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Report July 25th 2008

It may be a puzzle for many people: why is it that there is so much hard core evidence for the afterlife and the paranormal, yet there are still intelligent people who remain closed minded? The 'afterlife' these days is not a matter of being a 'believer'. These days the 'afterlife' is a matter of empirical, objective and repeatable evidence. I am not a 'believer' in the afterlife. I do not have the luxury of 'beliefs'. I 'accept the evidence' for the afterlife. During my twenty years empirical research in afterlife matters I came across all kinds of highly qualified professionals- scientists, lawyers, architects, engineers and other professionals and non-professionals who accepted the evidence for the afterlife and the paranormal. But I also came across other highly intelligent professionals (the minority) who do not accept the evidence for the afterlife.
It seems that afterlife awareness and intelligence are totally separate and independent from each other. We have unrebuttable afterlife evidence these days that good, average people who keep an open mind will end up in the realm of the light where conditions are far superior to what they are on earth. You don't have to be perfect because the human condition is not perfect. But NOT all end up there. There are those who may get themselves into big trouble. On crossing over they become totally confused about where they are - a place where there is no light. And this condition could last for a long, long time - maybe hundreds of years - or even more. For the materialists and others like them, is it not worth reading quality material about the afterlife? Would it not be of enormous benefit to learn what is required to get a guarantee that you will have an easy, smooth transition on crossing over? Would it not be in the interest of the closed minded to open their mind and learn how to perceive the afterlife evidence with true empirical equanimity? I strongly urge those who need to be convinced about the afterlife to read all the evidence I presented for the existence of the afterlife- click on BOOK top right.

EINSTEIN’S E=mc2 and the afterlife:
Investigators call the appearance and disappearance of people and things 'materialization' and 'dematerialization'.
Evidence for materialization is substantive not only in England and the United States but in other countries, such as Brazil where materializations took place in daylight in the presence of hundreds of hard-core skeptics (See Chap. 9). David Ash and Peter Hewitt's book, The Vortex, (1994) gives, among other things, one scientific explanation for materialization. They argue that Einstein's formula E=mc2— energy equals mass to the speed of light, shows that mass 'm' is equivalent to energy 'E'. Read more...

THE PARANORMAL BECOMING MORE SCIENTIFIC: Teleportation – where physical matter is ‘magically’ transported from one place to another without seeing the matter being transported – (and which was reported for a long time), is becoming a reality when science now can demonstrate it. It is only a beginning – but it’s an excellent start. “ According to Michael Schmicker The Best Evidence Physicists at Caltech University produced the first genuine demonstration of teleportation of matter in 1998. The scientists took a beam of light in one place and instantly materialized it in another place some distance away. Schmicker claims the same teleportation process applies in principle not just to a bunch of photons but to other particles as well. (From Michael Schmicker The Best Evidence, chapter 5, p. 47)

PSYCHIC LABORATORY EXPERIMENTS - EEG analysis American Professor Charles H. Hapgood, reports in his excellent book, Voices of Spirit (1975) that he tested a medium to see if the electroencephalograph (EEG) of the medium Elwood Babbitt when out of trance would be different from when the medium's mind was allegedly taken over and controlled by intelligences from the afterlife. Hapgood took EEGs of Babbitt while three different intelligences were allegedly in control of the medium. The EEGs of each of the three were found to be completely different from each other and from the EEG of Babbitt not in trance. An EEG expert, Dr Bridge, noticed that the EEG's were characteristic of people of different physical age and could not belong to the one person. Hapgood reproduces the EEG diagrams in his book (1975: 224-227).

Dean Radin, author of The Conscious Universe will appear on Larry King Live to discuss and explore the vast potential of the human mind. With him will be JZ Knight who channels Ramtha,
psychoneuroimmunology pioneer Candace Pert, “Dr. Quantum” Fred Alan Wolfe, producer/director/writer of the acclaimed film “What the #$*! Do We Know?“ Will Arntz, and astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who was the sixth man to walk on the moon. CNN’s own Sanjay Gupta also lends insight with fieldwork from The Biocybernaut Institute in Santa Clara, CA. On CNN’s ‘Larry King Live Saturday, August 2, 2008 at 6:00pm PDT/9:00pm EDT and 9:00pm PDT/12:00am EDT on CNN. Read more....

when Dr Edgar Mitchell, founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences speaks cooly and candidly on UK Kerrang radio 23rd July about his experience with scientists who know the truth of UFO contacts and predicts government disclosure of alien contacts soon.

Listen to interview....

Keith MiIton Rhinehart (1936-1999) was a materialization medium from Seattle Washington. He was also a world-renowned spiritual teacher and the spiritual founder of the Aquarian Foundation and a medium whose ability to produce materializations was tested scientifically. His spiritual and psychic gifts include telekinesis, apportation phenomena, mental and physical phenomena, levitation and materialization. In the 1950's he underwent stringent testing in Japan. Susy Smith reports:

" Under these test conditions many physical phenomena showing ectoplasm in various forms were produced under white light and photographed with still and movie cameras.... During the Japanese tests ectoplasm flowed from Rhinehart's nose, ears, throat, and solar plexus, levitating trumpets and producing partial materializations. Some of the phenomena were photographed on infrared motion picture film, later televised in Japan.

One sequence revealed an ectoplasmic-mass flowing from the entranced medium downward, then up over the edge of a nearby table. In the picture it appeared to be a long, thick swan's neck. The end of the mass, looking like the swan's beak, actually, consisted of two finger like proturberances, known as pseudopods, which grasped a pencil and drew with it on a sheet of paper. The drawing afterwards found to be a face, recognized by Mr. Mikami, the leader of a religious group, attending the séance, as the alleged face of his spirit guide. In a second picture, taken a short time after the first, so much ectoplasm had come out that it had covered the entire body of the medium. At other séances, arranged under controlled conditions in Tokyo and Kyoto during the medium's visit to Japan in 1958, materialized spirits appeared: One was recognized as the deceased father of Professor Iki Goto, D.E., of Tokyo University an investigator at the séance. The spirit walked out of the cabinet down the room, turned around, and walked slowly back into the cabinet.

Some fifteen minutes later, the spirit appeared again. This time he had his sleeves rolled up and showed a scar he had received while in his earth life. This phenomenon, illuminated by white light was witnessed by some three hundred sitters who marveled and wondered, according to the widow of the late Wasaburo Asano, founder of modern psychical research in Japan and first president the Japanese Psychic Science Association.
Read full report...

SIR FRANCIS BACON: Skeptics, materialists and other non-believers heed the advice of Sir Francis, one of the world's leading empiricists of his time: "Facts often appear incredible only because we are ill informed and cease to appear marvelous when our knowledge is extended."

PSYCHIC DETECTIVES: Every day on cable channel and regularly on mainstream television we watch PSYCHIC DETECTIVES and each show we see hardened police officers – some senior detectives, confirming that psychics played a vital role in solving the crime they were investigating. I was having a break and decided to watch one of the episodes which involved a matter in Elmira, New York. Detective David Olszowy, Sergeant Charles Patterson, Lt. Mike Mucci from Cheming County Sheriff’s department were involved in the investigation of a murder. Rose Swartwood, an elderly person was murdered in her home. Police had no leads, the case was virtually cold. Lieutenant Mike Mucci calls Phil Jordan (see his book top left), psychic who was a former police officer- who was instrumental to solving the crime. Read more about Psychic Detectives....

GHOST RADIO/'THE ONE' - CHANNEL 7- I received an interesting email from radio personality Lia Ramses: "Hello Victor, Lia Ramses here from Ghost Radio/Haunted Australia. I have been interviewing all the psychics from "The One" on Ghost Radio and today Mitchell Coombes and I discussed why the onus should always be on the psychic to prove the afterlife, why doesn't the sceptic prove there is not an afterlife and Mitchell mentioned your Million dollar challenge on air which I was not aware of. John and I think you've done a terrific thing so I wanted to direct your attention to the link we have put on the front page of Ghost Radio for you www.ghostradiox.com Keep up the good work Victor! All the best Lia."

Michael Tymn writes: " As Tom Harrison remembers it, Saturday nights were sacrosanct from April 6, 1946, just after the end of World War II, to 1958, when his mother, Minnie Harrison, transitioned to the spirit world. It was on those Saturday evenings that Tom and a small circle of family and friends met at the home of Sydney and Gladys Shipman in Middlesbrough, northern England, to reunite and converse with their friends in spirit through the mediumship of his mother. The phenomena included trance voice, direct voice, telekinesis, apports, spirit lights, spirit writing, and full materializations with voice. " The most remarkable means of communication is when the ectoplasmic materializations of the Spirit person stands before us and converses with us, face to face," Tom Harrison wrote in his 2004 book, Life After Death - Living Proof. "This is indeed the most exciting and wonderful of all forms of phenomena." Read more...

PRINCESS DIANA'S ASTROLOGER PENNY THORNTON - IN MEMORIAM: Penny remembers the Princess of Wales: "It is ten years ago precisely that Diana, The Princess of Wales died. And in memory of her life and death I thought it appropriate to include a few thoughts here on Astrolutely.com. They come in the form of a chapter in my book, Starstruck.
On 30th August 1997, at seven thirty pm, I boarded the 'red-eye' from New York to London. The journey of three thousand, four hundred and seventy-one miles, cruising at an altitude of thirty-seven thousand feet and taking roughly six hours was all too familiar to me. I had been flying the Atlantic, to and fro, like a human boomerang for the previous three years. This flight, however, was going to be one I would never forget..." Read more ...
More investigations are taking place regarding validation of Diana's transmissions.

The Circle leader has updated the Circle website and given it a fresh new format. Included is a Members area which
contains extra content, extra audio and some cherished images, and includes dates and details of upcoming events. Read more...

THE RATIONALIST (ATHEIST) ARGUMENT FOR THE EXISTENCE OF THE AFTERLIFE: Michael is someone I have known for nearly twenty years. He is a rationalist from England, Michael Roll – an atheist who does not believe that there is the traditional Biblical God. But Michael is an empiricist. He is not a ‘believer’ – he accepts the hard core evidence for the afterlife. So, for the purpose of the record, you can have atheists who actually accept the afterlife. Watch his most fascinating video: Part 1. and Part 2

A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL OUR TRANSLATORS Many thousands of people have downloaded and read the evidence for the afterlife in Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Russian and now two more translators have volunteered to do translations of A LAWYER PRESENTS THE CASE FOR THE AFTERLIFE. Edourd Lefevre translated six chapters into French already in just a couple of weeks - and another translator, Vijai Krishna, is doing the book in Hindi. This is critical work that will help a great many people understand that there is an afterlife. Feedback already tells that how these translations are vital and imperative to give meaning to life on earth - and for the next inevitable stage. Thank you again, your work is of very great spiritual value. Victor and Wendy.

Several people new to the list have emailed us about accessing previous reports. There is a list on the front page of the website www.victorzammit.com just under the sample report. However to make it easier we will leave a link to the archives index at the top of each report.

PROFESSOR ALBERT EINSTEIN: “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

ON THOSE WHO ATTACK: “I am attacked by two very opposite sects — the scientists and the know-nothings. Both laugh at me, calling me 'the frogs' dancing master'. Yet I know I have discovered one of the greatest forces in nature.” Galvani, the discoverer of electricity

THOSE WHO ATTACK VICTOR: have patience with these unevolved one or two dummies who are trying to seek attention – but have proven they are not capable of or competent or having the skills to rebut the objective, repeatable evidence for the afterlife – now in its eighth year. All they can do is to try to throw mud at Victor - not very articulate -just pity them. Guaranteed, one day these objectors will see the light. Only if you're interested....Read more ...

THE ABU TRUST: “Are you searching for something positive? Are you asking the right questions but getting incomplete and unsatisfactory answers which just leave you even more uncertain and frustrated? On this earth we ALL suffer from pain (physical and mental), sorrow, uncertainty, accident, bereavement, stress, fear...Many wonder and enquire about death... Is it the end? Who am I? How did I get here and why? What next?” I’ve read two books of Abu and I have to concede, there is a wealth of quality information transmitted from the afterlife. You be the judge. But those who have read a great deal of transmitted information would be most impressed by this information and by someone inevitably from a higher realm who is an eye-witness to what is happening in the afterlife at present. I personally, highly recommend that Abu books. Read more ….


What’s it like to get inside the mind of a killer, or to experience the terror and pain of a murder victim? Annette Martin knows. Annette works as a psychic detective and has helped more than 40 law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, to solve heinous crimes. She even became the first psychic sworn in as an expert witness in a court of law for a murder case. She has authored several books and recently had a biography published about her entitled THE GIFT OF THE WHITE LIGHT by author James N. Frey. Read more...

The Pew survey, significant for the breadth and depth made possible by its unusually large 35,000-person sample, found that 74 percent of Americans say they think there is a heaven, "where people who have led good lives are eternally rewarded," while just 59 percent think there is a hell, "where people who have led bad lives, and die without being sorry, are eternally punished. Read more...

AFTERLIFE INTELLIGENCE ON THE AURA: question Victor, what do you know about the aura?
Victor: I’ll quote you Silver Birch, a very highly credible afterlife teacher to explain to you himself- incidentally, I was taught how to see the aura - and I myself have witnessed this fantastic phenomon:

“The aura consists of the vibrations set up by the body. There are many auras, but the ones that are known to you world are the auras that surround the physical body and the spirit body … The aura consists of the vibrations that emanate from the body, and according to the state of the body, so there are different vibrations. Those who can see the auras can interpret them know all the secrets of the individual. They can diagnose the health of the individual. They know the state of his/her soul and unfoldment. They can tell the evolution of the soul, for it is the aura that enables you all the o be read as an open book. Your aura registers all that you have said, all that you have thought and all that you have done. Your aura is your eternal judgment, for there you are showing to those who can see exactly what you are within and not as you show yourselves without.

AURA VIDEO: See this excellent video about the aura

Tuesday nights on Channel 7 at 7.30pm until August 5th. OK so none of us like the hype and pressure of these kinds of show and we know that most psychics need relaxed and unstressful setting to perform their best.
B ut if the universities won't do the testing, and people are not prepared to fund private bodies, it leaves the media. At least people are getting to see a number of psychics/ mediums performing brilliantly under test conditions.
'The One' is an original format developed by David Taylor and David Maher from Fox Television Studios Australia produced in association with Channel Seven. Executive Producer for Channel Seven is Lisa Fitzpatrick. As with 'Sensing Murder' you can expect to see local copies coming to your country soon...
See website.

ETHERICAL BOOKSArt Bosman's site is a real treasure for those who want to read a great deal about the afterlife. The huge amount of relevant afterlife information could save you very serious problems in the future. He emailed me this week that he has re-organized the site making it easier to access the many precious spiritual books – 170 great books and 120 tapes - and information about the afterlife, including the brilliant Anthony Borgia series where former Catholic Mons. Hugh Benson transmitted a number of books from the other side as an eye witness to what is really happening in the afterlife. Read more...

SPREAD THE LIGHT: tell others about this website - it is extremely important for people around the world to get to know about the afterlife. If you can, tell three people to tell three other people about critical information that will enormously assist them when the time will inevitably come to leave this planet earth. A higher intelligence, Silver Birch stated that if you helped just one person on earth, you would have justified your existence.

VICTOR ZAMMIT, retired attorney answers your legal questions - nothing to do with the afterlife. People - some of them friends of mine- regularly contact me to help them with their legal problems - in between the afterlife research and writing I do everyday. I do not charge any money for this service. Someone suggested to me that a lot of people could be helped by a question and answer type of presentation. Otherwise they would have to pay a lot of money even for a quick suggestion to the solution of a legal problem. So I am also including interesting legal issues from my files. My legal practice was in Sydney, Australia but there are legal similarities in the English speaking countries - U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa and elsewhere where the British law influenced local law - especially at Common Law and in Equity. Statutory laws are exclusive to each country. Technically, I cannot give legal advice - only lawyers who are presently registered as currently practising can give 'legal advice'. However, I am in a position to give guidelines to the legal problems raised. Of course, in any legal matter to be pursued, you are advised to see your own lawyer. I'll be adding two legal questions every week.

Have a great week.