A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife


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The Mind/Brain/Consciousness in the Age of Science

The mind/brain/consciousness debate has been going for more than twenty centuries. Historically, it is one of the most important debates ever. Plato and Socrates in the classical age of Greece and Descartes before the Age of Enlightenment in Europe, promoted and accepted the duality of mind and brain.

As a psychic investigator, I state in absolute terms that there is overwhelming objective evidence that the physical brain is not the mind. The physical brain dies when the physical body dies, but the mind survives physical death. To-day, without any objective evidence, materialists erroneously claim that mind and brain are the same thing.

Further, we afterlife investigators, scientists who have accepted the evidence for the afterlife - accept that the brain is different from the mind. And we equate the MIND with CONSCIOUSNESS. There is plenty of evidence where a crossed over entity makes contact with a loved one still on earth. That is clear evidence that it is the MIND of the spirit making contact. And when the spirit makes contact, the spirit has consciousness which is controlled by the spirit's MIND.

In other words, where there is contact between the afterlife dimension and those on earth - that is evidence that CONSCIOUSNESS is in fact the same as the MIND who is making contact from the afterlife dimension.

My partner psychologist and I have attending over 200 materializations as members of medium David Thompson's Silver Cord Circle - over a period of ten years. Each time we have a session, David's main guide 'William' materializes (psychic artist's impression, left) - he shakes hands with some of us, he puts his hand on the head or shoulder of some of the sitters to show them he is solid - as you and I - and he converses with us. When this afterlife intelligence William does that, he shows he has a body, has mind, has emotions, has consciousness, has feelings, has memories. Over the ten years period we were reunited with our own loved ones - with my sister and my partner with her own father - and when materialized both spoke with the same voice they had when they were living on earth. Reunions take place in many countries where David Thompson visits to demonstrate.

Accordingly, m y objective evidence for a separate MIND is to be found in the TWENTY different areas for the evidence of the afterlife in my book on A LAWYER PRESENTS THE EVIDENCE FOR THE AFTERLIFE. The evidence for survival can be used to show the separate existence of the mind and brain before and after physical death. And equally the existence of mind separate from the brain is evidence for life after death.

  • Empirical research –admissible evidence - has shown that whereas the physical brain is destroyed at the moment of death the mind continues to survive. The MIND is CONSCIOUSNESS and is pure vibrating energy and - from communicating made with entities directly from the afterlife we know that MIND - of those living in the afterlife- :

    • is the element which removes time and space in the afterlife,
    • conducts 'thoughts' faster than the speed of light,
    • retains all experiences whether consciously accessed or not,
    • includes the subtle bodies attached to the main duplicate physical body,
    • can create 'substance' in different dimensions,
    • includes the aura which is the energy being projected from the body,
    • is like a television station: it can send and receive vibrations by way of sound and pictures – AND feelings,
    • has the capacity to read other minds - telepathy,
    • has the capacity to move solid objects and levitate objects and humans,
    • has the capacity to decrease and increase its body's vibrations - materialisations and dematerialisations,
    • has the capacity to initiate, direct and target positive and negative energy towards inanimate objects and to living things, including human beings,
    • has the capacity to heal another mind, body and spirit,
    • can transfer the 'etheric body' from one place to another faster than the speed of light,
    • has no beginning, no end in the afterlife dimensions,
    • is eternal because it is part of the 'Universal Cosmic Mind' - or as others see it is as a 'spark' of the Divine,
    • has enormous power we on earth have not really envisaged.

    Not all minds are equal in development. Some minds are more powerful and more developed than others. A superior mind can influence and manipulate inferior, less evolved minds - even from great physical distance. However even if it takes aeons of time, each mind will continue to refine and become stronger and more powerful in the afterlife.

MIND - the ultimate frontier

Scientists have conducted and are conducting critical research into psychic phenomena and the afterlife. Some of the most brilliant and important scientists who ever lived on this earth have used and are using their skills as scientists to show that the afterlife - and hence the mind - exist.

Whilst materialists and closed minded skeptics try to attack or ignore the objective evidence for psychic phenomena and the afterlife, the fact of the matter is that NO materialist, no closed minded skeptic, no scientist, no negatively minded psychologist has ever rebutted the evidence for the afterlife - and for the existence of the mind.

Since psychic phenomena such as mediumship, Out of Body Experiences, Near Death Experiences, Remote Viewing, Materialisations, Proxy Sittings, Poltergeists, Electronic Voice Phenomena, Instrumental Transcommunication have been and are producing positive results, then it inevitably follows that the same evidence can be used for supporting the separation of the MIND and the BRAIN.

Those materialist psychologists who have been saying that the mind does not exist have NOT rebutted the objective and other evidence for psi and the afterlife. They claim that all psychic/spiritual experiences emanate from the ‘limbic system’ within the brain – (see for example Chapter 4 of my book on Near Death Experiences).

When quality mediumship such as John Edward’s is being demonstrated on television those from the other side sending messages are using their mind and not the brain. Currently research is being done but initial results from just five shows show that the information John Edward (left) is obtaining during his television shows CROSSING OVER cannot come by chance: conservatively, the mathematical probability is MORE than 2,000,000 to 1 and if all shows are considered during the one year the mathematical probability will be astronomical – significantly more than twenty times the odds stated. Translated this means it is NOT possible the information is being obtained by chance - it is the mind which is providing the information.

Since the brains of those who crossed over no longer exist, having been destroyed when they physically died, it follows then, that it is the MIND - CONSCIOUSNSESS of these individuals which is sending messages to their loved ones on earth.

Similarly it is the mind which is operational when the person’s brain is unconscious or clinically dead and the person has vivid memories of an out of body experience or a near death experience. As Dr Peter Fenwick, left from the United Kingdom - an internationally renowned neuropsychiatrist and a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists),

Dr Willem Van Lommel (cardiologist from Holland, left)) and Dr Kenneth Ring (empiricist NDE’s United States, below left) pointed out, how can the materialists explain a person whose brain is 'flatlining' on an EEG being able to describe in vivid detail what had been happening in the operating theatre after he was clinically dead? Clearly, Dr Fenwick and others are stating that when science is being used to show that the brain is technically dead, it is the MIND which is observing and remembering what is going on in the operating theatre AND in other nearby rooms. And this is only a fraction of the evidence available by cardiologists and psi researchers.

Until the evidence for the afterlife is rebutted (which is not possible) – the evidence for the separation of the MIND and BRAIN will continue to be valid. But the evidence over the last five years is showing that more scientists, more researchers and more people from around the world are now supporting the afterlife and no doubt the MIND/BRAIN separation will inexorably be accepted as mainstream knowledge in the near future.

-- Victor Zammit (last update January 2015)

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