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October 2nd 2015

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If a scientist is employed by a materialist organisation and told that he/she must have nothing to do with the paranormal (with implied threats of loss of job, promotion, speaking opportunities etc.) he/she will usually become anti-paranormal. The world knows very well that any evidence about the paranormal will be automatically rejected by this 'materialist-scientist'. But there are other courageous,'non-materialist' scientists. They often do their work quietly, as a sideline to their main job. Or they may struggle in a small non-profit organisation with very little funding.

SELF-FUNDING RESEARCH: It wasn't always like this. Up until the 1920's many of the leaders of the scientific and intellectual establishment of Great Britain and the USA were very interested and active in investigating the afterlife and telepathy. Thomas Edison worked on ways to communicate with the dead, and Pierre and Marie Curie attended seances. Many, like Sir William Crookes (pic. left) - the greatest scientist in his time, were able to finance their own investigations of mediumship (which was then the main source of evidence) in their own laboratories.

But these days there are virtually no independently employed scientists. Science has become a tool of government and big business and there has been increasing pressure put on scientists to stay away from controversial areas, even in their own time. Often it is only when they retire that they are able to dedicate their time to their real interests, or go public with their discoveries.

an expert on climate change who has undertaken 40 research expeditions to measure the arctic polar ice. (Read more). In this discussion with Donna Smith-Moncrieffe, he talks about the pressures put on scientists to stay away from controversial subjects like parapsychology. He claims that, in spite of this pressure, there are many contemporary scientists who are conducting covert experiments in the area of consciousness while maintaining careers in criminology, philosophy, psychology, physics and other mainstream studies. Read more and listen to this fascinating interview.

Dramatisation of a man who has a heart attack and finds himself outside his body. He finds that other people cannot hear him. He sees a loved one but she tells him it is not time for him to die. He finds himself back in his body. He now knows that there is an afterlife.


Some of the patients who have been revived after a cardiac arrest have been able to describe in great technical detail exactly what went on in the operating room while they were unconscious. We call these accounts 'veridical'. In this video, famous cardiac surgeon Dr. Rudy talks about a NDE case. The patient had been declared dead. But he miraculously came back to life and was able to describe everything that happened in the operating room. One specific things that astounded Dr. Rudi was that the patient described post it notes put onto the computer monitor of the surgeon AFTER the patient had been made unconscious. Watch video



Dr. Elisabeth Targ, a brilliant
doctor and researcher into spiritual healing, died from a brain tumor at the age of 42. After she died, her co-researcher, Dr. Jane Katra, received more than 35 unexpected communications from her. They started a few hours after her transition. She appeared to Jane at least 10 miles away from the house where her body lay. In the weeks that followed, lights flashed when people talked about her; a woman wrote down nonsense syllables dictated from Elisabeth in a dream visit that turned out to be a message in Russian ( a language that Elisabeth spoke well). Read more... On her website Dr. Katra has details of another surprising communication from Elisabeth that shows she is still a healer. Read more...

For many years Marcello Bacci has been holding sessions on Friday nights with parents whose sons or daughters have died. The voices of the children come through on an old valve radio tuned to white noise in the short wave band. Clear voices can be heard which answer questions. Many scientists have investigated and books have already been written about his work (read report by Paolo Presi). Bacci today continues his research using his old valve radio.


"It is the nature of non-physical reality that nothing can remain hidden, and who we were, and who we are, will be clear for all the world to see. We cannot hide it or hide from it. Our actions, thoughts and feelings will render our looks beautiful or ugly. If we lived our life at great cost to others, the diminishing effects will show in our appearance. If we served, enriched and empowered others, it too will show and manifest in a positive way."
Jurgen Ziewe, out of body explorer, in Vistas of Infinity- How to Enjoy Life When You are Dead p. 263

Some of the richest sources of information about the afterlife have been communications from a person who has crossed over communicating extensively with a loved one. There have been several cases where young men who died suddenly, by suicide, in war or by accident, maintained detailed communication with their mothers. One of the recent ones is Erik Medhus and his mother Elisa.


was an exceptionally brilliant scientist. He studied at the Royal College of Science and at University College. Achieved his DSc in 1877 and by 1881 he was Professor of Physics and Mathematics at Liverpool. In 1884 he joined the Society for Psychical Research. In 1900 he accepted an offer to become first Principal of Birmingham University, and shaped its course until he retired in 1919. Because of of his scientific fame he was able to make it a condition of his appointment that he be allowed to continue his work in psychical research. He first became convinced of survival after extensive examination of Leonora Piper's remarkable phenomena in 1889. Lodge was a pioneer in wireless telegraphy and actually sent a radio message one year before Marconi. Read his articles and books on survival online.


Materializations are the greatest proof for the afterlife we have in the world. S
ome ten years ago that closed minded magician, J. Randi, claimed he can duplicate anything the paranormalists can do. I offered this magician - and others from anywhere around the world - a cool $400,000 if they could duplicate what physical medium David Thompson (pic. left) has been able to demonstrate. I challenged them to put up or shut up! For the last ten years this once flamboyant magician Randi FAILED to take on the challenge! Has he accepted the validity of materializations? Has he seen the light? Now I increase the challenge to $500,000 to duplicate what this great materialization medium has done (read reports by Donna Smith-Moncrieffe and others) Got the courage? Got the fortitude? Got the nerve? **Conditions apply. Interested? email me vz@victorzammitdotcom

is a recent area of afterlife research.


EUROPEAN CASES OF THE REINCARNATION TYPE In order to show that reincarnation cases occur in European cultures, where fewer people believe in reincarnation, Dr. Ian Stevenson wrote his last book ' European Cases of the Reincarnation Type ' (2003) This book focuses on 40 different reincarnation research case studies in a Western setting. The book describes behaviors or statements made by individuals, most frequently during childhood, that would be completely foreign to their upbringing or genetic factors. For example, David Llewellyn, born in England in 1970, possessed a significant knowledge of Jewish religious and dietary customs and also experienced nightmares and phobias with themes of concentration camps.

The 'Sensing Murder' series tested mediums who felt they could connect with victims of a serious crime. The mediums were given a photo of a person and asked to give as much detail as they could about his/her background and about what had happened to that person. Only the top 5% of the mediums could do this. On the New Zealand series, a skeptical psychologist hired by the program became convinced that the mediums would not go through what they did if they were not genuine.

  Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

SPIRITUAL LIGHT: Universal Teachings from the Highest Spirit Realms by Michael Flagg and John Finnemore. Modern contact with the Spirit World through Spiritualism and Spiritism has always had two aims. The first is to prove that we all survive death. The main method by which this fact has been demonstrated is mediumship. However there is also a second even more important aim. This is to uplift mankind with teachings from higher spirits about the rules of the game of life. If, like many, you enjoy reading Silver Birch, 'The Spirits Book', Seth and 'A Course in Miracles' you owe it to yourself to explore the next installment of wisdom in this book. Anyone who is familiar with the higher levels of mediumship will immediately recognize that this work is coming from the highest vibration.
Read Michael Tymn's assessment in his blog.
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FEEDBACK: (Three only). Received always with thanks!

1) Thanks so very much for the section on Children. I have had visions about this since my beautiful daughter, Samantha, passed in Oct 2007. I am now sure that she is helping children after they die. Susannah

2) Belief versus Evidence. Many thanks for coming up with this excellent distillation. It is not often that I encounter anything that states a fundamental concept as clearly and as succinctly as this. I have already use it in conversations with people and note that it has a powerful effect in the discussions.
Les Harris

3) I need to tell you how sorry I am that I don't give you feedback more often. I hope you know by now, that like many others, I love your work, and truly appreciate everything that you and Wendy do.

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