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May 27th May 2011

Apologies if I have not replied to your email.

REPORT in 50 languages including - French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese and Hungarian - and many others. Be very patient with the grammar of these automatic translations.

We continue to remind materialist scientists that they cannot make unsupported provocative statements in matters they have not studied - AND EXPECT TO GO UNCHALLENGED! They are making fools of themselves whenever they do.

Recently Professor Dawkins made an illegitimate claim that evolution shows there is no God. This was in the same way that Professor Hawking grossly neglected to take into consideration one hundred and fifty years of scientific afterlife research when he said there is no afterlife.

If these claims were to be tested by tough cross- examination lawyers in the Supreme Court, it would quickly be shown that:
a) both Professor Dawkins and Professor Hawking are completely ignorant about the afterlife and ‘God’,
b) they are giving uninformed personal views and not speaking on behalf of science or all scientists
c) they have no objective authority outside their limited narrow area of scientific specialization.
d) they have no credibility, no knowledge and no standing in matters of scientific evidence for the afterlife.

Physical medium David Thompson's most interesting new website is now operational. If you enter your email address you will be informed every time the site is updated. You will soon be able to access audios and reports of sessions as David travels around the world. I suggest you subscribe to this website especially if in the future you want to attend a sensational session conversing with afterlife intelligences - with the best traveling materialization medium in the world to-day. www.circleofthesilvercord.net

CRITICALLY RELEVANT: (Number 2) MORE NON-SCIENTIFIC STATEMENTS FROM PROFESSOR STEPHEN HAWKING Last week he told us things that were outside his area of scientific specialty: (1) he thinks there is no afterlife. (2) This silly professor also tried to warn us that for survival, mankind must 'colonize the Universe.' You do not have to be a professor to know that you cannot travel in the universe in a 'linear' way as this professor states. Why not? Because of the very huge distances. The nearest star is trillions of miles away from earth. Even at the speed of light it would take thousands of years to get there. The only way for humans to actually start living on other planets is when future physics is able to achieve 'teleportation' - the ability to raise and lower our vibrations and become solid in a new place. Distance then will not be relevant. But this kind of future science - paranormal physics of the future - is not accepted by this uninformed professor. This silly professor would be more productive if he investigated the absolute certainty of long term survival in the afterlife. Survival in the afterlife is guaranteed to everyone - it is hugely superior to space travel or colonizing the universe.

Part 2 (from last week) MORE GIANTS OF SCIENCE
WHO ACCEPTED THE AFTERLIFE AND/OR the PARANORMAL Here are more brilliant scientists and investigators who used their brilliant scientific knowledge to confirm there is an afterlife - and/or the paranormal - from my book http://www.victorzammit.com/book/
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir William Barrett, Dr Peter Bander, Dr Robert Crookal, Professor John Bockris, John Logie Baird, Professor Arthur Ellison, Dr Peter Fenwick, Professor Festa, Dr Edith Fiore, Arthur Findlay, Professor David Fontana, Dr Amit Goswami (pictured left) , Professor Gustav Geley, Professor Ivor Grattan-Guinesss, Professor Stanislav Grof, Dr Arthur Guirdham, Dr Glen Hamilton, Professor Charles Hapgood, Professor Sylvia Hart-Wright, Professor Ernst Senkowski, (left) Professor James Hyslop, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Professor William James, Professor Brian Josephson, Dr Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Sir Oliver Lodge, Drs Jeff and Jody Long, Mark Macy, Ron Pearson (engineer/physics), George Meek, engineer, Dr Raymond Moody, Dr Melvin Morse, Dr Morris Nertherton, Dr Karlis Osis, Dr Hall Puthoff, Dr Dean Radin, Dr Peter Ramster (Psychologist), Edward C Randall (Lawyer), Dr.Konstantine Raudive (left), Drs J.B. and Louisa Rhine, Nobel Laureate Professor Charles Richet, Dr Kenneth Ring, Dr Aubrey Rose, Professor Archie Roy (left) Dr Michael Sabom, Dr Hans Schaer, Professor Marilyn Schlitz, Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, Judge Dean Shuart, Dr Ian Stevenson, Dr Claude Swanson, Dr Emmanuel Swedenborg, Professor Russell Targ, Professor Charles Tart, Professor Jessica Utts, Dr Pim Van Lommel,
Dr Jan W. Vandersande, Professor J.W. Crawford, Professor Wadhams, Prof. Alfred Wallace, Dr Helen Wambach, Dr Carl Wickland, Dr Carla Wills-Brandon, Professor Fred Alan Wolf (left) Dr Julie Beischel (right) - Dr Victor Zammit, and many others.


“TOWARDS PHYSICS PROVING GOD” A NEW MASTERPIECE BY BRITISH SCIENTIST RON PEARSON – book to be available soon. Clearly it shows how wrong Professor Stephen Hawking is. Hawking has never investigated 'God' or the afterlife. The onus is on Professor Hawking - and other materialist scientists - to show why, where, how and why what scientist Ron Pearson is stating about 'God' is not correct. Whilst Pearson shows there has to be an 'energy' – a kind of Supreme Energy – which is responsible for the universe some people call it ‘God’, Hawking has not explained anything about the role of this Supreme Energy in the existence of the universe. Read more...




JAMES VAN PRAAGH - ONE OF THE WORLD'S GREATEST MEDIUMS: watch this fantastic youtube video about one of the greatest, most gifted mediums we have on planet Earth to-day. He has been hugely influential in bringing knowledge of the afterlife to the mainstream media. The meanest skeptics try to attack him becacuse of his brilliant evidence he demonstrates regularly that the skeptics are losers and defeatists.

Can you imagine having regular two way conversations with your 'dead' wife where she speaks in her own voice through a direct voice medium for half hour at a time over a period of twelve years? You talk about people you both know and things that are happening in both your lives. Would you not say the tapes of these conversations would be evidence to satisfy anyone open minded that the afterlife exists? The Anni Nanji recordings are 66 recordings of casual conversations between one of Leslie Flint's regular sitters and his wife Anni who had died. Anni was a Swedish lady who died of cancer and her Indian husband was a doctor from Bombay. She was speaking to her husband in direct voice through Leslie Flint (pictured above) between 1971 and 1983. They talk in casual conversation like any married couple. The wife tells her husband that he comes to visit her very often when he is asleep and cannot understand that he does not remember visiting her. Dr. Nanji said: "This wasn't someone impersonating my wife, it was my dead wife who knew so many things unknown to the medium, Leslie Flint." You can listen to these remarkable tapes online at http://www.leslieflint.com/recordingsnanji.html

In the tapes Dr Nanji talks about writing a book about these remarkable communications and about the difficulty of publishing such a book in Sweden. We would love to hear from anyone who knows if the book was ever written or from anyone who knew Dr Nanji. If the book was never written perhaps now is the time.

Bruce Moen is an engineer, author and lecturer who learned to travel out of his body at the Monroe Institute in 1992. Since that time he claims to have traveled many times to the different realms (which Monroe calls focus levels- see next item). Here in one of his workshops he talks about life in Focus 27- what we call the middle astral or third level.



Focus 3: State of increased mental coherency and balance
Focus 10: Mind Awake/Body Asleep
Focus 12: A state of expanded awareness
Focus 15: State of no time
Focus 21: The edge of time/space where it is possible to contact other energy systems.
Focus 22: Those who are physically alive but unconscious, dreaming or drugged.
Focus 23: Those who have died but are "stuck".
Focus 24,25,26: The belief system territories-Every set of Afterlife beliefs held by humans at any time has a specific location with these Focus levels
Focus 27:The Afterlife area of greatest free will choice for its inhabitants. It's an area created by humans and often resembles physical earth environments. Contact and communication is open between all inhabitants. Many people living in Focus 27 provide assistance to new arrivals in their adjustment to living in the Afterlife. It is a highly organized and structured area. Read more....

People ask me how can you tell If a person is spiritual or not. One of the best ways to know if a person is spiritual is to know how he or she responds to different problems. The more spiritual a person - the less 'violent' the response. For example, if somebody said terrible things about you to really hurt you, do you:
a) tell that person in a very nasty hurtful way how how stupid she or he is,
b) tell other people what a most horrible person that person is?

c) spread rumors to try to destroy her character?
d) communicate with that person to
find out what is going on?
e) if that person refuses to negotiate with you, unconditionally forgive that person.
If you chose a, b or c, you may need to be become more spiritual. Of course, this is only a very simple test. Ultimately, when you can truly 'unconditionally forgive' and truly 'unconditionally love', - consider yourself to be a spiritually advanced person.

Reincarnation Experiment coordinator Paul Von Ward discusses the methodology he used to decide that the case for Peter Teekamp and Michelle Moshay being the reincarnations of Paul and Mette Gauguin is in the top 10% of credible reincarnation cases.


A reader writes:
"Just found out that a brief documentary on a case of a four year old kid in Oklahoma remembering a life in Hollywood will be aired, the show is called the UneXplained and the title is something like A Life in Hollywood. I'm at a conference with the psychiatrist who investigated this, it's the real stuff. It's scheduled to run on Sat, June 4, several times in the evening on the Biography channel."

BRILLIANT PSYCHIC DETECTIVES: Again gifted ‘psychic detective’ Phil Jordan was sought by the State Police from Oneida on the East Coast of the U.S. Four innocent people were found tied feet and hands and mouth taped, all were shot in the head. Police had no success in finding the killers. Gifted psychic Phil Jordan gave the police important information – ten most relevant facts – which led to the arrest and conviction of three murderers. The killers are now serving 100 years in prison each. Kurt Hameline, Assistant D.A. of Oneida County said that using the psychic was critical to catch the murderers. Sheriff Bill Hasenaurer of Oneida Country Sheriff’s Office, said "I accept psychics' role in helping with murder cases – and I will call them again – because they get results. I am now a great believer” (in psychics helping the police). Sgt. Lynton Clark of Oneida Sheriff’s Office completely agreed about the use of psychics in solving murders - "we use all sources - including psychics to solve crime" . Gifted psychics have been helping the police for a long time and have excelled in their assistance. So let’s give credit, where credit is due to gifted psychic detectives. In the future greater psychic results will be made when there will be more acceptance of gifted psychics in assisting to solve crime. Read more ...

PSYCHIC SPIES: Professional psychics know very well that those spies who are also good psychics will always be at a distinct advantage. I have repeatedly witnessed this for over 20 years where 'hostile' operatives were immediately identified by a psychic. Those in professional espionage know very well that countries which master the military-political espionage paranormal and psychic phenomena will dominate the world without firing a shot. The really gifted psychic spy can gain access to all locked-up most guarded secrets anywhere in the world. Very interesting, those KGB agents in the past, who defected to the 'West' showed extensive fear of their own psychic-spies seeking revenge.

JESUS MADE INTO A 'GOD' in 325AD - EMPEROR CONSTANTINE AND THE COUNCIL OF NICEA 325AD Emperor Constantine who masterminded the Council of Nicea, Turkey, in 325AD (May to September) is said to have been the real founder of Christianity. This is because he made Christianity the religion of Rome and the Roman Empire. He became Christian because the Pagan priest Sopator, would not forgive his horrible sins of murdering so many people - including six members of his own family. The highly violent Emperor Constantine became a Christian only when the 'Trinitarian' Catholics promised and guaranteed him that they had the power to forgive all his sins. They told him he would go straight to heaven when he died. All he had to say is, "I'm sorry I brutally killed so many people - including my wife - and beheaded my son ..." What is not in dispute in history is that Emperor Constantine - a most violent Emperor - murdered the following members of his own family:
1) Maximian, his wife's father in AD 310
2) Bassianus, his sister's husband in AD314
3) Licinius, his nephew, AD 319
4) Fausta, his wife, threw her in a bath of boiling water AD320
5) Sopator, choked his former Pagan priest friend AD 321
6) Licinius, his sister's husband AD 325.
7) Crispus, beheaded his own 11 year old son AD 325.

Constantine was made a saint in the Eastern Orthodox Church and Oriental Orthodox Church for his example as a "Christian monarch." We must not forget that at this Nicea Council, Jesus was made into a 'God' - and all those 'Unitarian Christians' who opposed him were banished.(see the very highly documented book by T.W. DOANE's 'Bible Myths and their Parallels in Other Religions').

REFORMATION: Is it not time for orthodox Christians – especially the Catholics to remove all that has been copied from previous other religious writings - for a new REFORMATION? This is for a new meaningful Christian Bible - for those who feel comfortable with religion? (I'm more than happy for a Christian theologian to tell us all or any of the above is not correct - giving reasons.)

PUBLIC MEETINGS: GIFTED MEDIUM LOUISE HERMANN PUBLIC SESSION Date:Friday 3rd June 2011 Time:Arrive 7pm for a 7:15pm start (please arrive on time as the front doors will be closed at 7:15pm sharp). Location:Drummoyne Community Centre-10 Cometrowe St, Drummoyne. Cost: A $10 Door Entry Fee payable on the evening. 10% of proceeds will go towards the Cancer Council, Lifeline Australia and the RSPCA (see website for details). If you or anyone else would like to attend, please register online at www.louisehermann.com or provide just a first name, date/location of event, contact mobile (in case of event changes) and the number of people attending by emailing info@louisehermann.com or phone and leave a message (or text) on 0415 183 950.Wheelchair access is also provided. Also please allow extra time for parking. With All My Love Louise Hermann Spiritual Medium” www.louisehermann.com

Are you interested in receiving a free psychic reading as a volunteer in a scientific research study? The Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential is looking for people resident in the USA who have not lost a loved one to be subjects.

Check out some of the audio recordings of wonderful interviews on the Forever Family Foundation weekly radio programs. The page is very wide and you may need to use the scroll bar at the bottom of the page to scroll across to the right to see the purple button "Listen Now." Allow some time for the audio to download. You can also download past talks and subscribe to podcasts through itunes


We had some wonderful feedback last week to the item on Professor Hawking. Many empathized with his physical condition but all agreed that only someone totally unaware of the evidence could dismiss 150 years of brilliant scientific research as "fairy stories".

1) Dear Dr. Zammit, just a note to express my appreciation of the great work you do in bringing evidence for the afterlife to people. I make a point of drawing attention to your website when the subject is debated. I have assisted in the writing of two books ...and believe very strongly in an afterlife, based on the wealth of evidence supporting it. It truly is overwhelming when one considers it fairly and not with a closed mind... as unfortunately certain people continue to do, to the detriment of true science. What really clinched it for me was the evidence of Direct Voice mediumship, specifically in the case of Leslie Flint. Flint was tested to the utmost and there was simply no way on earth he could have produced those results by fraud. Best wishes, John F, Ireland.

2) Hi Victor, Can I just say that your Friday Afterlife Report is brilliant. I post it to my group every week and for those who either don't like links or can't access them for some reason. I also produce a precis version of them I call "Snippets from Victor's Newsletter". Back in 1983, my wife lost her beloved dad. He passed in his sleep around 3.30am. When we arrived he was still asleep and still in his body. She sat beside him with her arms round him and she said she could feel his body vibrating. She held him for quite some time as she was distressed as well and wanted to keep cuddling him. After a while she got up and "saw" him leave his body. He gave her a lovely cheery wave and was gone. I thought I would just share that with you. Robin

3) FRP, AFGHANISTAN - US MILITARY OPERATIONS: Sir, Thank you again for your efforts producing the Afterlife Report, I always look forward to them each week while working in Afghanistan supporting US military operations on Bagram Air Base. C.H.


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Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.