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June 30th 2017

COMMENTARY: MY THREE MOST ADMIRED AFTERLIFE SOURCES Over the years I have quoted from hundreds of credible afterlife sources. But my three most trusted sources are highly spiritual and most immediately relevant to us here on earth to-day. No doubt, if we listen to them and do what they recommend, guaranteed, we will have the most peaceful, wonderfully safe and really spiritual crossing over.

First there are the Silver Birch books, through medium Maurice Barbanell. There are some 13 books of very highly spiritual material which millions of people have found to be very helpful.

Mons Hugh Benson, transmitting information through 'writing medium' Anthony Borgia, had the courage to tell us that the Church's creeds are fundamentally wrong. He confirmed that there is no last judgment or eternal damnation and that when we die our consciousness survives and goes to the realm of the Light. The books are available free online.

Arthur Findlay wrote several magnificent books about the afterlife, the most famous being On the Edge of the Etheric. He would be the greatest paranormal historian in the world. He revealed some very highly controversial facts about Christian theology - facts which in 83 years have never been disputed.

"LIFE AFTERLIFE" The video about Professor Gary Schwartz' afterlife experiments, produced and directed by Lisa F. Jackson in 1999. In the first part a number of people give testimony about their personal experiences of after death contacts. This part includes interviews with Dr Dean Radin, Dr. Charles Tart, Dr Larry Dossey, Judy Guggenheim and John Edward. Then the experiments when five mediums conduct readings with clients under controlled conditions, not even seeing the clients. Absolutely brilliant.

"In science, the acceptance of new ideas follows a predictable, four-stage sequence.
In Stage 1, skeptics confidently proclaim that the idea is impossible because it violates the Laws of Science. This stage can last from years to centuries, depending on how much the idea challenges conventional wisdom.
Stage 2, skeptics reluctantly concede that the idea is possible, but it is not very interesting and the claimed effects are extremely weak.
Stage 3,
begins when the mainstream realizes that the idea is not only important, but its effects are much stronger and more pervasive than previously imagined.
Stage 4,
is achieved when the same critics who used to disavow any interest in the idea begin to proclaim that they thought of it first. Eventually, no one remembers that the idea was once considered a dangerous heresy."
( Dr. Dean Radin, The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena Ch.1)

PHYSICAL MEDIUMSHIP EXPLAINED: INTERVIEW WITH MEDIUM SCOTT MILLIGAN Physical Mediumship is VERY rare in the world. Only a handful of mediums demonstrate to the public. Scott Milligan is one of the few and an extraordinary man, fueled by his passion to help heal those grieving and to be of service to those in the Other World. Visit Scott's website.

Really exquisite spiritual rhetoric directly from the afterlife.
"To die is not tragic. To live in your world is tragic. To see the garden of the Great Spirit choked with the weeds of selfishness and greed and avarice, that is tragedy. To die is to enjoy freedom of the spirit, which has been imprisoned behind the bars of the material body. Is it tragic to be released from suffering, for the soul to come into its own? Is it tragic to see wonders of colour, to hear music that does not belong to material expression? Do you call it tragic to express yourself in a body that has no pain, to be able to roam all over the world of matter in a flash and to taste the beauties of the spirit life too? There is not in your world one artist who could capture with his paints some of the glories of my world. There is not one musician who could record some of the glories of the music sphere with your notes. There is not one writer who could describe in physical words the beauty of parts of this world ..." (Silver Birch Anthology).

A wonderful talk about deathbed visions and after death contacts.

We know from the reports of out-of-body travelers that there are astral equivalents of cities and countryside. For those who crossed over who are spiritually advanced, their country is the universe; in regard to the earth, their only preference is for the place in which there is the greatest number of persons with whom they are in sympathy.

The greatest skeptic in the world was Dr Richard Hodgson who had a powerful reputation for denouncing all the mediums he investigated in a most vicious way. He ruined the reputation of the founder of Theosophy, Helena Blavatsky, and ridiculed the great Eusapia Paladino.
But when it came to investigating Mrs Leonora Piper, the greatest trance medium in the world, he was beaten. Dr Hodgson reported to the Society for Psychical Research in England:
"I cannot profess to have any doubt but that the chief communicators are veritably the personalities that they claim to be - that they have survived the change we call death, and that they have directly communicated with us ..."

It is most interesting that the noisiest skeptics of to-day - what's left of them - keep very quiet about Dr Richard Hodgson's confession that his many years of stubborn negative attacks against mediums was all wrong!

MULTIDIMENSIONAL AWAKENING WITH JURGEN ZIEWE - PART 1 Multimedia artist Jurgen Ziewe explains how his intensive meditation technique led to many spontaneous out-of-body experiences in full consciousness. He claims that the whole of life is a path for development and every event is an opportunity for self awareness and awakening.


Charles Hapgood was a professor at Keene State in New Hampshire. During one of his college courses he performed successful experiments in hypnosis. This interest led him to deep trance medium Elwood Babbitt (1921 – 2001). Hapgood worked closely with Babbitt and made recordings of at least 100 different trance entities who spoke through the medium. He found that EEGs of the medium's brain showed a completely different pattern according to which entity was in control. He also showed that different entities responded differently to a word association test. (See Charles Hapgood Voices of Spirit). Here Elwood Babbitt brings through philosopher Bertrand Russell who admits there is a God, but not the one he was taught about while alive.

The very best conduct to adopt for a fulfilled life and a wonderful afterlife is unselfish service, loving all, and giving help whenever possible. The natural law tells us that every unselfish act increases the vibrations of our spirit-body. All negative actions (especially cruelty) reduce the vibrations of the spirit-etheric body. On crossing over the level of vibrations, the spiritual stage we have reached, will determine
automatically the conditions we find ourselves in.

hroughout history we have read inspiring stories of men and women who have turned their backs on a life of wealth and privilege in order to live more noble lives. It is still happening.

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FEEDBACK: (Three only)

1. Thank you Victor. Especially loved Dr. Scott Taylor's shared death experience. Alex

2.Thank you for putting me onto this video [The Science of Eternity]. Brilliant evidence for the 'Afterlife". Just when will all this evidence be accepted so that the attitudes of all those currently in this world, can be changed? Audrey

3. Hello Victor and Wendy,
Thank you very much for mentioning Gwen and Alf Byrne in your latest Report. Gwen is still with us in Earth Life but lives alone now, without access to a computer and it was my privilege to phone her to let her know that her amazing story was being shared with your subscribers all over the world.

Since her son Russell passed in 1963, Gwen has done her utmost to help bereaved parents, and I feel that in a sense Sheri Perl's wonderful work with the Prayer Registry and EVP is a 21st century continuation of this invaluable support.

It was my son's Prayer Date today, 27 June, the second anniversary of his passing, and his details have been sent out with links to your own and Michael Roll's website together with prayers for the other young people who passed on this date in various years.

I wholeheartedly recommend that any of your subscribers who are bereaved parents and are not yet members of Sheri's Prayer Registry join with us, as they will find exceptional hope and comfort to assist with their grief, in addition to the wonderful information that you unfailingly provide every week Thank you so much, Victor and Wendy, Sheri and Michael, for helping me through the past 2 Years, the dedication you all share could not have given me any greater reassurance..
Love from Julia

HIGHLY INSPIRED MUSIC Andy Williams "SPEAK SOFTLY" - one of the greatest voices of all time! Ronald Reagan said it best when he declared Andy Williams' voice a national treasure. "No matter what your style of music might be...when Andy hits that magnificent note at the end of this performance, you have witnessed one of the finest voices to ever grace a microphone." Such a talented and wonderful human being. Enjoy paradise Andy.

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