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AUGUST 8th, 2014
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LAW, SCIENCE & EVIDENCE Prof. Carl Sagan, a scientist, once said, "Exceptional claims require exceptional evidence." But if Carl Sagan had been a lawyer (and if he had studied the evidence for the afterlife) he would have realised what extraordinary evidence really is. Attorneys and judges understand that there are five tests of evidence:
1. Anecdotal - Value approximately 3% - traces of evidence.
2. Prima Facie - on the face of it - value around 30 %
3. On Balance of Probabilities: 51%
4. Beyond Reasonable Doubt - say, around 90% and
5. The Cartesian test (from Descartes' 'doubt everything that can be doubted') where the evidence is BEYOND any doubt whatsoever - 101%.

This is when evidence amounting to proof reaches a level where it is objective and repeatable under experimental conditions and yields positive results over time and space....... The afterlife evidence has now reached number 5 - no genius scientist, no genius skeptic has ever disproved the evidence for the afterlife, especially materializations.


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DIRECTLY FROM THE AFTERLIFE - 'horrific terror before transition.' "It is part of my work in the spirit world to be at hand when people are making their entrance into these lands (in the afterlife) as residents, so that I speak from first hand-experience when I tell you of the horrific terror that consumes so many poor souls when their moment of transition has come. Instead of winter of their earthly lives passing gently into the glorious fresh, fragrant spring of their new life in these lands, they arrive here with that terror full upon them. Such beliefs (eternal hellfire) are relics of pure paganism, but this wicked fiction has been kept up and spread by the Churches of earth as a measure of inspiring FEAR into the hearts of their 'faithful.' As a former priest of the Church, I regret, deeply and earnestly, that I ever gave tongue to such misguided teaching. And there are hosts like me." (Mons. Hugh Benson FACTS)


We have always said that the most evidential test of physical mediumship is when you get a reunion of a person living in the spirit world with a loved one still alive. The Leslie Flint tapes provide several examples of this. Douglas and Eira Conacher were a devoted married couple with a publishing business in Central London. They were conventional in every way but one: they were determined that whoever died first would try to contact the other from the afterlife. Listen to their reunion.


WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE DIE: here is a book that anyone interested in the afterlife should read - N. Riley Heagerty's THE FRENCH REVELATION. It contains all the details of a twenty two year investigation of Mrs Emily French, a brilliant direct voice medium (like Leslie Flint). The main investigator was a prominent trial lawyer, Edward C. Randall.
It contains wonderful information on what happens when we die- direct from those living in the spirit world.

One fascinating incident reported in the book was when Edward C. Randall was talking to a spirit who had temporarily taken over the body of Mrs French.
Randall asked him if he knew where he was, because the record showed he was dead. The skeptic thought he was still alive. From the afterlife he said, "You are entirely mistaken ... there is no survival ... no continuity of life ...death is the end ...There is no such thing as life after death ... " (P. 197) - all this was spoken from the afterlife itself!.

This skeptic was lucky and was able to accept death only when the advanced intelligences were able to get his mother to talk to him - he knew his mother had died. Other skeptics who block their mind that there is no life after death could have huge problems. NOW is the time to study the afterlife evidence.


Starts August 16, 2014
Time: 11:00 - 13:30 (Sydney) GMT/UTC+10)
What: A 30 hours program
The live online version of IAC's main OBE-training course
Aim: designed to provide participants with information for learning to leave the body with control, and to be able to take advantage of all the spiritual-development benefits that come with that ability.

Some of the benefits and main topics of the course, among many others, are:
• Understanding non-physical dimensions or realities
• Having direct practical experiences in the spiritual planes
• Studying the non-physical bodies and their features
• Contacting our spirit guides and learning their characteristics
• Practicing over a dozen OBE techniques
• Development of paranormal abilities
• Losing the fear of death
• Getting information about our life purpose (or task)
• Using OBEs as a tool for assisting others
• Psychic awareness and energetic protection
• Multiple or extraphysical (astral) dimensions

Gordon Smith is one of Scotland's finest mediums who is currently demonstrating in the UK. He was extensively tested by Professor Archie Roy and Trisha Robertson of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research who are featured in the video. Gordon is able to give very detailed messages. Although he is now a professional medium, for a number of years Gordon continued to work as a barber and do his mediumship demonstrations on a voluntary basis in Spiritualist churches.

DEAD MEN TALKING:Afterlife Communication from World War I Michael Tymn's NEW Book.
" As science flourished in the years leading up to World War I, religion floundered. Thus, the warring countries were little prepared to deal with the grief and despair that arose from millions of deaths. Apparently, the spirit world took notice, and, while greatly limited in its ability to communicate with us, the spirits managed to get through to more open-minded mourners, providing comfort and solace. Messages, many of them very evidential, came from fallen warriors, through various mediums, telling their loved ones that they were still "alive" and still with them. This book is an anthology of their communications from the afterlife."

It is wonderful that more and more people are feeling free to talk about their after death communications with loved ones and their visits to other dimensionsions. Kate writes:
" My sister died when I was ten and she came back to visit me. She also showed me a beautiful glimpse of "her" Heaven. This is the blog that has seemed to touch people the deepest. It would be wonderful if you could take a few moments to read it.
Love and Light, Kate:

: Question: I've been reading that we have a life review. What is the purpose of the life review? Rhonda S. South Africa.

Victor: My twenty five years of afterlife research tells me that we actually have TWO life reviews. The first one is what can be called the 'sequential' - when you see you life on screen one event after another - and we are informed that it takes only a few seconds. But there is a more important life review with a superior being comparing what you did in your life with what the lessons that were planned before you came to earth. This is very important life-review because it is very likely to highlight what other lessons you will plan for next lifetime. Remember, that when you reach the highest spiritual level one can reach on earth - being able to truly unconditionally love and unconditionally forgive all, then there would be no need for you to come back to earth for another life.



Read more about this teacher...

Drs Gloria and Heidi Horsley, members of Compassionate Friends, co-founded The Open to Hope Foundation and co-host the weekly radio show Healing the Grieving Heart. There are now multiple episodes of the show on Youtube.

: 'ETERNAL HELLFIRE' - WHERE DID IT COME FROM? - Last week you mentioned Rev. Ken Vincent saying the Christian belief came from a mistranslation of the word 'eon' - and it was also stated that the first, original Greek Bible does not contain the word 'ETERNITY' in relation to punishment. So. logically, why doesn't the Christian Church put things right and do away with the doctrine of eternal damnation? J. Lewis

Victor. That's a very good question. And yes, it is confirmed that whenever eon - in the Greek Biblical text - was associated with punishment it was mistranslated into the Latin Bible to mean 'eternal'. Biblical experts have contacted the Vatican about this but the Vatican has not done anything. This is because it means changing the Bible (yet again). And that is not possible because the Church - especially the Catholic Church - says that the Church is being looked after by the 'Holy Ghost.' There were those who claimed the Church wanted eternal hellfire in the Bible to terrorize people into submission to the Church. This was reinforced by a teaching that only Catholic priests have the power to forgive sins - and that only Christians go to heaven. No wonder the time is now to bring about a sharp reformation to remove the absolute nonsense from the Bible.

THE INTERNATIONAL PSYCHIC ASSOCIATION ANNUAL DINNER SYDNEY Only two weeks until the Annual Dinner put on by the Australian (now International) Psychics Association. Last year it was a wonderful night which generated enormous goodwill. Great for networking and sharing future plans. Everyone was very supportive of each other and of the need to work co-operatively. Wendy and I will be going and would love to meet up with lots of our subscribers there. Get Details


FEEDBACK- only 3 selected.

Hello Victor/Wendy, Your weekly news letter for me at least is god sent. Trying to make sense of this world with all the blood war and hatred around you is hard. The newsletter helps in that it provides some satisfaction that there is a much better place after this world. At times I wish could make my journey their sooner rather than later. I only wish mainstream media somehow starts giving the evidence a little more visibility and credit. I truly think that a world without organized religion but deep spirituality is the only way forward for mankind. Keep up the good work and may the light be with you always. Kind Regards.

2) I got my question answered in this report: if we ever, even in a million years, cease to exist. This has been something I have feared, so now I have gotten some more peace on mind that we will in fact live forever, for all eternity. Maria

3) I loved the Judy Laddon bit. As always, thank you for this great service to mankind, Victor and Wendy. Marcos

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Listen to this spectacularly 'symbolic', magnificent, beautiful music with a powerful message for you. Watch carefully the absolutely brilliant color of all visuals of this song. Listen with an open heart - to something we want to share with you - because we know - you will never walk alone in this journey toward the Light - even though there will be tough challenges. We will meet the symbolic challenge of the wind and the rain- but we walk with strength and hope in our heart - and we will never walk alone!


Beautiful lyrics of 'You'll Never Walk Alone."

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You’ll never walk alone

Walk on, walk on
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You’ll never walk alone

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