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July 7th 2017

COMMENTARY: TRANSITION SUPPORT RESOURCES We realise that many people are drawn to this report and our webpage following the transition to spirit of a loved one. Over the last 18 years thousands of people from all over the world have told us that the resources we share have saved their sanity, their marriages and in some cases their lives.

We are so fortunate to be living in a time where there is an explosion of resources available that help up understand what really happens when we leave our physical bodies. To this end we have just updated a section on our website for grief support resources.
Actually we really need a more appropriate name, because once we understand that our loved ones are still close to us, are more alive than they ever were, and that we can still communicate with them, our whole approach changes.

We suggest that people bookmark the page and work though the activities at their own pace - perhaps one per week. If you have any suggestions for further resources we would love to hear them: please email books@victorzammit.com

LARRY DOSSEY ON THE SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE FOR THE EXISTENCE OF THE SOUL Dr. Dossey argues that the concept of soul is decidedly not obsolete, and is more supported by evidence than ever. Dr. Dossey also talks about the ethical implications of a unitary, collective aspect of consciousness for the many global challenges that currently confront humanity.

If you have been thinking of going to the Afterlife Research and Education Institute Symposium from September 15th-17th, NOW is the time to book. The Early Bird offer of $225 (Less $50 for AREI members) ends July 15th.
Join this exciting, fun and life expanding event with 500+ like-minded people.


" ... If you examine the records of the past, you will find that the more you go back to primitive times, the more natural was the exercise of psychic faculties. But, like all other faculties, they have atrophied through long disuse and the number of those today who can register the vibrations of the spirit is very, very small. You, all of you, are living in prisons. You have five tiny windows to your prison, and these five apertures are your physical senses. You are unaware of the millions of happenings around you unless they can be seen, smelt, touched, tasted or felt. But because you do not see the busy, teeming, active world around you, that does not mean to say it has no existence. It means only one thing, that you are unable to register its vibrations..." p.117 The Seed of Truth- Silver Birch.

is the third book P.M.H. Atwater was told to write during her third near-death experience. The Manual contains information on how to use your mind, develop and use intuition, understand color, sex, relationships, children, how to take out-of-body trips, interact with spirit beings, meditate, bend time, and rethink money.
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MELLEN-THOMAS BENEDICT SURVIVED TERMINAL BRAIN CANCER AFTER ONE OF THE MOST PROFOUND NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES EVER Mellen-Thomas was in the last stages of dying from terminal cancer in 1982. He died and, for an hour and a half, his body was monitored showing no vital signs. Miraculously he returned to his body after having a full NDE. Three months later there was no sign of the cancer in his body. He since discovered that there is no disease which has not been shown to have cases of "spontaneous remission". Here he's interviewed by George Noory.

We cannot ignore the information transmitted directly from the afterlife by the highly credible Mons. Hugh Benson about Jesus: "Dishonest or ignorant scribes have put into the mouth of Jesus sayings which we, in the spirit world, KNOW positively he could never have uttered.

Jesus is supposed to have spoken about his 'Church'. That is a falsity of the worst kind. On no occasion was Jesus interested in establishing any Church. He dealt solely with spiritual truths; he was at no time concerned with the creation and establishment of peculiar sacramental devices upon which man's salvation would have to depend."

Marisa begins her talk by recounting how she was contacted by a spirit who wanted to bring her murderer to justice. She claims to have interviewed hundreds of spirits asking them how they died, who met them and what happened during their life reviews.


'SUPERNORMAL' was a word coined by English psychic researcher and classics scholar, F.W.H. Myers, to use instead of supernatural, when describing psychic phenomena. Its modern equivalent is 'paranormal' - mostly now accepted to come within the experience of cause and effect.

A simple technique for keeping connected with your departed loved ones. Phil has put his simple idea into a book, a Spoken CD Beginners Guide to contacting the afterlife and several interesting articles. His website is no longer active but you can access an archived version.

SOME BOOKS FOR GRIEVING PET OWNERS We often hear from people who are grieving the loss of a beloved animal. Here are some books that might help:
Signs From Pets In The Afterlife
Paperback – December 3, 2015 Lyn Ragan
After Death Signs from Pet Afterlife & Animals in Heaven: How to Ask for Signs & Visits and What it Means Paperback – September 27, 2015 by Brent Atwater (Author)
From Grief to Gratitude after Pet Loss: Healing Messages and Guidance from Pets in the Afterlife (Healing Pet Loss Series) (Volume 2) Paperback – January 9, 2017 by Marianne Soucy (Author)


CHRIS ROBINSON HAS PROVED HE CAN TELL THE FUTURE FROM HIS DREAMS Chris Robinson was nicknamed the 'dream detective' by detectives after his dreams unravelled numerous murders and serious crimes. His abilities were tested at the University of Arizona (see Premonition Man videos).

Racism, xenophobia, bigotry and sexism have always been there, it’s just that we can see them more clearly now. This unprecedented, radical form of transparency feels scary and dark, because it forces us to look long and hard into the corners. But that’s also why connectivity is so important. Billions of people are starting to speak out, and that means we are no longer able to claim ignorance, and filter out the terrible things that have happened on the watch of good people in the past. Welcome to the world as it really is, and not the way the gatekeepers used to tell us it was. It’s about time. Read more...

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