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28th November 2008

Apologies if I have not replied to your email. I've been inundated with very urgent work. Be patient.

Last week's report

Happy Holidays to our American Readers!!

We have been reading in the news and watching on television some awful news lately. It seems more gloomy than ever before. Some of the materialists' warnings in the media about our immediate future would have terrified the minds and hearts of most people. There has been an emphasis on the ‘negative’; that we are about to enter a devastating, hard, long depression where most of us will experience pain and suffering and others - eviction from their homes. "Negativity sells" said one famous newspaper editor on his last day in the office.

Yes, things are not the best at the moment. There are challenges to face and huge obstacles to overcome - but we have to rise above the gloom and doom, to see the problems as they really are and face the challenges bravely. Objectively observed, we see that the media is using negativity to sell, sell sell. Whenever the price of shares falls, the media exaggerates the fall to elicit fear and panic- but when the market recovers by the same amount, the media minimizes the impact.

Notwithstanding those who try to terrify our minds for financial profit, we have to acknowledge that there are wonderful things around us, there are people who inspire us and that there is always something of worth and of value to celebrate. The human spirit has the capacity, the skills, the competence and the genius to take us back to prosperity. We should never forget that. Of course we do understand that there will be problems. But we will solve many of these problems – that’s part of life on this magnificent planet Earth of ours. Human history is evidence to that. So, I suggest that no matter what the challenges, we adopt a strong and powerful optimism. The state of collective human consciousness plays a huge part in the outcomes we generate. If we are fearful we will create the very results we fear. Whilst we do have financial problems to deal with in the immediate future – and we have other problems, it is critical to feel confident that we will triumph, we will win the battle, we will show the world that humanity is also spiritually evolving and that life is worth celebrating.

So let us give thanks for the opportunities, for the energy and the power we ourselves have and that we can continue to triumph over tough challenges wherever they come from. Spiritually it is very important to adopt a positive outlook on a daily basis. That is our own personal challenge.

THE WONDER THAT YOU ARE- Take one minute to contemplate and give thanks for the amazing wonder of your own existence. (1 minute)

A question was asked about what happens to those people on crossing over – those who are reasonably good people but do not believe in the spirit world?

Victor: Transmitted information states among other things, they are likely to find themselves in the lower astral level – not in the realm of the light – in the ‘realm of afterlife realization’. "It is for the uninstructed and the ignorant … those who are unaware of the existence of spiritual realities, who cannot visualize anything beyond the purely physical. The astral world is part of the world of spirit. It is one life in many varying grades, from the lower reaches to the highest stages. It is not divided into watertight compartments. We have to give you terms you can understand....The next stage of life [for the uninformed] to earth is a replica of your world of matter. Were it not so, the shock for the many who are uninstructed and ignorant would be more than they could stand … the next stage of life [for the uninformed] resembles your world. That is why so many do not know that they have passed beyond the physical.”
This really is a situation where these people at this level would be living in some kind of a dream state – and could last for hundreds and thousands of years by earth’s time. Click on chapter 29 on What Happens When You Die.

A fascinating book dictated by a doctor in the spirit world through the mediumship of Francisco Cândido Xavier of Brazil. The author tells how he was a total materialist in life who " had lived on Earth, enjoyed its benefits, reaped the good things of life, and yet never contributed anything towards the repayment of my heavy debt." He describes the confusion that he encountered after his death as he wandered in the lower astral world for eight years until eventually he cried out for help and was brought into the astral city, a kind of transitional receiving station, by a spirit rescue team. Read online.

This excellent Channel 4 (UK) Documentary examines the details, and people involved in the (in)famous "Enfield Poltergeist" case from the 1970s. (picture, actual poltergeist activity at Enfield). It includes interviews with Maurice Grosse, one of the main investigators, and even of Janet, the young girl (at the time) that the activity seemed to focus on. More than thirty years later nobody has changed their story of what happened. See for yourself the testimony of the witnesses involved. Part 1 (10 mins) Read more about poltergeists... .

Part 2 (10mins)
Part 3 (10mins)
Part 4 (10mins)
Part 5 (10mins)
Part 6 (3mins 38)

QUESTION ON ‘POSSESSION’: this is a very interesting topic and there were those who emailed me wanting to know my view about why some people have an ‘uninvited entity’ with them all the time or some of the time.

Victor: According to higher beings who transmitted information about this topic state that there is not just simple answer to this. First, we all have friendly entities who come and go – especially loved ones who crossed over. But the friendly ones are strictly not ‘attachments’. A spirit attachment is an afterlife entity where he or she stays with a person without his/her consent. The attachment could be benign but could also be not so benign – it could be mischievous and would interfere in the life of the person he’s with. There are others who pretend they are your ‘guides’ - but in fact will be giving a lot of nonsense information that sounds plausible acceptable. Secondly, “Like attracts like” - the conduct of a person attracts afterlife entities who find the conduct of that person inviting – and one or more could attach themselves to a person with a particular conduct that attracts certain spirits. Thirdly, an attachment could come about through weakening of the aura – the defences. For example, if a person takes ‘pleasure enhancing drugs’ – including marihuana or cocaine or if a person is into excessive alcohol the defences are weakened – that could attract attachment by some afterlife entity which tries to enjoy the drugs vicariously. The extreme form of possession of course is when the afterlife spirit becomes very aggressive or obscene and vile where exorcism becomes necessary. Those who are gifted exorcists are the ones who have a powerful guardian/guide with them who would be more powerful than the spirit giving trouble.

Dr.Carl Wickland was a psychiatrist who cured many mental illnesses caused by spirit obsession due to earthbound discarnate entities. Dr. Wickland's wife Anna was a psychic sensitive to whom these entities would drawn and could speak through. The book is largely a collection of some of the actual verbatim conversations grouped into various subjects such as marriage disturbances, crime, suicide, narcotics and inebriety, orphans, selfishness, and orthodoxy.
Download "Thirty Years Among the Dead" (350K zipped)


Wonderful news from Sonia Rinaldi in Brazil. Her ITC experiments (see chapter 5 for a full explanation of instrumental transcommunication) are going extremely well. Her chief communicator from the afterlife is now her deceased husband Fernando who died in 2005.
Her powerpoint presentation on her latest findings include recordings which were done without a microphone. The recorded audios can be heard in the Bulletin which also includes a Voice Analysis done by Dr. Claudio Brasil and a Technical Opinion from volunteers of the technological area. Sonia has always sought to involve the academic world in her experiments and is now embarking on an ambitious academic program to take ITC to an even higher level. She deserves our fullest support.
Watch powerpoint now..


Rob Smith alerted us to a post on his EVP forum on which shows the power of personal experience.
Dale Hewey from Idaho, a new EVP researcher, has recently converted from ‘full blown skeptic’ to ‘fully converted’ believer. He writes in his post:
"It. Shakes. You. Up.
Your worldview changes and alters and what were previously intangible ideas now take shape as a reality and actuality. Discarnate voices -- therefore discarnate intelligences -- SPEAK. They communicate thoughts and awareness’s which can be objectively recorded and shared with others. This takes you from thoughts of "I believe in life after death" to the solidly expressed "I know there is life after death." And that -- when presented to you with objective facts (EVP recordings) -- is something that is no longer a superficial "philosophy" but a verifiable existential reality. To me, this becomes the moment of “Oh-my-God!” realization." Read Dale's full post.

We know exactly how you feel, Dale.

JOIN IN THE ITC EXPERIMENTS AND HELP TO BUILD A BRIDGE Keith Clark is an ITC experimenter and researcher from California who has a fabulous website ITC BRIDGE on all things related to ITC. He writes:
" We know that spirit can influence sound waves to form evp (electronic voice phenomena). We also know that there are groups of people in the world that have been able to achieve sustained radio contact. (see Marcello Bacci, Sonia Rinaldi, and Anabela Cardoso) For the last year, I have been demonstrating that spirit can also influence sound waves to produce their images. What would happen if all of this could be combined to create real-time television from spirit? We are told and we believe that an effort of a group of people has the potential to achieve great things. What is the best way to get a large group of people involved in something so important? I am now hosting a live audio/video broadcast in which everyone can participate. The goal is to increase the level of consciousness and combine the collective energy of a large group of people to achieve real-time television with spirit. This is a first in real-time experiments in Instrumental Transcommunication, using the approach of “See what I see, hear what I hear” . No experience in ITC or spirit communication is necessary to participate. Stop by, view the live feed and chat for a few minutes. You can also view the video demonstrating how spirit could potentially communicate through sound as if it were a television here: Ask spirit to speak to you or send you an image. Impossible? Think Again. Spirit is waiting for your participation. All are welcome. Let's build a bridge." Link1: Link2:

AUSTRALIAN EVP FORUM Australia has finally established an online forum for EVP researchers, particularly for Australians (though not exclusively), to share their findings. Kevin Myott established this forum recently and there are now 21 confirmed members who are actively contributing to this site. Read more...

Mark Ireland grew up around mediums- his father Dr Richard Ireland was a famous American psychic-medium but Mark says he had no interest in the afterlife until his youngest son, Brandon, died suddenly at the age of 18. Mark contacted his uncle (also a medium) and received a message that Brandon had been met by Mark's father. This was nice, he says, but the message included details on the cause of Brandon's death which would not become known for another week. This led Mark on his own personal search for evidence of life after death which he found in numerous ways including positive readings with four top mediums, including Allison Dubois and Laurie Campbell. Watch videos of Mark talking about his experiences and his new book Soul Shift.

Anyone who has seriously studied afterlife communication knows that one of the first things we are told is that time as we know it is an illusion and in fact does not exist. Yet our sciences cannot even begin to come to grips with this concept. Until now. Brilliant thinkers Dr Adrian Klein (Pictured above left) and Dr Robert Neil Boyd (pictured above right) are arguing that a correct understanding of the essence of Time as physically describable entity - closely connected to fundamental energies and forces operating in nature - will bring to an equal phenomenal footing "normal" and "anomalous" time-related events, connecting both sets to their common Information-charged Subquantum background. In this week's article as a first step toward elucidating this Issue of a paramount importance for the demystification of the "paranormal", Dr. R.N.Boyd, PhD, will start exploring this topic from an experimental and experiential vantage point.
Read article.

: Reports claim that the L’Osservatore Romano – the Vatican’s official newspaper states that the Vatican has forgiven John Lennon for stating that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus and that he didn't know which would die out first, Christianity or rock and roll. The report stated that it was just ‘youthful bragging.’ I wonder. The fact is, the Beatles music penetrated all countries throughout the world including - Eastern Europe – the huge populations of Russia and China and Africa there would not have been censorship with rock music in the communist countries whereas there would have been censorship of any religion, especially Christianity. Experts agree that just the music and lyrics of John Lennon’s highly inspirational song - IMAGINE - which has an afterlife leitmotif – would have been universally accepted in all countries in the world whereas traditional Christian teaching and Bibles would not. Read more..

FEEDBACK: from last week's item: there was unanimous agreement that we, the afterlife researchers, gifted mediums, pychics, psychic newspaper journalists and editors, producers and authors of afterlife material, commentators and all those involved in the disseminating the light - the knowledge about the afterlife- on the global level all agree that we've come a long way from how restrictive things were thirty years ago - and all feel the best is yet to come and all accept that we are on the winning side!

Question: You said last week that it would be the level of vibrations (level of spirituality) that puts people from around the world in one place in a higher realm irrespective of race, color, creed and nationality. Nationalism you said would be totally irrelevant. Am I going to keep my very good looks and figure when I go to the afterlife?

Victor: On crossing over, we are no different than we were on earth. But in the afterlife looks are not given high status. ‘Good looks’ and a good figure are given exaggerated status on planet earth. For a man on earth being tall, slim, healthy, intelligent, with good looks is a distinct advantage. Women in the West are a distinct advantage if they are good looking with a good figure (and usually, big breasts). But in the afterlife, all these things will become totally irrelevant. There will be no need for an astral boob or facial job. What will become critically important will be the brightness of your aura – your colours as one afterlife commentatory described it. That is what indicates the level of spirituality you’re at and which realm in the afterlife you belong to. Very high status is given to those who have a very bright aura My own personal experience: some time ago an afterlife contact informed me that a certain person who had some fifty million dollars in assets had a very ‘dull’ aura whereas an average person who does selfless service had a ‘very bright aura.’ How to get the aura to become brighter? More selfless service.

A KIND WORD FOR THOSE VOLUNTEERS who are making a contribution to their community without any thought of reward. I came across a number of people this week who are volunteers to do different jobs for the community they live. One drives a car – sometimes up to 240kilometers in one day for the Leukemia Foundation; another drives a car for ‘meals on wheels’; another is a volunteer lifesaver on the beaches. It is really wonderful to see these people doing fantastic work. Their motivation is purely for helping others on a volunteer basis. This is also a kind of selfless service that accelerates the vibrations of the etheric body which will have a most positive effect on crossing over.

THE SHIFT MEET-UP The internet is an incredible tool to facilitate mass connections. But nothing quite beats meeting like-minded people face-to-face to further THE SHIFT’s momentum. That is why THE SHIFT TEAM have created a very special way for you to organize and meet with people in your own communities to discuss the movement! Through affiliation with social media website Meetup.com, you can organize local groups to discuss the greatest social transformation in human history: Click here to view THE SHIFT Meet-up Program

Imagine being able to network with a community of loving powerful women who are working to create a community to support each and every member to reach her highest potential. You can experience such a community from anywhere in the world in a revolutionary new program being run by phone with recorded back-up sessions. It runs over a 7 week period beginning December 3rd. Give yourself the tools you need to awaken the New Feminine Power in your own life!

YOUR LEGAL QUESTIONS ANSWERED BY VICTOR ZAMMIT: 'SERVICE TO MY REGULAR READERS AND TO THE COMMUNITY': whilst this has nothing to do with afterlife matters, over the many years of doing afterlife research, I received many questions from my regular readers who needed legal advice but did not have the money to go to a lawyer. Accordingly, I have put on the website a special section for the many legal questions/answers (eg. negligence, defamation, police matters, murder, assault, divorce, Wills, probate, property, claims against insurance co's., leases, marriage rights, medical assault, police radars - and for other, click on archives on the blog) for for my regular readers - and for general readership and information.
Read more ... http://victorzammit.wordpress.com/

BEQUESTS: It is vitally important that professional accredited and registered afterlife researchers be given funding so that they can help the world understand that there is an afterlife. After you have provided for your family in your will consider making a bequest which will bring about ‘LIGHT’ on a global level after you’ve gone. So far, we can highly recommend the following legally registered organizations who will use your funding to benefit humanity:

* The Forever Family Foundation
* Sonia Rinaldi's IPATI- Brazilian based research on ITC
* The American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena
* The Windbridge Institute for applied research
Mark Macy's World ITC- American based research on ITC
* Rhine Research Centre- Institute for Parapsychology
In the future we will include other registered organizations which are doing afterlife research. Please email for details.

Andre Rieu is currently touring Australia. Listen to this most beautifully evocative music that penetrates deeply within the soul - and many regard this wonderful version of The Love Theme from The Godfather to be one of the orchestra's very best.


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