A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife

Friday Report March 30th 07

CRITICAL ISSUES OF THE TIME: SCIENCE OF THE GODS: As a lawyer empiricist my specialty is Cause/Effect relationships and the admissibility of evidence. For every effect there is a cause, for every response there’s a stimulus. I note very carefully that the materialist scientists in arguing against Intelligent Design (including evolution) carefully select only the information that supports their argument and omit to include critical, fundamental evidence that is fundamentally contrary to their argument. In a courtroom situation these materialist scientists would be slaughtered and made to look absolute ridiculous! Now I asked in the past these materialist scientists to explain to me certain ‘effects’ – where they came from. ‘Chance’ they said, ‘chance’ is the only way to explain all the millions of things around us. But also note: the hard core orthodox materialist scientists conceded there IS intelligence in the universe and on earth, concede there are Natural Laws (where do these laws come from?) guiding the universe – but 'chance' not intelligence accounts for all phenomena- in the stars, galaxies, solar systems, gravity, nuclear physics – see below. Even the great Professor Einstein agreed there are Natural Laws in the universe and that there is some kind of a designer the materialist scientists try to play down: “God does not play dice.” But as an empiricist I want to know why the intelligent phenomena – the effects- have to be intelligently designed and intelligently governerd. For example, gravity. Where did gravity come from? What maintains its relative consistency? What is growth? To say well, you know, it’s the combination of chemicals etc. – why the specific chemicals, why the life-force behind growth - chance? No materialist scientist on earth can explain consciousness or the life- force behind growth - except by referring to the supernatural. Because if there is intelligent design, inevitably there has to be an intelligent designer. You can’t have one without the other. Natural selection and relying on the explanation of chance is a copout - even then there is design and intelligence in the ‘selection’.
Our weekly
materializations experiments objectively and empirically repeatedly demonstrate with absolute certainty that the mind and the brain are separate. This alone, makes convential orthodox science as relevant as the nineneeth century steam trains.

(NEXT WEEK SPECIAL: What an afterlife intelligence states about the universe.)

QUESTION ON HOUDINI: I've had a number of questions regarding Houdini's materialization last week. This is typical of what was asked: one thing puzzles me Victor … Houdini came from the North of New York … but he spoke with a Southern accent. Can you explain that? Sue Williams, N.Y.

Of course, we very carefully noted that too – and there’s a very good reason for that. First, one thing we must not do is to superimpose what we know about our heavier physics on earth on to the afterlife physics – because afterlife energy is definitively different - it is extremely lighter and extremely more sensitive. This was Houdini’s first materialization – as he said in answer to a question. He needed help to verbalize. I'd say Louis Armstrong who himself materialized that night and who speaks with a clear Southern accent gave him a lot of help – with his Southern ‘energy’. There was a blend of Louis’ energy with Houdini’s energy that produced a reasonably strong voice for Houdini but with a Southern accent. This amalgamation of energy in materializations is not infrequent at all. But what came absolutely clear was Houdini’s rather brash, overconfident attitude which was typical of Houdini. His peculiar voice quality appeared to be Houdini’s as well. We’ll be doing voice correlations to give us some idea about Houdini’s vocal vibrations. Because this was Houdini’s first materialization where the energy is usually for a relatively short duration - he just virtually made a brief appearance. But Mitch, one of the sitters, invited Houdini to the Circle of the Silver Cord where Houdini will be asked more direct questions about his highly controversial life. One critical thing Houdini stated: he apologized to those people whom he offended. That, spiritually, is a very good start and very important for Houdini. More about Houdini later.

BREAKING THE HOUDINI CODE: What evidence is there to show that Houdini transmitted the agreed code from the afterlife to his wife?

Victor: Houdini was a crusader against fake mediums early last century – but vowed that if there is an afterlife, on crossing over he would transmit a message by way of a code to his wife Beatrice. And the agreed code did come through! There were a number of people present including reporters from “The Scientific American”, Houdini’s wife and other witnesses. Houdini’s code word related from the afterlife was BELIEVE – as you will read in the article, it was a rather complex message. And the code word from Houdini’s mother related from the afterlife was ‘FORGIVE’. Houdini’s wife Beatrice stated that no one else in the world knew about the code. She signed a formal statement to the effect that the code came from Houdini and was absolutely correct. Naturally the closed minded, aggressive skeptics went on a rampage, using violent tactics to claim that Beatrice was lying and the medium was fraudulent. But to no avail. Houdini’s wife Beatrice stood by what she experienced. ... Read more... (The latest: At the moment, there is a private committee in the United States trying to investigate his cause of death in the 1920's -- one of the skeptical debunkers claiming he was poisoned by the 'Spiritualists' - and even very naively trying to blame Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for his murder!!!!!)

YOU DON'T BELIEVE IT? $500,000 CHALLENGE re MATERIALIZATIONS: TO THE SKEPTICS: those flamboyant, extroverted closed minded skeptics stated that they could duplicate ANY psychic experiment. These are the debunking skeptics who keep attacking genuine mediums using dirty language. Here is your chance to get yourself half a million dollars – to put up – or to stay as quiet as a mouse. There would be a number of fundamental conditions: because venue will be critical to the experiment, neither party would know where the venue would be until two minutes before the experiment - and all sitters and medium would have to be tied to their chair or to each other by experts. A second fundamental condition is that if you, the debunking skeptic fail to duplicate our materialization experiment, YOU will pay our medium, David Thompson, half a million dollars. That is fair. That is reasonable. That is just and that is equitable.

SHATTERING THE MYTHS OF DARWINISM Richard Milton spent some twenty years studying the geology and palaeontology of the British Isles before writing Shattering the Myths of Darwinism. "I became an almost daily visitor at the Natural History Museum, looking more closely again at all the famous evidence I had been taught about: the evolution of horses, Archaeopteryx -- half-reptile, half-bird -- the peppered moth, the Galapagos finches and all the other totems of Darwinism. One after another they crumbled as I subjected them to even routine journalistic scrutiny. At first I thought I must be mistaken -- then I began to discover one by one the many scientists around the world who had already realised the emperor has no clothes, but who cannot speak out without jeopardising their careers and even their jobs." Read more...

I am not going to define the intelligent designer. It is accepted that ‘God’ could mean different things to different people – to the Hindus, to Prof Einstein, to the Pope, to the Rabbis. Fair enough. But purely to debunk concept of a personal god who directs the traffic and conclude from this that God does not exist as does Victor J Stenger in his recent “God: The Failed Hypothesis- How Science Shows That God Does Not Exist” is fallacious. The rejection of the concept of God that evolved in the minds of people living in a much less sophisticated society than our own, does not lead to the automatic conclusion that there is no designer. Perhaps the best discussion of the evolution of the idea of God is in Spiral Dynamics- Read more...

IS GOD ‘ALL IN YOUR HEAD’? " What does it actually mean to say that our brains are the sole source of our experience? What evidence is there to prove it? And assuming it was true, would that mean that all of our spirituality is a ruse? Could the ‘mind’ in fact be the soul? Over the past year, my journey into this mind-bending world has taken me from the cutting-edge conference on “consciousness studies” to the offices of some of the leading thinkers in the field to the laboratories of a few pioneering scientists who, far from the mainstream, are working to usher in a new, more holistic paradigm that is as true to the spirit as it is to the data.” So writes Craig Hamilton in this fascinating article that explores the latest scientific thinking on consciousness and God. Read more...

ALLISON DUBOIS: the weekly television show MEDIUM - based on her mediumship skills around the world is absolutely stunning. Tell your friends to watch the show - it is unique, most interesting and something we all have to come across in terms of psychic skills - sooner or later. Allison is light years ahead in mediumship matters - see her site:

PROFESSOR ALBERT EINSTEIN, one of the world's most famous physicist whose studies in space and time gave the world most brilliant insights. Materialist scentists would have been stunned to read what he said, "God does not play dice." No matter how materialist scientists try to minimize that very important observation, the simple interpretation of what Einstein stated is very clear: there is an intelligent designer in the universe. Of course, Professor Einstein was not referring to the Jehovah God or the Christian God or the Moslem God - he was referring to a most powerful intelligent force that is responisible for and maintaining the universe.

SCIENTISTS BEING UNSCIENTIFIC Richard Milton, courageous crusader for alternative science mentioned above notes:
“One curious aspect of the scientism that today pervades much scientific publishing is that professional scientists are often given a completely uncritical reception even when they indulge in outrageously unscientific prejudices. Strangely, some science professionals who expect the severest critical reception from their peers for their academic papers, are allowed to be as careless of facts as they please when it comes to writing books for general public consumption.”
Milton goes on to publish a devastating critique of
* The Skeptic's Dictionary
* Voodo Science
* The Undergrowth of Science
* The Ancestor's Tale

Nobel Laureate physicist Dr Brian Josephson and Professor Jessica Utts state that science needs to adapt to accommodate the evidence. They write, “What are the implications for science of the fact that psychic functioning appears to be a real effect? These phenomena seem mysterious, but no more mysterious perhaps than strange phenomena of the past which science has now happily incorporated within its scope.”

EVP: ELECTRONIC VOICE PHENOMENA. Relatively very few people are aware of the dramatic leap which has occurred in communicating with the afterlife using high technology. The movie "White Noise" gave people only a hint about this. Whilst there are some highly credible books on spirit voices on tape, the mainstream media rarely report it. For more that fifty years experimenters around the world- including the ones I know of in Brazil, United States, Canada, UK, Italy, Germany, Spain and Russia have been tape recording paranormal voices. The United States has a brilliant team researching EVP: go to

DISTINGUISHED LAWYER EDWARD C. RANDALL. Edward C. Randall practiced law in Dunkirk, New York, and in the city of Buffalo, where he has attained distinction both as a lawyer and businessman. He acquired not only high professional honor, but organized and financed various industrial enterprises. He was one of the leading men in the industrial world and was the executive head of various companies in addition to being president of a number of corporations. Initially an open-minded skeptic, he came to accept the evidence for the afterlife through hearing the incredible voices that came in the presence of direct voice and materialization medium, Emily French. Read more...

LEADING BRITISH LAWYER ACCEPTS AFTERLIFE Dr. Aubrey Rose OBE, CBE, a leading British Human Rights lawyer, has stated in his recent book The Rainbow Never Ends that he totally accepts the evidence for the existence of the afterlife. After empirically investigating transmissions made by one of his colleagues through direct voice medium, Leslie Flint, he stated that without doubt the voice came from the afterlife, and was that of Judge Lord Birkett, who had crossed over some time before. Read more…

I knew Ted personally and was profoundly influenced by him. What he has created, is a miracle- just read on: The Ted Noffs Foundation was founded by the great Australian humanitarian, Reverend Ted Noffs, over 30 years ago. During his remarkable career of pioneering initiatives for young people, Ted Noffs established Sydney’s first 24 hour crisis centre in 1968, set up the first Drug Referral Centre in Sydney in 1967, co-founded the Aboriginal Affairs Foundation in 1962 and was the co-founder of Lifeline in 1963. The Ted Noffs Foundation today continues the legacy of Ted Noffs by providing essential services for young people and their families who are experiencing drug and alcohol problems and related trauma. Its range of programs for young people are all based on leading research, continually evaluated and government endorsed. Visit Ted Noffs Foundation:

“VICTOR ZAMMIT, YOUR EVIDENCE IS NOT VALID BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOT WON THE NOBEL PRIZE!”: stated a closed minded skeptic. We here in the office nearly fell off our chair laughing with that one! One of my regular emailers courteously forwarded me this post by a half-baked skeptic. Note my response immediately afterwards:

“Skeptics like J Randi have criticised Victor Zammit for not taking on the million dollar challenge for the paranormal and that Zammit's million dollar challenge tries to prove a negative. Also, Victor Zammit has even used pseudoscience like telepathy, materialization, ouija boards, parapsychology and even psychics as burden of proof for the afterlife. Zammit has not even won a Nobel prize for his evidence which shows that his work is hardly valid.”

First: it can objectively be proved that Randi does NOT have a legitimate offer. Randi himself stated to Professor Dennis Rawlings – who spilt the beans on Randi, ”I WILL ALWAYS HAVE A WAY OUT” (of paying any cash in relation to the challenge)”. Does this debunker think that empiricists are going to fall for his and Randi’s idiocy – called the GREATEST HOAX in the history of the paranormal? See Richard Milton’s expose on the so-called challenge-

Secondly: this cowardly debunker, who does not even give his name, has NOT taken up MY $1million challenge himself – NOR has Randi taken my challenge! Further, this debunking loser and defeatist has not taken up my other HALF A MILION DOLLAR challenge to show that he can duplicate the brilliant results we get every week in our materialization sessions.

Thirdly, This debunker – with low level analysis skills confuses winning the Nobel Prize with demonstrating valid evidence. That’s the most ridiculous correlation ever to be put on the Net!

Fourthly, As to he ‘proving the negative’ this debunker swallowed Randi’s garbage propaganda hook, line and sinker by repeating his idiocy. I have positively articulated 23 areas of afterlife evidence, the onus shifts on to the opposition to show why the evidence cannot be admissible. As already stated, no defeatist debunker in eight years was able to rebut the expressly stated hard core objective evidence!!

In a world first, Sydney will turn off its lights for one hour at 7.30pm on Saturday March 31, 2007 as a major step towards reducing the city's greenhouse gas pollution.
With the support of The City of Sydney and the NSW Government, Earth Hour will be the highlight of a major campaign to encourage businesses, communities and individuals to take the simple steps needed to cut their emissions by 5% in 2007. Earth Hour is about simple changes that will collectively make the 5% difference - from businesses turning off their lights when their offices are empty, to households turning off appliances rather than leaving them on standby.
Read more…

Report March 23rd 07

SILVER BIRCH - a highly evolved intelligence from the afterlife transmitted information for over forty years of through medium Maurice Barbanell in London. His talks have been collated into some fourteen books. After studying these books for many years, I can honestly state that Silver Birch is one of the most highly credible teachers from the afterlife dimension I have encountered. I strongly recommend his books. He tells us what it is like to be in the afterlife, the rules of the game of life, and how to live to get the “best deal” on crossing over. CON-PSY PUBLIC-ATIONS has some fourteen of his books for sale. They are ‘pure gold’. Do yourself a huge favor, and access these easy to read books at your earliest. Borrow the money if you have to – this offer may come your way only once your lifetime. The books are, A Voice In The Wilderness; Silver Birch Antology; Lift Up Your Hearts; The Spirit Speaks; The Seed Of Truth; Guidance From Silver Birch; Philosophy From Silver Birch; More Philosophy From Silver Birch; The Silver Birch Companion; Light From Silver Birch; Teachings Of Silver Birch; The Universe Of Silver Birch; The Silver Birch Book Of Questions And Answers.
Order the books from Con Psy Publications, P.O. Box 14, Greeford, Middlesex, UB6 OUF, ENGLAND.
Or Tel. dial 020 8903 1993 Or Fax: 020 8903 1987

WHY TRUST THE TRANSMISSIONS OF SILVER BIRCH? He is communicating directly from the afterlife. He is an eye-witness to what is happening in the afterlife. He is not some ‘prophet’ who lived on earth thousands of years ago writing in his time about what he thinks the afterlife is – as we religionists have to-day. Silver Birch is here and now and doing you, me and us a huge favor. By his writing one can see that he is highly spiritually evolved. He is in the afterlife. If you wanted to get first hand information about what it is like to be in New York you would talk to someone who has lived in New York for many years and is answering questions about living in New York. This is direct communication. As he says himself, if what he transmits offends you in anyway – go elsewhere! His transmissions tell us how to live, what to do, what to ignore, what to expect on crossing over. This kind of information ought to be read by all people in the world – because with absolute certainty, one day in the future, all people would need this critical pure gold information – GUARANTEED!


I was fortunate to have been present on two occasions last year when Silver Birch and his former medium Baurice Barbanell materialized. On both occasions there was a palpable change in the energy and a rush of wind into the room that I can only describe as of Biblical proportions.
1st visit- audio file- transcript
Auckland visit- audio file- transcript

THE NEW PARADIGM: A Confrontation Between Physics And Paranormal Phenomenon, by JOHN O'M BOCKRIS. Just as one would expect a corporation to selectively withhold information to secure revenues, scientists selectively ignore phenomena that threaten their intellectual fiefdoms and research grants. Worse yet, they ridicule colleagues who would attempt to bridge the gap between the known and the unknown. This book attempts to expose and explore these gaps. It shows that the paranormal is simply unexplained normal. It gives attention to new data which disagrees radically with presently accepted Science, challenging the present paradigm and pointing strongly to the need for a New Paradigm. Author Bockris is a well-published mainstream academic scientist with decades of research experience, and numerous awards. The New Paradigm represents his observations of the possibility of the impossible. 504 pp.
$34.95 Softcover

ASTROPHYSICS & SCIENCE CONTROVERSY: for those interested in other books which question orthodox, secular, materialist, traditional science, here are some 25 books that challenge the existing scientific paradigms. These inevitably will bring about an extension in traditional science. But whilst these ‘new scientists’ are ahead of their time, some of the orthodox scientists will dig in and refuse to accept they are wrong. See for yourselves:

'LIFE AND MIND- In Search of the Physical Basis' – a new book that could revolutionize science: A provocative new book by leading ‘new’ scientists of this world challenging existing traditional, orthodox science: “Contemporary physics cannot explain life. The postulated concept of the biofield control system and experimental and theoretical works presented in the book suggest ways to broaden current scientific paradigm. The physical carrier of the BCS cannot be reduced to the currently known fundamental physical interactions. It must have both energy and information components and be capable of interactions with the currently known fundamental forces. Experimental studies presented and referred to in this book suggest that the operation of the organism cannot be reduced to chemical interactions since contemporary chemistry knows only electric and thermal forces, that the biological nuclear synthesis presented by Louis Kervran in 1960-80's is not a myth, that the non-structural memory of water manifests itself at organism, cellular and enzymes levels, that human intent and/or expectation may effect cellular equilibrium, etc. These experimental works are falsifiable and the theoretical concepts presented in the book suggests alternative physical models that may incorporate life. Among authors of the articles are: William Tiller- Professor Emeritus of Stanford University, USA John O'M Bockris- formerly Distinguished Professor of Texas A&M University, USA Lev Beloussov- Professor of Moscow State University, Russia Gaby Drouchuoiu- Professor of Al. I Cuza University, Romania Vladimir I. Vysotsky- Professor of Kiev State University, Ukraine Elena B. Burlakova- Professor and Scientific Director of the Institute of Biochemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow Hal Puthoff- Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies, Austin, USA As well as other distinguished scientists. More critical information: Mrs. Patricia Schulz, Schulz Enterprises P.O. Box 294, New Baden, TX 77870 979-828-1619 F-979-828-2160

ATTENTION MILLIONAIRS AND BILLIONAIRS (and others): A LAWYER FINDS A LOOPHOLE !! A WAY TO TAKE YOUR ‘MONEY’ WITH YOU WHEN YOU DIE! We are credibly told that it is critical for us to understand the Law of Cause and Effect: our every act and omission affects the vibrations of our ‘etheric’ (spirit) body. Good works increase the vibrations of the etheric body; negative acts, such as greed, cruelty, selfishness, reduce the vibrations. The level of vibration on crossing over AUTOMATICALLY determines which level in the number of realms we go. If our vibrations, raised through selfless service, are high to very high, we go to the higher level where conditions are hugely better than they are on earth - you will become a TRILLIONAIRE - when you do with your money anything to make this world a better place, more spiritual. If the etheric body crosses over with average vibrations, you arrive in the third realm, we are credibly informed. But if you were selfish, cruel and never did anything good for anybody else, your vibrations would be low. And as like attracts like in the spirit world and you’d be sucked down to the most horrible dark realm with other horrible aggressive spirits who are just like you. Nothing personal!

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Why is it that when there is so much evidence for the afterlife, there are those who do not accept in the afterlife? Lewis, New York.

Victor: We have free will – and no amount of hard core afterlife evidence will convince those who do not want to accept the evidence. Sheer common sense will tell us that because there have been a huge number of highly intelligent and credible people who accepted the afterlife using scientific knowledge, there has to be evidence worth investigating. Some of the most intelligent people who walked on this planet earth – such as Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir William Crookes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and so many scientists and others – did investigate and were convinced- see chapter 2 and chapter 25 (Quantum Physics & the Afterlife) BOOK – top right. Of course, without any doubt, ALL people, wherever they come from will one day accept the afterlife. It’s just that some people are a little thick, unable to perceive paranormal experiments with true empirical equanimity. They’ll get the message one day – guaranteed!! For hard core empirical afterlife evidence click on BOOK top right.

ON SKEPTICISM: Michael Tymn: “I understand the scientific method. In fact, if there were a Guinness world record for applying the scientific method, I might be bold enough to claim it. In a 40-plus year career in insurance claims work, I had to examine and weigh the evidence, i.e., apply the scientific method, well over 100,000 times - in law suits or potential law suits, involving auto accidents, fires, industrial and commercial accidents, products liability, malpractice, defamation, sexual harassment, discrimination, what-have-you. Some were little fender benders; others involved death or devastation with millions of dollars at stake. I well know from experience that there are often two sides to a story and that one “expert” in a particular scientific or technical discipline can totally disagree with another “expert” as to cause or effect. I know that facts can be manipulated by both experts and lawyers as well as the victims or parties involved so as to arrive at opposing “Truths.” Read more …

THE CIRCLE OF THE SILVER CORD: Again and again and again, I reiterate, we, the members of the Silver Cord are basically EMPIRICISTS. We are NOT spiritualists. We are NOT religionists. We do NOT have any a priori prejudice in our methodology. We do NOT have any hidden agenda, we are NOT eager or willing to compromise hard core empiricism to skew results. We strictly adhere to scientific method to obtain objective results, the way Galileo used strict empiricism to demonstrate his heliocentric view of the solar system. It’s absolute rubbish for these low level critics to say we are so keen to be prejudiced in our experiments. It would not have worried me one iota whether we obtained results or not. What is critical is that we honestly and faithfully report our findings. Now the low level debunkers (professional skeptics have the good sense NOT to take us on) do not like our empirically elicited findings and raise inadmissible objections because our paranormal results make their beliefs look utterly redundant and absolutely stupid.

INFRA RED FILIMING, NIGHT VISION GOGGLES: Here we go again. I dealt with this objection many times. My first question to William (the convener from the afterlife) when I began sitting in the materialization experiements was whether we could to use infra red cameras to film materializations. His point was that he understood perfectly well that it would be procedural to film the proceedings. He said that infra red filming and night vision goggles emit radiation. This radiation attacks the ectoplasm. This means that his medium David, could be seriously injured – the way Helen Duncan was not only injured, but died horribly from ectoplasm rebound. We, all the sitters and a visitor, witnessed in many definitive ways the whitish ectoplasm being emitted from David’s mouth one Sunday night when red light was allowed. William stated that in anything we do his primary concern is the safety of the medium. I then investigated night vision filming equipment to find out whether there was any equipment to film in total darkness which would not emit any radiation. There was none. ‘Passive’ night vision goggles only exaggerate what there is already. That meant it would just exaggerate darkness. William has repeatedly said that he will be trying very hard to bring more light into the materialization room- as he has begun doing in the last two sittings- but only when it is absolutely safe for the medium to do so. In any event, another materialization medium in England, Patrick McNamara, who claims he uses infra red filming and put these pictures on his website has not been able to convince the debunkers. Why not? The debunkers stated that the materialized entities are not real, they are actors paid to look like the materialized spirits!!!!

NO SUCH THING AS MATERIALIZATION? Hard core objectivity is what we use. Now these debunkers do NOT have science to back their beliefs. Many of the top scientists in the past have investigated materialization and found it to be real- See Chapter 10.

BRILLIANT PROFESSOR RICHET, winner of the Noble Prize for Physiology studied materialization and writes of the phenomena in his book Thirty Years of Psychical Research. He writes: “I shall not waste time in stating the absurdities, almost the impossibilities, from a psycho-physiological point of view, of this phenomenon. A living being, or living matter, formed under our eyes, which has its proper warmth, apparently a circulation of blood, and a physiological respiration which has also a kind of psychic personality having a will distinct from the will of the medium, in a word, a new human being! This is surely the climax of marvels. Nevertheless, it is a fact.”

Wake up debunkers - materialization - the greatest discovery in human history! If you find our sensational results too threatening to your secular, nihilistic negative beliefs, THINK AGAIN! If you do not accept our empirical results or you think you can duplicate our results – go ahead. Challenge us for the half a million dollars – put up or shut up. But remember, when you fail in your challenge, you will have to hand over half a million dollars to our medium David Thompson. GET IT?

LESLIE FLINT RETURNS: Leslie Flint, one of the world’s greatest mediums visited the Circle of the Silver Cord last Sunday. Listen to audio- read transcript. To read more about Leslie’s wonderful contribution while he was alive check out Chapter 15. Direct Voice Mediums.

WHO ARE THE MOST SKEPTICAL PEOPLE ON EARTH? Compared to Americans and others, ‘people in Australia are the most skeptical people in the Western World’. I say that and Leighton Ford, a relative of Dr Billy Graham the Bible preacher, also stated that in the past. Ford could not get a decent crowd for his religious services in the Northern Beaches where I live. Australians find the Americans generally more likely to believe in phenomena, more likely to follow gurus and cult leaders than Australians do.

PETS: Last Sunday night I asked afterlife convener, William about pets. Yes, he said, some pets, those who have been really loved, do survive physical death.
(Listen to audio - Read transcript )
Reports from around the world are unanimous that some pets do survive and will be reunited with their carers when the carers on earth cross over themselves. Silver Birch confirms that positive energy – LOVE – to a pet, will increase the vibrations of the pet. Notwithstanding the pet may have limited consciousness, that ‘loved’ pet will survive. Research in this area has produced two classic books – one I know of is by Sylvia Barbanell – see

Report March 16th 07

COMMENTARY: DEBUNKING SKEPTICS PUSH COWARDICE TO ITS EXTREME. Those armchair critics, cynics, losers and defeatists, anti-afterlife, anti-anything debunking skeptics from the JREF who keep on trying to throw mud at the David Thompson's materialization experiments because they are incapable, incompetent and totally impotent in duplicating the positive psi results we get every Sunday night keep on harping like a dog barking up the wrong tree. Again for the benefit of those who are slow to understand - for the hundredth time: I guarantee that we are getting GENUINE paranormal activity during these materialization experiments. We are NOT spiritualists. We are NOT using religion. We are NOT into subjectivity. We are empiricists. We, the sitters of the Circle of the Silver Cord, are all open minded skeptics strictly adhering to scientific methodology. What we do is strictly empirical, objective and will pass ANY experimental testing. Interesting, no professional skeptical debunker is taking us on - only the uninformed negatively and irretrievably entrenched amateurs. Now, those uninformed or deeply negatively prejudiced or irretrievably closed minded skeptics faced with this irrefutable psi evidence go into ‘dissonance’ (psychology) and ‘deletions’ (NLP)- i.e. they panic! Again and again, I challenge any of these cowardly debunking skeptics to put up or shut up! It most unfair, unreasonable, unjust and unconscionable when these negatives are willfully telling lies, misrepresenting what we do and knowingly misleading readers to try to ease their own anxiety. Why? Because our evidence is making them look absolutely stupid! Either WE are right or THEY are right- one way to resolve it is for those few uninformed debunkers who keep on stating ‘we can duplicate anything you do’ to take us on and make yourselves $500,000. GO AHEAD PUNKS, MAKE MY DAY!

MATERIALIZATION EXPERIMENTS YOUNG 9 YEAR OLD TIMOTHY. who is part of the materialization team from the afterlife, has a special role- to keep the mood from becoming too gloomy. His job is to add humor the sittings. Although for materializations at earth's vibrations for technical reasons he has to come across as a nine year old boy, his mind is that of an adult. But underneath his mischievous humor, he ended his homily last Sunday night by stating among other things, for the sitters ‘to become more spiritual’ – which means more discipline, more dedication, more commitment and more selfless service – to make the world a better place! How can anyone argue against that?

CATHOLIC PRIEST TRANSMISTS DRAMATIC INFORMATION FROM THE AFTERLIFE: STUNNING, CONSISTENT EVIDENCE: part of my research is to study all information allegedly transmitted from the other dimension. I state there is a stunning consistency with the high quality of information coming through. This information is most vital, most critical and most essential to know while you are on this planet earth. Whilst there are many transmissions from around the world – from the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Cananda, Brazil and other countries, there are a few classics that you must read. Hugh Benson, who was a Monsignor of the Catholic Church, on crossing over got to know the truth about what happens when we die, so he insisted on being allowed to transmit through medium Anthony Borgia a number of books describing a great deal about the afterlife. I highly recommend you to read :
Life in the Hereafter:

WHY THE AFTERLIFE EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE CAN NEVER BE REBUTTED: The advantage of anything scientific or empirical is that given any empirical formula or principle, it can be repeated over time and space, and keeping variables constant obtains the same results. That is powerful and that is irrefutable. Where one can predict with accuracy, by way of repeating the same formula using the scientific method and obtaining the same results, it would be impossible to show that the formula is wrong. It will follow that whenever there is an inconsistency between science (the empirical) and beliefs, inevitably, science (the empirical) prevails and will ALWAYS prevail over beliefs – even if beliefs have been around for thousands of years. It can never be any other way. The consequences of the afterlife are enormous. The more you get to know about the afterlife conditions, the easier your transition will be. There is one universal agreement in this world: we ALL have to cross over. For empirical afterlife evidence which has never been rebutted, click on BOOK top right.

PROFESSOR C G JUNG, “I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as fraud.”

QUANTUM PHYSICS AND THE AFTERLIFE: THE PARANORMAL - REAL! “Those who recognize that significant discoveries in science are very often prompted by observations that do not fit expectations will find a stimulating challenge in accumulating evidence that it is possible to elicit psychic functioning in experiments with ordinary volunteers acting as subjects. Even more convincing results occur with specially selected subjects.” Brilliant Nobel Prize winner Professor Brian Josephson and equally brilliant Professor Jessica Utts.

WHY IS XENOGLOSSY BEING IGNORED? One of the most amazing psychic phenomena, which religionists, skeptics and atheists have continuously and deliberately ignored is xenoglossy - the ability to speak or write a foreign language a person never learned. After all other explanations have been investigated - such as fraud, genetic memory, telepathy and cryptomnesia (the remembering of a foreign language learned earlier), xenoglossy is taken as evidence of either memories of a language learned in a past life or of communication with a discarnate entity— a spirit person. Click on BOOK top right, click on chapter 22.

BRILLIANT YALE PHYSICIST PROFESSOR HENRY MARGENAU: “To put it bluntly, science no longer contains absolute truths … the old distinction between the natural and the supernatural has become spurious.”

Templeton Prize Goes to Philosopher Who Says Barriers Between Science and Spirituality Fragment: US Professor Charles Taylor, a Canadian philosopher who for nearly half a century has argued that problems such as violence and bigotry can only be solved by considering both their secular and spiritual dimensions, has won the 2007 Templeton Prize. For more than 45 years, Taylor, 75, has argued that wholly depending on secularized viewpoints, without taking into account the spiritual, only leads to fragmented, faulty results. He has described such an approach as crippling, preventing crucial insights that might help a global community increasingly exposed to clashes of culture, morality, nationalities, and religions...

NO LIVING PERSON COULD HAVE KNOWN There are a few copies of this classic book by W.F.Neech for sale on the internet in antiquarian bookshops. First published in 1955 it details 12 famous cases of mediums and psychics bringing forward information that was later proved to be correct but that at the time no one on earth knew. These cases are wonderful evidence that information coming through mediums are not somehow being gathered from other living minds by telepathy. High;y recommended.

PSYCHIC SPY EARNS THE LEGEION OF MERIT AWARD – for his ESP skills on more that 200 missions, bringing back intelligence information not attainable through any other source. According to Joseph McMoneagle, one of his notable feats was pinpointing the location of US Army Brig General James Dozier, kidnapped in Italy in 1981 by the Red Brigades terrorist organization. McMoneagle described the hideout as the second floor of a house in Padua, Italy and drew a picture of the distinctive storefront of the show below the house. He also drew a street map.

SCIENCE AND SPIRITUALITY: science is finding that matter, when subdivided into subatomic elements, tapers off into energy and light, whose working finally points to a supreme Intelligence or Consciousness. The eminent physicist Fritjof Capra: “Solid matter ode not exist. It is a construct of the human senses and the mind, which does not exist in the Cosmic drama of energy patterns. The Power that keeps the Cosmic drama going is, according to Spiritual Science, The Divine Mind ...”

March 9th 2007

: PERNICIOUS PROPAGANDA BY THE IGNORANT! There is a pro-Helen Duncan group in England which is appealing to the government to pardon materialization medium Helen Duncan (pictured) for her criminal conviction in England in 1945. Her trial is considered by legal and political experts to be one of the greatest legal injustices. Helen Duncan is considered to be a modern martyr. All details are included in chapter 11 in BOOK top right chapter 11. But now we have uninformed anti-Helen Duncan skeptics and others who want to cause mischief by lying and cheating trying to misinform you that Helen Duncan got what she deserved. They claim that she exploited those who were vulnerable during war time etc etc. But the critical issue is: was she given a fair trial? NO! Was she given the fundamental right of the ‘due process’? NO! Was she allowed to rebut the police charge that she was a fraud? NO! Did she have highly credible eye-witnesses to show that she was a genuine medium, that she was NOT a fraud? YES – some FORTY THREE eye- witnesses some of them of high rank in the Air Force! Did the prosecution prove that Helen Duncan was a fraud? NO! When you have some of the biggest names in the legal profession and the combined weight of the contemporaneous Law Society stating that the verdict was unjust, the decent thing to do is to reverse it. It’s time to fully free from guilt one of the greatest materialization mediums who ever lived on this planet earth.

THE ETERNAL MIND BRAIN DEBATE: materialists say that mind and brain are the same thing. NO they are not the same thing! When your physical body dies, the brain dies with the physical body. But the MIND does not and cannot die. The materialists may ask what evidence is there for the existence of the mind? Easy: my empirical research – click on BOOK top right – shows that there has to be a mind which survives physical death. This mind retains all memories – works just like a ‘cosmic video’ – that is why mediums are able to relate messages to those who are still on physical earth. No materialist has ever put on his/her website a rebuttal of the empirical evidence for the existence of the MIND (afterlife) – NEVER! So the materialists are stuck with a BELIEF that nothing exists after we die – but because all beliefs are subjective – all beliefs necessarily are subject to complete invalidation. This means no materialist is in a position to demonstrate that the MIND does not exist. Those who experienced contacts with their loved ones – and surveys show that some one in four people experience a connection with a crossed over loved one – KNOW that the MIND exists, the afterlife exists and no one on earth is going to tell them otherwise.

MEDIUMSHIP SPOT ON: Cherie Burton, Australia’s Housing Minister, has revealed that her dead grandfather has communicated with her through American medium John Holland. In what she describes as “a view-changing experience”, her grandfather provided “quite accurate” evidence about some things, including the secret nickname he had for her. And he correctly predicted that she would soon find a partner and start a family.

GHOST makes court appearance – on CCTV UNITED STATES. “Staff at an American county court have reported seeing a ghost and they have photographic evidence to support their claim. Fox News reports (20 December) that court official Barbara Jones was just about to leave Lincoln County Court near Charlotte, North Carolina, on 16 November when she saw a ghostly image of a woman writing in a notepad on the court’s closed circuit television system. Two security guards who were sent to the locked office walked right through the image. The puzzling CCTV ghost was also seen by court bailiff Lonnie Reap who is sure the court is haunted.”

CONFUSING BELIEF IN THE AFTERLIFE WITH RELIGION A Writer in today’s edition of The Sentinel makes the common mistake of assuming that all those who believe in the afterlife do so on the basis of religion. He writes: “The deeper problem is that truly held faith in the supernatural deemphasizes the preciousness of this life. Real, literal belief in the afterlife entails the view that our life here on earth is pathetically transient and largely inconsequential. It should be obvious how easily this view can be parlayed in to a justification for suicide bombing, mass murder or even eagerness for the apocalypse. Such a detrimental worldview would be marginally tolerable were it possible to dissuade the faithful from their philosophies. But faith isn't just an apparatus for bad ideas; it also undermines the mind's self-correcting mechanisms by allowing us to entertain ideas which do not correspond to the facts of reality.”Clearly he does not understand that the universal belief in the afterlife comes from experience which predates religion and will exist even after religions are abandoned.

LESS RELIGIOUS BUT STILL SPIRITUAL David Hay’s fascinating article called “The Spirituality of the Unchurched” claims that in the UK “more than 76% of the national population would admit to having had a spiritual or religious experience” in spite of the fact that “the great majority of these people are of course not regular churchgoers” Read more…


First, there are Near-Death Experiences, or NDEs.
Second, there are out-of-body journeys and the experiences of shamans and remote viewers.
Third, there is direct experience through apparitions, clairvoyance, clairaudience and deathbed visions.
Fourth, there are revelations through other than conscious states of awareness, such as hypnosis, dreams and holotropic states.
Fifth, there are revelations through mediums (mental mediums, trance mediums and materialization mediums) from loved ones who have died.
Sixth, there are revelations through electronic voice phenomena (EVP) and instrumental trans-communication (ITC).
Seventh, there are transmissions from spirit teachers of high degree speaking through mediums, channellers and automatic writers.

These kinds of direct experiences of a psychic nature have led people of every culture that ever existed to understand that life continues after physical death. In every culture they pre-date religions which are created by men to explain them. Read more….click on BOOK top right, click on chapter 29.

Jon D. Levenson, Professor of Jewish Studies at Harvard University has written a new book, Resurrection and the Restoration of Israel: The Ultimate Victory of the God of Life, which explores the origins of the Jewish doctrine of the resurrection of the dead. In it he argues that the earliest Christians inherited their belief in the afterlife from their Judaism. Read more…

THE FINDING OF JESUS’ TOMB: from Michael Tymn's website- do you agree with him?: “In a 2001 movie, The Body, the bones of Jesus were supposedly discovered by an archeologist in a tomb in Jerusalem. A Vatican priest was dispatched to investigate and concluded that the body was indeed that of Jesus of Nazareth, son of Joseph. He was so shattered by the finding that he lost all faith and committed suicide. And now we have a real claim being made by Titanic filmmaker James Cameron that the tomb of Jesus has been found. Cameron has called the evidence compelling. Fifty years ago, when I was a reasonably good practicing Catholic, the story might have caused me some concern. It would seemingly have pulled the carpet from under the resurrection story. Like the ancients, I didn't understand that we are more than a physical shell.” Read full report..

ART BOSMAN’S BOOK ON THE SPIRIT WORLD: from the Netherlands, a fascinating website which lists some of the great books on the afterlife dimension:

A recently launched website, provides an exciting new conscious dating and community website created for the new age culture. New Age Connections is the online dating service and community for those who share interests in new age thought, spirituality, metaphysical beliefs, conscious living, alternative health, yoga, green living and sustainable culture, and progressive social change.


“Humankind can no longer be divided into exclusive segments so that the fortune of one will not affect the fortune of the other. We live in a world of shrinking dimensions with people of different cultural, religious, and racial backgrounds coming together. As it is commonly phrased, either we swim together or we sink together . . . Therefore, all those who think about our present-day situation are convinced that global peace is not a pious wish; rather it is a vital necessity for the survival of the human race …”

So wrote Haridas Chaudhuri the founder of the California Insitute of Integral Studies, an accredited institution of higher education that strives to embody spirit, intellect, and wisdom in service to individuals, communities and the Earth. The Institute expands the boundaries of traditional degree programs with interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, and applied studies in psychology, philosophy, religion, cultural anthropology, transformative studies, integrative health, and the arts. Offering a personal learning environment and supportive community, CIIS provides an extraordinary education for people committed to transforming themselves and the world.
Read more…

Put Your Community on a Low Carbon Diet: Host a Global Warming Café on April 14th! Based on the successful World Cafe large group discussion format, the Global Warming Cafe is a 4 hour participatory workshop to empower community members to become part of the global warming solution. Its easy-to-implement design engages participants in a heartfelt conversation about Global Warming, and then invites them to take personal action to reduce their carbon footprint and, if they wish to go further, help others do the same. Specifically, they are introduced to the carbon-reduction tools and strategies in Low Carbon Diet, and the “Cool Community Campaign” to mobilize their community to reduce its CO2 footprint 20% by 2010. Read more…

March 2nd 07

COMMENTARY: CAN RELIGION EVER BE RECONCILED WITH SCIENCE ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE? As an empiricist, I do not and cannot deal with personal beliefs. I do not have the luxury of 'beliefs'. The ‘new science’ has achieved much already. Somehow I feel that sometime in the future, the ‘new science’ will be able to harness, control and manipulate non-physical energy at will over time and space. And when this happens, traditional orthodox science – ‘reductionist science,’ will have to accept the unorthodox. We have already a great deal of empirically elicited evidence for the afterlife – for those who have the skills, the capacity and are able to perceive the paranormal with true empirical equanimity. But of course, their deeply entrenched negativity prevents the closed minded reductionists from accepting the most important evidence in this world to-day. Now, religion has at least five billion people who accept the afterlife - we want them to be on our side. I stated many times that in relation to the singular issue of the afterlife, science and religion can come to an agreement – especially when religion will inevitably change its beliefs to make them compatible with empirical findings. Those religions which won’t change, will be left behind and will wither away like autumn leaves. When that happens, religion which will learn from past errors, will inevitably be a strong supporter for empirical methodology to do with the afterlife. Any religion which makes its beliefs 100% consistent with empiricism will always exist.

“There is no afterlife”. First, one would understand the materialists not wanting to accept religion – claiming that religion does not have an empirical basis, that we do not really know who the originators of religions were and that religious rituals are full of blatant superstition which insults our intelligence. Also, it is true that religious leaders were oppressive in the past and used violence to dominate– we have the notorious INQUISITION which went on for many hundreds of years. But materialists should not "to throw the baby out with the bathwater.' Why not? Because these days there is an abundance of empirically elicited evidence for the existence of the afterlife – and all this without religion. For over a hundred years, highly credible information empirically transmitted through highly gifted mediums keeps informing us that the afterlife exists and has huge consequences. Because death has to do with a change of vibrations, it inevitably has to do with physics –sensitive non-physical energy. Science is advancing at such a fantastic rate that those in the extremes of materialist reductionist science and the extreme fundamental religionists who insist on irrational fanaticism just cannot cope with the hard core empirical afterlife evidence which is shattering the perception of the world and the afterlife – see for yourself some 23 areas of empirically elicited afterlife empirical evidence – click on BOOK top right.

YES, WE DO HAVE a great deal of evidence that non-physical energy exists. As a matter of fact over the last eight years, no physicist or biologist or any other reductionist scientist has been able to rebut the empirical evidence for the existence of the afterlife evidence. They have had for years the opportunity to organize a website to show why the empirical evidence for the afterlife cannot be admitted. They have not done so. ON the other hand every year there is more evidence for its existence- see for example that brilliant book by Dr Dean Radin THE CONCSIOUS UNVIERSE- translated into some fifteen languages. Dr Radin has included specific experiments which show the definitive operation of non-physical energy.

One thing I tell the readers: I have a mission, but am NOT a crusader for the afterlife. I feel I have been in a privileged position to receive personal first hand evidence of the afterlife and to have had access to books and material that people in many countries don’t have access to. So I feel I have a duty to share this information AND to publicize what other empiricists, writers, gifted mediums are doing to substantiate that physical life is relatively short and that consciousness survives after physical death.

THIS WEEKEND: MEET MEDIUM DAVID THOMPSON AT CHATSWOOD, SYDNEY SUNDAY 4th March 07 2pm Just to let you all know that David is performing platform (mental mediumship) at the Chatswood Spiritualist Church (Artarmon). I emphasise that David will not, on this occasion be doing materialization mediumship but MENTAL mediumship.

PSYCHIC QUACKERY PUSHED TO ITS EXTREME!: DON'T GO TO CHEATS! quack psychics are making a fortune from gullible people – mostly from women in the West. You get ads. stating words to the effect, “Psychic, accurate, can get you in touch with your loved one ..” DON’T fall for that rubbish. There ARE accurate mediums but my strong suggestion is that you have to get people you trust to confirm that certain psychics/mediums are as good as they claim to be. Otherwise, you can kiss your hard earned cash goodbye and not get anything back for it. It is estimated that in the USA some $500 million are sucked in by PSYCHIC frauds. It’s the frauds who give gifted psychics and mediums a bad name. If you come across some fraudulent medium, tell the world about it. In England scam psychic e-mails net a horrific *$80 million a year! All told mass marketing scams in the UK cost victims a massive *$7 BILLION a year.
(reported from Psychic News Feb.07)

‘MEDIUM’ a most popular weekly television shows about the psychic skills based on the real life medium Allison Dubois. This television is exceptionally popular in Australia showing three different shows a week on mainstream and Foxtel television. Allison is also the author of two New York best sellers. Visit Allison’s new website

CHALLENGE NOT TAKEN ON! For the many who continue to email me asking me IF the paranormally uniformed Ass. Professor from Minnesota Morris University - (which appear to have employed this biology lecturer with limited intellectutal capacity) - took up my challenge: NO he has not! And nor did that Harvard Professor take me on. Why not? Not so much for their inferior intellectual reasoning, ignorance of empirical paranormal principles or their cowardice, but because all empirical evidence for the afterlife is irrefutable and irrebuttable. They fear 'instant death' - international public ridicule and humiliation!

DOUBLE STANDANRDS? HYPOCRISY? NEED FOR A HEALTH COMMISSION: Why is that that those few uninformed debunking professors and closed minded skeptics try to shout and scream at the empirical paranormalists – giving their closed minded skepticism as their 'authority' to protect the public from unproven and alleged ‘frauds’- BUT they remain as quiet as mice about gross medical negligence? Hundreds of thousands of people are being killed quite unnecessarily and MILLIONS are being injured by pharmaceutical drugs which are being marketed without proper safeguards. People need an organization – funded by the taxpayes - with highly dedicated, highly specialized, highly qualified specialists to protect the the health interests of the public. See Worst “Each year, more than 9.6 million adverse drug reactions occur in older Americans. The referenced study found that 37% of these adverse reactions were not reported to the doctor, presumably because patients did not realize the reactions were due to the drug. This is not too surprising considering that most doctors admitted they did not explain possible adverse effects to their patients.”


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