, near death experiences, mediumship etc find that these experiences separate them from others and choose to keep a low profile feeling that it’s not their time or their role to go public. I have high profile scientists contacting me telling me they are one hundred per cent convinced they have had genuine and sometimes ongoing contact with a deceased loved one but saying they cannot discuss their experiences with their peers. Others, like me, have gone public, have stated our evidence, have revealed that we do contact afterlife intelligences and we have provided hard core evidence for our acceptance of the afterlife.

But all of us are never alone. We all get help. We can ask for and receive inspiration – and we can all rise above the storms and challenges of life and make a contribution for others to follow. Those of us who know about the afterlife are all standing on the shoulders of giants who were successful in establishing scientifically that we continue to survive after physical death. I quite accept that we never walk alone on this physical plane.

American lawyer Edwin C Randall investigated the afterlife for more than 20 years with direct voice medium Emily French.

This is what his own father told him about his death experience:

“ As I arrived at the house where I was going, the sensation of weakness increased, and raising my eyes, I saw your mother standing in the room smiling. Startled, I arose to my feet, and my last earthly sensation was falling- and, as I now know, I did pitch forward on my face. I do not recall striking the floor, or pain in my death change. When the separation came I was like one in sleep.

The next I recall was awakening in the same room, with the leader of your spirit group holding my hand, helping me up. I had heard his wonderful voice many times when I was privileged to come into your work, but it took me some little time to realize what had happened to me. I saw my body on the floor. This startled me, for the body I then had was to my sight and touch identical with the one lying so quiet. I saw people hurrying, and heard the anxious talk, not yet comprehending my separation from the physical body. I turned to your old friend and mine, and asked him what had happened.

He answered; “Have you not been told when you talked with us in your son’s home, that death was the separation of the inner from the outward body?” “I recall that statement” I replied, “But I never comprehended it.” “You have just made that change”, he said: “you are now an inhabitant of the spirit world and one of us.” I was deeply impressed with what he said, but dazed. I did not realize that the something called death was behind me and that in me there had been no change, for I was the same in appearance and thought as before. “ The French Revelation p.92 .

DR CARL JUNG, one of the world’s greatest psychiatrists, in a 1919 speech to the Society for Psychical Research, “I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as fraud.”

YALE PHYSICIST DR HENRY MARGENAU, “To put it bluntly, science no longer contains absolute truths … the old distinction between the natural and the supernatural has become spurious.”

ANTHROPOLGIST MARGARET MEAD, “The whole history of scientific advance is full of scientists investigating phenomena that the establishment did not believe were there.”

PROFESSOR C.J. DUCASSE, “Assertions of impossibility are based on the metaphysical creeds of the scientists of the day.”

SIR FRANCIS BACON, “ Facts often appear incredible only because we are ill informed and cease to appear marvelous when our knowledge is extended.”

GALVANI, discoverer of electricity, “I am attacked by two very opposite sects – the scientists and the know-nothings. Both laugh at me, calling me “the frogs’ dancing master.” Yet I know I have discovered one of the greatest forces in nature.”

FRED HOYLE, British cosmologist, “When science begins the study of non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the centuries of its experience.”


Michael Tymn recently interviewed Dr. Pamela Rae Heath, an Alameda, California, physician and parapsychologist. Co-author of "Suicide: What Really Happens in the Afterlife?" with Jon Klimo, Ph.D., Heath lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a semi-retired anesthesiologist who is more focused these days on parapsychology and the paranormal than on medicine. She has a special interest in physical mediumship. Read more...

QUESTION: SCIENCE and LAW: "My lecturer in science at university tells me that science cannot be wrong. He says he does not believe in the afterlife, therefore he cannot be wrong.”

Victor: Of course, that kind of a fallacy would not be admissible in a court of law or even at universities. ‘Science’ is a simply a method of investigating things objectively- but the assumptions built on those investigations and the theories used to explain the results of experiments are not static- they evolve. The record shows that scientists themselves – many times - have been fundamentally wrong about many things. At one time "science" said that atoms were the smallest part of matter and were indivisible. These days we have highly intelligent scientists who have used scientific methods to investigate the afterlife and have accepted the afterlife– see chapter 2. And whilst a skeptical scientist may be a good scientist, the fact is that only the higher courts/litigation lawyers are experts in the admissibility of evidence at a higher level. Your lecturer may be qualified in science but not qualified in the admissibility of evidence which is most critical in professional debate. ISSUE: Why is it that when I asked scientists to tell me what objective evidentiary authority they have to support their belief in nothingness – NOT ONE SCIENTIST could produce any evidence to support his anti-afterlife beliefs? And where there is no objective substance to support a ‘belief’ the subjective belief in nothingness inexorably could be totally and completely invalid. No scientist in nine years has been able to rebut the expressly stated afterlife evidence.

ATHEISTS WHO HAVE NOT REBUTTED the Intelligence-Cause/Effect my argument for the existence of a ‘Supreme Power’ – I’m still waiting!

PREFACE ON THE 'NEW ATHEISM': ‘DIALECTICAL SPIRITUALISM’: as I stated some months ago there are forces operating in our world that we can observe – I called a major force ‘Dialectical Spiritualism’ adapted from Karl Marx’ ‘Dialectical Materialism’. So the emergence of a ‘new atheism’ where atheists accept the afterlife is consistent with my Dialectical Spiritualism thesis: we can see these days that extreme superstition is steadily being thrown out and extreme materialism is being rejected as people accept that we survive physical death. For those interested in this magnificent topic: read more … and see item below:

THE NEW ATHEISM! ATHEISTS WHO ACCEPT THE AFTERLIFE “The Atheist Afterlife" describes an afterlife that is consistent with known law and requires nothing more than physics. It demonstrates that an afterlife is possible based on reason, and supports the probability of an afterlife with an original and testable support for dualism – the proposition that our mind and body are separate. An afterlife based on reason has profound implications. An afterlife that requires only physics requires no God; it makes the concept of God irrelevant and removes the ‘God of the Gaps’ completely. It enables us to prove that many religious conceptions of an afterlife are false, including the concepts of judgment, selectivity based on belief, and the existence of Heaven and Hell. It removes the concept of an afterlife from its religious associations so humanists and other rationalists can examine it on its own merit. And an original and testable support for dualism could resolve a philosophical debate that’s been going on for more than 2,000 years! Entertaining and well-reasoned, The Atheist Afterlife is a significant contribution to philosophy and free thought.” Read more....

‘Out Of Our Heads’ by Alva Noe
Alva Noë is one of a new breed—part philosopher, part cognitive scientist, part neuroscientist—who are radically altering the study of consciousness by asking difficult questions and pointing out obvious flaws in the current science. In Out of Our Heads, he restates and reexamines the problem of consciousness, and then proposes a startling solution: Do away with the two hundred-year-old paradigm that places consciousness within the confines of the brain. This book blows a breath of fresh air into the debates about consciousness and the brain. Thanks to Kat for sending a link to the review page.
“A provocative and insightful book that will force experts and students alike to reconsider their grasp of current orthodoxy. Out of Our Heads is a vivid, clear, and very knowledgeable critique of some of the main ideas in cognitive science, and those of us who disagree with some of its main conclusions have our work cut out for us.”
—Daniel C. Dennett, Professor of Philosophy, Tufts University “
More interesting comments by leading intellectuals.

‘DOES THE SOUL SURVIVE?- A Jewish Journey to Belief in Afterlife, Past Lives & Living With a Purpose’ by Rabbi Elie Spitz.
"Spitz, a Conservative rabbi, sets out to convince readers that it's kosher to be Jewish and believe in reincarnation and the afterlife. He details his personal journey from skepticism to belief in the reality of the soul, distilling along the way the work of pioneering mediums like Brian Weiss and James van Draagh. Spitz discusses one seminar he attended in which he found himself revealing images of a previous life as a Native American, and another in which his wife's deceased grandparents "communicated" with her. Spitz employs an array of Jewish sources particularly mystical texts that affirm a faith in the survival of the soul, although the concept remains controversial in traditional Judaism. He claims that this faith can provide comfort to those struggling with death." Thanks to Stephan for the reference. Read more...

OBJECTION OVERRULED! No.13. “Nobody has ever come back from the afterlife to tell us about the afterlife.”
Victor: That highly prejudicial, self-serving objection is overruled because it conveniently ignores the empirical evidence of communicating with afterlife entities – there is the scientific studies of Prof. Gary Schwartz, there is abundant and ubiquitous evidence of communicating with those who crossed over – there is the afterlife evidence I put on the internet which has not been rebutted, negated or discredited in any way by any scientist in the last nine years. The evidence for communicating with the afterlife is now objective and repeatable. Through the mediumship of David Thompson Wendy and I personally communicated with afterlife entities, conversed with them on a weekly basis, for fifteen months. We witnessed some ninety reunions between visitors and their loved ones in spirit who had materialized and were solid in the room. Read more OBJECTIONS OVERRULED. Read more ...

EGYPT ACCEPTED THE AFTERLIFE 5,000 YEARS AG0! Num.1 Egypt. I came across some uninformed closed minded skeptic who stated that mediumship is a recent phenomenon. The historical records show that psychic mediumship – making contact with those who crossed over is more than 5,000 years old. Masters states that ancient Egypt, “is where, as far as we know, the use of trance in achieving mystical states and talking to the gods began. “The early Egyptians saw "du", or breath, as the vital principle, which at death could separate from the body and become "ba", or spirit. See Klimo, J., Psychics, Prophets and Mystics: Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources. The Aquarian Press, Grafton Books, UK, 1991. See also SEANCES WITH GOD Through the Ages, Dr J Jones Hunt. See also THE EGYPTIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD (1,240 B.C.).

James Twyman has just released the trailer for his new film, The Proof, which comes out for free as a downloadable movie on April 15. He introduced the concept for his movie today in his newsletter when he wrote: “What if it is possible to actually prove that the mystics and saints were correct when they said we are actually ONE? And, what if it could be done in a way that touches millions of people who would not normally be attracted to such ideas?” In The Proof, a woman will put a book anywhere in the world that is accessible to the public without telling James Twyman where it is. James Twyman will then set out to try to find the book by using only his own internal resources. If he does not succeed in finding the book, then he will personally donate $50,000 of his own money. The trailer for The Proof is below…


“What I can teach you is how to face and conquer the challenges. There is no difficulty or obstacle so large that you have no power, combined with ours, to overcome it. Even when I cannot communicate according to the fashion of your world I still am with you because the problems of space and time that encumber you do not apply to us. We can reach you wherever you are. We will continue to help you to the utmost limits of our strength.” (S. Birch).

1) “ Dear Victor Zammit, I just wanted to tell you that I've had a difficult week, maybe it's because I'm scared about all the changes in the world and of course I have to stay confident but sometimes it is overwhelming... Where is the humanity going?...That's strange, but when I received your weekly report tonight, I immediately felt better... I feel connected with people like you, so far away in Australia, and with others in other parts of the world and God bless you all! I'm getting emotional. ... Thank you for being there... Isabelle”

2) "I read about the case of Picasso . Reincarnating into a little girl .
I do think that Picasso took possession of the body of the little girl and pushed her natural spirit, on the outside of her body .. So he stole her body , and is now reliving his life all over again . But at the cost of the life of the little girl. In my thinking , he is just a mean b______ and not reincarnated at all." Art.
Well, Art, that's another point of view. As you know there are several writers who claim that possession or obsession are very real alternatives to reincarnation- see People Who Don't Know they are Dead.

MORE FEEDBACK: doesn't your item last week on that lawyer judge who was jailed for three years show that lawyers and judges are corrupt?

Victor: That’s a ‘non-sequitur’ - ‘it does not follow.’ That Federal Court judge was the first judge in some two hundred years in Australia who was jailed for perjury. Corruption, lying, cheating, willfully doing dirty work to hurt others – all these are part of the ‘human condition’ irrespective of what work one does – whether one is judge, an army general, police officer, a Pope, a Rabbi, scientist – or just a plain citizen. I repeat, that a particular level of honesty and spirituality are not related to gender, race, religion, work or profession. There are some very decent judges, scientists, police officers --- and others, and there are also corrupt judges, scientists, police officers - and others.

Every so often we get emails from scientists who say that although they personally accept the paranormal many of their colleagues will not do so unless there is a satisfactory body of theory which can account for it. That is why the work of Dr Adrian Klein and Dr Neil Robert Boyd is so critically important at this time in human history. They have had to take a temporary break from writing for us because they are working on a number of high level academic projects which have enormous potential. I'm sure that all our thoughts and good wishes go out to them. See their previous articles...

Are you, or someone you know, ready to allow love back into your life?
Having a close loving relationship is one of the greatest and most natural of human experiences. Yet sometimes people allow past entreched patterns to block them from fulfilling their deepest longing. We are happy to be promoting a program that definitely, unequivocally works.. watch this video of how it was put to the test on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet...

Making changes to entrenched patterns can best be done in a loving and supportive community and we are so pleased that people can now access such a community by telephone from anywhere in the world. Try it out in this FREE 60 minute telephone session next Thursday April 2nd (US TIME) Friday April 3rd in Australia) Read more....

Made in 1976 this excellent movie narrated by Raymond Burr contains interviews with some of the pioneers of psychic research, the giants on whose shoulders we stand. In the first ten minutes there is a fascinating interview with a very young Dr Edgar Mitchell and some excellent archival footage of experiments at the Rhine Institute. Also Part 4 contains excellent footage of Edgar Cayce. When you have time the full video (90 minutes) is interesting viewing.

Or for staggered viewing:
Part 2 pre-cognitives, psychic detectives
Part 3- pyschic detectives, uri geller, psychokinetic energy.
Part 4- Edgar Cayce
Part 5- Kirlian photography, auras, seances.
Part 6- seance (continued), evp
Part 7-evp, haunted houses,
Part 8- spirit photography, reincarnation, past life regression.

YOUR LEGAL QUESTIONS ANSWERED BY VICTOR ZAMMIT: 'SERVICE TO MY REGULAR READERS AND TO THE COMMUNITY': whilst this has nothing to do with afterlife matters, over the many years of doing afterlife research, I received many questions from my regular readers who needed legal advice but did not have the money to go to a lawyer. Accordingly, I have put on the website a special section for the many legal questions/answers (eg. negligence, defamation, police matters, murder, assault, divorce, Wills, probate, property, claims against insurance co's., leases, marriage rights, medical assault, police radars - and for other, click on archives on the blog) for for my regular readers - and for general readership and information.
Read more ...

Now more than ever before professional accredited and registered afterlife researchers are struggling for funding so that they can help the world understand that there is an afterlife. After you have provided for your family in your will consider making a bequest which will bring about ‘LIGHT’ on a global level after you’ve gone. So far, we can highly recommend the following legally registered organizations who will use your funding to benefit humanity:

* The Windbridge Institute for applied research
* Zerdin Phenomenal
* The American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena

* The Forever Family Foundation
* Mark Macy's World ITC- American based research on ITC
* Rhine Research Centre- Institute for Parapsychology
* Sonia Rinaldi's IPATI- Brazilian based research on ITC

In the future we will include other registered organizations which are doing afterlife research. Please email for details.

– Elvis’ greatest and most intense spiritual song to finish the report. Written by Rogers and Hammerstein for the 1945 Broadway musical 'Carousel', You'll Never Walk Alone has been adopted by Liverpool’s soccer team’s millions of fans and has influenced millions. It is a highly spiritual song about hope and one which reminds us and we are reassured that we are NOT alone! Read first the lyrics below.

“When you walk through a storm
Hold your head up high
And don't be afraid of the dark
At the end of the storm
Is a golden sky
And the sweet silver song of a lark
Walk on through the wind
Walk on through the rain
Though your dreams be tossed and blown
Walk on walk on with hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone
You'll never walk alone
Walk on walk on with hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone.”

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Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee what is published is to be the absolute truth. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.


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