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31st March 2006

: QUESTION EVERYTHING UNTIL YOU DIE: As the human mind continues to evolve, we find that the mind wants ‘certainty’. In the old days you did what you were told to do. You were NOT allowed to question anything – especially in Europe between the years 1172 and the 1850’s. During this time, if you questioned any religious dogma, you got a visit from the INQUISITORS. This meant you were surely ‘gone’ as a human being. Most of the ‘suspects’ were burnt at the stake. If they had property, all property was confiscated and shared among the Inquisitors and part of it went to the Church. But to-day the younger set is questioning all kinds of beliefs. And that is excellent. Where beliefs without evidence are forced down your throat – the mind rebels and wants to know WHAT EVIDENCE IS THERE THAT THESE FORCED BELIEFS ARE VALID? Beliefs without evidence could bring absolute disaster. Question traditional values. Question traditional beliefs. Question everything until you are satisfied that what is being related to you is the TRUTH, validated TRUTH. VALIDATE what you accept. All validated empirical evidence is usually validated, relevant, admissible evidence. Click on BOOK top right for validated 23 areas of objective, empirical evidence for the existence of the afterlife.

MEDIUMSHIP has been empirically tested by many of the most intelligent scientists on earth – from the earliest: including Sir William Crookes, Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir William Barrett and to a couple of recent ones: Prof Gary Schwartz and Prof Archie Roy. If your mind has been inoculated against empirical paranormal in favor of personal beliefs – I urge you to think again and as a priority allow objective authority to determine what you accept about the most important discovery in human history: communicating with those who crossed over. The consequences are huge.

ALLISON DUBOIS the medium from Arizona. Her new television series MEDIUM has again started in Australia this week. The show is extremely important for understanding laws of the universe which go beyond the restricted orthodox reductionist science. This show is about a medium, Allision Dubois who can use non-physical energy - ie paranormal skills such as pre-cognitive dreams, clairaudience, clairvoyance. People are getting sick and tired of watching sensless violence - most of it fiction. Congratulations to Allison and others like her who are showing us that laws of the universe can no longer be ignored.

I get asked this question all the time: Victor, how do you know for certain that there is an afterlife? My answer is that I experienced communication with my dead parents and know with absolute certainty it was them. Secondly, there is plenty of objective empirical evidence – more than 22 areas of empirical evidence for the afterlife. Thirdly, some of the greatest scientists with the highest credibility on earth (mentioned above) – and others using their scientific skills confirmed that their research shows the afterlife in fact does exist. Fourthly, there are many highly credible people I know myself – and others - who experienced communication with their loved ones from the afterlife. So my acceptance of the afterlife is scientifically and empirically based – it is NOT a question of beliefs or tradition or history or anything else. Nothing beats the personal experience, nothing has ever negated the empirical evidence and no one has ever rebutted the empirical afterlife findings of some of the greatest scientists who walked this planet earth. Click on BOOK, click on chapter 2.

‘LIFE IN THE WORLD UNSEEN’ a classic about afterlife conditions – transmitted from the afterlife by former Catholic Monsigor Hugh Benson through the mediumship of Anthony Borgia. This is one of the greatest books about the conditions in the afterlife. I highly recommend it. This is an eye witness who is in the afterlife telling us specifically WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS when we die, the experience of crossing over, halls of learning, music, the dark realms – and much more. What Hugh Benson stated is consistent with other transmitted information from around the world. Since we ALL have to cross over to the afterlife, it is imperative, it is vital and most critical to KNOW – to be informed by a highly credible eye-witness - exactly what is likely to happen to us when we all inevitably cross over. One of the GREATEST CONTROVERYS OF ALL TIME RESOLVED - that WE DO NOT STAY UNDERGROUND until Jesus ‘comes to judge the living and the dead.’ The Catholic Church and the Protestant Church now agree with that. When we physically die – on crossing over to the afterlife dimension, Mons. Hugh Beson states, our consciousness continues to exist, our character will not change one iota, our memory will be intact and we will have an etheric body – and the average good folk will usually progress to the Realm of the Light. To obtain the book, try the Net: also the Arthur Findlay College and The Psychic News editor Tony Ortzen.

TERRORISM! The price of freedom is eternal vigilance once stated Thomas Jefferson. Now, in our testing times when we are threatened with atomic bombs by terrorists, does the end justify the (Machiavellian) means to obtain information from some captured terrorist? In other words would it be legitimate to use anything on earth – including torture – to get results? Spain, England, New York, Bali and other places have been targeted by terrorists – and terrorists have promised if they get the chance, they will do it again. The greatest threat is the use of some portable atomic bomb where some mad suicide bomber lets it off in some crowded Western city – New York, London, Sydney, Paris, Berlin and other sky scrapered city. Now if anti-terrorist police capture terrorists or suspected terrorists, would it be legitimate for the anti-terrorist police to use torture to extract information from terrorists? Whilst I am against torture I find it very difficult not to use torture in legitimate and extreme cases where millions of people could be blown up by some (genuine) terrorist’s atomic bomb. It is really a dilemma. We have seen documentaries on television a number of suspects who were picked up by American and British law enforcement agencies – and the suspects stated they were innocent but still they were tortured because of vague, remote connections with Iraqis who had some remote connections with Al Qaeda.

ARE YOU AGAINST RELIGION? This is another question I get from time to time. My answer is that I am NOT against religion – I am not against Christianity (I was born in a Christian environment). I am NOT against Hindusim, or Judaism or Islam or any other religion. But I am against those evil people who USE religion for their own ends. Religion is to do with BELIEFS – and if people feel comfortable with their beliefs, that’s great! BUT, I am more interested in those who are religious who are ALSO spiritual. Because being religious does not automatically mean being spiritual. I am not longer into ritual – because doing ritual to me is meaningless. As someone stated from the afterlife – you can sing hymns all week – you have not increased your spirituality (level of vibrations of the soul). But helping others in need, being unselfish, good works – that does MAGIC to the soul – whether that is performed by a Christian or an atheist or a secularist.

PARANORMAL TRAINING COURSE U.K. On Saturday April 29th at The George and Dragon in West Wycombe Buckinghamshire, one of the most haunted places in the UK! The course will start at midday and run to 5 p.m. and will include a paranormal investigation of the premises overnight after the course! The course will cover:- How to form and run your own investigation group; Use of Infra red cameras and equipment; Understanding the stills camera in paranormal conditions; Insurance issues; Observation skills; Team management Working with mediums and clairvoyants; Understanding your own psychic skills Identifying possible paranormal activity; Using the equipment. Cost is £60 per person!! (Food and accommodation not included) For bookings- e-mail

to broadcast out of Perth, Western Australia.
The countdown has begun for the launch in Perth on April 1, 2006 of Ghost Radio; the world’s first dedicated Internet Paranormal radio station. The ambitious project, which has taken more than ten years of research and Internet development, is from Lia and John Ramses, the creators of Australia’s biggest paranormal website January 2006 alone, more than 270,000 people logged onto the popular site to see its myriad of paranormal stories, news, photographs and more; validation of the public’s ongoing fascination with all things “spooky”. Ghost Radio, say the Ramses, is the next big step.


According to a press release “Today, March 29, The final the final dialogue book in the Conversations with God series will be officially released. The Book is called Home with God in a Life that Never ends, and it brings the world new and astounding information about life after death, the realm beyond the physical and the soul’s journey to spirituality and back again. To purchase …

24th March 2006

: the human condition is NOT ‘standard.’ We all have different ‘gifts’. We have heart surgeons and we have canvas artists. We have those who are working in aerodynamics and others working as bank clerks and - others working as ‘gifted’ musicians giving concerts around the world. This has to do with individual differences in skills and individual ‘gifts’. Most times one cannot train to be a musician if that person does not have the gift. It is similar with the gift of paranormal receptivity. Accordingly, there are people who are sensitive to afterlife energy and others who are deaf, dumb and blind to matters of the paranormal. It is individual differences in sensitivity which account for disagreement about the paranormal. But the blindness of others does NOT invalidate the experiences of a sensitive – especially, when highly skilled and gifted ‘sensitives’ around the world have all been stating that the afterlife exists and its consequences are hugely enormous.

THE ‘EXPERIENTIAL’: I regularly receive emails stating from people who state that they had a paranormal experience. I accept their claims on the basis of more likely than not when these people show they are normal, intelligent and sensitive – because they are consistent with claims which have been related to me from around the world these last sixteen years. But the ultimate proof for me was when I experienced paranormal activities myself. Like most people I find my own personal experience is the most powerful and most convincing evidence for the afterlife. People often say to me words to the effect: “I don’t care what science says or what skeptics say or debunkers say or whatever anyone else wants to say about the afterlife. I tell you I did have had this wonderful experience of seeing my crossed over loved one again – the experience was magnificent - and I am absolutely certain of it – and nothing and nobody can take that away from me.”

NDE: OBJECTION OVERRULED! Closed-minded materialist skeptic debunker Dr S. Black erroneously used to object that Near Death Experiences cannot take place when the brain is truly ‘dead.’ This debunker’s objection has now been made absolutely irrelevant, immaterial and inadmissible because of the stunning Pam Reynolds case. Read more…..

Pam Reynolds was put into a state of clinical ‘death’ to remove a death-threatening giant aneurysm just underneath the brain. An aneurysm is an abnormal widening or ballooning of a portion of an artery, related to weakness in the wall of the blood vessel. When the cardiologists put her to a temporary ‘death’ – she was not breathing, her heart had stopped, the brain was flat-lined i.e. not functioning at all. Pam then had a Near Death Experience. During her ‘death’ not only did she accurately described what instruments the doctors were using to operate on her, she related what the nurses said to the doctors! Note: there was experiences of consciousness, of visual, auditory and memory. Further, Pam saw the ‘LIGHT’, she saw her grand-mother, her uncle and other loved ones who had crossed over. She had other experiences. Five of the most eminent cardiac and medical specialists including Dr Sam Parnia, Dr Van Lommel, Dr Robert Spetzler – also Dr Peter Fenwick and Dr Michael Sabom – all supported Pam’s stated experience during her clinical ‘death’ – stating ‘what she saw corresponded to what actually happened.’ No cardiologist, no heart specialist, no brain surgeon, no surgeon, no ‘hands on’ medical specialist has said anything to contradict the abovementioned eminent specialists, Dr Sam Parnia et al.

C) Now who is this closed minded skeptic debunker Dr S Blackmore who is objecting? She’s a ‘lecturer’ in psychology for heavens’ sake! The biological component in the subject of Psychology for a Psychology degree is only some 8% of the overall requirement. She now calls herself a ‘physiologist’ – a fancy name for someone who does more theoretical study on the human body. But she is NOT a brain surgeon; she is not a cardiologist; she does not operate on patients; she is NOT in the same league as the professional hands on cardiologists. She does not and could not understand holistically the brain/body function as the professional hands/on surgeons. So, if you had to have a brain operation, would you go to a psychologist or to a brain surgeon? That says it all. Blackmore’s objection is over-ruled by empirical evidence shown by some of the most brilliant cardiologists on earth to-day which has not been rebutted. Read more …


Sir William Barrett: “As a scientist, I am absolutely convinced of the fact that those who once lived on earth can and do communicate with us.”

Sir Oliver Lodge, “I tell you we do persist. Communication (with our crossed over loved ones) is possible. I have proved that the people who communicate are who and what they say they are. The conclusion is that survival is scientifically proved by scientific investigation.”

Sir William Crookes, ‘It is quite true that a connection has been set up between this world and the next.’

Professor Hyslop, Columbia University, “I accept the validity of communicating with those who crossed over. I have been talking with my dead father, my brother, my uncles ..”

DR E SWEDENBORG – the greatest scientist of his time, “After the spirit has been separated from the body - which happens when a person dies – he is still alive, a person, the way he was before.” Go to BOOK top right and click on chapter 2 for more scientists.

WE HAVE THOUSANDS OF BOOKS ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE – BUT WE NOT ONE BOOK THAT SHOWS THE AFTERLIFE CANNOT EXIST: I quoted from some two hundred books from some of the world’s leading scientists of the past and the present. And there are thousands of other books confirming the existence of the afterlife. Whilst not all books show or explain the ‘empirical’ evidence for the paranormal and the afterlife, the writers all have extremely strong convictions about the afterlife – especially those who experienced the existence of the fourth dimension. BUT, do we have just ONE book by a scientist or psychologist or an academic or a member of the closed minded skeptic that shows the afterlife does not or cannot exist? YES, THAT’S RIGHT – WE DO NOT HAVE EVEN ONE BOOK TO EXPLAIN that the afterlife does not exist. Think about that – you will save yourself huge problems later on. For empirical evidence for the afterlife go to BOOK top right.

INJUSTICE: I often come across people complaining about injustice. True what they stated revealed colossal injustice. But let me repeat what I have said here a few times over the last eight years: whilst you may experience injustice on the earth plane, with absolute certainty, absolute justice will inevitably be done sooner or later. You will come across people – even people in authority – who will lie, cheat, misrepresent and misguide you. They may get away with it in the short term, but with absolute certainty, they will pay the price for any negative behavior to you and to others. Highly credible afterlife entities have stated that nothing comes by chance. The question to ask towards the end of your life is: has my spiritual advancement been attained because of all the problems, the pain, suffering and injustice I experienced? There will always be a price for spiritual growth, for becoming more sensitive to afterlife matters.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE DIE? This is a fairly new book by scientist/ cardiologist Dr Sam Parnia. Some of the chapters are: NDE’s from antiquity to the present day. What is like to die? The Scientific Paradox. Understanding Mind, Brain and Consciousness. Implications for the future. Go to Also see my detailed WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE DIE – click on BOOK top right, click on chapter 27.

AFTERLIFE RESEARCH: Those who want to start to research the afterlife – take note of the following two issues.

1. Empirical evidence, a certainty. Afterlife empirical evidence is extremely hard to rebut. In fact, the objective evidence for the afterlife is just irrebutable and has never been rebutted. Go to BOOK top right – for over twenty two areas of empirical evidence.

2. Personal Experience is the most personally convincing. Even if we re convinced “logically” and by the weight of evidence, for most people it takes personal afterlife contacts to remove the last vestiges of doubt. I experienced communicating with afterlife entities, including with my crossed over parents – and that alone was enough for me to absolutely and unqualifiedly accept the afterlife. The consequences of the afterlife are devastatingly huge and far too important to ignore. Start or continue to do afterlife research. You are the savior of your own self.

HAUNTED AUSTRALIA is a fascinating website on the paranormal downunder. Join Lia Ramses’ when she interviews fascinating Australian guests on her bi-monthly Internet radio program, ‘Underworld’. Scheduled Guests for 4TH April: Robert Smith - Australian EVP authority. David Clemens – Healer from Perth who uses the spirit of a long deceased doctor to heal the ailing. Alex Leach – Professional photographer who explains orbs and energy swirls and presents evidence for proof the existence of ‘dopplegangers’. Read more… To be a guest on Lia Ramses’ Underworld program contact: Lia via

SCOLE EXPERIMENTS PROVE THE AFTERLIFE: For the open-minded skeptic, the evidence collected over a period of more than four years and with more than 500 sittings by the Scole experimenters and the afterlife team is absolute, definitive and irrefutable. Many regard them as the greatest recent afterlife experiments in the world. Scole is a village in Norfolk, England. Using it as a base, mediums Robin and Sandra Foy and Alan and Diana Bennett and other experimenters produced brilliant evidence of the afterlife in England, the U.S. Ireland and in Spain. Their results are being repeated by other groups around the world and will convince even the toughest open-minded skeptic. Read more … click on BOOK top right, click on chapter 5

March 17th 2006

– to improvise on Jefferson Lee’s famous adage. It would be idyllic to live in a world where there are no wars, battles or revolutions, where there is no mass slaughter of the innocents, no torture or cruelty of any kind. But the bitter lessons of history teach us that if we are not adequately equipped to save ourselves we will be swallowed up by the stronger, by the mightier – a kind of military Darwinism. Balance has to be kept between entrepreneurial self defence and the observation of spiritual laws. But this does not mean those in powerful positions should be allowed to exploit, abuse, kill, murder and maim to increase personal profit or increase their power, authority or status. The price of spiritual freedom and liberty is eternal vigilance.

ELECTRONIC VOICE PHENOMENA AND INSTRUMENTAL TRANS-COMMUNICATION (EVP/ITC): it is predicted that in the not too distant future, when EVP and ITC become perfected there will be a revolution in orthodox science. There will be Luddites (those who want to refuse to accept progress) in orthodox science who try to continue to refuse to believe that there exists a an empirically measurable non-physical energy which accounts for the paranormal – even when the empirical experiments are blatantly positively clear. But losers and defeatists will no longer be able to influence what is researched at universities. EVP/ITC experts predict that one day, we will be able to make repeatable contact at will using electronic equipment with loved ones who crossed over Click on BOOK top right, chapter 3 and 4.

THE MIRACEL OF REMOTE VIEWING: when the uninformed skeptics heard that the U.S. government was going to reduce research into psychic phenomena, they cheered – thinking they won a victory. Balanced against that is we get information that China has actually INCREASED the funding for psychic military espionage –because it is recorded they got critical positive results which prejudice U.S. security. The miracle of remote viewing has given us details that have stunned the world – go for example to BOOK top right click on chapter 17. Here also is a piece of juicy information which those in top U.S./Russia espionage would be absolutely stunned by. A remote viewer, codnamed Vee Jay, stated in 1981 that he ‘saw’ the then Soviet Union collapsing before the end of the century. This is recorded in a book – THE DOMAIN SPEAKER- Transcribed speeches from Speakers’ Corner soap box orator- published in 1981. More about this later. Vee Jay also explained in 1986 why Gorbachev met the then President Bush Senior in Malta. To my knowledge has never been released to the public: Gorbachev wanted written assurances from President Bush that the US would not interfere in Soviet affairs when Gorbachev dismantled communism in the then USSR by way of Perestroika and glasnost. Click on BOOK top right chapter 17.

JOHN LENNON: psychics will try to contact assassinated John Lennon in a séance. Ex-Beatle John Lennon, who was brutally murdered over 25 years ago, is the latest subject of a pay-per-view seance in the US, arranged by the producers of a 2003 attempt to contact the dead Princess Diana. Read more …

BLIND FAITH IS STUPID. WHY? Because there can NEVER be ‘enforceable authority.’ Blind faith is directly associated with believing without evidence. This means a believer has to believe what others have told him to believe without a shred of empirical evidence. That would be inadmissible and unacceptable. The matter is made complex when we now understand that beliefs are strongly linked with our emotions. If you were brought up with blind faith, e.g. In Christian, Hindu, Moslem or Jewish religion or with blind- skeptical atheistic, anti-paranormal beliefs without evidence, these beliefs will be hard wired into your nervous system. When someone relates to you information fundamentally inconsistent with your own cherished beliefs you will reject that information. This happens even if the incoming information is scientific and absolutely valid and correct and makes your beliefs invalid. Your nervous system goes into panic, because the opposite information to your comfort zone beliefs causes dissonance, discord and disharmony in the mind. Your heart beats faster, your nerves start to shake like a jackhammer, you start to sweat and feel most uncomfortable. And your unconscious does not let you use your intelligence. You do not objectively and with proper equanimity assess the incoming information. You blindly reject the information because the information, however correct, causes you to panic. And that’s why we have those hard headed believers who do not want to accept empirically elicited validated paranormal results. Psychology calls this phenomenon rationalization through cognitive dissonance. Neurolinguistic programming calls it ‘deletion’.

‘MEDIUM’ – television series based on the psychic skills of Allison Dubois will be shown in Germany from 15th March 06 on TV “Kable 1” – thanks to Alex Knauf for informing us about this.

This is the place where you find website addresses around the world for those doing electronic Voice Phenomena and Instrumental Trans-communication. I repeat, that sooner or later, EVP and ITC will revolutionize orthodox, reductionist science - as a matter of fact, the scientific revolution has already started!!

“YOU WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH IT” – those short term thinkers who think that they can inflict pain, lie and cheat, harass others, indulge in extreme selfishness and disseminate darkness - anti-paranormal, anti-afterlife propaganda – will NOT get away with it. Absolutely. I accept that it has been shown that those who are abusing their positions of power – are also the ones who refuse to accept cosmic accountability. One of the laws of energy is the inevitable Law of Cause and Effect. Whilst the exercise of free will is linked with the evolution of one’s soul growth (not intelligence or mind), we still have to overcome challenges. We are credibly informed that the same challenges will come again and again until we get it right. These afterlife laws are extremely important for us to know. The consequences of ignoring them are likely to be horrendous.

WARNING: CONTACTING THE AFTERLIFE DIMENSION: there are many books that try to show you how to contact the spirit world. Do not even try UNLESS you have the guidance of someone reliable and with vast experience in these matters. Especially this goes for the Ouija Board. Do NOT attempt to contact afterlife energies because you do not know who will be responding. A highly professional psychic ought to be in a position to obtain psychic and spiritual protection from negative energy – those lost entities who are into mischief – as professional mediums warn. See Chapter 21

CHRISTIAN MINISTER TO ADVISE ON THE PARANORMAL: Christian ministers do not usually have the expertise to deal with the paranormal. When I discussed paranormal matters with a Christian Minister in the past, he did not even know what poltergeist activity is. So, what gives the Rev Wills of St Stephen’s Church in Soundwell in the UK authority to advise the House of Bishops about the paranormal? The Rev Wills stated in an interview, “We find that when we do the right things, such as pray, then the benefits are very clear and things usually go away.” That is NOT good enough. Obviously, this Rev Wills does not have the really tough experiences some psychics and psychic investigators experienced. Being a minister does not give him ANY authority unless he has formally studied the paranormal for at least four years. Reminds me what a medium once stated when some Catholic Christian minister tried to exorcise someone possessed by negative spirits- by sprinkling the possessed with ‘holy water.’ A medium ‘saw’ these two negative spirits laughing their heads off at the minister who thought he’d scare them away by sprinkling water on to them! In exorcism usually a fairly strong spirit – stronger than the mischievous spirit - would have to be around to assist with the exorcism.

ABSOLUTION’ – We regularly see on cable television documentaries about murderers – and police investigations. In one of the documentaries of EPITAPH we hear a Catholic priest stating that a certain murderer will have complete absolution of his criminal acts if he is truly sorry for them – and he will go straight to heaven! WRONG! That is the principle that the Catholic Church HAS to change: if Hitler on crossing over stated that he was truly, truly sorry for murdering some six million Jews, according to the Catholic Church, Hitler would go straight to heaven - I discussed this with a Catholic priest - and this priest confirmed all this. But the Catholic Church is WRONG about this!! Empirical mediumship does NOT validate this particular Catholic Church's practice. Confession may be a good start, but no one can escape the inevitably Law of Cause and Effect. The negative experiences you initiated against others, will, sooner or later have to be experienced by you yourself. Information transmitted from the otherside which was subject to empirical testing also states that if the person you killed or maimed decides NOT to forgive you, you may have to wait around for eons of time until you are forgiven before you can make progress to higher vibrational realms.

MEDIUMSHIP: there are a number of people who think there is only one type of mediumship. But there are several types of mediumship:

‘Direct voice’ mediumship. This is the best type of mediumship - where afterlife teams create a voice box from ectoplasm, a substance taken from the medium, so that afterlife entities can speak through it directly to those on earth. Arthur Findlay’s medium John Sloan was a direct voice medium. See Arthur Findlay's On the Edge of the Etheric for some spectacular results.

Mental mediumship
. This is where the medium receives mental messages directly from afterlife entities. Most mediums would also be mental mediums but not all mediums can be clairvoyant or materialization or pre-cognitive medium. See mental medium James Van Praagh - right column.

Materialization mediumship.
This is where a medium has abundance of ectoplasm which is used by afterlife entities to reduce their vibrations so that those in the meeting will be able to see them and talk to them. Click on BOOK, chapters 10, 11.

clairaudience mediumship
.This is where an afterlife entity actually talks to the medium. Advanced clairaudient mediums can converse with an afterlife entity almost similar to someone conversing by telephone. John Edward - like Joan of Arc and other gifted mediums we see - Allisoin Dubois - are also clairauadient mediums.

clairvoyance mediumship
:the medium actually sees afterlife entities. Jennifer Love Hewitt and Allison Dubois are alos clairvoyants.

pre-cognitive mediumship – the medium here either dreams or experiences intuition about a matter that has not happened yet. Allision Dubois is also a pre-cognitive medium.

sentient mediumship: this has to do with the mediumship sensations and feelings.

Tony Ortzen – editor of PSYCHIC NEWS, reports that Prince William, son of Princess Diana, has written to medium Rita Rogers whom Princess Diana consulted for guidance. Prince William sought advice from the medium on whether he should marry his long term girlfriend, Kate Middleton. The record shows that Princess Diana and the medium had a very close relationship. Well, at least British Royalty trusts professional mediumship. Princess Diana is on record as having many things validated by mediums. It is on record that Queen Victoria had her own medium, John Brown, to contact her deceased husband. Prince Charles too is on the side of the spiritualists.

Fans of John Edward will be pleased to know that he has a new series an eight-episode documentary-style series at 10am on WE: Women's Entertainment.
Read more....

SCI FI Channel is currently conducting the first-ever nationwide search for America's most talented new psychic. Eight finalists will be selected by a panel of experts to compete on SCI FI's new original reality series 'THE GIFT' slated to premiere this summer. According to executive produced by Tony Krantz ('24') and Victoria Holt, 'The Gift' is a unique six-episode, one-hour weekly reality series delving into the world of psychic phenomena in a way never seen before. After testing the baseline psychic abilities of people throughout the country, eight contestants will be selected to participate in an emotionally intense "boot camp for intuitives." Run by the world's greatest psychics, our finalists will compete against each other in a series of gripping challenges devised to test their growing abilities. One-by-one, they will be eliminated to reveal a final gifted, metaphysical winner. Read more..

March 10th 2006

COMMENTARY: TESTESTORONE – A SPIRITUAL HANDICAP? I had a very interesting email recently about the noticeably high level of aggression in males. History, we are informed is full of examples of the horrors of male aggression. There is not doubt about it, females are not naturally as aggressive and violent as males. Why? Males have an overwhelming abundance of the male hormone testosterone – which is responsible for their strengths, exploratory drive and sadly aggression, violence and cruelty. Now, if males were like females, with very much less testosterone, would not the world be more peaceful and less violent and aggressive? We know that violence and aggression lower levels of ‘spirituality’. Perhaps testosterone is one of the higher obstacles that males have to overcome.

If you’re interested in understanding the world you live in, the Icons of the Field Conference is an event you truly cannot afford to miss. The world’s most eminent scientists and researchers — who helped formulate the Zero Point Field theory, and which inspired Lynne McTaggart’s best-selling book The Field — are talking for the first time on the same platform for two extraordinary days in London:
Date: Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 March 2006
Venue: Friends Meeting House, 173 Euston Road, London
Time:9.30am - 5.15pm
The scientists can truly be described as the icons of the Field. Many have become household names and include Konstantin Korotkov, Pim van Lommel, Lynne McTaggart, Karl Pribram, Hal Puthoff, Gary Schwartz, William Tiller. Read more....

DR KONSTANTIN KOROTKOV Russian-born brilliant physicist Dr. Konstantin Korotkov is a world leader in bio-electrography research. Dr. Korotkov's research team has developed a camera which Korotkov says makes the old Kirlian cameras look like a bicycle compared to the Mercedes. The author of four books, including Light After Life: Experiments and Ideas on After-Death Changes and over 70 articles in leading journals on physics and biology, Korotkov holds twelve patents on biophysics inventions.

DR PIM VAN LOMMEL, MD, a former cardiologist in a teaching Hospital in The Netherlands, is now a full-time researcher on the mind-brain relationship. He has published several articles on cardiology, but since 1986 has dedicated his research to near-death experiences (NDE) on cardiac arrest survivors contributing articles to serious scientific and medical journals.

DR KARL PRIBRAM has worked extensively in the field of brain research, on the concept of the holographic nature of reality of how and where memories are stored in the brain. Read more...

DR HAL PUTHOFF has been conducting serious scientific research at the frontiers of knowledge for over a quarter of a century and is arguably the world’s pre-eminent researcher into consciousness and the Zero Point Field. Puthoff was instrumental in setting up and running the US Government's controversial Remote Viewing Programme. Read more...

Fellow to the American Academy for the Advancement of Science, Dr Tiller, of Stanford University’s Department of Materials Science, spent 34 years in academia after 9 years as an advisory physicist with the Westinghouse Research Laboratories. In his conventional science field he has published over 250 scientific papers, 3 books and several patents. In parallel, for the past 30 years, he has been pursuing serious experimental and theoretical study of the field of psychoenergetics which he thinks will become a very important part of ‘tomorrow’s’ physics. Read more...

MY LIFE SO FAR- JANE FONDA’s new book a ‘must read.’ Here is a magnificent story of a woman overcoming huge obstacles. Her mother committed suicide when she was young. Her father, world famous actor Henry Fonda, very detached emotionally could not relate to her – and her brother Peter. Later in life she discovers spirituality and most importantly - that materialism offers nothing for the future. Jane says that after her father died, he appeared to her looking much younger and looking extremely well telling her telepathically not to worry at all about him, that he is alright and feeling great! Like other people she humbly admits she made mistakes in her life – but we all know that life on planet earth - we all makes mistakes. As an international star, Jane Fonda has a great deal to share with the world. She led a most interesting, challenging life – and guaranteed - you’d be most pleased having read about one of the most interesting lives in the United States.Read more...

BELIEVERS: we in the empirical paranormal can independently show that we repeatedly get positive results. Any formula repeated over time and space which yields the same results – keeping variables constant – is empirical. Now if you are a believer – and of course you have every right to your beliefs –you could be repeating without questioning what somebody else has told you to believe. And if could be that somebody else had told the one who told you – and this goes back in time for thousands of years. So I ask, what credibility had the first person who came up with the belief? And what if the belief cannot be independently substantiated? What if it originated from some unknown person? And what if we do not have authentic written records and know the scripts where changed a number of times during the last 2,000 years?

WHY DEBUNKERS CANNOT BEAT THE $1MILLION CHALLENGE: I received an email informing me that someone wrote on the Net that the reason why hard core materialist reductionist scientists do not take Victor Zammit on is because the paranormal experiments are not published in science journals. That is one of the silliest arguments I have ever heard in my life. Why? This has to do with ‘authority.’ What gives orthodox science superior authority over psi empiricists’ authority? Absolutely nothing! We must not forget that the record of orthodox science in emerging areas of discovery is not good at all:

- Professor Henry Morton said about Edison, “On behalf of science … Edison’s experiments are a fraud upon the public.”!

- The scientific American, The New York Times, The New York Herald, the skeptic generals in the U.S. Army, hard core skeptical professors of orthodox science – including Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy Simon Newcomb from John Hopkins University heaped derision, ridicule and denigration onto the Wright brothers early last century claiming that it was, “scientifically impossible for machines to fly.”

- Orthodox scientist Sir William Preece former chief engineer will be remembered for making one of the most idiotic ‘comments’ in history about Edison’s inventions, Sir William stated that Edison’s lamp (parallel circuit) was a ‘completely idiotic idea.” He then lowered the light in his gaslight lamp.

PEER REVIEW in controversial areas of research is nothing but orthodoxy making sure the status quo prevails. Getting a scientific idea published in a scientific journals means the writer concurs with the way science accepts its paradigms. Read Richard Milton's Alternative Science homepage.

SPIRITUALITY GOES COMMERCIAL Have just received a press release for a new psychic website for the Factory of Light which claims it has just launched “its innovative new (AofL) website today with information and interactive methods for spiritual development in the world’s first authentic, online psychic community. The target audience is the 76 million baby boomers who have created a demand for spiritual electives, the 90 million Americans who believe they have had contact with the spirit world (according to recent Gallup Poll surveys), and the millions worldwide who are looking for psychic guidance.” Hmmm....

MORE HELP NEEDED FOR IRAQ VETS. More than one in three soldiers and Marines who have served in Iraq later sought help for mental health problems, according to a comprehensive snapshot by Army experts of the psyches of men and women returning from the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places.
Those returning from Iraq consistently reported more psychic distress than those returning from Afghanistan and other conflicts, such as those in Bosnia or Kosovo. Read more...

CATHOLIC PRIESTS SEXUALLY ABUSING CHILDREN: More than 100 Catholic priests in the Dublin region of Ireland are suspected of having abused children in the last 66 years, according to a new report. The Archdiocese of Dublin's report said at least 350 children may have been abused in the region since 1940. More than 3% of some 2,800 priests to have worked in the archdiocese are suspected of abuse - the biggest such figure revealed so far in Ireland. The Irish government is soon to begin an inquiry into abuse in the Church. The office of Archbishop Diarmuid Martin said it was publishing its findings before a commission is formed later this month to investigate the handling of abuse. A series of sex-abuse scandals have dented the Irish Catholic Church's reputation since 1994. The report said it had arrived at its figure after studying the personnel files of all priests who have worked in the Dublin archdiocese since 1940. So far, 32 priests in the archdiocese have been sued for damages by 105 victims, according to the report. The cost of the litigation so far - 5.9m euros (£4m; $7m) - is expected to rise, the report said, as many cases have yet to be settled and more suspected victims of abuse have still to be traced. Late last year an investigation in a smaller diocese, in County Wexford, uncovered more than 100 allegations of abuse against 21 priests. The latest report marks the biggest admission of physical or sexual abuse by the Irish Catholic Church since the first such scandals erupted a decade ago.
Source: BBC News.

March 3rd 2006

COMMENTARY: THE UNITED STATES- IS IT GOING DOWN TO GURGLER? Severe critics of the U.S. such as writer, intellectual and flamboyant national critic Gore Vidal is stating that the U.S. has had its best days – and is on the way down to financial ruin and social disaster. That could be a dangerous self-fulfilling prophecy. If people believe that and become consistently negative and defeatist, that could create negative vibrations in the U.S. psyche which could multiply on a national level. It is most important that when we analyze, evaluate and assess serious current problems we leave room for hope, economic salvation and recovery. Mistakes can be corrected. Optimism means positive vibrations. The experts in non-physical vibrations know how important optimism is to experiencing high morale. Also we have to accept that the human condition is not perfect and mistakes are made all the time. Collectively we need to hold the highest vision of what the USA can be and can contribute to the world.

RELIGION v SPIRITUALITY: I came across this very important issue again this week. Many people assume that anyone who is religious is being spiritual. NO! When the Japanese kamikazes committed suicide driving their planes on U.S. warships – they thought they were being spiritual – KAMIKAZI, they thought meant ‘DIVINE WILL.’ They pushed their religious beliefs to the extreme but that had nothing to do with these suicidal pilots being spiritual. Empirically elicited information has repeatedly stated that on crossing over religious beliefs are virtually meaningless. Critical on crossing over is the level of spirituality attained during life on planet earth.

TERRORISM- The same goes for those suicide bombers and the false indoctrination that on blowing themselves up – along with many innocent people- they will be met by some 50 virgins in heaven. That again is not consistent with empirically elicited information as to what happens to us when we die. For full details as to what happens when we die go to BOOK top right and click on chapter 27.

THE ‘MIRACLE’ OF REMOTE VIEWING: No wonder the dark side of the establishment and those in big business who lie, cheat and are into greed are against remote viewing. A paranormal expert in remote viewing ‘V J’ (go to BOOK top right, click on chapter 17) stated just last night that the historical record shows that Gandhi was assassinated by a Sikh. But while V J was remote viewing, VJ came across an issue that will stun historians. It is true he said that the hand that pulled the trigger to murder Gandhi was that of a Sikh, but the plan to execute him belonged to those mainly British trans-nationals who, after the war, would lose millions (the equivalent of billions by to-day’s standards) if they lost control of South East Asia. VJ stated if given time he would have described the British conspirators. Gandhi was the prime motivator to try to get rid of the British trans-nationals (imperialists he called them) from South East Asia. Very interesting!

SYLVIA BROWNE WAS RIGHT about that closed minded debunking skeptic from Florida when she was on television with LARRY KING on his show. As usual, they were arguing about the validity of psychic phenomena. But this cynic, closed minded skeptic Randi attacked Sylvia, imputing she was a fraud and a quack. But in her reply on television facing Larry King and millions of people she said words to the effect, “I can see that this guy has a heart problem- a blockage in the ventricle. He should go to a doctor to take care of it.” “Baloney”, said the debunker. But only some days ago, debunker Zwinge Randi had a severe heart attack!!!

SCIENCE AND THE PARANORMAL: The G.O.D. Experiments How Science Is Discovering God In Everything, Including Us - a new book by Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D. With William L. Simon This Edition: eBook Publication Date: 04/2006 List Price: $14.99. Read the first chapter – Gary mentions gifted British medium who is on contract with Japanese televison: Foreseeing God in the Laboratory. HOW EVIDENCE FOR DESIGN SHOWS UP IN PROPHETIC DREAMSRead more …

OVERCOMING OBJECTIONS: when I first came on the Net I used to get a huge number of debunkers trying to take me on. But I told them to put up or shut up. These days, only very occasionally I receive criticism. This week I received an email from an uninformed debunker trying to say that my afterlife evidence is a repetition of what somebody else told me- what is known as ‘hearsay’ evidence- evidence which is inadmissible in a court of law. I then had to explain to him what is technically admissible evidence in context of the paranormal. Here is part of my email which speaks for itself:

REBUTTAL: Referring to EVP in chapter 3 in BOOK top right, “Here the psi empiricist Dr Raudive, in the presence of highly qualified professionals from different professions - including a physicist - used an objective empirically repeatable formula which was used over time and space, kept variables constant, controlled all extraneous variables and obtained positive results. That is being empirical, that is being scientific - that is being objective. The repeatable results speak for themselves and the scientific method process was observed by impartial professionals - there are other highly qualified independent third parties which repeatedly corroborate his data - but the debunker has got to do his research properly. The scientific experiment was verified by highly intelligent professionals.”

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