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November 19th

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There are what we call the "new science" scientists who accept the science of the paranormal. Yet, there is a small but vocal minority of closed minded scientists and psychologists who try to discourage investigation or even academic discussion of the paranormal and the afterlife. We keep coming across the same academic professional "rent-a-skeptic" who tells us WITHOUT EXPLANATION that there is no evidence for the paranormal.

He totally IGNORES the formidable physicists, astronomers, psychologists and other scientists who after investigating the paranormal accepted the evidence. Note very carefully, they did not become 'believers' - because scientific investigation of the paranormal has NOTHING to do with BELIEFS - but everything to do with EVIDENCE. These investigating scientists ACCEPTED the evidence. In the past I came across documentary evidence that psychic phenomena, pre-cognition and contact with the afterlife are more than 4,000 years old - from China, Egypt, India and Japan. There is nothing new about what psychics and mediums are doing to-day!

Considering the evidence has become objective and repeatable, it is time for the reductionist closed minded scientists to abandon their irrational entrenched negative beliefs and be open about the evidence presented for the existence of the paranormal and the afterlife.
No genius reductionist scientist has ever rebutted the presented afterlife evidence - not even for the allurement of ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!

"SCIENCE and the AFTERLIFE"- Tim Coleman's DVD

During the five years of the Scole experiments the top afterlife scientists in the UK, Europe and America witnessed amazing physical mediumship. In this trailer for the wonderful documentary Afterlife Science by Tim Coleman you can see briefly the scene where Professor Arthur Ellison (pictured) was invited to touch a quartz crystal which was lit up from the inside. As he watched, the crystal dematerialized and when he went to touch it again the outline was there but his hand went straight through it.
All of the scientists who took part in the investigation were convinced by the evidence. The DVD is being released in Mid December 2010 but you can email Tim now for an advance purchase Tcole7777@aol.com

THE 'PHYSICS OF GOD' - - How Science Supports Spirituality: Yogis in ancient India probed the atom with their Siddhic powers and literally saw how energy forms mass; they saw quantum spin. David Ash, a British scientist, has applied the yogic discovery to modern physics. The result is a self-contained science that is so simple everyone can understand. David demonstrates the yoga spin with a ball of wool. Wool represents energy. As energy spins freely it forms a ball just like a ball of wool. This is intended to show how energy forms the corpuscular subatomic particle i.e. an electron or a proton. Vortex balls of spinning light whiz round each other to form atoms. Read his article "Science Supports Spirituality...

CAN SCIENCE PROVE WE'RE PSYCHIC? Many of us know people who can tell you about things that are going to happen before they happen. We know that this ability has been reported in every culture for at least 4,000 years. I have met excellent pre-cognitive psychics myself. We read of Professor Gary Schwartz testing pre-cognitive psychic Chris Robinson. There is the Windbridge Institute scientifically testing psychics. We also have the Institute of Noetic Sciences writing scientific papers about psychic science. Dr Charles Tart (pictured) in his recent book "The End of Materialism" shows how precognition is one of the five areas of psychic phenomena for which there is extensive evidence. Now we have the ultra-conservative American Psychological Society trying to catch up by finally allowing a paper about experiments which provide evidence for pre-cognition to published in their journal. Very interesting. Using precognitive ability we can say it will succeed.

Alan Boyle writes: " Scientists are buzzing over a peer-reviewed study that suggests humans have predictive powers, but it’s too early to predict whether or not the research will hold up.
The 61-page paper, titled "Feeling the Future," was written by Cornell psychology professor emeritus Daryl Bem and is due for publication in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Bem says his experiments support the idea that there really is something to human precognition of events that haven't yet occurred.
Read description...


In this interview with Alex Tsakiris, Dr Van Lommel talks about the way his research on near-death experiences has affected him personally..

" for me it was transforming because you realize that it’s kind of resonating within your hidden knowledge, your knowing that what they tell is the truth. And there’s no death- death is just the physical end of the person but not the end of the essence of who you are. And there’s continuity of consciousness. That’s really mind-blowing as well that you can accept it and especially I was so amazed when I started reading about it in all world religions, all times and all cultures. It has been said and written down."

Dr. van Lommel also discusses how his controversial findings have been accepted by the medical community. “The gap is not as big as you presume. It just looks that way because the Skeptics are very active. The Skeptics have their own truth and they don’t listen to somebody else who has a different opinion. So there’s a gap and there will always be a gap. There is no discussion possible with Skeptics because they have the truth. But a lot of physicians are a little bit more open, but they won’t write articles. They won’t write or tell about it in public. I know some physicians who have had a near-death experience. They said to me and wrote to me that, ‘what happened to me now I’ve always said this is impossible, and now it happened to me.’” Read transcript or listen to the full interview.

STUNNING MENTAL MEDIUMSHIP BY JAMES VAN PRAAGH Mediums often ask a sitter to validate information to improve the vibration of the connection. But this is not "cold reading". In this session I counted 18 correct facts that James had NO WAY of guessing from the mother's body language. Try it for yourself.



'OUIJA BOARD' USED IN CHINA 4,000 YEARS AGO. China must have the greatest cultural and historical knowledge and experience about the paranormal in the world. J. Klimo's Psychics, Prophets and Mystics - Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources (1991) tells us among other interesting things:"Early historical Chinese reports contain descriptions of channeling-like communication from such souls ...This point is further substantiated by the fact that the most ancient reference to the use of an instrument akin to the more modern planchette (spirit contact), is described by the Chinese of 4000 years ago..." (quoted in Dr Jacqueline Jones-Hunt's SEANCES WITH GOD through the ages.)

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE? How does the spirit appear anatomically (bodily) in the afterlife? Gina, L.A.

Hugh Benson,
(Highly credible afterlife intelligence) transmitting information from the afterlife: "Anatomically - ie, regarding our human body - just exactly the same as you have now. We have muscles, we have bones, we have sinews, but they are not of the earth; they are purely of spirit. We suffer from no ailments- that would be impossible in the spirit world .Therefore, our bodies do not require constant looking after to maintain a state of good health. Here our health is always perfect, because we have such a vibrational rate that disease, and the germs that cause it, cannot enter. You will have a perfect body all the time."

A BOOK ON GHOST HUNTING – USING SCIENCE. ‘Paranormal Technology’ claims to be: " the first book to provide a scientific method for ghost hunting, which includes in-depth explanations of what the collected data means. Paranormal Technology offers new techniques, answers questions, and provides experiments, which will help bridge the gap between the paranormal and science. Written in everyday language, it offers keen insights into the nature of paranormal phenomena, the protocols required for collecting evidence that will stand up to scientific scrutiny, and the possible theories that may explain the source of "Ghosts". Currently employed test equipment is examined and proper use is covered in great detail. Paranormal Technology is an indispensable aid to any scientific researcher or ghost hunting group, whether you are a beginner, or with many years of experience. This book is not a means to an end, but rather, an invitation to a fresh beginning." Read more...

A few ultra- conservative Christians keep on mistakenly claiming that making contact with afterlife intelligences is "making contact with devils, with Satans etc." This is absolute nonsense! Time for these un-informed conservative Christians to read the Report of the two year investigation into communicating with afterlife intelligences by the Protestant Church which confirmed that communicating with afterlife intelligences is valid. The result of the investigation was kept secret for 40 years!! Read the report ....

A big thank you to Ken Ross for making several tapes of interviews with his mother Dr Elizabeth Kubler Ross available on his Youtube channel. She was fearless in her sharing of her direct experience of the afterlife and remains an inspiration to so many people. Her foundation has announced that a feature film about her life and work is being made. Read more..

This law has been in operation from time immemorial and no one on earth will have any power to amend, change, modify, reduce or enlarge in any way whatsoever. Those who wilfully do nasty things to others, those who think that giving money to the church or charity can reduce or erase their deeds- are absolutely wrong. Those who do negative things to others will one day, have to face their victims and ask for forgiveness. That is the law - and no one gets away with it, no one!

QUESTION: What happens when when our body goes to sleep at night time?

"... the spirit leaves the body with the silver cord to maintain the two. The spirit is freed from the body, apart from that tenuous link. During that state, the spirit freely roams in those aspects of our world, gravitating to those spheres which are natural to its growth and evolution. Unfortunately, the brain being the smaller, it cannot record the spirit experiences which are outside the realm of your time and sense of dimensions. When you come to our world, when the cord is severed, you have complete recollection of every visit that you have made in your earthly sleep state. Now if you recollect, it is fragmentary; then it becomes permanent."




PMH ATWATER on her response, as a medium, to CLINT EASTWOOD'S movie HEREAFTER
"My husband and I saw the movie "Hereafter" last week. Terry slept through most of it, saying it was too slow in development to hold his interest. He would have preferred a more dynamic story via special effects. I found the slow pace of the movie to be realistic - it's the way things happen to real people who are confronted by facts that defy their comfort zone. In a way, I felt like the movie took me back to Class 101 in basic spirituality/metaphysics/psychic phenomena. . . as it wound around the lives of a medium who felt cursed by his gift to interact with the dead, a French journalist who drowned in a tsunami then returned to life, and a boy who wanted to communicate with his dead twin. The movie-going public, for once, were treated to an honest portrayal. No overwhelm. No exaggeration. Real feelings, hopes, and fears. I liked it."
Read more ...

TIPS FOR SPIRITUAL ADVANCEMENT: Occasionally I receive emails stating words to the effect, "...any tips for speedier development of spirituality ???..." This is usually asked by those who know that higher spirituality will mean higher vibrations of the 'etheric spirit body' - which would mean better conditions when crossing over. Loopholes eh?? One sure way of increasing your etheric-spirit vibrations is to consistently maintain an 'ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE'. Don't take things for granted ... always be thankful for ALL the 'positive' things you have ... works wonders! Our American friends know this as they prepare for their upcoming festival of Thanksgiving next Thursday!!!!

Some people in our culture hold a superior attitude toward those not born in "advanced Western societies." John Sloan, Arthur Findlay's medium, says not to be shocked when you get to the afterlife and see that people the West called 'savages' are actually spiritually more advanced and living in the higher realms. This is something we all inevitably have to get used to - sooner or later it is going to happen!! The non-religious, but highly spiritual works of Silver Birch have passed the test of time. Silver Birch said he was a Buddhist in a past life and also an Native American Indian.


Traditional science cannot explain this most fantastic levitation phenomenon! Here, see for yourself!



PUBLIC MEETING NEXT SUNDAY: VICTOR will be the guest speaker at the Dowsers Society of N.S.W.: Lecture Hall - for November 21st, 2010 2 PM, at the Community Hall, 44 Gladesville Road, Hunters Hill (corner of Ryde Rd). Victor will present various evidence he has for the existence of the afterlife. He will be putting emphasis on materializations of medium David Thompson. Victor, with others in his circle have investigated the medium virtually every week for two years. The materializations of David Thompson are claimed to be the best we have in the world today. Victor says that the afterlife evidence is now objective and repeatable. During the materializations, he converses with afterlife intelligences. He also witnessed some fifty reunions of those from the afterlife with their loved ones sitting in the sessions. Victor will present simple steps which he says will allow you to reach the Realm of the Light on crossing over. Entrance fee $6. Coffee and tea provided.

Following a successful tour of England, Tom Morris and Kevin Lawrenson, the mediums from Montcabirol in France, are visiting Australia for the first time next February and March. They will be providing opportunities for members of the public to experience many types of physical mediumship. You can book now for one of the demonstrations or for a weekend workshop designed for people travelling from a distance. But be quick as it is extremely rare to have the opportunity to witness physical mediumship and demand always exceeds places.
Read details...


1.Victor. Amazing, Amazing, thank you for standing up to the closed minded skeptics Victor, we are blessed to have you on our side.
Love and Light always,

Thank you sir, I really, really do appreciate your work. I want to be a better human being no matter what the cost.

3. Victor thanks for the information you sent this week so I can find a local church to study various tools. Also I hope it is ok I post you weekly letters on my facebook page....... I think many would like to keep up with what being... discovered in the Afterlife and not be afraid it will destroy their souls in knowing the knowledge what is being found by science. Laddie.

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BY VERY SPECIAL REQUEST: THEME FROMTHE GODFATHER and STRANGER IN PARADISE. I agree that this music is highly inspirational which elicits goose-pimples - if you're in the right mood! This is really beautiful music that takes us away on a beautiful mystical journey for a few precious moments. Listen with your heart - you'll know what I'm talking about!

Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.