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February 15th 08

Last week's (February 8th) early report.

I received and continue to receive a huge amount – over NINETY NINE PER CENT of very highly positive statements about materialization medium David Thompson - (pictured below). Through his spectacular materializations, David re-unites loved ones - those from the afterlife with those who are still on earth; David is showing that physical death does not sever true love – that love continues even in the afterlife dimension. David is producing brilliant objective, repeatable evidence that there is an afterlife. Because of David, we get his afterlife convener William – an eye-witness to what is going on in the afterlife telling us what it is like to be in the afterlife, describing the physical appearance (David pictured left) of the afterlife - that he talks to people we knew of when on earth. Last Sunday I was a witness when three people present were reunited with loved ones who gave them information that no-one on earth knew. In this regard David is highly spiritually positive, giving the world confidence and a guarantee that we do survive physical death - his message going to more than 150 countries. Thank you David. We feel sure you do get help from the higher intelligences in your most critical spiritual work on this planet earth.

WILFUL LIES, MALICIOUS DECEIT, CHEATING, MISINFORMATION & THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT: This is something very serious. It is about malicious people attacking an honest, decent medium. Is human nature so negative? This message is aimed at the couple of negative people who are now spreading false malicious and defamatory statements that " David was caught cheating in the recent tour of the UK and a lawyer was in on it and getting him bookings”. This is absolute rubbish. I received information that these couple of highly negative so-called ‘Spiritualists’ – show they are being highly UNSPIRITUAL – by lying, cheating, misleading everyone, by malicious and unconscionable defamatory statements. Do these cowardly, negative vindictive ‘Spiritualists’ have the stomach to put their real names and addresses on the defamatory statements they are making? If karma doesn’t get you in this lifetime, guaranteed, you will pay the spiritual price for your spiritual negativity when you cross over! This is an example of enormous jealousy and envy just because David Thompson is being extremely successful on a global level. Yes, ask questions by all means- as they do in other blogs. All legitimate questions sooner or later will be answered. But lying and defamation are beyond the pale. By David's continuous positive results he is showing that materialization is real, is genuine, is a fact. Perhaps that person who informed me is right - that from his expertise, those who are highly negatively entrenched and focus their negative energy on willfully spreading malice and lies attract some very dark energy. He tells them to check it out with a highly gifted exorcist! If one or two are claiming David was caught ‘cheating’ – I want to know where, when, how and who are the complainants. Got the stomach, the honesty, the decency to tell me who you are?

Windbridge is an independent research organization consisting of a community of scientists of varied backgrounds, specialties, and interests investigating what our bodies, minds, and spirits are capable of and how that information can best serve all living things.
Members of an extensive international Windbridge Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) review research questions and protocols and provide feedback and suggestions based on their expertise. In addition, members of our Advisory Committee provide strategic and technical advice regarding the direction, scope, and progress of Windbridge. Read more....

For more information about each medium and the types of readings they perform (e.g., in-person, groups, public, etc.), please visit their websites. Please note that there is substantial scientific evidence supporting the accuracy and significance of telephone readings, so a medium does not need to be in your area to provide a reading for you. All of the mediums listed below were laboratory screened and tested using telephone readings.

NOBEL LAUREATE PROFESSOR CHARLES RICHET: “There is ample proof that experimental materializations should take definite rank as a scientific fact.”

stated imputing the paranormal, “If your theories and mathematics do not match the experiment, then they are wrong.”

NOBEL LAUREATE PHYSICIST PROFESSOR BRIAN JOSEPHSON: stated words to the effect, “the paranormal is real. It is empirical. It is objective. It is repeatable. Those who don’t accept it shows they have not empirically investigated it.”

SIR WILLIAM CROOKES, the most decorated scientist in British science history, “I didn’t say it was possible (materialization). I said it happened.”

SIR OLIVER LODGE, PHYSICIST, one of the twentieth century geniuses of science, “I have been in touch with the minds of certain people who have parted from their bodies. How can a mind get in touch with us when it has not body? It must borrow some material form: but because “spirits” are discarnate it does not mean they have no bodies. They have substantial bodies, not made up of matter, but as I think of ether.”

IS THERE PAIN ON CROSSING OVER? I met this lovely lady last Sunday night at our materialization night. She said that she was brought up a Catholic and was told that there is pain associated with the crossing over. There will be NO PAIN at all when one crosses over. If one has a physical illness which causes pain, then the pain comes from the physical illness and not from the dying itself. So, relax – knowing that the crossing over has the potential to be the most ecstatically beautiful experience you will ever have from planet earth - that is the message which was transmitted from the otherside.

A TRIBUTE TO MY YOUNGER SISTER WHO CROSSED OVER LAST MONDAY. For those who made enquiries about my younger sister Carmen, who I can say was extremely spiritually advanced, I can say that she crossed over very peacefully last Monday. She was only 53 years old, a beautiful, intelligent and talented woman who put out a beautiful vibration and was loved by all who knew her. Among her other talents she was an accomplished artist who was able to draw William's picutre to David's specifications, David having been able to see William since he was a child. When I asked William (the materialized convenor of David Thompson’s circle) about Carmen's impending death he pointed out to me that it was only a tragedy from my side of life- from his perspective there would be great joy at her reunion with loved ones waiting for her. Some of you who may be facing the death of a loved one may find comfort in William’s comments. Listen.

AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM PAUL MCARTNEY OF THE BEATLES TO YOU : Why we should be responsible to stop the slaughter of the seals: Paul Mcartney writes to Chris – his friend:
Dear Chris, Like me, you’ve probably seen the horrifying images of helpless baby seals being beaten and shot for their fur. Wounded seals left to suffer in agony. Conscious pups sliced open. And the reason for their pain? So that someone can sell their fur. For so many years, we’ve tried to stop this senseless brutality. Today, you and I have a chance to stop this cruelty forever.
Twenty-five years ago, the European Union made history when it ended its trade in products from newborn harp seals. Commercial seal hunting in some countries came to a virtual standstill, and countless baby seals were saved. But the hunters began to kill the pups when they were slightly older – and the products from those seals are legally traded in the EU. Today, some commercial seal hunts are twice as large as they were when the EU first took action. Read more ...

I don't normally promote commercial endeavours but this one looks great. The concept is Passalong cards- a card the size of a business card with an inspirational message positive message that acknowledges the good in someone or asks them to do something positive. On the back of the card is a website where they can track the unique number of the card as it is passed from hand to hand.
Nice idea.
Website to read more

Billy, West Ryde, Sydney.

Reporting what comes through from the transmissions from the afterlife it does not matter if you are gay or not. What is critical is your character. “If you are a good, honest, selfless person, not into cruelty but with kindness and with an open mind you have nothing to worry about – whatever your sexual preferences are.” As a matter of fact, last Sunday a well known gay celebrity in his time, Quentin Crisp (pictured) materialized and explained about gays in the afterlife. He sounded extremely relaxed, playful and co-operative with the sitters. His voice was particularly clear and resonant. This may shock some people, but we do have to accept what the facts are. Some religious people may not accept what I stated above. But the information about all this came directly from a number of highly reliable sources.

WISDOM FROM A HIGHLY EVOLVED AFTERLIFE INTELLIGENCE. Part 1) “We do not seek to terrify you with threats of punishment. We do not seek to make you craven cowards, living your lives because of fear. We strive to make you realize the latent divinity that is yours, that you may express more of the Great Power, that you may rise to greater heights and fill your mind with greater truth and wisdom … We never say, ‘Do not use your reason, have faith only.’ We say, ‘Use that which the Great Power has given you. Test us. Examine us. If aught that we say is debasing, cruel or immoral, then reject us.’ “If we seek always to teach you to live nobler lives, lives of greater self-sacrifice and idealism, then surely that demonstrates that the hall-mark of the Great Power is stamped on our teaching.” (S. B.)

Part 2) MORE WISDOM: ABOUT THE INEVITABILITY OF ACCOUNTABILITY: those in power and others who abused their positions, those who try to consistently cheat, lie, deceive and be cruel to others, one day according to the Law of Cause and Effect, the violator will pay the price for what he/she has done. That is the inviolable law. “The Law is perfect in its operation. Effect always follows cause with mathematical precision. No individual has the power to alter by one hairbreadth the sequence of cause and effect. That which is reaped must be that which is sown, and the your living energy – (your soul) of every individual registers indelibly all the results of earthly life. He who has violated against the law bears on his own energy the results of his earthly action, and there will be no progress until reparation has been made for every violent deed.” (S.B.).

INTERESTING QUESTION ABOUT 'LOOKS' IN THE AFTERLIFE: When we pass on, do people who are not so good looking remain with the same appearance. It does not seem fair. Fiona, Italy.

Victor: We know that here on our planet earth we give too much attention to 'good looking girls' with a good figure – especially to those with a big 'chest '. There is a tendency to give these good looking girls and guys too much status. But that will not be happening in the afterlife - in the realm of the light. The same status we give good looking people is given to people whose aura is bright – it is the brightness of the aura that will be the attraction not how one looks. The brighter and lighter the aura the higher status the person has because it shows that person has higher spirituality.

QUESTION: What about those who have something wrong with them – the blind and the crippled and others who are maimed – are they going to be all right when they pass on? Do we still remember things we did on earth? Terri, New York.

Victor: Terri, guaranteed that on crossing over, the blind will see, the deaf will hear and the cripple will walk. Allthose who had some deformity, will be in perfect ‘physical’ shape with not deformities at all. We know that blind people who have near death experiences are able to see and report back accurately on things around them that they have never seen in their lives. Read more...

And yes, we will remember everything we did on earth. This has to do with the separation of the brain and the mind. When we die, the physical brain will die too. But we also have a mind that survives physical death. All ourmemories are stored in our mind. So that when you cross over you will remember everything - including your loved ones who are still on earth. Under normal circumstances you would be able to visit them as often as you like. If you were blind, you would be able to see how everything looked on earth.

VICTOR ZAMMIT– ONCE A PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED KILLER? YES! This may come as a surprise to most people that I was trained by the Australian Army to be a most efficient killer. This was when I was in the Army in Australia for less than a couple of years. I handled many weapons – some of the most brutally efficient SLR’s, machine guns; I had efficient professional training in hand to hand combat and bayonet killings. Of course, these days, as you all know, my life has taken a very different path. See photo ... Victor is on the left.

I did not have time to answer more questions about David Thompson's materializations - that will have to come next week. This is because this week I had to spend valuable time investigating serious defamatory statements made against David Thompson - the information about the alleged defamation came from the United States. I warn those offenders to apologize. If I manage to serve you with legal documents - we'll see you in Court.

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DRAMATIC SPEAKERS’ CORNER PICTURES - see new pics: the Vietnam War, Human Rights, the Israelis, Socialists, Lord Soper the great English orator, American Hostage crisis 1980, No Tax Speaker ... an many more:
during 1965 -1978 at the Speakers' Corner in London and the Speakers Corner at the Domain Park in Sydney - was a tremendous time of revolutionary social, religious and political changes. The Vietnam war was at its peak. Youths were being conscripted to fight a losing war. Lives were being lost on the killing fields of Vietnam.
(Victor in his student days, pictured above) Anti-war demonstrations were being held regularly. Many anti-war demonstrators were beaten up during the protest marches. People were beginning to feel that church leaders had lost the monopoly on truth. Young people wanted answers to questions theologians had refused or could not answer for nearly 2,000 years. In many countries young people won the right to vote at 18 years instead of 21 years. Enjoy these historical photos – and a time that is not likely to come around again

EVOCATIVE SPEAKERS CORNER ORATORY: For those who were curious to know what Victor (pictured on stand) orated about at Speakers' Corner in London and Sydney we have some of the fiery, highly evocative, thought provoking oratory that motivated people to think for themselves. 'Sandwiched between the tears and the laughter, Victor's powerful messages came down like roaring thunder in the hearts and the minds of the unaware.'
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