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November 26th

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COMMENTARY: LAST SATURDAY: MATERIALIZATION MEDIUMSHIP, THE BEST PROOF FOR THE AFTERLIFE! VOICES DIRECTLY FROM THE AFTERLIFE: I, with others, participated last Saturday night in one of David Thompson's materialization experiments. There are no words to explain the sensational experience. David is gagged and tied to a chair with some ten one-way plastic cable ties... He goes into a trance ... ectoplasm starts to be exuded from his mouth ... the afterlife spirits use this ectoplasm to reduce their own vibration to physical earth's level. Then these afterlife entities become solid. These materialized human beings walk around the room, they clap and stamp their feet and enter into intelligent conversation with us. It is a sensational experience talking to people who have been dead for decades; William, died in 1897 and speaks to us as if he never crossed over! Undoubtedly, communicating with materialized entities is the greatest discovery in human history - no matter how many times you experience it is still as miraculous as the first time. NOTHING beats it! All the entities that come through are different, all maintain consistent personalitites over many years, no matter who is in the audience, and all remember everyone they have spoken to on previous occasions.

BRILLIANT DAVID THOMPSON MATERIALIZATION EXPERIMENT - 20th November 2010: the Circle of the Silver Cord had guests experiencing one of the most magnificent materializations ever. We had guests who came from the USA and from several states of Australia to experience for themselves the wonder of afterlife intelligences becoming as solid as you and me.Who came through? Of course first was William (left), one of David Thompson's 'guides'. Listen as William explains how he sees us.. (takes about 1 minute to download).

Then an energy claiming to be
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle- author of The History of Spiritualism
Volume 1 and Volume II and a great champion of afterlife investigation. He claims that he is working with me from the afterlife - and says " we are cut from the same cloth !". Sir Arthur's strong personality comes across very clearly in the voices recorded. He has come through several times in the past and his personality is always consistent. Listen...(takes about 2 minutes to download)

Quentin Crisp, a great entertainer while alive who loved to provoke and shock people. He still entertains and also has a serious message - he says the Catholics are very wrong and misleading millions around the world when they say that gays go to hell. Listen...(takes about 1minute to download)

- and of course to finish Louis Armstrong, the brilliant American jazz trumpet player singing What a Wonderful World.. Listen...

Some afterlife intelligences are more able than others to produce clear, resonant voices. Sir Arthur in the past complained that speaking through ectoplasm is like speaking with your head underwater. Another person materialized but because of security reasons we cannot give any details. He was a government offical who was killed by terrorists. He knew two of the sitters who recognised his voice and confirmed his identity from the evidential personal details. A wonderful emotional reunion. You can listen to full tapes on the Circle of the Silver Cord website- sign in to be a member.

MIND-BRAIN DEBATE: The clear, objective and repeatable evidence of those afterlife intelligences coming through David Thompson to make themselves solid and talk and touch us shows that the MIND survives physical death. Those who talk to us - from the afterlife dimension - William, David's main guide, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Quentin Crisp- and the fabulous reunions and others who came through other mediums - give us the absolute irrefutable proof that the MIND continues to exist. We will take our MIND - with its lifetime, of memories with us when we cross over. But reductionist-scientists do not accept the existence of the MIND - claiming that brain accounts for everything. These reductionsit materialist scientists have NEVER rebutted the evidence we have for the existence of the MIND. But when the brain is destroyed when we cross over, how can one explain the MIND which controls virtually everything we do in the afterlife - and which has all the memories of our existence from the time whenever we came into consciousness? Read more ...


First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as self-evident.
(Arthur Schopenhauer).
It appears that the paranormal and the afterlife evidence is somewhere between the second and the third stage.
But with absolute certainty 100% of the world will one day accept the paranormal and the afterlife.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE? "As a former priest of the Church, I regret deeply and earnestly, that I ever gave tongue to such misguided (Catholic, Christian) teaching."
Why aren't more priests showing the courage, the integrity and the honesty showed by Monsignor Hugh Benson who made the effort to come back through the medium Anthony Borgia and tell the world that what he had taught as a priest was wrong. Mons. Benson said:

is part of my work in the spirit world to be at hand when people are making their entrance into these lands as residents, so that I speak from first hand experience when I tell you of the abject terror that consumes so many poor souls when their moment of transition has come.

Instead of the winter of their earthly lives passing gently into the glorious fresh, fragrant spring of their new life in these lands, they arrive here with that TERROR full upon them.

Such beliefs are relics of purer paganism, but this wicked fiction has been kept up and disseminated by the Churches of earth as a measure of inspiring fear into the hearts of their 'faithful'. As a former priest of the Church, I regret deeply and earnestly, that I ever gave tongue to such misguided teaching. And there are hosts of others like me."

from FACTS, p.43, transmitted by Mons. Hugh Benson through the mediumship of Anthony Borgia


Hospice Nurse Author Elissa Al-Chokhachy's newest book, "Miraculous Moments: True Stories Affirming That Life Goes On," is a compilation of narratives that share people's stories about near- and after-death experiences. She claims that no-one who works in the hospice movement has any doubt about life after death. Here she talks about different ways our loved ones can communicate with us after death.

 GLIMPSES OF ETERNITY- by Raymond Moody-
An excellent review by Brother Mark Dohle.
" ...... because of the hospice movement, more people are allowed to sit with the dying, so these experiences, which were perhaps taken for granted in the past, are simply being rediscovered. As one who has worked with the elderly and dying for 28 years, I can attest to what Raymond Moody is writing about, though my experiences were not of the intensity of those related in his book, yet real nonetheless." Read more...

We've had nothing like it before! Tim Coleman, director/producer reports he has been swamped with advanced orders for his AFTERLIFE INVESTIGATIONS DVD. During the five years of the Scole experiments the top afterlife scientists in the UK, Europe and America witnessed amazing physical mediumship. In the trailer for the wonderful documentary you can see briefly a recreation of the scene where Professor Arthur Ellison was invited to touch a quartz crystal which was lit up from the inside. As he watched, the crystal dematerialized and when he went to touch it again the outline was there but his hand went straight through it.
All of the scientists who took part in the investigation were convinced by the evidence. The DVD is being released in Mid December 2010 but you can email Tim now for an advance purchase Tcole7777@aol.com

CLOSED MINDED SKEPTIC A CHEAT AND A LIAR! There is a psychologist in England who wants to make a name for himself by attacking the credibility of the giant scientists and afterlife investigators of the SCOLE EXPERIMENT saying it's all magician's tricks. ABSOLUTE RUBBISH. This closed minded guy as well as being irrational and illogical is pushing cowardice to its extreme. This is because he waited until the three highly professional afterlife investigators from the British Society for Psychical Research who wrote The Scole Report - Prof Ellison, Prof David Fontana (pictured, right )and Montague Keen (pictured, left) were dead before attacking their competence as investigators. Otherwise I would have advised them to sue this irresponsible closed minded skeptic for imputing professional negligence. Don't listen to the cowardly, irrational rent-a-skeptic who continues to blindly say the 'earth is flat.'

- a fascinating documentary on one of the most widely experienced psychic abilitites.

Part 2
Part 3

QUESTION: There is a government bureaucracy which keeps hassling me without any justification whatsoever. I think this is being done because I am a critic of government's policy. Yet, I feel helpless against these powerful bureaucrats. They are being unfair - even cruel. What does the law of Cause and Effect say about this? Am I going to have justice one day? Lisa.

Victor: No doubt at all, you - and people like youe - will get justice in the future. Guaranteed, nobody anywhere will ever have the power to cheat the Law of Cause and Effect. Nobody on earth or in the afterlife dimension has the power to change, amend, add to or reduce this universal law of Cause and Effect. If you are honest in what you do and you are being most unfairly and unjustly being continuously hassled, two things are definitely going to happen:

1) guaranteed, those who are responsible for the harassment - those who actually give the order to harass you AND those who actually do the harassing you - will one day in the future have to ask you for forgiveness.

2) at a time in the future all those who harassed you directly and indirectly will be harassed in exactly the same way they harassed you - and others. The law of Cause and Effect works with mathematical precision. If you do not forgive those who harassed you they cannot make progress in the afterlife - and many times they remain - for a long time as would be judged by our conditions on earth - in unbearable horrible conditions consistent with the low vibrations of the etheric body.


"Dear Victor
, I'm Marie, on behalf of the Dowsers Society. Thanks again for your excellent presentation yesterday. Your presentation was just so well received, and how lucky we were to also have David Thompson there to share with us as well. Congratulations on your afterlife website becoming number one, and every good wish for your future endeavors. Kind regards, Marie"


THE OUIJA BOARD - USED IN GREECE 2000 years ago! I used the Ouija Board myself and can attest that some communications do come from the afterlife. But I do warn against using the Ouija Board. It can be dangerous to some people because it offers an open invitation to low level mischievous spirits. Knight the historian claims that Pythagoras used an early version around 540 B.C., " ... mystic table, moving on wheels, glided toward signs, which the philosopher and his pupil Philolaus, interpreted to the audience as being revelations ... from the supposed afterlife."
Read more about the Ouija Board.

GREED AND POWER: Do they exist in the afterlife dimension?
"Greed and power still exist in what may be called the lower astral spheres. What you must realize is that spiritually an individual is exactly the same one day after death as he was before it. Our world, unlike yours, is one where thought is reality. What you think is real and substantial. The trouble is that lust for power and greed chain (them) to earth. Though materially dead, they are spiritually dead as well. they are nearer to your world than they are to us. Unfortunately they can harm those like themselves in your world who are concerned with greed and power." (S. Birch, a highly credible afterlife teacher).

AUTOMATIC WRITING: Scripts produced without the controlof the conscious self. A very common form of psychic activity, but not always true mediumship. In its highest form, it is an excellent channel for teachings from the spirit world. Usually the hand of the medium is controlled and writes at a furious pace without pause for thought, often in an unfamiliar handwriting. The medium can be conscious and otherwise engaged mentally in reading or conversation while the writing progresses. The scripts sometimes exhibit a knowledge far exceeding that of the medium. Some famous automatic writing transmissions are the Monsignor Hugh Benson transmitting through Anthony Borgia.

ON NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES, Michel Tymn says on NDE'S "Every now and then, as happened a month or two ago, the theory that the NDE is nothing more than abnormal brain activity resulting from oxygen deficiency gets resurrected and makes its way around the Internet and the print media as if it is news rather than something that goes back 25 or more years. The pseudoskeptics’ blogs make it out to be some sort of victory in their war on superstition and ignorance, and they seemingly take great pride in their “intellectualism. Fortunately, new researchers come on the scene to debunk the pseudoskeptics and keep the wheel rolling. In his recently released book, Consciousness Beyond Life, Dr. Pim van Lommel, a world-renowned cardiologist practicing in The Netherlands, offers convincing evidence of the relationship between the NDE and survival." Read more....


PSYCHIC PIONEERS: THE GREAT 'DAVENPORT BROTHERS': (1841-1911). The more successful the more the attacks. Ira Erastus and William Henry. American mediums of whom outstanding manifestations of physical phenomena were reported. Although they gave many public demonstrations in America, England and France, they were never detected in fraud. Skeptics tried very hard to discredit them by publishing negatively about the Davenport Brothers. But, no investigator, no scientist was able to detect fraud in any of their demonstrations. No knots could hold them; mysterious hands played tricks with the investigators while the mediums were tied and immobile. In France they demonstrated before the emperor and Empress Napoleon with a party of forty guests at the palace of St Clud. Thjey also appeared before the Czar in St Petersburg and visited Australia.


1) Hello Victor, I always look forward to Fridays - and I don't just mean because the weekend is almost here! The Friday Afterlife Report is something I always look forward to receiving - I can't tell you how many wonderful videos and/or books I have came across over the years of receiving it. Thank you for all your hard work Victor, I, like so many others, very much appreciate it. Suzanne (Ph.D, Sweden).

Dear Dr. & Mrs.Zammit,

I went through your website and your book "Afterlife Evidence". It is really fantastic and mind blowing. I repent, why I didn't come across this website or your writings earlier. I am truly fascinated and agree fully with your idea. Nevertheless I like to share few things with you. Capt. M.

Dear Victor and Wendy. Very many thanks for your wonderful Reports. I and my Husband Jack are astounded by the amount of fact and knowledge they contain. Long may they continue. I am due to go to France and Germany next year and would like to know if you are aware of any physical circles who invite guests to sit with them. I have much experience in sitting in such circles as I am a medium myself. Love and light, S & J.

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