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July 2004

30th July 2004

KYLIE MINOGUE, leading world pop star now living in the high class area of Chelsea admitted she accepts the evidence for the existence of the afterlife. She also stated that her former lover Michael Hutchence, lead singer of INXS who was found dead in Sydney, has returned to her. American magazine BLENDER also quotes Kylie as saying that she also accepts there is a 'heaven' and that because of special circumstances she experienced she accepts that she has lived before on the planet earth. Whilst conservative corporate science may say, "Ha, but you can't prove it!" Kylie would reply, "Ha to you too. You cannot prove the phenomena I experienced -along with millions of other people around the world many with the highest credibility - - did not occur!"

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and his wife Maria as Catholics accept the afterlife. We have to remember that the Catholics actively promote the existence of the afterlife and state that conduct on earth will determine what kind of life we will have in the future - after crossing over which happens to ALL of us. That is CONSISTENT with the empirically elicited information about the afterlife.
Underneath the facade of his muscles and toughness there appears to be a gentle soul with a vision of a long term future which he is NOT ignoring.
Click on BOOK top right for some 21 different objective evidence for the Incidentally, I met Arnold Schwarzenegger in Sydney Australia in 1980 for breakfast at the international Bourbon & Beefsteak restaurant who was with his - (and my) Sydney based bodybuilding friend - a neighbor, who grew up with Arnold in Graz, Austria. existence of the afterlife.

SYLVESTER STALLONE, the movie actor, is on record for stating that he accepts the afterlife and reincarnation. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Stallone is a long term thinker and makes a distinction between what is religious and what is spiritual.

SHIRLEY MACLEAN, the actor and dancer is a long time psychic promoter and accepts the evidence for the existence of the afterlife. She was one of the very first movie stars to promote spirituality and psychic phenomena. These mentioned above are just a few of the people who inevitably influence millions of people around the world. Inevitably, the time will come when ALL people in the world will accept the evidence for the afterlife.

WHEN A LOVED ONE DIES: Usually a grieving widow asks innocently, "The afterlife? What happened when my beloved husband died? Am I going to see him again?" These are perhaps the key questions of all time that people in distress want answers to. First, with absolute certainty, your loved one survives physical death. Secondly, assuming he (she) was a reasonable, decent person (we're not talking about perfection but average decent people): he will be met by those he has some heart to heart connection with to help him in his transition. Once settled in his new life he will be visiting you frequently even trying to help and take care of you some of the time. I suggest therefore you KEEP ON SENDING HIM LOVE. Love is the most powerful force in the universe and where there is a love-link, physical death will not sever the love. Usually those loved ones who crossed over will be sending their love to you too! When the time comes for you- and the children, if any, to cross over -there will be a most wonderful reunion. True love conquers all - that is inevitable, definite and something to look forward to. And this information has been confirmed by empiricists and by highly credible information transmitted from the other side.

CRITICAL THINKING: These days we are free to think critically. But in the old days - between 1172 AD and mid 1880's millions of people were killed during the time of the Inquisition. The Church wanted to annihilate psychics and science and it failed. Historically, the Church denounced science as the work of the devil and too many were tortured, killed or left to rot in prisons if they were supporters of science or critical thinkers. Personal beliefs unsupported by evidence ought not to have the force of law as they were for centuries in some countries. But critical thinking does not mean one has to be a closed minded debunking skeptic - as we some to-day. Critical thinking is being an open minded skeptic. Those who, without investigation refuse to accept psychic phenomena are in no position to state psychic phenomena do not exist. Any phenomenon which has been experienced has to be explained - you just cannot sweep it under the carpet - it is still there and it will NOT go away. Psi empiricists and the 'New Scientists' are now accepting this non-physical energy which has been repeatedly demonstrated.

NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES: can't be dismissed said a Doctorate student doing her research on NDE. Mrs Penny Sartori, an intensive therapy nurse at Swansea's Morriston Hospital stated among other things, "Previous arguments against near-death experiences are no longer valid." More later.

OUIJA BOARD: I was invited to sit in on a ouija board session recently. It was an interesting experience and confirm that an invisible energy answered a lot of questions about the afterlife intelligently. We remember that the highly credible SETH books were initially transmitted by the use of the ouija board. It is absolute nonsense for that skeptical psychologist who says it is your unconscious which is answering your questions when using a ouija board. There is intelligence, direction, wisdom and other knowledge not possessed by those participating. However unless you are thoroughly informed about psychic phenomena, I do NOT recommend anyone using ouija board. It could be very dangerous with the activity of harmful extreme negativity. See Book Chapter

WISE WORDS: Love is not a destination -love is a journey. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Life without love is just like a brand new Rolls Royce without fuel gas. There are no mistakes in life, only lessons.

23rd July 2004

MONTAGUE KEEN SENSATION : A former high official of the British Society of Psychical Research who crossed over a few months ago came back to declare that the afterlife exists! His widow Veronica had communication with Montague just a couple of weeks ago - confirming that consciousness survives physical death. Research by that brilliant empircist Professor Gary Schwartz from Arizona is being continued. Of course, the cynics, the losers, the defeatists and the anti-afterlifers of this world reject the information. Why? Because it shows they are completely irrevocably wrong about their negativism. It's making them look as irrelevant as last year's news. More about Monty later.

AA-EVP Conference a success: The American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena (AA-EVP) conducted a June conference titled, Communicating with the Other Side. The focus was on teaching attendees about techniques for using audio and/or video technology to make contact with etheric friends on the "Other Side." Although this form of communication is technology intensive, the person is still an important part of the "circuit," and the conference included sessions designed to offer direction in such areas as grief management and improving clairvoyant senses. A side note of the conference was that Universal Films, was represented by a producer and camera crew. They were collecting material for an ad campaign for the full length movie, White Noise, to be released next January. Audio and video recordings of the sessions are available at

WATCH OUT FOR THIS BOOK: 'THEY WALK AMONG US' - a most important book by Emma Heathcote- James. I found this critical book to be pure gold - it is very interesting and most informative, highly educational and satisfies our desire to understand the greatest challenge we all face- the inevitability of the afterlife. If I had the power I'd make it compulsory reading for secondary schools.

Michael Roll - The Campaign for Philosophical Freedom researcher says: "This book presents the secular scientific case for survival after death - that the mind breaks away from the dead brain. This automatically brings into play a most important ethical code. 'As you sow, so you will reap.' There has to be perfect justice in the universe or we are all wasting our time trying to bring enlightenment to people on this backward planet." The book should be released this week or the next week. More later.

A GREAT AMERICAN LAWYER: Edward C Randall. N. Riley Heagarty editor, has just sent me one of the most important books in the history of psychic phenomena!! A most important 400 page book about the work of American attorney Edward C Randall -who empirically tested direct voice medium Emily S. French. This is the most credible psychic investigation in the history of the United States by a lawyer with the highest credibility. His contribution is so immense he and his medium Mrs French must have a place in the psychics' HALL OF FAME. More about this brilliant American attorney later on. The book also contains wonderful first hand information from the Afterlife.
To obtain a copy email the editor:

ON ADMISSIBLE EVIDENCE: "I have always maintained that litigation lawyers, barristers (attorneys) and judges are far the more qualified to assess evidence of survival of death than magicians, psychic researchers and others." George Cranley, President of the (British) Noah's Ark Society, psychic empiricist with c.40 years psi experience.

THINGS YOU MUST NOT DO! At the moment I am investigating a case where a guy sought the advice of a 'black witch' to get rid of his noisy neighbors - that was some 15 years ago. Since then he moved residence twice and unwanted low spirits followed him and is still having problems with them causing him mischief. One credible incident witnessed by three people in his home was when his dog was seen some knee high off the ground, upside down, apparently being held by his tail BY A SPIRIT no one could see! Moral of the issue: never go to negative psychics to do harm to others - there will ALWAYS be a price to pay, sooner or later.

HUGE AFTERLIFE PROBLEMS TO AVOID! Silver Birch, one with the highest credibility to transmit information from another dimension states that - for those who are decent, reasonable, loving and unselfish, the transition to the afterlife should be a most beautiful and wonderful experience. But there are and there will be people who get trapped in 'no man's land' the dark and gray areas between earth and the next dimension- for thousands of years by earth's time. Those who cross over and stubbornly refuse to believe in the afterlife will think that they are NOT dead. They try to talk to those still on earth - and get no reply. They stubbornly keep on saying to themselves, "look I have a body … I am alive … I can't be dead!" But no living human talks to them. So they wander around aimlessly in confusion- many in despair, for thousands of years!!! What to do to avoid this? Very simple: keep an open mind. Allow for the possibility that there is an afterlife and read, read and read as much as you can about the greatest event on your life. Even if you read the afterlife book - click on BOOK top right column, with absolute certainty you will obtain sufficient information to know what to do in this lifetime to attain a peaceful, serene and a happy transition to the inevitably life after.

16th July 2004

SCIENCE RE-CONFIRMS THE VALIDITY OF PSYCHIC PHENOMENA: Brilliant work by Prof Archie Roy Hon President of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research and its Vice President Tricia Robertson! They were successful in their experiments using strictly controlled conditions in mediumship. Odds the results came by chance were millions to one. In practical terms this means that their scientific experiments show that non-physical (psychic) energy does exist and can explain phenomena orthodox science cannot explain. Click on HALL OF FAME left column for Prof Archie Roy. When orthodox science eventually accepts the existence of non-physical energy (as it will one day), a revolution in orthodox science will take place. There will inevitably be a quantum leap in scientific progress. A Paradigm shift will be inevitable. There will be understanding of afterlife physics, telepathy, mediumship, material-ization, teleportation (moving from one place to another by movement of molecules), Out of Body and Near Death Experiences.

BRILLIANT NEW BOOK by leading Near Death Experience researcher. You must get hold of PMH Atwater's: WE LIVE FOREVER: THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT DEATH. It is just out, published by the A.R.E. Press, Virginia Beach, VA. You should be able to get it from any bookstore, or at least order it from any of them. More information later.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: DEATHBED CONVERSIONS: Catholics say they work - what do you think?

Victor: Highly credible afterlife evidence shows clearly that there is NO such thing as deathbed conversions. Nor is there such a thing as INDULGENCES (paying money to the priest to get you a better deal after you cross over). Nor does leaving money to the Church get you a better deal on crossing over. There is one irreversible universal law: Cause and Effect - you reap what you sow. Reports from the U.S. claim that singer Frank Sinatra allegedly gave the Pope (when he was in the U.S.) the sum of $100 million - obviously to get a better deal. But the Law of Cause and Effect is inviolable and no human, no spirit, no priest, no parson, no guru, no one can erase karmic debts. You will have to pay for all the negativity willfully inflicted onto other people - NOT as punishment, but for your own spiritual growth - to teach what it is like to feel pain inflicted by others. Moreover, the only person who has the power to forgive you will be the one you transgressed against. You will have to ask their forgiveness, otherwise, you will not continue to spiritually evolve, to make spiritual progress. That is the inevitable, un-erasable law.

SECOND IMPORTANT QUESTION: Often you mention 'objective authority' as the only authority. Surely, there is also the authority of the Church - it has been around for a couple of thousand years.

Victor: In any inconsistency between 'subjective' authority and 'objective' authority, inevitably 'subjective' authority always gives way to 'objective' authority. That is another inviolable rule agreed to by all universities around the world. There are NO exceptions! The Church's two thousand years of authority is SUBJECTIVE authority. This means the authority is based purely on personal interpretation of spiritual writings. Its theology cannot be independentally substantiated. No objective tests could be applied to any writings to ascertain their authenticity and their truth. That is why we have so many different religions with so many varied beliefs on this planet earth. All religious beliefs are personal, subjective beliefs - all subject to complete invalidation. Subjective authority applies only for those people who are willing to accept it. But objective authority is where any phenomenon can be tested using scientific method to establish validity. That is why empiricism (measuring psychic phenomena using scientific method) always prevails over inconsistent religious beliefs.

THE EXPERIMENTER EFFECT: this is most critical in psychic (psi) experiments. If a negatively minded experimenter tries to duplicate a psi experiment, he/she is likely to fail. Why? Because a negatively minded experimenter will inevitably be exuding a great deal of negativity. Non physical (psychic) energy is extremely sensitive. This explains why some psi experimenter NEVER found anything in favour of psi while those non-committed repeatedly attained successful results.

BEBUNKING SKEPTICS CANNOT DUPLICATE SUCCESSFUL PSYCHIC EXPERIMENTS: sometimes you hear some flamboyant debunker trying to fool the people that he as an ex-magician can duplicate the results of
successful psychics. That would be CHEATING, LYING and MISLEADING you. I remember when that extroverted debunking closed minded skeptic from Florida Zwinge Randi tried to emulate the psychic skills of John Edward in London some months ago - the audience loudly booed him. It was so embarrassingly bad, that the producers and director put a stop to videoing the show. Everything he said was WRONG. Everything he suggested was WRONG. Everything he analyzed was WRONG!! The only way skeptics in the past were successful was when they indulged in negative behavior- sabotaging legitimate psi experiments as happened when this same closed minded debunker sent gullible puppets to try to fool psi experimenters.

BRILLIANT SCIENTIST PROFESSOR JOHN TAYLOR from the UK, DR SANDRA JAY (BBC Production) - and other scientists from the United States and Europe, after investigating psychic phenomenon demonstrated by Uri Geller (click HALL OF FAME - left column) stated that "YES, THERE IS PSYCHIC PHENOMENA…" They just did not understand that there were universal non-physical laws for which modern physical science had no explanation . Again, I state - just because some hard-core conservative scientists cannot explain non physical energy, it does NOT mean that non-physical energy does not exist. At the highest of debate in the High Court of any civilized country, this non-physical energy will inevitably be admissible evidence. And it will stay valid until the evidence is rebutted. The Uri Geller experiment was some thirty years ago - and up until now, no scientist or super litigation lawyer has been able to rebut the existence of the non-physical, psychic energy. As a matter of fact, these last seven years, no scientist, theologian, philosopher or anybody else has been able to rebut my TWENTYONE areas of psychic energy presented for debate: click on BOOK top right.

9th July 2004

Question of the week: There are so many different religions and people with different beliefs - surely they can't all be right or all wrong: i) Who is going to assess people with different beliefs? ii) where will they go and iii) how do we know if they are going to be safe on passing on? How are these problems going to be sorted out on passing on - the Christian, the Hindu, the Moslem, the Jew and so on. It just boggles the mind!!

Victor: Very good questions. Now, what has been consistently transmitted from the other side and has been consistently confirmed by highly credible sources is this: beliefs are not really important. You can be a Christian, Jew, Hindu, Moslem - you can even be an atheist!! But what is most critical is what you do. Why? Because irrespective of race, colour, religion and beliefs, every action or omission has an immediate direct consequence on your soul's vibrations (spirituality). To your specific questions: as to your

i) who is going to asses people - NOBODY is going to assess you on crossing over. You will judge' yourself. It is all to do with what I call afterlife physics. A person - irrespective of belief or non-belief- who systematically and without selfishness does good deeds will have her or his vibrations increased. Good deeds increase the soul's vibrations- the higher the vibrations the higher the spirituality. This may sound rather clinical but it is exactly what happens. And when a person crosses over, the person will be attracted to the realm that will accommodate his/her level of vibrations (spirituality).

ii) where will they go? This depends on their level of accumulated vibrations on crossing over. Most decent people who lived a reasonably decent life are very likely to end up in what is known as the 'third realm.' This the Christians call 'heaven.' Conditions are immeasurably better than on earth. Those who have been exceptional, will go to the upper third level for a short period and then after will go to the fourth level - much better conditions than on the third level.

iii) how do we know if they are going to be safe on passing on? Highly gifted mediums for centuries have been obtaining information from those who passed on. Highly credible and now empirically tested information shows that those who passed on AND who have the motivation and the skills to communicate from the afterlife DO communicate with us. A number of people I know have been contacted from the other side by their loved ones. I myself have been contacted a number of times by entities from the afterlife. There is now a definitive history of communicating from and to the other side where we are informed that our loved ones are OK and not to worry about them.

Some need help. BUT there are times occasionally where those who cross over get trapped between earth and the afterlife. They do need help. Some who cross over - especially those who have been exceptionally cruel on earth are likely to have problems in the afterlife. They do NOT proceed to the third realm. They hang around the earth causing a lot of mischief, problems and a great deal of negativity around the earthplane. When a person crosses over, in terms of the person's own character NOTHING changes. If a person has been absolutely cruel - that person's character will be the same and will be attracted to a level that will take care of his character. But there is what is known as the Law of Progress and one time - even if it takes eons of time, these lost 'souls' will eventually return to the light. But whatever happens, we are consistently informed by some of the highest sources from the afterlife that JUSTICE WILL BE DONE. JUSTICE is perfect in the afterlife. Guaranteed!!

WHAT IS KARMA? Many people these days are talking about good and bad karma. Is it real?
Victor: from most highly credible afterlife sources (see what happens to you when you die, click on BOOK, click on chapter 27) there is definitely the universal law of Cause and Effect. This is also known as karma - which means in practice that every experience good action and bad or other action is recorded. If by what you DO you are hurting other people, you have immediately created a 'cosmic debt' which sooner or later has to be paid. For example, if you intentionally hurt another person, some time in the future you will have to experience the same hurt you cause the other person. That is bad karma which has to be cleared. This is not to punish you but to make you feel the pain you cause the other person and to spiritually enlighten you. This is perfect justice. Good karma (good action) means that you have recorded this on your 'cosmic spirit'. It will have the effect of increasing your spirituality (vibrations) - which will have benefits when you cross over.

As stated last two weeks, reports have indicated that Montague Keen has been back from the afterlife. When he was alive he stated he would do his best to do that. Naturally enough tests are taking place to confirm the reports. I've had a number of emails from different people in England stating that Montague Keen is very interested to show that the afterlife does exist. Professor Gary Schwartz is investigating - and as has been repeatedly stated, infra-red cameras would be critical to capture materialized person on camera. We must never forget that materializations are NOT new. They have occurred many times in history. I put on for the record a most memorable one because CONDUCT showed that materialization DID take place - see for example the HELEN DUNCAN chapter - click on BOOK top right and click on chapter 11.

2nd July 2004

GROUP - meditation, spiritual, psi - starting soon: Sydney Northern Beaches/North Shore/Other. Get to know about recent PSI research. Like minded people interested to meet on weekly basis on Saturday at 4pm. Ten is the ideal number. No charges, no money.

SENSATIONAL SCENES AND PSYCHIC EXPERIENCES IN LONDON - MONTAGUE KEEN: (the former high flyer from the Society for Psychical Research (UK) who passed on recently) - reports that he materialized through the ectoplasm of the materialization medium David Thompson. Veronica, Montague's wife recognized him, recognized his voice, the person, the character and the familiar content of the dialogue. More investigations are taking place about one of the most recent spectacular events in psychic history. I strongly suggest you have a look at MATERIALIZATION MEDIU-MSHIP chapter 10 and HELEN DUNCAN materialization medium extraordinaire - click on BOOK top right, click on chapters 10 and 11.. Will report more as new information is received.

PROFESSOR GARY SCHWARTZ, a world psi expert, a most highly regarded psi experimenter with the highest professional credibility, is directly involved in the investigation of Montague Keen contacting from the afterlife.

DR SUSAN BLACKMORE - transforming from black to grey! Once the darling of the closed minded debunkers - even showered with an honor by the Buffalo hard core skeptics for her entrenched longitudinal negativism and hard core skepticism- has conceded that after than more than TWENTY YEARS of negative findings in psi, psychic phenomena could be real and valid. She concedes that those highly credible psi researchers who are consistently obtaining positive psi results just cannot be wrong. Welcome to the club Suzie and congratulations for having the courage to speak up how you really feel about psychic phenomena. A lawyer's perspective of Susan is being prepared for all of us to learn how courage can change a person's psi perspective.

JOHN EDWARD: a number of people regularly ask me if John Edward is real -do I think he is honest, is gifted - is genuine. My own personal view is that he is honest, gifted and genuine. But I say: judge for yourself! John Edward has come up with odds up to one billion to one that the information he obtained came by pure chance. That means - it was NOT chance. Just to-day I watched him again on television CROSSING OVER - and among other things he came up with some 13 different items which the couple Christine and Robert in the audience confirmed. Specifically, Robert was convinced about the afterlife he said about the item of the 'coin' that he carried everyday except the day he attended the John Edward show. J Edward actually MENTIONED that he has a habit of carrying something with him everyday which had to do with his brother. SPOT ON!!!

CAUTION: do NOT fall into the trap of rejecting anything psychic just because your particular environment inoculated you against it. I come across this issue REGULARLY where some people reject the psychic because they were taught not to accept it. But after a short explanation these people do accept that any inconsistency between science and beliefs, science inevitably prevails. Remember beliefs - be they personal, religious, cultural or historical can be made invalid by empiricism. This, I believe is the greatest challenge that we humans have to face on this planet earth: allowing elicited empirical truth to rise above our early personal conditioning.

REMOTE VIEWING: after lengthy discussions with some experts it was agreed that there are many people - you may be among them- who are remote viewing WITHOUT KNOWING they are remote viewing! This usually happens at a time between full awareness and sleep. When you come across information and wonder where it came from - and subsequently the information you will come across and is confirmed you are into remote viewing! It happened to me a number of times!!

OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCES- (OBEs)"The greatest illusion is that man/woman has limitations" stated Robert A Monroe. OBEs have been around from BEFORE the Christian era- from the ancient Egyptians, the early Greeks - Plato wrote about them as did Socrates, Plotonius and Plutarch. The Ancient Chinese said that they could experience an OBE after meditation. Early missionaries in Africa and America were stunned at how native tribes could have a detailed knowledge of everything that was happening within a radius of miles. Read about OBE - because YOU could have an OBE. Click on BOOK top right- chapter 16.

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