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May 13th 2011

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COMMENTARY: THE BATTLE FOR THE MIND! There has always been a battle for the MIND. We see it every day. The usual forces trying to control the mind are: religion, politics, and those who are trying to sell you something. In politics, last century we had the ‘Cold War’ where the capitalists and communists tried very hard to win us to their side. But the collapse of the Soviet Union brought an end to it. People have been using religion to control and manipulate our MIND for thousands of years. But in the West the separation of Church and State and the rise of education weakened the power of religion. People want proof for beliefs, proof that life continues after we die. But Islamists combine politics with religion and restrict access to alternative information. This is a most powerful way to control the MIND and enforce religious beliefs. We believe that the evidence for the afterlife should be made available free of charge and free of censorship in many different languages on the internet. The internet, hopefully, will be everybody's way to access important information about the afterlife - which is inevitable and unavoidable.


The Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) is a leading professional organization of scientists and scholars who study unusual and unexplained phenomena. In this video Dr Bruce Greyson, a leader researcher of near-death experiences talks about the scientific study of the afterlife.

PHYSICS AND THE AFTERLIFE: there is an on going debate about ‘consciousness’ and ‘matter’. We get the truth directly from the afterlife dimension that 'consciousness creates matter'. Matter can never create consciousness.
Quantum physics suggests that at the deepest level there is no matter, only consciousness.


: Will I be able to retain all of my senses when I make the transition to the afterlife?

Victor: At the mid lower of the Third Realm, you will be able to retain all of the senses – smell, touch, sight, hearing and taste. As you will make progress, you do not have to taste any of the special fruit in the lower levels. There could be a ‘spiritual touch’ as in the afterlife we are very much solid beings. Hearing and sight will be increased to a really advanced level. As to smell, information transmitted states that at the Third Level, they can still have the power of smell. Another sense will be introduced, the ability to read people’s minds.

QUESTION: Do we retain the human form when we die?

Victor: When we die, we continue to live and we keep our human form and go to the afterlife dimension. We are informed that when we advance spiritually and go to higher levels, we do not need the human form any more. We become ‘beings of light’. Even those who accept the Bible agree we are made in the image of ‘God’ – a God which does NOT have a human body. In fact, a 'human' is also vibrating energy with consciousness. When we lose the human form, we will still be 'vibrating energy with consciousness'. We are credibly informed every ‘vibrating energy’ has the spark of the ‘divine’.

QUESTION: I am a paraplegic. What is likely to happen to my body when I die? Lea

Victor: Highly reliable information transmitted from the afterlife tells us that very shortly after 'crossing over' all physical defects we had on earth will no longer exist in the afterlife dimension. Under normal circumstances, you will be in perfect health when you die and go to the afterlife dimension. ALL physical sicknesses will disappear. No doubt about that. Further, we are told that we will be in a position to have the body we always wanted to have. Those who may have some mental sickness, will be taken to a special place for a short time for healing. In no time they will be 100% well again!


QUESTION: I have an important question for you Victor: in spirituality, what is your view of Hitler's millions of soldiers and generals and officers who without provocations invaded other countries like Russia, France and Poland. Do you think each German officer and soldier will have to pay the price for invading countries, stealing their wealth and for killing so many innocent people? Do you think the law of 'karma' will operate in this case?

Victor: A soldier who claims he is obeying orders to invade other countries to kill, steal, plunder and be cruel knowing he is doing wrong, will have to pay the price. We remember when the 'legal defence' applied by that German Nazi Eichmann, the court said he knew he was doing wrong and did not accept his defence that he was just 'following the orders' of Hitler. Eichmann was executed. Similarly, if the 'inner voice' of the soldier invading other people's countries knows that it is wrong then inevitably that would be wrong. It would be 'karmic.' Of course, there could be circumstances to reduce karma. If the soldier's 'inner voice' said something is wrong with the invading a country which did not provoke his country, the very brave thing to do would be to leave the army.

British Prime Minister Sir Winston Winston Churchill (left) in England was a close friend of the medium Bertha Harris during World War 2. Bertha Harris had many Sunday evening visits to Number 10 Downing Street during the war. She predicted the attack on Pearl Harbor six months in advance (Meek 1973:140). General Charles De Gaulle also consulted her regularly while he was in England during WWII after being introduced to her by Churchill (Meek 1973:140).

Lord Dowding, (left) the British leader who directed the Battle of Britain in 1940 had close connections with mediums. In fact he wrote a wonderful book about his experiences with being reunited with pilots who died through a writing medium. Called "Many Mansions" - download extracts of Letters From Men Killed In The War.

American President Ronald Reagan with his wife had connections with 'psychics' and 'mediums'. Former Australian Prime Minister Robert Hawke also had connections with psychics and mediums. There would have been other world leaders who wanted to know something of the future for themselves and for their country.

It has long been claimed that spiritual masters who practice yoga or buddhist meditation or Qigong and other martial arts develop powers that Western science says do not exist. In this video Lawrence Blair and a crew films Javanese healer, meditator and teacher of martial art Mo Pai Nei Kung, John Chang.

The American television drama Medium, based on the gifts of Allison Dubois, has ended after seven seasons. It ran from January 3, 2005, and ended on CBS on January 21, 2011. Themed on supernatural gifts, its lead character, Allison DuBois (played by Patricia Arquette), is a medium employed as a consultant for the Phoenix, Arizona district attorney's office. Allison and her husband Joe (Jake Weber) are the parents of three daughters, all of whom inherited Allison's gift. The writers made it almost impossible for a later return by "killing off" the main character Joe Dubois in a plane crash and then fast forwarding to Alison's death 41 years later. (read script summaries). Meanwhile the real Allison Dubois has written a third book and has a busy schedule of workshops.


A number of people have had dreams or nightmares about past lives which produced evidence which could later be verified.

An English case that convinced many experts including psychiatrist Dr Arthur Guirdham, was that of Mrs. Smith, a perfectly sane ordinary English housewife who for years had been suffering from terrible nightmares of being burned at the stake.

In 1962 Mrs Smith went to see Dr Guirdham who was a psychiatrist. She was seeking treatment for a nightmare. Two or three times a week she dreamed she was lying on her back on the floor while a man approached her from behind. In the dream she was terrified. The doctor was very surprised because he had been having the same nightmare for more than 30 years. Read more...


This is my simple religion.
There is no need for temples.
No need for complicated philosophy.
My mind and my heart are my temples.
My philosophy is kindness


Physicists, Astronomers and Cosmologists no longer think the universe came about by chance- "There is more reason than ever today to think that consciousness is the basis of the universe."

Part 2 Part 3


QUANTUM PHYSICS AND THE AFTERLIFE: EXPOSING THE FALSE BELIEFS OF MODERN SCIENCE: Read and watch how backward, how sterile, how uninformed materialist scientists are when they refuse to accept the existence of consciousness and 'free-will'. These scientists regard human beings as just biological machines. Materialist scientist Professor Stephen Hawking says, "It is hard to imagine how 'free-will' can operate if your behavior is determined by physical law. So it seems that we are no more than biological machines and that 'free-will' is just an illusion." How arrogantly mistaken these materialist scientists are: see for yourselves:

Read more

CONVERSING WITH AFTERLIFE INTELLIGENCES: QUESTION: Hello Victor, I'm quite new in this afterlife study. Have you had any experience with the paranormal dealing with those from the 'afterlife' yourself?

Victor: You're new to the afterlife studies - because if you read my past reports you would have come across my experiences conversing with afterlife spirits..
The most objective evidence for this is when I speak with a spirit , 'William' (see picture, left) who is one of medium David Thompson's guides. For some five years I communicated with William. Everyon present is a witness to these conversations. William speaks in his own voice. Listen. Secondly, for over twenty years I have been communicating telepathically with spirits. Some I knew before they died talked to talk to me. Thirdly, I've had 'remote viewing' experience for many years. I've had some spectacular 'remote viewing' identifying who the people really were). Of course, I've been psychic most of my life, but kept quiet about it. Mostly all these psychic, paranormal and afterlife experiences were for my personal benefit- I don't read for others.



Information transmitted from the ‘afterlife’ tells us that killing another human being is wrong. Religions and all countries in the world have laws stating it is wrong to kill. It is especially wrong to kill innocent people. (Picture shows young suicide-bombers). As we know, some radical religionists believe it is right to kill innocent people. There is no authority for 'suicide-bombers' to kill innocent people. We are told by an expert in Islam, Dr Ahmed, ‘there is no written authority anywhere for killing innocent people’. 'Taking a human life is very serious', he said. Certainly, he said, ‘killing innocent people is not in the Koran’. Gradually, countries are doing away with killing convicted murderers. Highly credible transmitted information tells us that a human being is a 'vibrating energy' with consciousness which has a spark of the 'divine'.


'EVIDENCE' - TIPS ON HOW TO DEAL WITH 'AFTERLIFE' INFORMATION. When investigating the 'afterlife' it is most critical to deal with 'religious writing' which is not supported by evidence in the following way:

The real author should be identified. If that cannot be done it would significantly reduce the credibility of the writing.

2. SUBJECTIVE? One has to determine whether the information is 'subjective'. Any information which cannot be independently supported can be totally wrong. Subjective evidence is weak.

3. INSPIRED? If you are informed that a particular religious teaching is 'inspired' when the information shows it is not 'inspired,' you would have to ask what evidence there is that a particular writing is inspired and other writing is not.

4. PLAGIARIZED? When examining religious documents, it is most important to research that the religious writing has not been plagiarized - copied - from previous religious writings. There is evidence this is common.

5. 'ORAL HISTORY'. Oral history which goes back more than two thousand years when transferred to writing cannot be treated as valid information. This is because over time the historical information become distorted. Psychology experiments have proved to be the true.

6. 'PRESUMPTION OF FRAUD': Any written information which requires 'exaggerated' or 'absurd' belief would have to be subject to the legal test of the 'presumption of falsehood'. The onus is for those who accept the exaggerated belief to rebut that presumption.

7. INTERPRETATION v FACT In any religious writing, one has to distinguish between what is claimed to be a fact as distinct from what is 'interpretation' of facts - and conclusions not properly made .

8. TIME. Any 'subjective' religious writing which has been around for thousands of years does not automatically become 'objective' and does not become 'truth'. 'Time' is not authority to transfer the 'subjective' to become the 'objective'. This is notwithstanding the religious writing has become embedded in the values, culture and beliefs of the people who are willing to accept the 'subjective' religious information on 'blind faith'.

9. 'UNSPIRITUAL' - Under no circumstances can religious writing which encourages cruelty, hatred, killing and wilful negative conduct ever be accepted as 'spiritual' - wherever the writings come from.

10. SCIENCE PREVAILS. In any conflict between empirical evidence and 'subjective' religious writing which is fundamentally NOT consistent with science, inevitably science will prevail.

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SOMETHING MEMORABLE WORTH REPEATING: Recently Christine Morgan, based in Sydney Australia, did a wonderful telephone
reading for a Chinese speaker living in China with the aid of an interpreter. Her husband who had recently crossed over came through loud and clear providing much wonderful survival evidence. She writes:
" I downloaded the audio file and listened to it again. This recording is extremely clear as you said. Christine's reading is ASTONISHING for me! Now I think I am a totally convinced! This experience cheers and encourages me now."
Christine accepts bookings for telephone readings from people anywhere in the world speaking any language. Email: indiki1962@gmail.com OR PHONE +61-(0) 411 036 963


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Victor & Wendy, Many thanks for your interesting, informative and inspiring weekly reports. What a wonderful job you both do ... T.

, Thanks Vic, your help has opened my mind and my eyes. Laddie W.

Victor, you never cease to amaze me, your newsletters are the best … keep them coming...Donna

‘I AM SAILING’ - Rod Stewart greatest song. Here is a version I have not heard before. It is performed with a lot of power, feeling, rhythm and persuasion. Listen to it also with your heart and soul, for there is a powerful symbolic message about -'Sailing' and ' stormy waters' ... and about .. going 'home' again ...'.

I am sailing, I am sailing.
home again, 'cross the sea.
I am sailing stormy waters
To be near you, to be free

I am flying, I am flying
Like a bird 'cross the sky
I am flying, passing high clouds
To be with you, to be free

Can you hear me, can you hear me
through the dark night far away
I am dying, forever trying
To be with you, who can say

We are sailing, we are sailing
Home again 'cross the sea
We are sailing stormy waters
To be near you, to be free

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